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Too Short lyrics

Gettin It

Original and similar lyrics
That's right, album number ten, Short Dawg's in the house It's gettin close to the end y'all But we gonna kick it like this on the last album Verse One: Too $hort Now let me holler at ya partner, spit this game in you ear for a minute, quit complaining Bout how you can't spend it cause you ain't got it You got what it takes but not enough to get started I hope you get the message, no it's not a test it's Just me ridin legit, they can't arrest me or bust me I'm still hungry, I want some more stuff Get fat and watch my whole crew blow up So get yours, and buy my new album Peep the game and don't be like Calvin Get everything you want, get real, get you mail Get your girl to make bail and get your ass out of jail You should be gettin it, everything you want Everything you dreamed of, never have to front you should be gettin it, gettin money I'm talking bout you black, don't laugh it aint funny You should get a good lawyer, like Johnny Cochran Swear to tell the truth, hell no I didn't pop him Get your kids in school, so they can get an education Get a degree, and take a vacation You see I got all my game from the streets of California Young millionaire with no high school diploma Livin real good, taking care of my folks roll up a fat one for the players to smoke Short Dawg in the house, I know you aint trippin Cause Life is Too $hort you gotta Get In Where You Fit In Stop looking for what you never seem to find It ain't what you think you got to read between the lines Cause life ain't long, for a young black man Tryin to make money doing all he can Sellin dope don't ya hope he would go to class But the boy makes money and he makes it fast with the twenties on top and the fifties on the bottom I fuck the top notches oh yes we got em It's been a long time since I first got down But I still keep makin these funky sounds Get your money man Get yours Chorus: P-Funk You should be gettin it Get it while the gettin is good, get it while you can you should be gettin it Get it while the gettin is good (repeat as necessary) Verse Two: Too $hort Get your money man, get yours you should be gettin it I know you tired of being broke just hanging out You gotta lot a dreams but you can't get out The first thing you need to do is set your self some goals Think positive, everything else is old and work hard, never stop hustlin Cause they just love to see the black man strugglin (So what are you saying Todd?) It's time to come up, put your dollar bills in the air He said meet me at the White House and I was there Cause I'm one in a million, black man rising They wanna keep me down but I always surprise em Spend my money in the hood, I know it's all good and you should do the same I told you peep the game Too $hort, you know I'm the man I lend my brother a hand cause I know I can I keep going and goin but I'm not the pink bunny Insted of beatin on a drum I never stop thinkin money I'm gettin all I can if you don't ya slip I can't wait to get to heaven just to have a grip When I was broke, I couldn't afford a meal But now I'm now rich I can't be fake I gots to keep it real It's been a long time baby since I first got down But it still keep making these funky sounds Chorus (I earned my respect in the street The ghetto's been good to me I'm never going to turn my back The true and living so I got to kick the facts) Chorus

Hit And Run

Tha Alkaholiks "Coast II Coast"
[J-Ro] I pull up to front with a smash to the ground black duly Niggaz in the street gettin wild and unruly Digga B was in the front so he let me through the door I never get frisked so I pack a forty-four Straight to the bar, can I get a rum and coke The whole club was filled with the indo smoke E-Swift was scratchin, Tash was hoe catchin I had the latest fashion but my shit wasn't matchin So King Tee was baggin, the nigga Threat was braggin Bout his brand new, baby boo, fiendin with the rag in Lorenzo's, but anyway, them hoes was deep Peep, E-Swift shoe em how we creep [E-Swift] Check you out, yeah you baby, up against the wall Here's a dollar ten rum and coke, heavy on the alcohol Starin at your chest, and I can only guess Lord have mercy what's up under that Adidas dress Yo shortay, you're lookin kinda nice Stick around and watch us rock the mic device She gave me this look like she was puzzled or troubled I don't think I'm large so she didn't bust my bubble It's the Liks baby where your girlfriends at She said they got thrown out tryin to sneak in the back No sweat, I'll go out and get em Hooked it up for Noid and Tash to get with em Now we on stage stop the mic from back-feedin Got the three hoes in the front row chillin That's how it be when you play high post Cause all I wanna do is tap that ass and get ghost [Xzibit] This is how I roll it, I met her at a club last week It was this fly ass freak, I didn't sleep, I got the digits, laid back Coolin at the crib one day I think I'll call her, we're talkin on thephone for half an hour I finally ask her can a nigga come through She talkin bout she ain't dressed I said Cool, I'm still comin over I get there, she's chillin in some undies and a robe Ice cold, forty down in the freezer And roll up blunts at my leisure, I play like I believe her How she tellin me she ain't no skeezer An hour later I was breakin her off in each and every position that you can ever put a bitch in I got up and then I washed my shit Alright bitch, word got her rings then I split Yeah back to the shade, so I can get my lounge in effect Xzibit keep the hoes in check, so check Chorus: Repeat 2X All I really wanna do Is tap that ass 'fore the night is through All I really wanna do Is tap that ass and get ghost with the cash [J-Ro] I was drunk as hell-est, I begin to bill for my pray the club reminded me of whylin at the Bush back in the day That's when I seen her, the freak from the diner Her name was Nina, or Tina, or was it Regina Fuck it, the bitch with the tipple bitties and the boomin bass I said my name is big game all in her face I said for what it's worth, I'm the best on earth Kickin folls off my turf since the day of my birth I got a pocket full of money do you wanna help me spend it Can I get in your backfield like Cornelius Bennet She said, Mmm, J-Ro yeah! Just let me know the time and I'll be there I said, I'm drunk, tired, hoe, for heaven's sake Let's go to Larry Parker's for a burger and a shake We got to the place I started stuffin my face Not a bid did I waste, cause it was good to the taste I didn't wanna get stuck so I said, What the heck I left my money in the truck so won't you pick up the check And the next move, you might think it's tasteless But I gave her a tip and got ghost with the waitress [Xzibit] We rip shows, and hoes drop clothes backstage it's funny The shit bitches do for money Only jockin on a nigga with his name in lights I'd rather kickback relax and play the shades real tight Yo last time, caught it with this fresh-ass hooker Kept runnin her mouth about what it last meant to her I said, Look hon, all I gots is blunts, forties A couple of brothers cause I don't know the kids before me You're trippin. Dip into the streets to chill Nigga these days, I'm gettin PJ's, on the freeways It's lovely, I get home, blaze up another drink of somethin kinda stronger, to make the funk last longer Yo, it's the one and only who welp the bitches Thinkin they got me but yo they gettin they-self I'm a bomb like the stealth, and hit way up above your wealth You felt the vibe when I tapped that ass Chorus


DJ Honda "DJ Honda"
[Featuring Sean Black] Intro: Cause we gonna do it like this nigga (for 9 6). My motherfuckin' team representin' nigga. Fuck y'all niggas talkin' about? Where A D clique at youknowhatI'msayin'? We gonna do it Carlito's way. Nigga Fuck that Buckshot 'Black Moon' Verse 1: Flippin' it over like the Illmatic one this rap addict Sean Black be a freestyle fanatic Sippin' Nas and all that plus I be One of America's most B. L.the U.N.T.E.D. blunted forever Styles change up like the weather Rugged like a Norface my flow is smoother then your leather so Open it up son it's too gettin' hot Matter of fact take it off your back before you get shot My crew is strapped down ready to go to war and you don't need it (so just chill sit back) Spark up an L and get weeded while I prodeed Internationally to make your brains bleed (You ain't really got no flavor) plus your girl brill is keyed Don't ask me why I'm always flippin' on these wack rappers Cause they fake thug niggas wanna-be gat clappers Talkin' about this and that but always on beats Cause all that gangsta shit is dead nigga let's take it to the streets Yo if you real keep it real and if you fake burn a roada (why?) Cause the niggas I'm runnin' with will attack you from your throat up Hook: Whatever I see I attack -Buckshot (x4) Get off my back nigga fuck dat -Buckshot Verse 2: A-yo check one two for the murderous gun crew Three four is for the raw lyrical I got in store For them next niggas frontin' like they ill but chill Actin' like they bunch of criminals cause they pack steal But that's aiight niggas do what they gotta do to get the cream (Step to the wrong team) And all your cash thoughts will be a dream N'awmean? Cause you insist of gettin' me vex Fuck it my rhymes is maxed now who's next to show techs on the el Your crew is weak and they rhymes sound infected Tryin'to get a car track get your whole fam rejected It's the black attack trying to get cash like John Gotti Still gettin' my loot and lettin' my lyrics catch the body So when nothin' change everything remains the same The nigga that's known for puttin' S.O.P. stickers all over the train (What? Rewind that back) And let me flip this track Cause yo whatever I see I attack nigga Hook

A Pimp's A Pimp

CAM'RON "Confessions Of Fire"
(feat. Jermaine Dupri) [Chorus] [Jermaine Dupri] Ayyo a Pimps a Pimp Flow is flow Doe is do ho's a ho Chic's a chic Trick's a trick Bitch a bitch across the world So, nigga, getcha money and attend to your girl [Cam'ron] Now when it comes to these hoes i did'em i got'em rip'em and rock'em but if I hit'em I pop'em but if I lick'em I lock'em and I ain't famous at all Let my game tell it all but they a pain in my balls got to train'em like dogs from how they, walk and they talk and when they sit on the couch to how they, lick in they mouth and never shit in the house But I make ladies wit babies, let the street drive em crazy They say 'Cam, good you saved me' Now I pimp em and they pay me They feelin' it like Jay-Z, on Sugar Hill like AZ Went _Party Time_ like Tray Lee, I'm SoSoDef like J.D. Oh baby they have you stressed, nigga Mad depressed I want they mind...Muthafucka, you could have the rest 'Cause I gas'em up, I tell them I'm more than just the lover I want to be your friend, father, confidant and brother See my, nine-inch slugger now she, chose her devotion With messing with my money, girl you messing with my emotion [Chorus x 1] Now baby-cakes what's you're name (Ain't no need to explain) Why is that ('Cause I'm from Down South) Well I got Down South game And to mess wit' you this my last attempt 'cause I only like when you're ass is bent So damn dumb you ain't stash a cent You ain't know I get cash to pimp go ask him, my whores are fresh Hardcore to death, 'xplore the rest tell you now backdoor's the best for the stress we never raw in flesh Why I'm sores aguess () I get paper, yeah I stack them chips condoms when i grab them hips kiss and mix you wrap them lips and if she act (smack the bitch) if she wack (smack the bitch) sad to see the way it had to be Mack the bitch the bitch don't mack me Cubic snappy but so are mine, know my rhymes yo, my rhymes got a concubine 'cause I control they mind avoid the crew 'void the groove got more doe, than the fued got more hoes, than the few if I die they wouldn't know what to do whatcha think all they do is cry tell you this between you and I forty slit wrists outta the forty nine suicide [Chorus x 1] And now I'm drunk of the Henny now, went off the Remi now Niggaz always envy now cause I'm good and plenty now and when it come to gettin' head, yo many bow Girls acting friendly now (Killa cum up in me OWW) I leave em past leaking Last weekend, I took Cardan to get his ass eaten He said you past freakin but I'ma ace so throw your cards up But if you stink baby, I ain't hard up Hard luck to wash up, but that's insulting, revolting But if you clean we ballin, eat you til you catch convulsions And girls all fiend, for the bodm on my team and my mob Think we scheme and we rob the way they screamin' for God And all sluts wit the V's, let em see how it be They be like 'No, you ain't puttin all that meat up in me' You whylin out, for the styinout girls say I'm foul and doubt but baby got to understand that's what my style's bout [Chorus x 2] Ayyo a Pimp's a pimp

Gotta Be Insanity

ICE CUBE "War & Peace Vol. 2: The Peace Disc"
[Ice Cube] Uhh, gotta get it...uhhh....hmmm....get it, get it --baby-- [verse one] Stab thru the neighborhood, these spinin' Weez winin', scrap with the John Lennon Head rests, TV's in 'em Best in the nation, on this playstation The Don Daata, gotta get you hotter Been a buck naked nigga smokin' water On a friday, the get high day Blowin' at a hot date, findin' Shade Black and bicantay, with ass everwhere, how you do that there A sight to behold, break the mold Just tryin' to get some before the world explode I see you tryin' to get caught Well shake what your mama gave ya, plus what you bought We fuck and we fought, we laugh and we cry Told the truth and we lie [chorus] You be good to me, i'll be good to you Anything you want, anything you do I got my eyes on you, and i'm in to you Give it all I got, and to keep it hot [verse two] Now what a freak like you, doin' with a fool like me Explain it to your family It's got to be insanity --because I like what you're doing to me-- You know you ain't right standin' at the light Think it's chocolate with that shit too tight And if I fuck around and get you in the car with me Motherfuckers would think I had a star with me Now see the haterism increase They hate when you got a dime piece And I got one shotgun, and I might catch a hot one When i'm lookin' for love and niggas got none, uhh If you let me handcuff your wrist Bonnie and Clyde ain't got shit on this Cuz Bonnie and Clyde had to take a risk But most of my money see it's all legit --baby-- It's all about your state of mind Now what would you do if I handed you a tech nine Are you feelin' me Would you stay down like Hillary Even if you thought about killin' me [chorus] You be good to me, i'll be good to you Anything you want, anything you do I got my eyes on you, and i'm in to you Give it all I got, and to keep it hot [verse three] Now what a freak like you, doin' with a fool like me Explain it to your family It's got to be insanity --because I like what you're doing to me-- Are you the type of girl that would call them folks Have your man leave the house in chains and ropes Don't need the kind of girl that'll have me in court On lawsuits lyin' about demestic abuse Have a bitch like Judge Judy cussin' me out Garnish my cheques, reposses my lex Cuz I come from a place in southern Californi Where hoes rake niggas for tons of alimoni But fuck the world don't aks me for shit Unless you my boo, and i'm fuckin' you The rest of these broads ain't knowin' That i'm a have you bumpin' Lauryn, in somethin' foreign Come thru blow the horn Stick your wrists out the window And wave to your kinfolks Let 'em know who you with And to your crazy ass daddy, let him know who to get [chorus] You be good to me, i'll be good to you Anything you want, anything you do I got my eyes on you, and i'm in to you Give it all I got, and to keep it hot Now what a freak like you, doin' with a fool like me Explain it to your family It's got to be insanity --because I like what you're doing to me-- [repeat last 3 lines, 4 times]

Canal St.

ASAP ROCKY "At.Long.Last.A$AP"
Yeah, live through the strugglin', life's a every day hustle I hustle every day in life thinkin' back Takin' packs up the block them older niggas said I couldn't hustle Man fuck 'em niggas, I'll be back, strapped back pack Bitch I'm flipping work, hand in hand, I think they call it trappin' Racin' laps, re-up went to waste, it pays to make it stack Face the fact, there's always niggas out there tryin' to knock the hustle I guess that's why they say we trap, don't let niggas hold you back I'm just a kettle from the ghetto with no pot to piss in So who am I to call it black? Black man, black male Black ball, black opsy, black diamonds glistenin' Attract the pigs and all the rats, kitten scratch I went from roaches on my bump to red broaches on the cuff On my tux, chauffeur pullin' up, no if, ands or buts about him I went to Paris for my trunks, 100 thousand spend on Goyard Used it once, couldn't give a shit, damn or fuck about 'em Hit Canal Street, real as a gold medallion Smokin' blunts in front of public housing Wildin' 'til they throw me in 'em cuffs Mouth full of fronts, look like Master P up in my Cartier's Diamonds shinin' in the frames Changed the game and made them say Uhh Ain't no limits to this shit, life's a flick, you're speakin' to the script My life is like a movie, they should film me through it Take a pic, then show the frame and shit, forever me, was always G Way before this famous shit, y'all just pretend to do it [Hook - Bones x2:] You say you got 'em guns, but I've never seen you bang You say you get 'em drugs, but I've never seen you sling You say you in that game, but I've yet to see you play You say you going hard, but nobody feels the same, yeah Rap game like the crack game, swear it's all the same, hustle Whippin' soda through the pot, watch it bubble Flex a muscle, hit the block, I better teach you niggas how to hustle Sellin' coca on the charts, watch it double Uh, taking me in zoom and bust my shit, my mobile office Gettin' head while at my desk, this shit my oval office I remember when I got a hundred for recordings Now to sum up my performances, just put me on the Forbes list Fuck Jiggy, I'm flawless, fuck pretty, I'm gorgeous Your favourite rapper's corpses couldn't match up my importance My mind is out in orbits, plus my ego got endorsements Heard the people want that raw shit, but y'all be talkin' bullshit [Hook x2]

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