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Too Short lyrics

Female Players

Original and similar lyrics
[woman] Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun [woman] Get 'em all alone, and a thug is hung Screamin aiyy-yah, aiyy-yah [woman] Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun [woman] Get 'em all alone, and a thug is hung Screamin aiyy-yah, aiyy-yah [Too $hort] I like them wild girls, the way they throw that When the music ghetto, and she don't hold back I wanna see her wiggle, when I stick it in her Call me the champ, cause my dick's the winner Bitch! It's internationally known I picture in my mind, you look nasty in thongs You probably do it just like you dance (player) You bout to bust out your pants You got.. too much ass in your jeans Throw it my way, I'm not passin a thing Are you a pleaser, or a teaser? R&B diva or a skeezer? To me, it's the same difference I do my thang in the game, pimpin' Don't worry bout me, cause I'ma do mine (damn) Damn this bitch is too fine [Chorus: Too $hort] + woman [woman] Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun [$hort] I like female players [woman] Get 'em all alone, and a thug is hung Screamin aiyy-yah, aiyy-yah [woman] Only fuck with these silly-ass boys for fun [$hort] I don't like them squares [woman] Get 'em all alone, and a thug is hung Screamin aiyy-yah, aiyy-yah [Too $hort] Yeah she got dough, she get her hustle on You can't buy that girl out, fool what you want? She get her own table, buy her own bottles Look in her purse, she got long dollars Now you wonder why she hangin with me You curious how my game could be Playin broads ain't a thang to me It must be a sign up but you can't see (player) It's right there in your face Throw the peace sign up all the players in the place Look around, it's time to go to work I'm tryin to flirt with little momma in the shortest skirt I think she with it, but I don't wanna just hit it I wanna get explicit And if she kiss it, it's bound to get good Tomorrow mornin I'll be cruisin round the bitch hood [Chorus] w/ minor variations [Too $hort] All my female players, gather around It's a roller coaster baby you at Magic Mountain Six Flags on a holiday You wanna ride again girl you ain't gotta wait You never have to stand in line for the ride Just take a few hits cause I'm tryin to get you high I can't tell you to loosen up But I can say I love the way you move your butt Let's make it happen, you wanna go home with me? So I don't wake up in the mornin all lonely? We can't compromise, I won't promise you lies But I will make you feel it 'til the sun rise And if you wanna know what it's like Ask all the top notches in the club tonight They'll tell ya, I ain't tryin to find a wife But if you fuck with Short Dawg you'll have the time of your life [Chorus] w/ minor variations [Too $hort] I like female players

Never Told

J. COLE "Cole World: The Sideline Story"
Yeah... hey, wassup girl [Verse 1:] Uh, angel eyes, long hair I see you cryin', what's wrong there He did what? He fucked who? We know the story, what's new? See I could probably, rush you Tell you that he should have loved you Take advantage, fuck you Tell you I'll do all the shit he wouldn't do But the truth is, we all the same On different teams, but it's all a game The objective, tryna score You got a wife, you find a whore You fuck her fast, she find her drawers Pull up her pants, you find the door You drive her home, she mop you off You bust again, and drop her off Then repeat like an episode Why we cheat? I'll never know Is it cause we rap? Heavens no Lotta niggas rap though, never blow A heterosexual, girl you fine, from head to toe Could it be cause my father let me know That he cheated, and somehow I never told I never told "Hey, you wanna be a man? Yeah I wanna be a man. A man don't run tellin' mama everything he see. I ain't gonna tell. Alright then man. You're a man now. Okay." [Verse 2:] OK, that's what it is, I see the game The hoes come, the seasons change The hoes go, we rearrange Fuck up her life, she'll never be the same The old G's that beat the game Forever young, Peter Pan 35, still playin', child support, still payin' Jugglin', bill payin' Been runnin' round, field dayin' Wine and dine, meal payin' With hopes that she'll land The bed and, get wet then, give head then You bet man, the same girl who said we just met man Game colder than the fuckin' dead man One night stands, no best man No bridesmaids, or reverends Cause Wolverine's depressin', don't wanna be your ex man Cause cupid aims and throw the darts There go the sparks and broken hearts Who wanna build Noah's Ark Just to have that shit torn apart "You know what? I need to talk to you. About what? I don't think this is, working out for us. Why? I mean, I need some space. I mean no, I just wanna find myself, that's all. What the fuck?!"

Get On Up

TRICK DADDY "Book Of Thugs: Chapter A.K., Verse 47"
[JV] I'm sittin in tha cut, smokin on wha Hataz betta watch out for tha butt I bring it to ya, wha Bring it from ya head to ya wha Yea, I'm real wit it, nigga wha You wanna playa hate nigga, wha Yea I'm Slip-n-Slide nigga wha You betta give a fuck Feel yo body penetratin' though ya gut You betta come quick 'fo some niggaz come hatin', ya heard!!! Before I get to burnin' ya, Slip-n-Slide turnin' ya [Queen] Queen cant be touched like hot potatoes Every nigga I know keep a glock for hataz Let me know wha he doin' wit tha rocks Nigga, let me know I'll run up in tha spot Get me 2 steaks, a drank and lock down Aint no visualizin', like me now Queen like drank, gotta stand my ground Back up off me wit tha hands I clown Slip-n-Slide on tha dump, if you wanna know wassup If you know like I know bet not fuck [Lost Tribe] We got tha weed in tha tote, nigga wanna deed, here I dont Nigga bring tha B's for tha pump Tribe comin' clean like a bitch We gon hit yo town for a lick Nigga, we dont run we attack em Then you can't splack em Nigga outta line so we had to subtract em We keep it real, while ya'll counterfeit Throw a glass when I cant, then a sign ya get We gon do ya like a pound we get So you betta stay from round my shit Slip-n-Slide put me on tha list Miami, get on up!!! Atlanta, get on up!!!! Alabama, get on up!!!! Mississippi, get on up!!! Houston, get on up!!! Carolina, get on up!!! New Orleans, get on up!!! Chicago, get on up!!! [SS] If you aint Slippin-n-Slide, how you ride You get yo head cracked open, when SS start collide Whoa now, ay hold up boy, aint no thang To get off tha chain and steal ya Jordans Ya get a stain on ya brain from tha Southeast Once ya getta dick and some nuts in ya mouth, eats nigga Aint no click like this one That'll make a jealous nigga wanna get a big gun But it's too late cause we gon', my dawgs got tha AK, I got tha chrome We finna chill at tha top like wha This game is a fat pussy finna get fucked, its like tha nigga [Money Mark] Slip-n-Slide til I die ass nigga Pull a nigga hoe in tha fly ass Jetta And fuck on anotha Stay smoked out, Money Mark stay loched out Bicardi wit tha chokes out, hollerin folks out When I go by hittin this, Slip-n-Slide aint no forgettin' this Eatin' on bitches cause I'm different Pack Villangers, fuck hoes that's willin ta Give up tha guts and let em smoke til they feel tha nut Skeelo, bad bitches in Speedo's And there will be no, where we go See yo, doin what tha fuck we wanna do Bust slugs and join ya crew, so wha you gon do [Chorus] San Fran, get on up!!! Oakland, get on up!!!! Detroit, get on up!!! Dallas, get on up!!! St. Louis, get on up!!!! Baltimore, get on up!!! L.A. get on up!!! New York, get on up!!! [Trick Daddy] I'm into introducin' myself as tha greatest No if, and buts or maybe's, unless you's a hata So real niggaz gon die by days, while you hoe niggaz cry Why you fussin niggaz lie Die by days, dont wanna hea about tha click you abound You know a nigga wit a Benz like mines Same color, same yea like mines Same model, same red like mines Every hoe I'm fuckin, you don fucked, bruh And every bet I call, you matched ya 'lil sucka You got beef wit 'ol boy model Well shave ya head and get gold teeth like 'ol boy Peepin my D's galore, lovin these skeeza hoes How do you suppose New clothes to change ya hoe You, fuck nigga, jus got to go, sucka Louisville, get on up!!! Robin Hood, get on up!!!! Liberty City, get on up!!! Carol City, get on up!!! Opalocka, get on up!!! 'Lil Haiti, get on up!!! Overtime, get on up!!! Richmond Heights, get on up!!! Pullrine, get on up!!!! Ohhh, get on up!!!! Seminola, get on up!!! Stop pot, get on up!!! Wynnewood, get on up!!! Pork and beans, get on up!!! 22 Ave, get on up!!! 32 Ave, get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!! Get on up!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!!! Wont cha get on up!!!! Get on up!!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Get on up!!! Wont cha get on up!!!!

Fuck You

Dr Dre "2001"
[answering machine girl] Hi baby I know your under a lot of pressure at your work and all And I do understand You have no idea how much I understand But you also don't have any idea how much I love you I love you so much I think about you I feel you in my arms I miss you.. I miss you terribly I've just always wanted someone like you in my life I love you so much; that I'd do anything I'd do anything I'll be your perfect woman for you [Dr. Dre] I just wanna fuck bad bitches All them nights I never had bitches Now I'm all up in that ass bitches Mad at 'cha boyfriend, aint 'cha? You'se a bad girl, gotta spank ya Gotta thank ya for that head clinic Explicit, hella photogenic And tell your friends where the dick's at Where they can get hit and won't get back to they soulmate Before you kiss 'em use Colgate She Swallowed It! Yeah the bitch took the whole eight and ran with it, then let Mel-Man hit it and Hit the Man hit it; damn bitches Man, this is what I'm talkin about Chicken-head, chicken-fed, with a dick in your mouth Out and about with your nigga like it never took place (Airtouched) Next time you need a taste Chorus: I just wanna fuuuuuck you No touchin and rubbin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you.. Don't need you all in mine I just wanna fuuuuuck you We can't be kissin and huggin gul, you got a husband who loves.. you.. You need to give him your quality time [Devin the Dude] You got the number, it's on you to make the call You know I cum quick; help you re-decorate your walls Cut your backyard, don't have to act hard to get the cock And if I'm goin too far, I take it out and wipe it off and put it back up, and keep going You tryin to hide it from your husband but I know he be knowin that your pussy's been tampered with Then you show him the new trick of how you can lick it, smoke a cancer stick You be workin it like a dancer bitch, it's hard on me Not to give you all of my time, that you wanted You can give me some head, but keep the breakfast in bed I'd rather spend my mornin diggin through some records instead But, tonight, I guess it'd be aight if we can touch bases Hookup somewhere and exchange some Fuck Faces I know your man's lookin for ya, he's always tryin to run ya Don't worry bout me handcuffin gul cause I just wanna fuck witchu [Snoop Dogg] .. fuck witchu On the sneak tip, on some creep shit So whatcha gon' do, ya freak bitch? You, actin, like you, don't, do, dicks That's the kinda bitch I hate fuckin wit Baby was a virgin, that's what she said So I gave her some Hennesey, she gave me some head I fucked her on the flo', so I wouldn't mess up my bed Then Lil' 1/2 Dead put his dick on her head Take that bitch home, and give her a bone And give her the number to my cellular phone Man, she blowin up my pager, the shit's gettin major A favor for a favor, this dick is what I gave her Somethin to go by, and bitches know why Stuff dick in they mouth, and then I'm out (see-ya!) Twenty-fo' seven, Dre, Snoop, and Devin We servin' these hoes, and never lovin these hoes, beotch! Chorus

Deep Cover

Dr Dre "Lolo (Intro)"
From Deep Cover soundtrack Tonight's the night I get in some shit, [Yeah] Deep cover on the incognito tip. Killin' motherfuckers if I have to, Peelin' caps too, cause you niggas know I'm comin' at you. I guess thats part of the game, But I feel for the nigger who thinks he just gonna come and chance things With the swiftness, so get it right, with the quickness, And let me handle my business, yo. I'm on a mission and my mission won't stop Until I get the nigger maxin at the top. I hope you get his ass before he drops. Kingpin kickin back while his workers sling his rocks. Coming up like a fat rat. Big money, big cars, big body guards on his back. So it's difficult to get him. But I got the hook up with somebody who knows how to get in contact with him. Hit him like this and like that, Let 'em know that I'll make it for a big fat dope sack What is this pen? so let's rush it. If you want to handle it tonight we'll discuss it On the nigga's time, in the nigga's place, Take a strap just in case one of his boys recognise my face. Cause he's a sheisty motherfucker, But I gives a fuck, cause I'm going deep cover. Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Creep with me as I crawl through the hood, Maniac, lunatic, call 'em Snoop Eastwood Kickin dust as I bust fuck peace And, the mothafuckin drug police You already know I gives a fuck about a cop So why in the fuck would you think that it would stop Plot, yeah, that's what we's about to do Take your ass on a mission with the boys in blue Dre, (whatup, Snoop) yo I got the feelin Tonight's the night like Betty Wright, and I'm chillin Killin, feelin, no remorse, yeah So lets go straight to the motherfuckin' source And see what we can find Crooked ass cops that be gettin niggaz a gang of times And now they wanna make a deal with me Scoop me up and put me on they team and chill with me And make my pockets bigger They want to meet with me tonight at 7:00, so whassup nigger? What you wanna do? (What you wanna do?) I got the gauge, a uzi and the mothafuckin 22 so if you wanna blast, nigga we can buck 'em If we stick 'em then we stuck 'em so fuck 'em! Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Six fo' five was the time on the clock, When me and my homey bailed in the parking lot. The scene looked strange and it felt like a set up Better not be, cause if it is, they're getting lit up. Oh here they come from the back and they laxed. I'm checkin for the gats they strap, so whats up black? Chill, lets hit a deal, if it aint up to what you feel then grab your steel. Right, so, what you motherfuckers gonna come at me with? Hope you ain't wantin' none of my grip. Cause you can save that shit. Guess what they told me? 'We give you 20 G's if you snitch on your homey, We'll put you in a home, and make your life plush, Oh yeah, but you got to sell dope for us. Hmmm, let me think about it Turned my back and grabbed my gat and guess what I told him before I shot it: 'If you don't quit, yeah, if you don't stop, yeah, I'm lettin' my gat pop' Cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop Yeah, and you don't stop, cause it's 1-8-7 on an undercover cop... ¡¡


(feat. C-Murder, Krazy) [Chorus] What Do ya'll wanna do (what ya'll wanna do, what) Do ya'll really want beef (do ya'll) And do ya'll want it with me (uh-uh) I don't think sooooooo What Do ya'll wanna do (what ya'll wanna do, what) Do ya'll really want beef (do ya'll) And do ya'll want it with me Nooooooooooo [Silkk the Shocker] I thought I left, all that drama dog, back in the streets I gotta result to riding low, and my homies in the back seat See, you know we the type of boys that burn blocks I aint fucking wit them boys, them boys done turned pop They should of turned and run, but now they turned and come They wanna turn to gun, I gotta turn to none See, ya'll gone fuck around and turn me back to the old Silkk And them boys who know me, ya'll know Silkk They know I'm the Shocker, that means I don't play no games I say it directly, but this time I aint gone say no names Uh, my whole click, they with it, with it And you know, no ski mask on who did it, did it, (did it) [Chorus] [C-Murder] Now, Check this out Now what you wanna do, cause too many niggas are feeling played 'Til I check 'em and correct 'em, and totally disrespect 'em Like bitches, they snitches, motivated by nigga's riches And want be satisfied 'til they die, or lost in ditches Bury me TRU nigga shit No Limit Records Respect us, and never check us, real naggers we causing ruckus And the 504, the boot, the south, the gutter, and the swamp Fake naggers can't hang or slang cause they get banged and even stomped [Krazy] You can tell these bitch naggers, don't want war with me I'm A Iberville nigga 'till they bury me Recognize, I'm a motherfucking soldier nigga Hearing screams from your family while I'm clutching my trigga My whole click, straight up scandalous, if it's beef, you will see Naggers heads getting bust, if they fuck with me These naggers don't wanna fuck with us, they betta get out tha way Holiday gotta 'k', he knows where you stay [Chorus] (suga bear) do you really wanna mess with me Fool around and be my enemy [*repeat 3x*] do you really wanna mess with me hand me the thang so we can handle beef

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