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Too Short lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
[Jazze Pha] Ladies and gentlemen [Whoa] I'd like to introduce y'all To somebody you already know A Mac, A Man Short Dizzle [Chorus] Short enough to get chose tonight Ridin' my leather and wood, hey Hit the door I feel dynamite And all the fly girls lookin' so good, choosin' You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] [Too $hort] I'm slammin' Cadillac doors White drop top wit the brand new vogues Laced rolex still spittin' the flows How can I retire still pimpin' the hoes Suited from my head to my toes Player got some money You can tell by the clothes Why they call me Too $hort No one knows Cuz when I pull it grows, and it grows, and it grows [Ooh Wee] I told her 'Get in the car' Passed her the dro She was hittin' it hard But don't jump in my car trynna check out the ride If you don't need a little sex in yo life [Chorus] Short enough to get chose tonight Ridin' my leather and wood, hey Hit the door I feel dynamite And all the fly girls lookin' so good, choosin' You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] [Too $hort] I left and came back in the Benz 'Who's that nigga?' she was askin' her friends They didn't answer so she asked again 'It's Too $hort baby that mackin' ass pimp' I came wit my girl but I still don't care Light skin sexy wit some real long hair I like 'em wit the big 'ol butts Say 'what's up' and then dig in her guts [What's up ho?] She shook my hand Slipped me her number But I don't have to sneak Just keep things on the under It's all out and clear when I'm doin' my thang And I'm always true to the game [Chorus] Short enough to get chose tonight Ridin' my leather and wood, hey Hit the door I feel dynamite And all the fly girls lookin' so good, choosin' You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] You choosin' aint he [Go ahead daddy] [Jagged Edge] All eyes on me Soon as I stepped in the club [sippin'] Got a bottle, lots of models standin' on stuck Pocket full of money and stuff That's the way we do it when you off in the club wit me $hort and J.E. P-I-M-P Two of the baddest in the history You mad cuz we straight to the V.I.P Plus yo girl keeps choosin' me I might not be number one but I'm a definite stunna You might catch me in the club on a come up And don't hate me when you see them hoes run up Cuz we be ridin' wit the toast no butter I'm just trynna cut all the little cut up All these broads just straight up choosin' $hort and twin can't be no loosin' A couple back shots Girl I'm cruisin' somethin' yeah [Chorus] til end [Jazze Pha] -=talking=- This is a Jazze Phizzle producshizzle, uh huh $hort Dizzle, huh-huh $hort Denzel Cuz we bout to drive the hoes crazy on this one [Crazy Daddy] whoo! Pull a big Cybil Shepherd type [oooh wee] Ya smell me, oh boy We gon' take this to Hollow Denzel Thissle [Oh Boy] Look at them twins

Now They Wanna

JON YOUNG "Slept On"
[Verse: Jon Young] Aye, Remember Me? Yea U Know Me Now Butchu Aint Wanna Know Me Then And Now U Wanna Be Down We From The Same Damn Town We Went To The Same School U Never Wanted Me Around But I Aint Trippin, It's Cool U See This Rappin Paid Off Cuz I Aint Get All Caught Up In The Drankin & The Smokin I Was Neva Popalur Now U The Onez Braggin Bout How We Grew Up Together Ya Dick Ridin Cuz I Went From Ridin Vinyl To Leather U Tryna Use Me For Ya Own Gain Name Droppin Tellin Hoez We Best Friendz Tryna Get U Sum Play But It's All Good Go Head And Do Ya Thang I Aint Hatin Or Nuttin But I Still View U The Same U Aint Shit Aint Got A Damn Thang Goin For Ya U Ridin On Dem Coat Tailz I Know Ya Type So Well Oh Well I'ma Keep On Movin Along I'm Headed To Elsewhere See Ya Later I'm Gone [Verse: J. Cash] I Used Be Just Like You Its So True. A Nobody, Outcast Of The High School. I Had A Crew But Only A Select Few. That I Used To Run With But Never Ever Quite Cool. But Its Alright Dude, Cuz Now Iâm Makin Money Though. And Them The Same Ones Askin When Iâm Gonna Do A Show. And You Dont Need To Be A Rapper, Just To Go N Blow. Cuz Iâm Tell Ya Bout Another Homie, That I Used To Know. He Used To Get Teased, Couldnât Ever Get The Chicks He Didnât Stress, He Just Worried Bout Getting His. Come The Weekend, And Everybody Thinkin Party He Kept His Mind Right, Studyin And Workin Harder. So Now He Got His Own Business And A Great Life, A Nice Home, Clean Ride And A Good Wife. So The Point Is, Think About The Long Run. You May Not Fit In Now, But Dogg Your Time Will Come.

Where Fugees At

WYCLEF JEAN "The Ecleftic * 2 Sides II A Book"
Where Fugees At? INTRO: Uh huh, uh huh Feels good to be back at the essence where it all started you know Uh huh, uh huh What up Uh huh, uh huh Turn up my headphones man, uh huh uh huh I got a few things I wanna tell the people out there Yo, yo, yo HOOK: All I hear is Fugee this, Fugee that Where Fugee At? I need Fugees to spit up on this track Lauryn if you're listenin, Pras if you're listenin Gimme a call I'm in the lab in the Booga Basement Y'all know my style, I'm still *mini, money, mini, mini, It aint all about the money* [Verse 1] When I was hustla, two dogs by my side plus a black pistola Loud MCs, feel the silencer Y'all still rhymin, y'all cuckoo, I send cycles to Belvue This aint a sequel son, but I have you Scream 2 [AHHH!] Real live cinema of the streets produced a junkie Put back on your shirt man you lookin like ET You're cracked out, for dough, some blow on saxophone You're rhymin off beat even with help from my metronomes See, y'all aint MCs, you a CM Common Motherfucker rhymin about Lexus and Benz The same Benz you got jacked in, drunk off of Gin You woke up in hell gettin sexed by Marilyn Manson You lie, you deny, pass me the microphone I guess like Eddie Murphy you was givin 'em a ride home Yeah right, 25 mics, material in The Source While your rap crew's on steroids lookin like Full Force Your girl she's buffed, puffed, in daytime don't play rough The freaks come out at night so that's when I bring out the cuffs Grandma yell, CD player number two Shadae's in my bedroom singin sweetest taboo HOOK [Verse 2] We used to rap, now y'all wanna come and get me with a bat? Y'all must be smokin crack, with Pookie from New Jack How could y'all forget, I'm the reason y'all MC But y'all flip like Pharisees and charge me for blasphemy You know who you are, eight bar superstar Karate cars, buy up the bars with the credit cards You wanna impress, I'm young chick, you just met First thing she say, I used to run with Wyclef Look surprised, see your flesh outside your vest Yeah you could fight, in the WWF Cuz in this arena aint nothin but gladiators and haters Hopin they kill me and roll and feed me to the tigers Oh Lord, protect me from the devil They open the book of life, y'all readin like the anti christ Your weak kid, stop lyin to the public You wanted it so bad that you took all the production credits Some MCs in the underground, mad at me cuz I'm above ground Counting English pounds I tell ya what, success don't come overnight I was in Noah's Ark for Forty days and Forty nights Contemplatin what should I write, what should I recite Cuz aint nobody here but thugs and chicks wit ice That's when I daydream into the twilight Girls wit they man, screamin I hate life Baby girl look in the opposite direction Cuz my class is the *Misedu...* HOOK

The ?

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
(feat. Redman) [Redman] Man he must of bumped his motherfucking head or something Yo Yo M.C.'s out there, you betta stand clear It's Funk Doc M.E.TH on da world premiere From New Jerz straight talk, america's best Co' Island Staten Island is where I'm at Y'all amateurs act like hoes affendin us We're special eders go on tours on banana bus D. O. same m.o., drive through bricks Chicken shotty, that ass make me lie to my bitch Word to god doc throw more lines then fishin rod No stars, we're supergod non recouperb-alls (yo) Buttons is pressed to remove the press Press a bullshit, my index press a full clip (YO) Set up cones when I'm firing chrom I hittin ladies to old men in retirement homes Dail 9-1-1 runnin gun in the street dungeon Earth, moon and stars checkin out what the sun done Suspects change clothes Before I leave the heat, I put two in rain grove for my range rove Hot to death, cops is vex I push a buck 60 if they try to block the lex Drive by on the baja Snatch the cartier watch I Boucnce laughing off like clue 'HAHA' Doc is like poppy, supplying you grand So breaka breaka while I turn it to the Shoalin Man [Method Man] Foreva underground Nigga duck the mic when we come around Control hammer like the mighty Thor Bringin thunda down Now you're in store for predator Like refugees I come to settle score Half-baked medifore, that taste even better raw Hardcore holy war Hits from the resevoir, southpaw saboteur Land sharks get they chin checked when I jabba jaw Time to walk my labrodor Livin out my dreams, at the same time shatter yours Code red fill 'em full of lead Greatful dead live from Hemstead Tiger Kunk Fu know the ledge Check the full fledged knucklehead Clam bread, livin on the edge used to be the best Jack Frost sniffin at your nose, get your Suddafed Rap Cheech and Chong, me and Red official budda head Off track like O.D.B., I'm too black I'm like Zoro, I mark a Wu, sign your back, motherfucka [Chorus:] (It aint even a question) This side niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) That side niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) In the middle niggaz too hardcore So what cha, what cha, what cha, want (What cha want) (It aint even a question) Def Squad niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) Wu Tang niggaz too hardcore (It aint even a question) Def Jam nigga too hardcore (Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up) So what cha, what cha, what cha, want [Redman] Yo stomp wit the big dogs Sick dog lurkin (Roof Roof) Doc bradshaw, behind ball plant and steel curtains Denver Bronco fan, glock squirtin Brick city, stering wheel hurtin Prepare y'all fast car for lane mergin Hasta manana, y'all crash like that Yanna cock block into gramma Got cock in Atlanta, rockin P.P.P. Bandanas While we fuck 'em on camera It's too late to plant bate for my click to fall We dodge boobie-traps and pitfalls and thick fog When I tee, LA ride, 'It's y'alls' Website couldnn't find a site wit macintosh On John Walsh America's Most, aim for spots to put more in a terrier coat [Method Man] Uh huh, we speak for the unheard Caught in the matrix Sound from the subbasement, 'Spread the word' Like uncureables from dirty bird, beyond basic John Wu these fake niggaz, give 'em replacements The thrilla of a park killer Bubonic plague any M.C., that swear he illa Inject the dufus wit the lupus Yukmouth rhymes that leave him toothless My filled fly and filled groupless Observe the record, livin out my name Repid Study man and all his methods And through his ethic, learn to expect the unexpected One step ahead I, return like Jedi Three hours behind your punk ass, catchin a red eye First class but cooler than coach, murder he wrote On the wall of the bathroom stalls shittin these quotes 'Fuck you all' Scaredy cat kid, duckin these dogs You don't like us, then we don't like y'all. Lick The Balls! Be easy, speak easy This one be off the heazzzaaaayyy Like my pubic hair, black and greazzzzzaaayyyy [Chorus] (It aint even a question) [x5] Caution Warning Overload System Overload All Systems Ready Enter voice authorization sample

Burning Up

[shaggy 2 dope] This bitch resheal fucked on her boyfriend in her boyfriend's bed and crazy carlo smacked his Baby moma off in the head and johnathon beat his son like his dady beat him but swore hed never Do nobody like his dady did him and then sandra used her pussy hole to get to the top and baby D He shot somebody it went bad from the drop and then diane worked at a hospital and took care of Old souls she was abusive her afterlife sees no gold roads and mr richards was a richy fella born With every penny everyone around him hungry but he never gave them any and steven was a Buisnessman an educated sinner and at the top pornography of children on his lap top Take your spot and hang on cuz its crowded in hell you in the belly of the beast now it was Heaven in jail and dont try to make no friends cuz nobody got no tounges and if the witch looks Your way somehow it crosses your lungs Playa playa was a boss man callin out shots until he caught one and everything stops the floor drops As hes screamin and fallin we see how pointless was the ballin when eternity is callin agony Will be a balla Dont cry for the dead cuz they cry for you because we laugh about an aftermath but they know how true And listen aint no-fuckin-body gettin it worse than you and me and aint nobody gettin it worse But you and me and we will see A pteradactyl swoop through the caverns of hell and grab two unfortunates to the ogre a cell and Aint no gaurds playin cards and aint no uniforms needed you the only one around butt naked bloody And bleedin With 7 demons in your ear got you bealievin youre heevin talk you into pullin out your own Instestines to get even you were born with the shine but you lost it down the line you fuck life Up and you cant rewind [chorus] Fuck what you tellin me (we burnin up) the witch keeps sellin me (we burnin up) since we burn em Up (they keep turnin up) and we turn corrupt (till we burnt and lovely) [shaggy 2 dope] Judge shaw was a judge snake holes were his eyes there go another judge another judge somebody Dispisen' there goes so many judges the judges in hell so many fuckin judges in hell they Bludge in the well Fat pat like his dady was a bigit pullin duty he could tell it to them gargoyles fuckin on his booty And sharla liked money but mistook it for love and when the witch's wings press she give him Head and look above Black sundays armeggedon maggots and rain Hell's Pit got some fiya for you faggots with hate Eddie bearl hit his wife and got a tooth in his knuckle later on he lost his life is a scuffle Now he in trouble You was a rebel you nobody no mo To the devil on the double you go Aint no level to the trouble you know and eternity goes and eternity goes [chorus] Fuck what you tellin me (we burnin up) the witch keeps sellin me (we burnin up) since we burn em Up (they keep turnin up) and we turn corrupt (till we burnt and lovely)

Dick on the track

MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
[mystikal talking] Hey there, Sup boo Whats happenin Come holla at me Naww come here, Yuh I got somthin for you Its gon make ya say Ungh I aint sayin nothin, Yall jus playin Comere, why you actin like that Naw for real, come ere tho, Mmm hmmmm [mystikal] You got that fire Aint to fly, But When I jus walked by ya Hands at your side, Dont you know I aint your average buya I thought you live on the twelve-hundred block on Tecnuiqe By tha studio apartments, right off 70 street She said ya, How do you know that I said you live next door to my friend Her name tazra She said, Oh you know tim I said ya we use ta kick it man, What about it She said no thats cool, Thats my girl Dont take it how it sounded She said you mean I said who told ya me and you can make music, dats kinda what im hopin for movin like im automated what we bakin mixin, blendin and twisted tha neighbors gonn be listenin She said Slow down baby, movin kinda swift Besides we just met I usually dont get down like this I said Dont even trip I got you! She said, You sure I said Yup I got to! [chorus] Put tha dick on tha track, and make em sang Put the needle to the grove [x2] Them otha niggaz aint gonna do what i do! [mystikal] When i hit ya with tha tenor Say sapreno When your moanin we aint gonna stop makin racket Till in the mornin I say baby kick it wit me all nite safe sex, like pot holder on my mic! Commin thru the woofer, In your speaker when we freakin, I can see you gettin hot why you weakinin Climaxin While im rappin Whats my name, and who its for dats what im askin spitin like wax all over 64 tracks remember shock ta knock you sax symbols, and high hats gettin nasty with the music to be funky like a bass line Disregard it and get ya good sing Aint no red lights, When i take mine Im havin sexual intercourse with the chorus screamin! hot vocals got your adlibs gettin hoarse sweatin the whole session, your circuits burnt She said baby dont beat it down no more Its just the second Verse! [chorus x2] [mystikal] First time I laid eyes on ya I was like zaaam Tell me, girl where you goin whats your name she said Pam and I think its only better that you know who I am Im the man they make high, like the melophones in southern japan the way I work my aucustics, aint no comparin very rough and aggresive when i lay em Huffin and puffin, Right when I see em Ya breakin it down so scandalouz She got me thinkin, when else Im touchin ya like a massager Ill be bustin off soon as ya touch me in you can hear It through the soundproof booth Fuckin up the roof! Dont stop, she on top And im watchin em jiggle no more preachin and minglin She pregnant with my singer I dont be kissin and tellin But its gotta be told Now im 500 dollas short unless we got married, I wed till I was old To infinite, Im plannin our future Its jus gonn be me, you, nobody else, MIne and Mystikal Junior! [chorus x4, then in backround till fade] [Mystikal talking] How that feel Com here, Take dem headphones off Turn around little baby I put tha dick on the track, ya feel me Its like when i get on the track I have sex with it, I make out with it We make woopie, we do the nasty Anyone wanna jus jump on and rush it Im gonna spend time wit you I aint quitin halfway

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