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TOM WAITS lyrics

The One That Got Away

Original and similar lyrics
The jigolo's jumpin salty ain't no trade out on the streets half past the unlucky and the hawk's a front-row seat dressed in full orquestration stage door johnnys got to pay and sent him home talking bout the one that got away could a been on easy street could a been a wheel with irons in the fire and all them business deals But the last of the big-time losers shouted before he drove away I'll be right back as soon as I crack the one that got away the ambulance drivers don't give a shit they just want to get off work and the short stop and the victim have already gone berserk and the shroud-tailor measures him for a deep-six holiday the stiff is froze, the case is closed on the one that got away Jim Crow's directing traffic with them cemetery blues with them peculiar looking trousers them old Italian shoes the wooden kimona was all ready to drop in San Francisco Bay but now he's mumbling something all about the one that got away Costello was the champion at the St. Moritz Hotel and the best this side of Fairfax, reliable sources tell but his reputation is at large and he's at Ben Frank's every day waiting for the one that got away he's got a snake skin sportshirt, and he looks like Vincent Price with a little piece of chicken and he's carving off a slice but someone tipped her off she'll be doing a Houdini now any day she shook his hustle and a Greyhound bus'll take the one that got away Andre is at the piano behind the Ivar in the sewers with a buck a shot for pop tunes, and a fin for guided tours He could of been in Casablanca he stood in line out there all day but now he's spilling whiskey and learning songs about a one that got away well I've lost my equilibrium my car keys and my pride tattoo parlor's warm and so I huddle there inside the grinding of the buzz saw whatchuwanthathingtosay just don't misspell her name buddy she's the one that got away

Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)

ROD STEWART "Lead Vocalist"
Wasted and wounded And it ain't what the moon did I got what I paid for now See you tomorrow Hey Frank can I borrow A couple of bucks from you To go waltzing Matilda waltzing Matilda You'll go waltzing Matilda with me I'm an innocent victim of a blinded alley And I'm tired of all these soldiers here No-one speaks English And everything's broken And my strength is soaking away To go waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda You'll go a waltzing Malitda with me Now the dogs they are barking and the taxi cab's parking A lot they can do for me I begged you to stab me You tore my shirt open And I'm down on my knees tonight Old bushmills I staggered You buried the dagger Your silhouette window light To go waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda You'll go a waltzing Matilda with me Now I've lost my St. Christopher Now that I kissed her And the one-arm bandit knows And the maverick Chinaman with the cold-blooded sigh And the girls down by the striptease shows go Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda You'll go a waltzing Matilda with me No I don't want your sympathy Fugitives say that the streets aren't for dreaming now Manslaughter dragnet and the ghost that sells memories Want a piece of the action anyhow Go waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda You'll go waltzing Matilda with me And you can ask any sailor And the keys from the jailor And the old men in wheelchairs know That Matilda's the defendant She killed about a hundred And she follows wherever you may go Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda You'll go waltzing Matilda with me And it's a battered old suitcase in a hotel someplace And a wound that would never heal No prima donnas the perfume is on and old shirt that is stained with blood and whiskey And goodnight to the street-sweepers, The night watchmen flame-keepers And goodnight Matilda too Goodnight Matilda too.

Poison Oak

poison oak some boyhood bravery when a telephone was a tin can on a string and i fell asleep with you still talking to me you said you weren't afraid to die in polaroids you were dressed in womans clothes were you made ashamed? why'd you lock them in the drawer? well i don't think that i ever loved you than when you turned away when you slammed the door when you stole the car drove towards mexico and you wrote bad checks just to fill your arm i was young enough i still believed in war but let the poets cry themselves to sleep an all there tearful words will turn back into steam me i'm a single cell on the serpents tongue theres a muddy field where the garden was well im glad you got away but i'm still stuck out here my clothes are soaking wet from your brothers tears and i never thought this life was possible your the yellow bird that i've been waiting for the end of paralysis i was a statuette now i'm drunk as hell on a piano bench and when i press the keys its all gets reversed the sound of loneliness makes me happier

Big Green Country

Across the plain flew the lone grey rider Leather bag pounding on his back Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher A pack of wolves wanted their money back With folded arms the chief stood watching Painted braves slipped down the hill In his ears the spirit talking As they closed in For an easy kill At the house the door was wide open Wind blew curtains off the rod She was waiting and hoping She was praying to her god He was luckier than most men He was barely in his prime As she stood there in the doorway Her long dress flowing Would he make it this time [solo] Over the hill in the big green country That's the place where the cancer cowboy rides Pure as the driven snow before it got him Sometimes I feel like he's all right Sometimes I feel like a piece of paper Sometimes I feel like my own name Sometimes I feel different later Sometimes I feel I feel just the same [solo]


Ian Dury And The Blockheads
You must have seen parties of Blockheads With blotched and lagered skin Blockheads with food particles in their teeth What a horrible state they're in They've got womanly breasts under pale mauve vests Shoes like dead pigs' noses Cornflake packet jacket, catalogue trousers A mouth what never closes You must have seen Blockheads in raucous teams Dressed up after work Who screw their poor old Eileens Get sloshed and go berserk Rotary accessory watches Hire-purchase signet rings A beauty to the bully boys No lonely vestige clings Why bother at all about Blockheads? Why shouldn't they do as they please? You know if it came to a brainy game You could baffle a Blockhead with ease How would you like one puffing and blowing in your ear-hole? Or pissing in your swimming pool? Bigger brained Blockheads often acquire Black and orange cars Premature ejaculation drivers Their soft-top's got roll-bars 'Fill her up,' they say to Blockheads 'Go on, stick it where it hurts' Their shapeless haircuts don't enhance Their ghastly patterned shirts Why bother at all about Blockheads? Superior as you are You're thoughtful and kind with a well-stocked mind A Blockhead can't think very far Imagine finding one in your laundry basket Banging nails in your big black dog Why bother at all about Blockheads? Why should you care what they do? Cos after all is said and done You're a Blockhead too Blockheads Blockheads Blockheads (oi oi) Blockheads (oi, oi)...

Early Years

Early years were a shroud man Only a grey cloud Shot in the dark Hanging out with your dad His plans for revenge In some hick-town caravan park Never keep a good one down Early years Were a dreadnought Waiting to tread board And my work down the pan Hanging round By the back door One foot in the stage door Some disaffected fly-by man Got wired by a cable Got wild on a table Scared the shit out of me All for the free state The snow and the greasepaint I left the singing family

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