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TINA TURNER lyrics - Foreign Affair

Undercover Agent For The Blues

Original and similar lyrics
He was my lover, he was working undercover The fellow knew all of the moves He really had me romping, bare footing stomping He just kept igniting my fuse He was blinded by the blackness of my long silk stocking He would rock me with an optical illusion And this ain't how I thought it'd be He just kept on keeping me in a state of total confusion He took me for a ride And rattled me down to my shoes But I found out He was an undercover agent for the blues He never really needed love from any direction no I was just an innocent bystander He just kept getting kinkier, hook, line and sinker Just too hot to handle He took me by storm It must have been a season for the fools So bad He was an undercover agent for the blues

Free Game (Feat. A-lexxus,lil' Italy,erica Foxx)

(verse 1- Mercedes) since you've been gone i've been talkin on the telephone she says youre the one that makes her hot been rollin long together but this is where it stops ain't happy but i got the job so much drama but it had to stop ain't trippin on the past no more i packed you shit and now you gotta go (hook A-Lexxus and Erica Foxx-very fast) the game is sold never told and you tottally tried to play me now i'm gone you taught me well but i'ma sell cause your loven wuz not easy it was hell i'm sorry boo you tried to play me but i played you thought you knew i thought you knew (verse 2-Mercedes) how could you change the game i must have been a fool for you never thought it would be this way but i knew that something was up cause you started acting strange hook (verse 3-Lil' Italy) uh yah now i know i'm gonna miss you cause of how long it lasted but my my my i kinda miss how we once had it chased down your roots from explicit perfumes and talior made suits taught ya how to stay away from sweet talkers and guys thats rude got ya, then put you ahead of the rest even though we went thru what we went thru we couldn't connect i think it was more then what i was lookin fo cause as soon as i was coming in i headed right out the door late night rendevous with you know who but you know i alwayz brout it back home to you my stories and thoughts of you are true i lost you cause i was nieve and playing the fool hook till fade

American Pie

MADONNA "Bedtime Stories"
A long, long time ago I can still remember How that music used to make me smile And I knew that if I had my chance I could make those people dance And maybe they'd be happy for a while Did you write the book of love And do you have faith in God above If the Bible tells you so Now do you believe in rock 'n roll And can music save your mortal soul And can you teach me how to dance real slow Well I know that you're in love with him 'Cause I saw you dancin' in the gym You both kicked off your shoes [both kicked off your shoes] Man, I dig those rhythm 'n blues I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck With a pink carnation and a pickup truck But I knew that I was out of luck The day the music died I started singin' Chorus: Bye bye Miss American Pie Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry And good ol' boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye Singin', This will be the day that I die, This will be the day that I die. I met a girl who sang the blues And I asked her for some happy news But she just smiled and turned away Well I went down to the sacred store Where I'd heard the music years before But the man there said the music wouldn't play Well now in the streets the children screamed [the children screamed] The lovers cried and the poets dreamed [the poets dreamed] But not a word was spoken [not a word was spoken] The church bells all were broken And the three men I admire the most The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost They caught the last train for the coast The day the music died We start singin' (chorus) (chorus) We started singin' (repeat 3 times)

Older Lover Undercover

Well an old saying goes mind your manners mind your mother And a man can find a lover who is tan and undercover Well she might lies about her age, but lady I got no complaints She can be as crazy and as foolish as she wants to be Because her old school ways are practically technicalities and perfectly sane Im saying I aint never seen a saint. I met her at an old cop bar down in silverlake Where we spoke about the give and we joked about the take And when they asked for identification I knew hers probably was a fake Shes just another older lover undercover. Shes just another old school lover undercover. Youre wearing that thin disguise. Dont apologize. And youre birthday suit suits you. Well it suits me too its one hell of a costume I cant find the zipper anywhere on your back Perhaps its attached to the breach of your ass-crack Burr its cold in here. You keep it hot dear. with a sip of mexican coffee and some grapefruit juice a glass of coke a glass of wine just to keep it loose oh the things that you say and do, wow. And the way that you groove to the music Like the who and the velvet underground old sounds You like indie rock, spock rock, anything youve found In the backseat of your downtown brown and bruised beat up bmw Chorse...your just another lover undercover... Any melodramatic role is just a garment of the soul I respect your nakedness and the way that you unfold and the way your wiser stories are always told your just another lover undercover

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