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TIMBALAND & MAGOO lyrics - Welcome To Our World

Deep In Your Memory

Original and similar lyrics
[Timbaland] Whas happenin dude Whatchu thinkin about there What's goin on Talk to me I know you're thinkin What Must be a lot on your mind Express yourself fool Tell me what you thinkin about, nigga [Magoo] Who why whatever, any puzzle I put it together With any stress I'm copin like a flesh wound I'm open Still got balls after vasectomies My anatomy is strictly scientifical your life is pitiful I got no relationships, just hit and then dismiss My sex is strictly fuck, no man, I do not kiss Keep my shirt on, I'm quick to dress back up I'm chargin girls for dick, my dick you stick up Butt naked, like Adam and Eve on Christmas Eve Who is God White the Devil, do you believe Scratch your head and think about it for a minute Is my life a dream and y'all playin parts in it You talkin like you drunken, but you flunkin Classes you be takin, let me bring home the bacon We been hoodwinked, bamboozled Led astray, til all our business on rent in late Somewhere in your mind And real deep in your memory You try to hide away Your true feelings [repeat 2X] Am I underrated Thinkin bout it get me frustrated I'm elated, that keep it real is outdated Graduated, from PG now I'm X-Rated Glad I made it, left you behind, and you hate it Look into my eyes, do you see a nigga or a person See I worsen, section eight got to be flirtin Fuck workin, for eighty-five who you jivin Still survivin, lock your fuckin door when I'm arrivin Surprisin realizin magnetisin This rhyme bend how I'm risin, hypnotizin Got comments, put replies in No lies in, if you do your life will need revivin When I'm sleep I die, when I wake up I'm born I leave the Earth each day to get my soul reborn So to God I pray, I make it through this day This must be Deja Vu, cause I relive this day Somewhere in your mind And real deep in your memory You try to hide away Your true feelings [repeat 2X] [Timbaland] Bring it on it, freak it on it [Magoo] Child abused, as a child Child Magoo, buck-wild Wel-fare, met the cake Too much sugar, in the Kool-Aid Mis-fit, un-til I fucked Jiil, on the hill Look, out, heads, up To the girls, let's buck Like, night-shade, grows Workin dope, mind, flows But, please, I'm on hot I cook, non-stop Stick a pin, in some paper Take notes, play ya later Praise, God, he, made ya No, man, but, praiser Somewhere in your mind When you think deep in your memory You try to hide away Your true feelings [repeat 2X]

My Life

PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Last Of The Great 20th Century Composers"
This is a story from my life see I wouldn't want to lie getting on by with my lullaby And all a my friends getting high mens holler holler hi all the time But I can't find no man to love me Sometimes I get up I'm down I feel deadened hurt headed I'm down so I sweat it Through my day this ain't the way chained to the desk mess hurt wrists phone fits and post-its I heard it gonna change but see you in it hard to see the final minute when the world is yours all yours I'll get it I mean it And in the evenin, I'm alone Not by the phone but I'm alone yo Persevere all my fears try to weigh me down look around my ceilin's peelin rap deal you feelin I ain't now Do it myself independent gotta try, no lie/ ain't No Limit kid no Majors gonna fuck me up right I just want to sing a song about my life, my life This is a story from my life see I wouldn't want to lie getting on by with my lullaby And all a my friends getting high mens holler holler hi all the time But I can't find no man to love me I'm sweet like nickel candy debutante on the street what in heat Caught you haulin at me, mind stallin at me Need you workin for me, need you talkin to me, not something fuckin on me What I'm patient like a doctor got the stock of proper genius hottest Venus On top I'll stop your heart drop your jaw right to your pe-better heed this Queen of Mt. Olympus can't resist the goddess honest The kind you never/always take home to your mamas Accomplish what no other can treat you like no other man Understand this mad mind body you ain't seen in a woman My mommy posessed this passed this on/ dad made me strong played me mad songs growin up Told me I be the one well I want the one/levels deep and heart drum beat boom beat boom beat But complex properties of my mind keep em 10 steps behind /takin mad time to find a guy it ain't right Worthy of my lullaby it ain't right/ try to keep this shit inside it ain't right it ain't right All night I can drive you wild, the sex the intellect get respect fuck the cheddar/better bet I'm the next to get mine find mine it's alright but sometimes it hurts my mind (CHORUS) Word to God I'll be the best girl you ever got, I'll keep it so hot I'll just never stop I got the plot locked, I got no guns cocked And if you with me let me hear you say Nana I'm sure that this is more than you can handle This example/ coming from a girl placed high up on the mantle Hold a candle to it, sick of the predicament Tired of the bull thick headed, need a sedative to get at it, well I invented it. My case in point I would anoint you my prince Love you head toe to fingerprints all benefits laugh and count all our kids, make all our bids Butterfly kiss with our lids/Let's make it come all to this Gem at the precipice of the palace/ drink from my chalice Never be jealous, no malice, I'll be your ballast When winds blow on I'll stand strong When winds blow on I'll stand strong.

What I Go To School For

Her voice is echoed in my mind, i count the days 'til she is mine. Can't tell my friends 'cos they will laugh, i love a member of the staff. I fight my way to front of class, to get the best view of her ass. I drop a pencil on the floor, she bends down and shows me more..... That's what i go to school for, even though it is a real bore, you can call me crazy, but i know that she craves me. That's what i go to school for, even though it is a real bore, girlfriends i've had plenty, none like Miss Mackenzie. That's what i go to school for, that's what i go to school for. So she maybe thirty three, but that doesn't bother me. Her boyfriends working out of town, I find areason to go round. I climb a tree outside her home, to make sure that she's alone. I see her in her underwear, i can't help but stand and stare..... Everyone that you teach allday knows your looking at me in a different way i guess that's why my marks are getting so high i could see those tell tale signs telling me that i was on your mind i could tell you wanted more when you told me that i'm what you go to school for, i'm what you go to school for She's packed her bag it's in the trunk, looks like she's picked herself a hunk. We drive pass school to say goodbye my friends they can't believe their eyes..... Chorus

Da Weight Is Over

L.G. Wise
Verse 1 We here son I'm tellin you thugs and fake ones Don't blaze one Just eat the bread that I break son Trying to stop me Leavin stuck on phase one We here son Ain't goin nowhere until we done Take a track from Jay-Z And flip back like crazy Claimin you God But look more like Patrick Swayze Believe it you gonna lie Believe it you gonna ride By the words that we speak You gonna live or die Like it's time for the real ones to step it up Like it's time for the killaz son to shut it up It's been along time No longer the wait Don't won't no food for the thought Get away from the plate Blasphemy dog You a no name god Heaven is gonna frown On your whole lame squad Roc-a-fella crew frontin like you hard Can't even step up on the streets without your bodyguard So listen up Hova The wait is over You losin all your luck Like a 3 leaf clover (D.C.P.) Bandanna head rockers Hell's most wanted Biblical heat busters Raw beef you don't want it It's bad for your blood C-walk all over your whole crew Christ walk with cats like us come thru You got a prob Take it up with Elohiem Think you stoppin us Then playa wak up out your dream We got bodyguards bigger than your whole team Snatchin souls out of ya'll My click be unseen Better turn your life around like a U'ie Cuz you headin straight to the fire Like a fat dubie Getting chocked up in the back of the club Marijuana, liquor souls snatchin you thugs Not even knowin what the bartender be pourin Drunker I ain't goin Hittin the gates I'm talkin about the pearly ones Not runnin from feds Hittin gates We heaven bound Gold streets Dubs clean No bullet proofs Lacs Devil's bustin at me Dirty south scene I seen it all Baller blow up Baller must fall Chorus Wanna live your life So Go ahead and get high No Before you lose your life Boy The weight is over The world waiting on us Got the whole world son waiting on us So when we step up on this game Don't be hatin on us I see you all grilled up like you ready to bust We tired of this crap They waitin on us Verse 2 W I S E seekin for souls I come to snatch em up out the fire Son hit em and roll I know that you thug livin The way that you drug dealin you say that you God fearin I know that you love women Comin thru the hood like you rougher than rough But in the presence of my God You just a speckle of dust And it's time to bow down Confess it to God Cuz you always grillin up Frontin thinkin you hard Bullets ricashay on you hundred grand dream car Ego trippin like the whole world know who you are You ain't ready for it But don't mean that you won't get it Like you talk about God Don't mean that you gonna live it Everybody wanna thug nobody walkin in love Homie Christ shed His blood While you lettin off slugs Eminem I know you claim to be thug You wanna talk about Britney Spears But won't talk about Suge Cuz if you do son Be on the next hit list And when he come up out the joint Get your whole wig split Wanna keep it gangsta Then baby boy keep it real Knowin you sayin anything So the people will think you real Know that you Slim Shady Time to switch it up It's time for the real one to please stand up Chorus

The Genesis

NAS "Illmatic"
(feat. AZ, The Firm) [sound of a subway train going overhead] [in the background, Nas' verse from Main Source 'Live at the BBQ' is heard] [excerpt of verse is as follows] (Street's disciple, my raps are trifle I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle Stampede the stage, I leave the microphone split Play Mr. Tuffy while I'm on some Pretty Tone shit Verbal assassin, my architect pleases When I was twelve, I went to ... ) [conversation heard over this before Wild Style music kicks in is as follows] [dialogue from the film between ZORO and his infantryman brother, Hector] [Hector:] And you're sitting at home doing this shit I should be earning a medal for this. Stop fucking around and be a man, there ain't nothing out here for you... [ZORO:] Oh yes there is...this! [somebody from the Firm] Yo Nas Yo what the fuck is this bullshit on the radio Son [Nas] Chill chill, that's the shit God, chill [AZ the Visualiza] Aiyyo yo, pull down the shade, man. Let's count this money, nigguh Aiyyo Nas, put the Jacksons and the Grants over there You know what I'm sayin Cause we spendin the Jacksons [Nas] Right, yeah. [AZ] You know how we get down baby [Nas] True, true' [the Firm] Nas, yo Nas, man shit is mad real right now in the Projects for a nigga yo, word to mother. All them crab ass rappers be comin up to me man word to mother man I think we need to let them niggaz know it's real man [Nas] True indeed, knahmsayin, but when it's real you doin this even without a record contract, knahmsayin [AZ] No question [Nas] Been doin this since back then [the Firm] No doubt [AZ] I'm saying regardless how it go down we gon keep it real We trying to see many mansions and...and Coupes kid! [Nas] No doubt, we gon keep it real True, true... [the Firm] Aiyyo where's Grand Wizard and Mayo at man Takin niggas a long time, man...' [Nas] Who got the Phillies Take this Hennessey [AZ] Aiyyo Dunn! C'mon, c'mon, man stop waving that man Stop pointing that at me Dunn, take the clip out [Nas] Nigga alright but take this Hennessey man [AZ] I'm saying take the clip man C'mon, take it out... [Nas] Light them Phillies up man Niggaz stop fucking burning Phillies man Light some Phillies up then! [the Firm] Pass that Amber Boch, pass that Amber Boch, nigga! Act like you know. [AZ] Yo, we drinking this straight up with no chaser I ain't fucking with you nigga [Nas] I'm saying though man... [AZ] What is it, what is it baby [the Firm] What is it Son, what is it [AZ] You know what time it is [Nas] I'm saying man, ya know what I'm saying Niggaz don't listen man, representing It's Illmatic.


NB RIDAZ "Invasion"
[Intro] you're my lady always been so true this is why , I sing this song for you and you're my lady , always in my life, and I wanna thank you , for being down to ride, [verse 1] Forever yours forever mine our love will always Shine no matter the situation you where always By my side never the less you brought the Best of me, the years that I' lived only love that i got my right hand by best friend who must of sent Such an angel to this world that is cold you belong in the heavens not this ignorant world you're my girl my all best thing a man could ever have im glad that your mine and im proud to be your man. Understand that theres no other if there is just A few staying true like you never breaking No rule lord forgive me for the things I have done To you if you werent up in my life I wouldn't know What to do wont complain about no money didn't faze when I was broke all we needed was each other Love to strong to let go If I die tonight all I wanna let you know Remenise on what we had hold me thight And don't let go girl. [Chorus] Oh girl you're the one for me, Never ever let me down , You will always be around , Girl I have to thank you baby, Always standing by my side , So don't you ever leave my life [Verse 2] Even through these hard times we continue to face, It's like deep inside of me you could never be replaced, Like when we struggle we get tested in faith, But you been strong and stood by me every step-a-the-way, I thank the lord for the day he brought you into my life, Changed my world -my destiny - and gave me new life, So if you got somebody special - that's always been true, Show love and take note in everything that they do, I could neva take fjor granted what she's done for me, Even when we desagree she still stands by me, Late night - road trips- showin' mad support, The typa-girl-that every homie should be keepin' close, Cuz your that typa-a-girl that neva let me down, Encouraged me to see the light when no one else would come Around, down when I had money- and down when I was broke, So if I die tonight hold me tight and don't let go! [Chorus] [Verse 3] I guess that you can say I owe my life to you the Only dream that really matters is to be with you cuzz Even though we argue and we fight some times Youll always be my queen untill the end of times Im giving love to the one that always stood by my side If you ever need me baby for you I give my life You been so true thats why its you these feelings I wont Hide my love goes out to you girl I never leave your side yeah, [Chorus]

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