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TIMBALAND & MAGOO lyrics - Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment

Bringin' It

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Troy Mitchell) What Yo yo yo yo yo yo Ha ha It ain't over baby It dont stop like dat dat dat datdat dat Wah-kump Dat datdat dat Wah-kump, wah-kump Dat dat dat datdat dat Wah-kump Come on One question: Who be the thug that yall love most Or give a toast to this freestyle drug dose The thug muscle So whistle if you hear clear Gon' get you close and yous a dead man like last year See most fear The marvelous, alias You dare discuss and get yo muthafuckin head crushed These slugs bust the most wanted when they just appointed I stomp dogs and leave em froze because you know you fronted Too many MC's not clearly on this hype tip I'll fuck yo mic and catch you later on some snipe shit extended clips I represent because my thugs trip Easy boy, I'm stompin corners where them drugs flip Ali Baba snakin lakin trustin north shit You catch a grip or leave a don to climb the night hits It's mob official You test I'll leave you knock-knissued Bandaged up like a snitch cuz I ain't fuckin with you Straight up, we bringin' it What y'all, huh huh, V-A Know about this What y'all in Hampton, huh huh Know about this What y'all in p-town Know about this What y'All in Hoviay Know about this Check it out I'm ya p-town hit man I'll make ya shit man Pay my stick man to do my dirt I'm filthy rich man My thugs always hang around the top dog of all dogs Make em pick locks and spit glocks until you shit rocks I told you that I'm project strong You took me wrong and learned that thorough cats don't last long Alias the Don I leave it messy like I'm Joseph Pesci don't fuck around, you ever test me and you'll have to wet me I'm ghetto fabulous the mob crush the Lord just, never be discussed When there's dirt involved, niggas leave the mouth closed to hush I rush club scenes like, 'What' Always carryin the bust The reason why, these niggas that ruck ain't had enough I hate to peel ya cabbage back, or bitch-slap Cuz otherwise you wouldn't quit that, to kidnap So what I'm sayin is, everybody's real within the game Alias be the fame, so you don't know my name, NIGGA WHAT What y'all V-A know about this What y'all in Hampton, what Know about this What y'all in Nomo Know about this What y'll in Chesapeake Know about this Bring it boy See I told y'all motherfuckers that my clique roll deep AK's and street sweeps gunnin down in ya peeps 44's and Calico, Pretty Ricky and Low Thugs know The real on how I let shit go But if it's real, my niggas hold a forty and fill Mass grills, body armor, niggas trained to kill I'm at the point of no return, so I let shells spill Vinny Rush, Crazy JJ and Mush must chill And Killa K and Johnny Hesh steady aimin that steel Shit's for real, my nigga P and Mike might peel They get the gats and crazy stuff my brother love the ghetto tugs and set on top of niggas what let's straight wet the party up ESP was in the cut my rootin black, pull it up Is that enough Y'all niggas still fail to call my bluff And yet I told you, when left back cain't nobody knows you I suppose you Woulda kept your mouth closed like I told you What y'all in V-A Know about this- I told you What y'all in Nomo, what Know about this, what

Liquid Swords

Genius "Liquid Swords"
Intro One: (not included on 7 ) When I was little... my father was famous. He was the greatest sam-urai in the empire; and he was the Shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of a hundred and thirty-one lords. It was a bad time for the empire. The Shogun just stayed inside his castle -- and he never came out. People said his brain was infected by DEVILS. My father would come home -- he would forget about the killings. He wasn't scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him. Maybe that was the problem. Then, one night... the Shogun sent his ninja spies to our house. They were supposed to kill my father... but they didn't. *woman screams* That was the night everything changed *voice fades* Intro Two: RZA See, sometimes... You gotta flash em back See niggaz don't know where this shit started Y'all know where it came from I'm sayin we gonna take y'all back to the source We bounce, yo Chorus: RZA, GZA When the MC's came, to live our their name And to perform (forrrrm) Some had, to snort cocaine (caiiinnne) to act insane (sannne) with before Pete Rock-ed it on, now gone that the mental plane (plaaanne) to spark the brain (brainnn) with the building to be born Yo RZA flip the track with the what to gut Check em check chicka icka etta UHH Verse One: Fake niggaz get flipped In mic fights I swing swords and cut clown Shit is too swift to bite you record and write it down I flow like the blood on a murder scene, like a syringe on some wild out shit, to insert a fiend But it was yo out the shop stolen art Catch a swollen heart from not rollin smart I put mad pressure, on phony wack rhymes that get hurt Shit's played, like zodiac signs on sweatshirt That's minimum, and feminine like sandals My minimum table stacks a verse on a gamble Energy is felt once the cards are dealt With the impact of roundhouse kicks from black belts that attack, the mic-fones like cyclones or typhoon I represent from midnight to high noon I don't waste ink, nigga I think I drop megaton BOMBS more faster than you blink Cause rhyme thoughts travel at a tremendous speed Clouds of smoke, of natural blends of weed Only under one circumstance is if I'm blunted Turn that shit up, my Clan in Da Front want it Chorus Verse Two: I'm on a Mission, that niggaz say is Impossible But when I swing my swords they all choppable I be the body dropper, the heartbeat stopper Child educator, plus head amputator Cause niggaz styles are old like Mark 5 sneakers Lyrics are weak, like clock radio speakers Don't even stop in my station and attack while your plan failed, hit the rail, like Amtrak What the fuck for? Down by low, I make law I be justice, I sentence that ass two to four round the clock, that state pen time check it With the pens I be stickin but you can't stick to crime Came through with the Wu, slid off on the DL I'm low-key like seashells, I rock these bells (when the MC's..) Now come aboard, it's Medina bound Enter the chamber, and it's a whole different sound It's a wide entrance, small exit like a funnel So deep it's picked up on radios in tunnels Niggaz are fascinated how the shit begin Get vaccinated, my logo is branded in your skin Chorus

Dear Diary

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
10-3-07 The soundtrack to my life is like CNN first shit Images like CNN but worse shit I would down the whole Pinot Gris But I'd see the Group Home without the Premo beats And it hurts my soul I'm a Warrior so though the odds is against a nigga Dirk gon choke Some people confide in the person that they sleep with Ive learned theres no such thing as a secret (oh) I can't describe the feeling I get You was riding shotgun I was wheeling the whip Shit I even let you rock out Being Bill Belichick tapin from the sidelines stealin my shit But dawg you was like a mini me Mocked me envied me turns out you was blowin hot air Kenny G But you was cool accepted you instantly Not a groupie but you had a few tendencies And though we share a few memories A couple wrong turns'll turn a friend to an enemy See phony people like phony people Even you could be mistaken if you phone these people Look when you invite the nerds to the cool table shit is bound to break up like a pool table Some wack dudes'll start feeling like the shit And you thinkin its you its really where you sit Or maybe you was neglected Cause when you take the front down and strip a nigga naked hes dying to be accepted (oh) I did that just the way you was Now you a stranger nothing like the way you was But uh you not real you not Rachel You not Worm you not Dill shit you not chill I thought you had some (?) fuck the fake shit I'm really feelin that you tryna screw me And you a lil smarter than the average dude So it took a nigga just a lil longer to see They tried to warn me fought with my girl every night about you shit only hurts cause she was right about you She run around wanting to shoot you the fair one I keep telling her chill I don't care none I got another side I never showed to you The side where everybody is disposable See relationships are never a threat Cause Ill erase the history and act like we never met Become done giving a fuck and done callin I got your e-mail I was done way before then (oh) Dear Diary I don't wanna keep shit inside of me Id rather just speak to you privately Maybe its my mood as far as I can see Theres really no point in having this guy with me Change from the days of us getting in your truck Its bigger than one song its bigger than a buck Its bigger than me bigger than buck Bigger than voodoo its bigger than luck shit its bigger than us I always call niggas fools for wanting to learn the hard way (when) When I'm really the fool for tryna teach'em When the blinds leading the blind you can't reach'em If niggas aint as hungry as you then why feed'em Niggas aint tryna be lead then why lead'em Having big problems with your dogs why breed'em Ill keep my part up keep my guard up Was like Thundercats but changed faster than Cheetara Just a small part of a larger issue Sometimes acceptance is so hard to get to But we all equal no one lower or above me I love my team just as much as they love me If not more If I turn the knob we all going through the door I aint coming back for yall The whole crew feel the same as me How could you ignore something so plain to see I'm being ig'nant that get on my nerves every minute What's plain to some is really Burberry printed Being so real sometimes is a slow kill We was one squad you broke out like Mike Schofield I want fillet mignon you want oatmeal Add up our differences equals up to no meal No mills yup no deal why you gotta chase shit To know its no thrills For real a nigga still beefin with his baby momma (BUT) Only thing my baby aint a baby no more Hit her on MySpace maybe she aint shady no more Sent old girl a message no reply but she read it Some things are so embedded and our heads is Looking for O's but get X's, dealing wit ya exes I was one long line away from the Tetris She sent me the L that sent me to hell To the point where I was ignoring my son I don't see him don't talk to him I don't greet him don't walk wit him But I pay for him like hes an object No matter how right I am in court I can't object Dear Diary how could she deny me How she go to bed without her fuckin wit her psyche Is she wrong using him so I can come back (or) Or am I wrong for wishing I could get my cum back Looking for sun all I see is the hail How I'm gon trust All I see is betrayal Its like they keep trying more and more to subdue me And only you understand signed by yours truly


(*Starts off with the beat of Tweet's 'Call Me,' then changes over to Bubba Sparxxx & Jadakiss' 'They Ain't Ready') [Intro - 50 Cent talking] Uh, yeah, G-Unit, uh, yeah 50 Cent, uh, yo [Chorus 1 - 50 Cent, imitating Timbaland] Timbaland sounds so good, but I might not be ready I don't know If I spend a 100 grand on the beat, then we done bumped already Now here we go (*harmonizing over the beat - doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (Pee Wee Herman) (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (Niggaz look down to Pee Wee Herman) [50 Cent - Verse 1] 50, lefty, no gun in my right palm Bronx niggaz love me, like they think our mics on (WOO) These rap niggaz not like me, they too soft (yeah) Get shot down, I get up, shakin' shit off You know white collar crooks, do jokes on lap tops (uh huh) Real niggaz snatch glocks, and run up in spots We can talk Trump talk, real estate, stocks, and bonds Or gangsta shit, my Rugers and glocks in palm (uh huh) Danger, ring the alarm, kiss the ring of the Don I conquer like Genghis Kahn, I said song in this song (god damn) I won't hesitate to put a knife or a slug in you And watch you bleed out, that little bit of thug in you You don't want to bump heads with me, and get hit up You, you ain't got what it takes to fuckin' get up Holla niggaz names on records, that shit is played out But holla mine in your next line, and get layed out [50 Cent - Chorus 2] My jewels look so good, and my chain is so heavy I don't know If I should stunt for these hos again, cause I did that already Now here we go [Lloyd Banks - Verse 2] (Lloyd Banks) I don't give a fuck if your favorite rapper dies, to me thats my spot I'll celebrate his burial and eat at Haha (yeah) I've been hungry since a little nigga weed in my high top (Woo) Face burgundy red, in need of a eye drop (uh huh) I had the black Delta Force, blue in the front Back when Jordan was flyin', and Ewing could dunk Of course, you can fuck now, you was buyin' the shrimp then Me on the other hand, Don Bishop and Pimp King (*harmonizing of 'doo, doo' plays in backgroud until G-Unit is yelled) I'm runnin' from a digital Munster I do this for the hood and every kid in a dumpster My name is poppin', and I ain't been at it long My neck's 16, and made Flex drop a Benz latin bomb (G-UNIT!) I'm the best thing to happen to hip hop Since (uh huh) 'Life After Death' and that Tupac shit drop I'm even good to a white boy with a slick top Stuck up in the mountains with a gun and the wrist pop Who? where?, Master P says our watch don't tick tock I'm cleanin' out my 6 shot, watchin' the Knicks flop Damn near the whole damn passenger green Thats how my bedroom, look like the World Trade after the scene (smoking) Breaking news, hijack, bus passenger scream (yeah) I'm your worst nightmare, I crush half of your team To me your line up is pussy, three wet Pampers The uzi will have you shakin' like them G-Dep dancers (damn dude) (*50 Cent - harmonizing 'doo,doo,doo'*] *beat stops [Lloyd Banks] What the fuck happen to the rest of the beat man? (50 Cent laughing)

Where's The Love

LIL' TROY "Sittin' Fat Down South"
Where the love at...Momma told me ther'd be days like this But I didn't listen Never question the woman's intuition My ambition is to give you what you missin Sweet love Take off your shoes, come and get your feet rubbed Us in the tub Taking bubble baths That'll be the shit Anybody that don't believe this can eat a dick I think we soul mates Cause we got so much in common You make them hoes wait When you find the proper woman Then next to me Put your head on my chest Attraction stimulates me But it's not all about sex I respect you got a mind And you... self sufficient Opinonated... yet know how to listen Now what's mine is yours If I'm ballin' you ballin 'Tell that other nigga He can stop callin 'Check this out Chorus *background* repeat I want to be your man *along with background* I want to be your man baby I'm talkin' about Providing you with all of life's securities I mean, I think the first step is Going to pick out some rings What you like Baggets and pistol skirts Can't I spend a night Without giving you my answer tonight Cause I gotta catch a early flight What you yellin' about The simple fact that I'm bailin' out I'm makin' moves My albums sellin' out I need some affection Love can't you teach me a lesson I might be sittin' fat down here in Texas But the thugs ain't mean So how deep is your love for me How real do you cut for me If the laws came and got me How long would you be stuck with me If not long then don't fuck with me I want you down on my team And support When I'm tryin' to make my green It's for real I'll throw some karots in your ring I'll make it last forever Cause you know had that cash forever We can ball till we pass together baby Where the love at Chorus *along with background* yeah... that nigga Lil' Troy Short Stop Records Puttin' down like a G yo That's how we get our groove on Recognize the mobb I bet you co-working star When they see the flowers that I'm sendin' to your job Read the cards Stick it in your purse Let's keep it rosey Cause everybody so nosey So you can't believe what people say Misery, loves company tell them keep away It'll be ok If you trust in me to make it right Before I hit you I'll freak ya That's on my baby's life Will you be my wife Please take this ring And a service to token To make you realize baby I ain't jokin' I'm coping But my advisaries got me not I need a god-fearing woman Who understands my heart Leave your baggage from past relationships Out of the picture I put my old flames out I done changed All of my digits And that's real Chorus *along with background* I want to be your man Sober Ain't really no need to question me It'll make no difference to us For my loyalty or my commitment life You know my presence But you alone To let you know You don't want to mess with me You need to spend time with me I bring the heat You want to play It ain't a thing to me You say you changed You look the same to me Eat and ball too much On the real, cause I done stall too much Girl I want you all too much Ain't no way in the world Me and you can ball too much Imagine having cabbage Straight lavish Friends wish they can have it Cause I push a rolez, sip crystal glasses I'm all wet Don't listen to your friends about me cheatin' They dont' know that Your best friend want me Tell that hoe that For show that You know she want the kids You should have knew this True this Two real niggas left I'm one of the fewest Holla at me girl I'm all this We can do this Do that love thing girl So I can prove that Chorus... till fade

Times Wastin'

Fatal Hussein "In The Line Of Fire"
Verse one You can't even picture tho' examples and shit ya wrote I run up on ya faggot ass fast and slit ya throat carry my weight like luggage my bone is thuggish ruggish it's on from storm I'm wearin' the teflon vest rest in born in rubbish free spots and Ez spots rock like Holly Mzots one of the top notches of the block and I hardly touch my Pz knots three point five thirtys doin' dirty twenty five, to glit money live I flip, tell'em shit to Nix hang ya picture, throw'em all that sippin' on that, you ain't hard that ah, you fallin' to buildin' I'm like where's ya heart at I'm lack as communcations, to the nation I wanna talk Cuz, bitch wuz born to hawk, won't slove ya town and get torn apart, times wastin' Chorus [Singer]- It's the life that you live, when your hangin' on bein' a thug, and you tryin' to get you shit off how do you do it? How do you swing it? (2x) [Fatal talkin' over chorus] It's no way out the game you can't see it Verse two The devil don't want me yet, so I pack teks writin' out my will, wit a black cease a rep I handle mics, like Hardaway and never get stripped, bust ya boy shit when he ridin' on my dick nigga ya foulin' out, hackin' me wit the wack rhymes grabin' ya nine, shootin' scared tryin' snatch mine I murder niggaz, like you on the humble tip and use murderin' Al, cuz he don't bull shit they scared of me, so they ran and got they homies thinkin' the tendaroonies, Fatal dog, I'll lonely fuck me, just stuck me like you wanna love I play every co'na , and ain't a damn nigga stuck me I'm fresh out of jail, and caught a body on a hoe beatin' down slow, cuz you niggaz, don't know Chorus (2x) Verse three Immortal outlaw, come hold a mack eleven, south board my clout board, i'm clockin' spots down south soar I'm bad company, these cats be huntin' me frontin', and say they dumped at me but scared to smoke a blunt, I dump on three and act quick have shit, in ma jacket, bullet burn like acid when I fire, and rapid, you can take it from the block I'll be glockin' till I drop, a deuce deuce on my boots, wit the chocolate, on top I can't be stoped, wiled like al, named Kadafi nigga watch me, told me these streets iz black hockey told me I'll play the goalie, wit the four four caliber slipt ya mellon like galier, when i rip this bumpin up out of ya leaven hotter then scorns, hot spots and co'nas don't say I ain't wanted, when you be got you'll be co'ned these streets ain't half steppin', they got weapons for ain't shady if you ain't shelled, lately, they got places for public safety, times wastin' Chorus (4.5x)

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