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Tim Burton lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Performed by Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara, and the Citizens of Halloween CHORUS La, la, la, (etc.) jack's OK, and he's back, OK CHILD CORPSE AND CHORUS He's all right MAYOR AND CHORUS Let's shout, make a fuss Scream it out, wheee CHORUS jack is back now, everyone sing In our town of Halloween CHILD CORPSE What's this? CYCLOPS What's this? HARLEOUIN DEMON I haven't got a clue MR. HYDE What's this? CLOWN Why it's completely new OFF-SCREEN VOICE What's this? WOLFMAN Must be a Christmas thing OFF-SCREEN VOICE What's this? MAYOR It's really very strange CHORUS This is Halloween Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! What's this? What's this? (Repeat) JACK My dearest friend, if you don't mind I'd like to join you by your side Where we can gaze into the stars JACK AND SALLY And sit together, now and forever For it is plain as anyone can see We're simply meant to be

Battered Old Bird

ELVIS COSTELLO "Blood Chocolate"
The landlady's husband came up to town today Since he left them both ten years ago to serve the ministry The dark down road of his approach in constant rain was drenched The tenant's boy said How d'ya do then swore in French Did you teach this little child these curses on my soul You should both be shut down in the coal-hole That's the way to treat a child who cries out in the night And a woman who teaches wrong from right Chorus: He's a Battered Old Bird And he's living up there There's a place where time stands still If you keep taking those little pink pills Hush your mouth you hypocrite His humour cut her deep The tight lipped leer of judgement That had seen her love desert her just like sleep Filthy words on children's lips are better, my dear spouse Then if I were to speak my mind about this house Chorus On the first floor there are two old maids Each one wishing that the other was afraid And next door to them is a man so mild 'Til he chopped off the head of a visitor's child He danced upon the bonfire Swallowed sleeping pills like dreams With a bottle of sweet sherry that everything redeems Chorus And on the second floor is the Macintosh Man He's in his overcoats more than out of them And the typewriter's rattling all through the night He's burgundy for breakfast tight He says One day I'll throw away all of my cares And it is always Christmas in a cupboard at the top of the stairs Chorus Well here's a boy if ever there was Who's going to do big things That's what they all say and that's how the trouble begins I've seen them rise and fall Been through their big deals and smalls He'd better have a dream that goes beyond four walls You think he should be sent outside playing with the traffic When pieces of him are already scattered in the attic

The Voice Of The Child

Card Michael "Legacy"
Michael Card I am an old rabbi Where's the Child who was here only yesterday How my heart start to beat as I sat at His feet For the things He'd say The questions I asked Him Had weighed on my mind an eternity But the self-righteous show I had made my disguise It started to slip as I looked in His eyes So rather than stay, for my pride sake I walked away Chorus Come listen awhile to the voice of a Child Stand in awe of the wisdom of God Hear what He has to say For the time is today You can come or just walk away Then late in the night I awoke to a voice Deep inside of me It was gentle and mild like the voice of a child My mind's eye could see It spoke of the promises Made to my people through Abraham And at once all the prophesy made sense to me I'd studied them so long Why couldn't I see In one holy moment I knew the Messiah was He Repeat Chorus I am an old rabbi Where's the Child who was here only yesterday How my heart start to beat as I sat at His feet For the things He'd say I just got to find him and tell him I'm sorry I walked away

All Night Everyday

ESHAM "Tongues"
(Chorus) [Esham] All night everyday [Heather Hunter] You can have it your way baby [Esham] All night everyday [Heather Hunter] I can give you whatchu need [Esham] All night everyday [Heather Hunter] Beats keep bumpin' 'round my way [Esham] All night everyday [Heather Hunter] Body needs my super cream [Esham] Get me paid, get sprayed, hang wit' homies that's made Come through ya town, put it down like a parade See I come from Detroit and it's all about Dylan When I Black Jack five dollas stacked to the ceiling In my V12 'Boomin' Words' straight from Hell Blaze green all day, tell me what do ya smell Bump the beat up in city heat, double-oh-7 East side I ride, AK-47 You can get a lap dance for less than 20 dollas Playas in my city known for poppin' they collas The styles that you runnin' 'round wit' is ours You and them 'Shady' suckas is nothin' but cowards Bang ya brains in the dirt, make ya go bezerk If you rap wit' Emily, your ass gon' get murk I'm the E to the S to the H-A-M If I wasn't then why would I say I am Pull a jack, sell a sack 'cuz the babies need similac You remember that rollin' in a Cadillac You wanna' battle rap, I swing the battle axe Chop ya head off until Hailey go tattle that (da-da) (Chorus) [Heather Hunter] All night everyday you can have it ya way I gotta clock my pay from Detroit to LA Ok, it's Heather Hunter not the 'Number 1 Stunna' In the Collady Fair, fast as the Road Runna The bitches they speak about, the freak of the week no doubt Ya man was late for dinner 'cuz he was eatin' me out I get it on like that 'cuz I was born like that Ya man jacked off to my porn in fact 'Cuz it's too hard to mack me I be 'Cummin' on America' 'Action and Jack me' Cream on, Heather Hunter, twice as nice Screw the right thing and watch the ice bling So tell me how you want it, push or pull 2Pac was ridin' me on a mechanical bull It's all I think about, when I be puffin' on a blunt Plus I give head like a Shaolin Monk (Chorus) [Kool Keith] I used to pick up a pan My friend keep a CD in the van People to win you can NATAS back now, suckas don't slack now No time to act now, me on the East Side Rollin' the E ride, girls can come slide Into the dark room, emotional heart room Bass can bang-boom, X and mushrooms Hotels paid for, freakin' in all the rooms Girls, booties get live tonight, spread the lap dance Y'all get high tonight, ladies in love On my jock, and cry tonight, suckas say 'Why tonight' Pick up the hotline, baby, you think ya fine I'll putcha first if ya wanna be the girl of mine Wine and dine, puffin' chronic, crime Move ya curse, grab ya purse Me and E shootin' fireworks Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-fireworks (Chorus) [Heather Hunter Talking/Moaning]

Problem Child

Graham Parker "Stick to Me"
Intro Bass run of d c# b a a b then E B A B / E B A B The fill ( G#m F#m A B E) can just be played over the B but these would probably be the chords if they were there E B A G#m F#m A B E How fast does the time go? E B A G#m F#m A B G#m How high does the wind blow? G#m F#m A B You don't know do ya ain't paid attention G#m F#m A B You can't think, can ya, increase the tension A B E And you're running out to hide, cause you CHORUS B A B E A problem child, you ain't got any sense B A B E A problem child, you can't find no defence G#m A G#m A Cause even though your heart is full of problems B A B E Nobody sees them, no-one sees them baby but you and me E B A B E B A B ooh yeah baby but you and me How much does your life mean? (B at 14) How dumb do the birds seem? Flying round, aimlessly in circles, Just like you, playing with your sad curls and tears rollin down your face, cause you REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE Dm A Everything you try to do gets in somebody's way B A A B Like a part that just don't work you're useless so they say Dm A Everything you wear don't fit your dreams are made of grey B A B A Stay with them and hope they'll turn to something someday B A B A B Don't get wild they've only got you filed down as A E A problem child, CHORUS plus variations (just like me and you)

Child Of The Wild Blue Yonder

JOHN HIATT "Stolen Moments"
She has the wind as a witness She has feelings that fly by night She believes in forgiveness But it's not love if it holds too tight And you can fly beside her But you gotta go where your heart says go She lets the bright lights guide her Through the rain and the drivin' snow Where she comes from she don't know CHORUS: She's a child of the wild blue yonder Flying out of here She's a child of the wild blue yonder Born in an angel's wing If you see her falling That's just a little trick she does She makes a dive for the pain that's calling Then heads for the clouds like a little dove She can't help her laughing She can't stop your crying days Sometimes it hurts to be having To hold on a love that surely must fly away CHORUS Medicine woman raised her Spirit father praised her Through their love she was set free From a baby kicking and screaming To a full blood woman dreaming With the power just to be CHORUS TWICE

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