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THREE 6 MAFIA lyrics - Hypnotize Camp Posse

Drive By

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Project Pat) [Chorus-2x] Hit the weed Pass the dough Mask'em face Hide the yo Ride on up Not too fast Point the guns Kill yo' ass [1st verse] I'm a North Memphis nigga My nigga to my last days And when I'm dead and I'm gone let the blunts blaze See lifting weights in the pen got me toned up But fuck the signs If ya step I hold my chrome up Don't give a fuck 'Bout them niggas that you hangin' wit' I'm rollin' up Let this tech start sangin' bitch I never quit til' you violators take a nap Pop in yo' car Blew yo' brains in yo' potnah's lap I know ya strapped But you cowards like to play hard But knowing that you don't wanna catch A murder charge See niggas like to get full of dat weed and liquor You snort a line in yo' mind Now youse a killa So pull the trigger so We can let the dice roll Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole It's Project Pat on the track wit' the dope cookin' And where I'm from Grown men don't take no ass whoopins [Chorus-2x] [2nd verse] Not only weak niggas like to start bullshitta But in the street couple hollow points will hit ya I'm watching out for you ones that are sheisty I'm low on cheese so I might pull a heisty I know you punk motherfuckers wanna test me Because yo' bitch like to bow down and bless me Don't give a damn get yo' mama house shot up And have her stiff like some crack that's been rocked up You fucked up and now you gotta pay the cost Cause youse a hoe And I'm the motherfucking boss Automatic when I aim you say bye-bye Yo' family sad you got killed in a drive-by And to you ones that be talking all that yang,yang What you gon' do When that thang's in ya face man It's Project Pat wit' that 12 guage strapped ya'll I blow yo' chest out yo' motherfucking back dawg [Chorus-4x] Pat starts talking over chorus til end

C'est La Vie

Gonzoe "If I Live Nothing Happens"
*(Gonzoe)* Que sera, sera! (haha!) C'est La Vie! Have a toast on me. Yeah! State to state, we do it like this. Live like us. Feel like us. That's life baby. Sheeit. (Where ever you are, where ever you at!) Verse 1 *(Gonzoe)* Yeah. Here I go again, drinkin' an drivin in the latest model car riskin it wit no license goin fast, late night finna crash, hella cash thinkin bout, nothin but the past an I know that's it but fuck it I'm finna love it, tryin to feed my stomach finna have somethin, til my fuckin casket covered live for the minute lovin that ya'll know that we winnin me an Phats nigga nobody move til we finished here's the plataue Regime Family I'm the copo in a Vet we race down Florence non-stop though the world movin in slow motion held by the ocean X pills keep my fantsay open an I'm lovin it nuttin above but a pussy when you rub it nigga it's all covered cuz yours got caught and mine doubled niggas juss drink wit me have a toast on me nigga C'est La Vie! Do what you want to. *(Chorus)* x1 Have heart, have money. (yeah!) Don't live the moment. Have a toast on me, if you're smart This is for my homies. (yeahah!) Uh! Do what you want to can I be free? Everybody have a toast on me, please drink wit me Uh! Do what you want to can I be free? Have a toast on me world C'est La Vie! (nigga what?!) Verse 2 *(Phats Bossalini)* I got it planned out day by day clutchin my fifth confident realizin I've sinned that's why I'm bent cash spent I make a mill I know that it's meant captured a bubble Benz and the saga begins cuz it was evident that I was made for this stay awake at night crave now I'm paid for this still we ain't shit a hundred thousand ain't rich I take a chip flip a grip and multiply it by six it's fabulous to all the thugs that smashed for us celebrate live it up and have a blast for us losin focus back to the dream to face the soldiers cuz they know what nobody knows, I got composure but I'm still drunk beggin for funk I know the Town will bust live it up, keepin my trust juss check the scriptures it's me and Ritzy live, direct on your T.V. smoke wit me nigga C'est La Vie. What!? *(Chorus)* x1 Verse 3 *(Gonzoe)* I'm still glocked up in a under bucket wit my seat belt on 9 zones locked up Uh! Take the rap money, buy the soft turn the heart home first they little niggas now they servin out the front yard wit the look out like we roamin cuz they enemy got took out told the accountant to bring the book out gun man rockin the roof, wit the gages I still got cases Ritzy goin out blazin spit it my nigga did it, still got acquited cuz we willin drunk as fuck, tryin to pivot uh I got the anthology, I never ever give it if a liquor store opens y'all niggas done did it cuz I stay drunk grabbin my nuts like what first nigga jump first mutha fuckin gettin touched by us Los Angeles Atlanta hoods us we skanless imposters to exit us all I got is tattoos and guts Big nuts mutha fucka, so what? Huh? So what? Huh? So what? Nigga C'est La Vie Come fuck wit me! Uh! Chorus *(til end)* Have heart, have money. (please be smart!) Don't live the moment. Have a toast on me, if you're smart. This is for my homies.

Book Of Rhymes

NAS "God's Son"
Alchemist you know me man I'm the type of nigga that write rhymes right on the spot in the studio soon as I hear the track; you know what I'm sayin Word but I wanted to bring a couple of books to the studio today Man I foundthese shits up in the crib man in boxes man I don't even remember when I was writing these shits or what's in these shits man probably a bunch of bullshit man Fuck it check it How can I trust you when I can't trust me Picture myself a old man a O.G. Some niggas will conversate with liers all day Time pass...(Nah lemme start somethin' else) Soul on ice death threats given by clowns I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first I thought I was abnormal cause I would overcome any tasked called to So there it is I'ma prince I'ma get slain Some do minor shit swear they on the top of they game Ya rhymin' is called 'Vagina Monologue' It kinda supports theories of scary niggas who should lie in the morgue Rarely y'all come in contact with the real Since Pun passed he was the last shine of sun I could feel Yo said there's a few left since music's expressions of life Damn I wish I took more time to write in my book of rhymes Oh shit Tina - I been lookin' for this bitch number damn. No this rhyme is weak.. This is week I remember this bullshit right here (My Book of Rhymes) Gandhi was a... what the fu.. Gandhi was a fool, nigga fight to the death The US Army is a school that teach ya plights of conquest (I wonder when I wrote this. Nah it's weak) The money's ya religion sky the limit live life Numbers is big business makes the poor live trife The glimmers of hope provoke those without dollars to dream Through your existence become wealthy knowledge is king Pimps and card sharks thiefs murderers with hard luck Addicts and fiends prostitutes passin' for teens is my society Cops that shoot blacks is routine for noteriety Grow up watchin' well dressed niggas with charms Beautiful ladies on their arms Dangerous new cars was my fantasy for Nas Rubbin my lips with Campophenique Still behind the ears wet turned out to be Pioneers vets amongst hustlers crack sellers and liers and squares... (Nah that was weak there) My people be projects or jail never Harvard or Yale Pardon me type in my 2way while I'm chargin' my cell It's hard to be iced up with Gucci god poverty's real I can't fight you cause you would sue me niggas be groupies I see imitators tryin' to make albums spittin' my style And they don't even realize that I notice they stealing Nas' shit I pump some Rick James with that Teena Marie My nina lean on me like Swoop it's crap this can't be My book of rhymes This can't be my book of rhymes writing this bullshit! (My Book of Rhymes) Nah neva that fuck that, aw why you laughin' Alchemist Huh you a funny nigga... naw yeah (My Book of Rhymes) I'm tellin' you I'ma come up with some new shit now Fuck that I'ma write again now fuck that I musta been high on some shit mmm what the fuck is this Look how we treat pregnancy women in the 'hood Our values so low our values are no good Things our mothers told us we shoulda heeded Cause now we need it We older almost able t... I'm jealous of you how come you so beautiful Smelling fresh youthful intelligent while I'm stressin' and shit Aiyo I envy you 'cause all you do is smile and things come your way Such a innocent child is what some say I get upset 'cause I just want to be treated the way you are Like a star not a worry in this world thus far But wait a minute we both need ya mother's attention I must be crazy jealous of my own baby infant (Kinda crazy)

Enjoy Da Ride

REDMAN "Malpractice"
(feat. Method Man, Saukrates, Streetlife) [Streetlife] Yo, I know the streets is watchin' Dirty date niggas caught blockin' or glockin' Waitin' for my down four street got options Fuck y'all, y'all can ball, im'a stay rockin' All emcee's falled when I heard the albums droppin' Nuttin but the hottest hip-hop rap concoction Rap's in a state of emergency, it's shockin' I produce joints that loosen up the socket Crowd surf through the mosh pit on some rock shit Bang your head to this, pump your fist if your feelin' it Ride the fuck out, bust a clip for the fuck of it This is as good as it get, who you rollin' with (You) Who the ultimate (Wu) Stay commited, sold my soul to this rap shit Slow your roll, strike a bowl, you get glapped quick I roll with, ghetto bastard with biscuits And grab my dick and flick it, get the picture [Redman] Yo, Yo, Yo, I cop a new Benz, crash the front So hard the airbags use nasal pumps Jump out, cock the shoti (Rasie em up) I stomp holes if the ground aint paved enough Inform the former the first step was a warm-up The next step'll bomb on where your car alarm was Chikens that'll run in, burn the barn up Shots'll tear Sean John and Phat Farm up I never gotta Soul Train award Never lost to emcee's as lame as y'all Never, trick a bitch car payment off Im a orangatang when the chain is off Nigga, ecentric and I slowly blast with a axe, and a pump, and a goalie mask Leavin' stains of blood on your Rolie Glass When im in your hood nigga throw me bags [Method Man] Lets trick the night fantastic Im flexable, they used to call me plastic These big butt bitches get they ass kicked It is what it is, shittin' on y'all kids Couldn't live where we live I can't be defeated like nobody used to wizz Like, when daddy's home can't nobody beat the kids Right You know the clan and you know the fuckin' man Meth rock a mic without a kickstand Two blunts, and razors in his wristband Slap you and your bitch man Lookin' in your lobby, call me stick-man When it's goin' down, call me quicksand Zero to sixty in a second, pack a Smith & Weston And if the price is right, you can be the next contestant For this aggression, no question, M-E to the F it be flexin' As hard as my erection, kid learn your lesson Cuz what if I decide to start testin' the joint in the muthafuckin session [Saukrates] Let a nigga get into it Lubricate y'all veins with your 'Do-It' fluid I Einstein these rymes, spit these thangs to prove it Cross with the mac, in fact my games are truest Now im on the highway, doing it my way With Street the legal, Meth, Roc, and Doc friday Performin' like the weather was warm And drop heat on the streets through zero degree storms And keep the ghetto, pop your metal Smoke it like a cigarette till ya optic yellow The addiction, aint no friction I got them rap heads fillin' out a prescription With diciton, they in thick, when I put fire to the stakes And burn the arch, like a iron to your face These long hard years spent Oxy-Cleanin' - make it clear Look out! Big 'Sauks is here, hit the button


MICK JENKINS "The Water[s]"
Shorty told me that she do not do the fakes Same bitch got weave My nigga mow the lawn it's too many snakes That's the same shit that got Eve What you ain't never seen a nigga on a Horse? You ain't seen chief keef new Porsche? Naw you ain't seen shit yet Betta not forget that spit it like I chain smoke Newports All the little niggas got guns now And they carry them to the fucking beat All these little girls give it up now shame I could see the cherry stems in the fucking street Niggas aim too high to leave the lows Niggas hang too high to see the lows Niggas ain't Niggas ain't really listening let me break it down for you Just before you forgot about him Overlooked Or started doubting I douse it with the flow and started talking all this water shit it's like I started drowning In truth The thought is pounding I started counting the loopholes in they stories that they tell us Every evening at like 10 when Judy suu is on yo tv Tellin Songs in the key of life, you was on yo Stevie I pray it's never to preachy but I'm preaching Losing hella blood these fuck niggas leechin Why you reachin I'm like 6'5 Stop it We are not on the same a plateau Chateau de Chenonceau You just throwing shade in my shadow Ginger ale in my Chalice I never been champagne shallow I'd never run from a battle I'd rather hang from the gallows For I let a stray bullet catch a nigga on the nine! Trey 8 pullin 0-9 kwame brown if a nigga act foul then we put em on the line It's a shame that's the game on these young niggas minds like I'm a get all this money I'm a buy all this shit I'm a fuck so many hoes Nigga I'm a fuck yo bitch I'm just with my niggas I'm a get all this money I'm a buy all this shit I'm a fuck so many hoes Nigga I'm a fuck yo bitch I'm just with my niggas hanging Hanging I'm just with my niggas hanging Hanging Hanging on for dear life For the love of the money Hanging on for dear life Don't that shit sound funny Hanging on for dear life For the love of the gold Hanging on for dear life Don't that shit feel cold? I'm a get all this money I'm a buy all this shit I'm a fuck so many hoes Nigga I'm a fuck yo bitch I'm just with my niggas I'm a get all this money I'm a buy all this shit I'm a fuck so many hoes Nigga I'm a fuck yo bitch I'm just with my niggas hanging Hanging I'm just with my niggas hanging Hanging

It's All Mo' Thug

It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo, Mo Thug. Flesh: Oh well, if you snooze, you lose. Ya stop prayin' to who?, and fetch ya, shoot it and catch your shit, back, stay packin' a gat in your lap always. If you pray, roll strap, now how about that? And stack, went to go tappin', nigga pap him, fuckin' with one of my own. No, no, wrong, and he facin' my chrome. Left, devil say they wrong, double nine execution, we mo' murder, stupid tricky bitch, that outstands, we don't play when the game and beam a red line. Hey Little Lay ran to the stash, don't push the master. Gotta problem? Then handle it the easiest way we can with a blessing and a masterplan. Niggas thuggin' off in the Land, and still the band. Can't fuck with these Cleveland Clair playas. (So the phonies), you better beware 'cause the Bone and Mo Thug on this mission. Listen better pray if you did cross us on the way, hoes. Krayzie: Oh, oh, oh, I just wanna separate from the precious baby, or maybe, I was meant to live my life brought up in this world of games. In God's name, I pray. The devil--he be breakin' me down. I could feel him 'cause he pullin' me, now. I've been blessed with an incredible style. When this mission is to try to separate us, wanna break us all down. Now, ain't that foul, so I ask the Lord to help me. Lord, why does this life of overwhelm me when we livin' in Hell? But we cherish everyday like we in heaven, oh well, but time will tell, so we listen for the ringin' of the bell, the bell, the bell, but it be hard to maintain and stay peaceful. If you the lover to the devil then the devil will beat you, defeat you, deceive you, evil. He will never leave you alone. I've been lookin' for a better day, but they don't never seem to wanna come my way, my way. Eh, I'm havin' hell of times, tryin' to make it, 'cause my people steady stressin' my mind. So I stay high, so I'm really sinnin', on the top they see me. Whether you're with me, it's deadly in the venom. If it get up in your head, it could really send you on the deadly mission. Keep your distance from the flames, maybe you can survive forever everyday. Layzie: Hell yeah, got me flippin' in the Northcoast. Remember me: the crook that wrote the book. I'm off the hook. So ya'll niggas better take another look, 'cause if you playa hate the Bone, then your life'll get took, so quick. Never bringing you no bullshit, man. Face to face, it's an assassin game. Bringin' you heat, ya'll niggas' bringin' the slang, but if you wanna bring the pain then you gotta maintain. Comin' in on another level. I'm a put you on deck up at the top of the pile. Fake niggas wanna claim our style, but I'm a break 'em on down, but you gotta come unique. It's the thuggish ruggish sound that you lookin' for, searchin' for, everybody boy wanna be like Bone and stay high. Little kids no longer wanna be like Mike, that's right. They tryin' to be like Bone and keep thuggin' for life. Gettin' ready for the end all, wit my nigga, Ken Dawg, Hustlas, Shiftas, and Tre, II Tru, AJay--same muthafuckas from around my way. with Krayzie: This how we play, play. Everyday it's the same ol' same around my way, around my way. We'll be thuggin' out 'round my way. This how we play, play. Everyday is the same ol' same around my way, around my way, around my way. Come around my way, my way, my way. It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo, Mo Thug Bizzy: Little nigga wanna come, get up in my way, hey. Know the brain is your strength to strain to gain your fame, fame, fame, fame. What about those hoes? Oh, no. Little Eazy was sure to teach Bone. And if he's wrong, well, he's gone, but my children--they keep me strong. My dear Lord, I miss my peoples, and it just seems so evil, and that I can't kiss my kids goodnight, put 'em to bed, tuck 'em tight, and catch 'em sleepin'. That's all right, that's all right. I'll get mine, hey, I'll get mine. It'll take time, but I'm a grind. Weed and wine--I'll be just fine. Cuffed up, and blow you. And Mama B was, what? In the back of the paddy, jumpin' out caddies cuttin' through alleys in Cleveland, Cali like daddy. Like daddy and duke. Mo blow fo 2-double-0-yeah double-0 zero. You really wnat to get your camels. Everybody was in your group-o, group-o. Wish: You niggas can't fuck with these Clair players on top of pile, and we rollin'. Stand back, haters, gonna be here for a while. Can't you hear the crowd screamin' real loud? And that's for Bone, thugs. Thanks the Lord my sister's got Bone to look up to and feel proud, and on top of all of that, hey, mommy's out the ghetto now. I thank the Lord, and these Bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me, yeah. I thank the Lord and these Bone thugs-n-harmony for everything it brings to me. Better believe that we're doomed, doomed. Shoot 'em, shoot 'em, kill 'em, kill 'em, nigga ain't gon' stop none of these millions. Been a long hard way. Been a long, long, long hard way. I'm glad I got mine. Gonna floss a little bit, watch them niggas watchin' me, that's tryin' to take mine, but I got somethin' for 'em, watchin' niggas runnin' up, gonna meet his time, die, bye. Nigga don't bite or playa hate. We got much love in Mo Thug. It's all about Mo Thug. It's all Mo Thug. It's all Mo Thug, Mo Thug.

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