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The Vun Duns lyrics - Bitter Quill

Crystal Chalice

Original and similar lyrics
Enshroud this malachite solution The Elixir of Icarus Slowly, gently draw it in From this crystal chalice Shield me from these abnormalities Help me bind these lush dichotomies The chandelier so far below me It makes no difference My lifesblood flowing down into this Broken crystal chalice Hide me from these vicious deities I'm not dying, I'm just... Empty


TESLA "Bust A Nut"
(Keith, Hannon, Wheat) Any day at all, any time, any way it take me to make you mine I would give it all, give it all and more Give you more than you could ever want from me If anything they say is true, you gotta have 'em, if you wanna sing the blues 'Cos some nights, there ain't nothing I can do, but Cry, cry an ocean No use tryin' to hide what's slowly dying in me, what's slowly dying in me Now I will confess, was no second guess With all your love you left to me, it was a mess Once there was a time, was no compromising You [left so life can't do possess] If anything they say is true, what goes around will be coming to you, I know Some night, there'll be nothing you can do, but Cry, cry an ocean No use trying to hide what's slowly dying in me Cry, do you feel that it's over What you may fear is still alive, it's slowly dying in me I cried, guess you're crying now (I'm blind to the end, I cried...) Tried to be everything I could, for you, from me, all I could be Tried to be everything I could, for you, from me, all I could be Tried, tried to be everywhere I could, for you, cried out my eyes for you For you [Solo] Take no bad talk, I ain't a toy, I won't be somebody's boy My heart ain't [chasin'] no game and if I do play, I'm takin' my time Take no bad talk (I take no), take no bad talk (ah, hell no) I won't be your boy, ain't gonna be a toy If anything they say is true, anytime it should be coming for you Cry, cry an ocean No use trying to hide what's deep inside of me You can cry, do you feel that it's over Don't you come crying, no don't come crying, don't come crying to me!


THE ANTLERS "Familiars"
Right when the blizzard ends, they throw a fucking huge parade- A great excuse for celebration of the mess they've made. But then when the streets get flooded, we know what proximity’s worth, ‘cause we're already here, in the same place when our phones don't work. So then we lie down in our field and just do nothing at all, and I’m getting ready for when everything is wonderful for just a couple pairs of broken bones with broken feathers in blood, in a meadow, uncut and understood. We can be an island apart from a ceaseless war on our heart, Harbored in a fortress insurmountable, Taller than affliction, safe wherever we are. Erasing horror and disgust, Rewinding the sorrow and the rust. Before our suffering’s suffering, hadn’t we suffered enough? On the morning that we're both 19 and newly on our own, and all we know is “each other” and invisible homes, we find two empty seats in the back of a car in an empty parking lot, where all our bridges are abandoned and the cops have forgot. And I can feel the difference when the day begins, like all I know is, "This year will be the year we win." We smoke the paper from the banner from our past parades and start again, before the memory of the mess we've made.

You And I

AVALANCHE CITY "Our New Life Above The Ground"
If you had an empty suitcase I’d help you to pack it tight And if you were afraid of darkness Well I would stay till it was light If you were a supermodel I would help you lift your bags I’d push those paparazzi’s over So you could get inside your cab If you found your toothpaste empty I would squeeze out just a little more And if you had the sweetest victory I’d high five you till our hands were sore If you were scared and worried I would keep you safe and sound If you were addicted to fabric You could fill a whole room in our house If we climbed the highest tree top And you said you couldn’t climb back down I would build the finest tree house For our new life above the ground And when you smile at me so sweetly I love what happens in your eyes When they open up to me my darling It’s all I need and it’s so right Oh I have got a thousand reasons For you to come away with me The more I look the better you seem And I hope that in your heart you see Cause I believe that you are all I want Cause I believe that you and I belong

You Found Me

MXPX "On The Cover"
thought that i was- was a goner everyone had written my life off dreamed about better days and hoped that i could make it happen somehow someone please -please help me i'm dying from the inside out come to find out god loves me come to find out i was not alone you found me - you found me - you found me... regeneration, a new sensation the rebuilding of my broken heart i've put my faith into action i've got a clean, a brand new start the more i seek, the more i find you it seems the wonders never cease how can i ever re-pay you help me lord to see just what you say you found me - you found me - you found me... empty dreams, hollow schemes don't get trapped into the things of this world you'll find out like i found out hey! they just won't fill your life no! you want life - real life then let jesus find you like he found me you found me

Forlorn Hope

An old man is proud, but behind his modest smile lies the grief Only one picture of his brave son remains It seems that the vicious circle can never be broken through The hopeful ones gathered their strength to achieve the apparent impossible but all plans seem to be in vain As a soldier of Allah he's an example for the others on his bloody way to immortality It seems that the vicious circle can never be broken through Because old wounds are reopened every time This Intifada as a device to thwart the peace negotiations He can rely on a reward in the hereafter Eternal paradise awaits him Pugnacity With our blood Show no mercy With our soul Die for heaven An eye for an eye Burn to let them... Suffer for all their actions We will not move an inch They won't play in our hands We will not tolerate those who defy We will not hesitate To start an attack if, you undermine the agreement Let them suffer Stop to let them suffer!

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