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THE ROOTS lyrics

You Ain't Fly

Original and similar lyrics
You ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha self (repeat 4X) [BlackThought] I'm just playin the wall, I'm just playin the wall Coolin with my niggaz on the right, hold tight Late Friday night strobelight shine bright blind Coolin at this party with the sugars on my mind It's the sex patrol, the sex patrol Yeah the young sis was stacked wicked, wanted me to kick it Said I never dance, made advance outside Took a glance to expect, Shorty was correct so it seemed, her name Shavon, age seventeen I flipped when I seen her eyes, bloodshot green She said she wanted riches and a nigga with cash Lex Land' or a Path', didn't know the half I react to flip the script and get ill My man Malik B kept telling me to relax Diggin how you're livin on some unreal high as I realize -- you're not that fly You ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha self (repeat 4X) [Malik B] Dig it, you see sisters is thinkin that I snooze She must don't know, I have a sister confused Thinkin that she's pretty and saditty when I spill She said, 'I might, I think I can, alright I will.' Tossed up was the digits cause the game is like splendor I said, 'Sabrina yea, I met you way back in December; you remember.' She said, 'I guess.' Substitute to Santa, she was sittin on the desk And then she said, 'You never called me; Mailk you never tried to press. You never tried to push the seven buttons and address.' I said, 'Hold up sis -- you're out of order, man you lost it. My name ain't Jake; Malik's no Flake that's Frosted.' Tryin to cause a scene Sabrina's rest is self-redeemed She thought she was cute, but never made it on my team I should beam up, about-face fall out And don'tcha even dare to ask why -- because you're not that fly You ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha self (repeat 4X) [?uestlove] Mmmmmm strollin in my Pumas down the avenue Not tokin on a J, not sippin on a brew Saw a soul sister on the streets of five-two 'MMM, my name's Question, ummmm, who are you?' She didn't respond, she didn't respond ???*MUFFLED VOICE*??? -- Continue on Thought to myself, should of said a little louder Bet hurry up before she gets lost in the crowd of 'Excuse me Miss, excuse me miss' 'No, I'm not havin it!' I just got dissed I didn't get mad, was calm and collect I didn't call her bitch, I didn't break her neck Start to wonder why the brothers disrespect the cutie It's a place of 180's and the high-priced floozie As she walked away, man I couldn't deny Started lying to myself, man she wasn't that fly You ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha self (repeat 4X) [BlackThought] Black, butter umm... that's what I be Had to tell a girl to set her mind free Use the Third Eye possibly you will see what you get, with material objects Wanna be the envy of the whole projects gettin loot Pretty in your cute limited Express suit Baby I can see everything you wanna be See you're gamin as a key to escape poverty Known to be shown around, sport about her niggaz Thinkin you a woman cause your ass got bigger Kickin it to me as if I don't know the time But I'm the BlackThought, I'm all up in your mind I figure you the kind to say, 'Give me a call' but then switch to act strange, countin on my change Pay to the order of who??? Not you Why? You're not THAT fly You ain't fly You ain't fly You ain't fly so go 'head, witcha self (repeat 8X)

Bulworth (They Talk About It While We Live It)

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[Prodigy] Aiyyo, wordup Dunn Man you know how I feel Gotta be more to it than this, word up [Doing an impression of Scarface] This what it's all about Dunn Uh Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking (Can't understand) Whattup, I don't know baby Nah man, it's not, it's not yo word up I'm tellin you right now I know this shit though, aiyyo Disagreeable, foul energy, tryin to absorb my energy, knowin it's the strength of me Take a few to give me a edge My green light shine bright, Kryptonite type Fully operational, my physical cream Put the bottles of smoke down, pick up a magazine Popped it inside the AR-15 Put it aside, round up the regime While you rely on religion, I hold a nine on the mission, to pull fire on your opposition Revelation was the vision of this Crack the heavens, it's time to bring the business, shit My story goes back to them lost Pyramids I'm seeing things that you won't believe exists He use a Lunar-tick, suspended in time Dunn The secondary light got your mind You rock the fatigues, to squab until popular guns But are you really prepared, for the things to come [KRS-One] Check it out True underground sound from the Boogie Down Uptown Downtown gather round for the showdown, in they faces Calling out these racists, at Rolling Stone Spin Details and other places, KRS is The Source Fuck these magazine leadin hip-hop off course You'll print about Black Mayors, Black Senators Why you ain't got no Black Editors Everytime I do an interview in Rolling Stone They sendin me a writer that look like he's Home Alone Ignorant, to the culture and the microphone This has got to stop -- your whole spot is blown sky high, battle why try My view is bird's eye, scopin with my third eye You don't understand, why you're publically banned until you recognize the writing skills of a black man Black Editor, all of us ain't thuggin Gossiping over who's homosexual Some of us are Black Intellectuals, up in Harlem World You can't get with me, so now in Midtown you wanna stop and talk to me Bitch ass journalist, is this your fake hip-hop publication Look I'm burnin this [Method Man] How many didn't want to see it happen Street moves, live from Staten, if life is a joke, nobody laughin Hate to see a brother do good through legal action So you sabotage and throw a Def in the Squad Fo'-fo's blastin, keep the po-po flashin these Dark Soul Assassins, Jake's hate the Gods with a passion So I keep it movin in an orderly, fashion Pedal to the floor -- peep the Jim Crow law, mind control theory Y'all niggaz don't hear me, Generation Next Droppin fast who's next, next to get wet by the reign of the tech-knowledgy, follow me Open up wide now, swallow me, every calorie is reality the truth, the whole truth and nothin but the truth, taste is the proof These niggaz want the Juice, and in the crossfire be the youth, who didn't learn to duck when they shoot [KAM] What kind of party is this, it's that political kind Where America's best, most hypocritical minds Try they hands at keepin y'all deaf dumb and blind And for the right dollar sign, do white collar crime behind suits, and clean shaves I confuse em and use em as tools and slaves Because my schools is graves and jobs is plantations -- I robs the damn nation so I can live in luxury, you fucks with me You marryin the dirt and I'ma throw in the tux for free I tell the people what they wanna hear I make em laugh and cheer, and then they re-elect me every year So when the coast is clear, I stop duckin and start back doin dope, cussin and fuckin I kiss the babies, shake hands, wave and smile for flicks That's my style, my pol-i-tricks Triple-Six convicts, lyin is automatic in the government, Republican or Democratic Fuck Freedom, Justice and Equality Nigga just accept my apology and suck this trick-knowledgy

Liberal Arts Jedi Mind Tricks

CANIBUS "Mic Club: Curriculum"
[Voice-Over] Once more, it has been done That in order to save it You would have to raise the specter again I am going to tell them the truth About their ministry of justice But if we didn't though It would surely be cause for war! [Canibus] Ok its time to get started.. Don't want to but the forces forced me When it can't category allegory They translated it for me U-M-L-O-U-T: Umlaut That's the reason I bend vowels when I spew from the mouth Spit threw and out the very grotesque few are best Burn through vests Since the university of Budapest Sitting in a room with a windowless view Concentrating; looking at you Freeze frame frozen at the very moment The wormhole opens You know Canibus has spoken The circumference of a third eye so vibrant To me, Ezekiel's Wheel was just a spare tire My epithelial genetic fiber was forged in the protoplasmic fires in a black geyser The explosion can described as a white Iris When the absolute began, I don't know where I was I musta just been a piece of micro dust That's why I the fuck love mics so much My micro, macro robotic rap flow The Magna Carta of the entire rap world Mayflower 2002 Phase 1 Adapt to the press of gravity is laid on my lungs The theory of communication called cannons Dissertation with a makeover in camouflage makeup Light waves bend to the wake of bust Mics buckle with white knuckles, metacarpals crush Acid reflux all over your face, you fuck Grab heart with bare hands, Squeeze and spray blood You iller than me? Gimme a call: W-W-W-N-A-M-I-org Dear boss, You mind if I share my thoughts? Psychotherapy is expensive, can you share my costs? In a cushioned room with leather doors Handwriting experts take a look at the letters I draw Excessive graftedness, there's no space between words Excessive cross-outs: it must be my nerves Rhymes that vaporize dis-ablize and destabilize Pray to God, say Goodbye Six minutes Vinnie Paz you're on Lyrically this is the liberty of Liberal Arts [Chorus] Canibus: Consume Creatine and Create cAnibus: Anemometers analyze air intake caNibus: The H.N.I.C that narrates canIbus: Innate intelligent Interface caniBus: Biogenetetic Behemoth obliterate canibUs: Youth on fire, You both bleed canibuS: Micnificentlly sound Mc Liberal Arts with JMT [Vinnie Paz, AKA Ikon the Verbal Hologram] I'm the god of war, the resurrector of the horror-core The carnivore, destroying you wasn't hard at all I started raw, so the haters could see what could happen I was Allah while the pagans were speaking in Latin I'm the origin of science and math I'm the origin of everything you trying to grasp Been dying to ask if Jedi Mind is the real Well I'll let you inside my mind and you decide how it feel I'm dying to kill And bring to you apocalypse I start a lot beef with lots of guns and lots of clips Fuck the head, I'm aimin right for your esophagus Hang you from a hook then drink the blood your body drips I got the power of the lead a fucking shotty spits And leave you weaker than the mafia that's Gotti-less With Canibus: get deep like psychoanalysts Vinne Paz the fucking Hand-to-Fist-Philanthropist What? Its fucking Vinnie Paz daddy Yeah Jedi Mind baby (For the people of the world) Canibus baby Let it now be noted Mic Club What's the fucking deal? That here in our decision This is what we stand for Justice, Truth and the value of a single human being [Chorus] [Canibus] Liberal Arts Mic Club the Curriculum Can-I-bus hittin 'em Rippin 'em


GOODIE MOB "Soul Food"
Put me in a serious situation hope I get another chance To live life as I know 4:30 was the time, I'm feelin' a pain in my chest I guess I smoke too much sess Makin' a nigga mo' slow off the doe in Olympian bubblin' under who Where's the crew thick mist in the trail I'm feelin' pressure off the tess Spine advertising swine on Channel 2 when in the same breath You tellin' me don't eat from that plate increasin' my blood Outbreaks on my skin don't blend with the way I want this thang to flow If I can help the cause don't have to treat it with no tricks You settin' me cancer on a stick, visualize destruction soon to come Throwin' within this city we call Atlantis Prayin' like a mantis everyday ain't good in the woods of Southwest I stress in my rhymes...fighting for yo' spirit and you mind! So what it be like my brother be catching gangrene The water be brown in the morning in my sink Who that in my eyes some Clampett eaten away by fungi Another virus disease, at ease, quick to lead a strike against Haiti When half your army in the bed with pains in their back And behind their head Witch doctors giving more Medicaid but ain't no aid But these ain't tha same from 'Nam, didn't give a damn Who only wanted Saddam now your hands numb Can't run old age before thirty This what you wanted when you signed your (hand) 'cock on tha line Fightin' for your spirit and your mind, service to my kind... Seems like we're fighting for our spirit and mind They got us fighting for our spirit and mind Still fighting for our spirit and mind We can't stop fighting for our spirit and mind Multiple stab wounds sticin' thru in the ol' school Cutlass Supreme Thirty-five cents to my name and that's fo' a blunt man The way thangs goin' today I might as well be dead, so dread The voices on the radio got me seamed Can't put a smile on my face cuz my pockets ain't straight At least not the way I want 'em to be Early as phuckk, eight fifty-one Last night I barely got some Z's ... sleep...uh I can't ol' Burd in the next room havin' nightmares It sound like wind blowin' when she weep, speak I can't I'm tired on the way to the slave camp... I utter very little words, I'm thinkin' about a ciggy I snatched From the jaws of death, a sack of crumbled herb ... Rollin' down Main Street East Point, I swerve, Campbelton Rd, Southside Eight fify-five, jacket at bus top standin', sweatin' but, I ain't smilin Outside it's twenty below fool I'm ridin' to the liquor store Closed that's right I go hotta at this beeso I know Who work at the Texaco Gas station, pacin' back down memory lane Feelin' strange can't Explain, so bare wit me pleae Thru this green light I sees That tramp that gave me herpes wreck, wham, crash, stumblin' jumps out The ride empty the glock fo', five, D.E.A.D. Woke up handcuffed inside Grady Tagged with an I-U-D (intoxicated una dank) I took two swiggs outts my deuce-deuce, old E Now Stephen K-I-N-G had the story all wrong Blood last five points, I'm gone [Cee-Lo] As individuals and as a people we are at war But the majority of my side got they eyes open wide But still don't recognize what we fighting fo I guess that's what I'm writing for to try to shed some light But we been in the darkness for so long, don't know right from wrong Y'all scared to come near it, you ignore the voice In your head when you hear it The enemy is after yo' spirit but you think it's all in yo' mind You'll find a lot of the reason we behind Is because the system is designed to keep our third eyes blind But not blind in the sense that our other two eyes can't see You just end investing quality time in places you don't even neeed to be We don't even know who we are, but the answer ain't far Matter of fact its right up under our nose But the system taught us to keep that book closed See the reason why he gotta lie and deceive is so That we won't act accordingly To get the blessings we suppose to receive Yeah it's true, Uncle Sam wants you to be a devil too See, he's jealous because his skin is a curse but what's worse is if I put it in a verse y'all listen to some bullshit first We ain't natural born killas, we are a spiritual people God's chosen few Think about the slave trade when they had boats with Thousands of us on board And we still was praising the Lord now you ready to die Over a coat, a necklace round your throat, that's bullshit Black people ya'll better realize, we losin, you better fight and die If you got to get yo' spirit and mind back and we got to do it together Goodie Mob means, The Good Die Mostly Over Bullshit You take away one O and it will let you know God is Every Man of Blackness The Lord has spoken thru me and the G-Mo-B!

Say What You Say

Dr Dre
[Dr. Dre] Huh, so I'm out the game huh? [Eminem] Yo Dre, we ridin? [Dr. Dre] Whatever [Eminem] Well I'm witchu homie [Dr. Dre] Ok, Let's handle the small shit [Eminem] I was born to brew up storms, stir up shit Kick up dust, cuss til I slur up spit Grew up too quick, knew too much, been through too much shit Corrupt and now I'ma pour it on like syrup, bitch Thick n' rich, sick and twisted Mr. Buttersworth Dre tole me to milk this shit for what it's worth Till the cow just tilts and tips 'n stumbles to earth And if I fumble a verse, keep going First take, I make mistakes, just keep it No punches, pull no punches, that's weak shit Fake shit, if I ever take shit, I eat shit Was it for him, Wouldn't be shit [Dr. Dre] Creep wit me, as we take a little trip down Memory Lane Been in longer than anyone in the game And I ain't got to lie about my age [Eminem] But what about Jermaine? [Dr. Dre] Fuck Jermaine, he don't belong speakin mine or Timbaland's name And don't think I don't read your little interviews and see what your sayin I'ma giant, and I ain't gotta move till I'm provoked When I see you, I'ma step on you and not even know it Ya midget, Mini-Me, with a buncha little Mini-You's Runnin around your backyard swimming pools Over 80 million records sold And I ain't had to do it with 10 or 11 year olds CHORUS: [Eminem] Cuz what you say is what you say Say what you say how you say it whenever you sayin it Just remember how you said it when you was sprayin it So who you playin with huh?(echoes) repeat 1 [Eminem] Second verse, it gets worst It gets no better than this Amatuers drink veteran piss From a Dixie cup, if you ever mix me up Or confuse me with a Cannabis or Dre with a Dupri Will rub it in, every club your in, we'll have you Blackballed and make sure you never rap a fucken again Dre ain't havin it as long as Im here, play Devil's Advocate [Dr. Dre] If there was some magic shit I could wave Over the indusrty that could save it when I'm gone And bury to make sure the tradition carries on I would [Eminem] If I could only use this power for good I wouldn't, not even if I could [Dr. Dre] From the hood and I'm a hornet And I'ma only sting when I'm cornered [Eminem] And I'ma only sucker punch or swing without warnin And swing to knock somebody's fuckin head off Cuz I know, if they get up, I won't get a chance to let off Another punch, punk-rock, no one's punk Don't give a fuck, white pac, so much spunk When I was little I knew I would blow up And sell a mill or grow up to be a tilla' Go nuts and be a killer [Dr. Dre] And I'm somethin of a phenom One puff of the chron I'm unstoppable, I'm alive, I'm on top again There's no obstacle that I can't conquer So come along with us (Come On) CHORUS [Dr. Dre] Now anybody who knows Dre Knows I'm about fast cars in Elize, partyin all day But I handle my business cuz it's work before play Don't look for trouble but I serve you gourmet However you want it, you could have it your way You fuck my night up, I'ma fuck up your day Bullet with your name, sendin it your way That goes for anyone who walks thru that doorway Cuz this is my space, you invade it Live to regret it and you die tryin to violate it Fuck around and you'll get anahilated Eyes diliated [Eminem] (Ha) like my old lady Cuz what you say is what you say Sometimes what you mean is 2 different things Depending on your mood if it swings, think too many things Little hit of Dre's weed, I can do anything Catch a contact, then I'm gone and I'm back I speed write and my loose leaves my lanch pad [Dr. Dre] And I can pull any string Don't have to prove anything Catch a contract on your head You headed West, talk shit about Dre? You better get a vest and invest in something To protect your head and neck [Eminem] And it's back and forth all day like Red and Meth I joke when I say I'm the best in the booth But a lot of truth is said in jest And if I ever do live to be a legend I'ma die a sudden death, 5 mics in The Source Ain't holdin' my fuckin breath But I suffocate for the respect Fore I breath the collect the fuckin check CHORUS [Dr. Dre] Watch your fuckin' mouth [Timbaland] Yo this Timbaland, tell him I said suck (*tchka*) my dick


LIL' MO "Based On A True Story"
Why 1 - Why do you keep doing this to me? And I fall for it every single time You make me believe you've changed Come to find out you're just making me a game Why do you keep doing this? No why do I keep doing this to myself Five thousands times we've been off and on Ain't taking your, if I can't be number one One more night I'm lying in my tears I'm lonely singing sad songs Can't believe that I was that gone But tonight I'm gonna face my fears Baby it's over, gotta let you go Cause to me you could never be faithful I know that the roses that she sends You used to say were mine They weren't mine Though I'm trying to hide my pride You know my heart is torn apart Repeat 1 Out of sight is where to go for me I'll make it I'll get along No more crying, singing glad songs Out of mind is where I know you'll be You should've loved me when I was there Now the love is gone and I don't care I know about the dream you had You said that you dreamed of me I wasn't asleep You were all of my world But no more My heart is weak but my mind is sure Repeat 1 till end

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