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THE ROOTS lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Chorus: Black Thought: (2X) You can't front, we comin with the shots to pump We got more cuz it's what you want Thump it in your section and throughout your section In your area, throughout your whole section, yo... Black Thought: Y'all know the dynasty, the Roots repertoire The lieutenant from the reservoir, serve the spar The injurar, preditar of a competitar I send MCs where the paramedics are At first, I'm like 'nah', I'm nonchalant from afar Then strike to cut the fake rap star jugular With irregular balance of the cat burgla-rar Known to parlay with Garcia Vega cigars I know the flavor because me and the thugs minds are mutual We congruent, lay on the corner with the trauma unit I'm from the lab where the bomb's distibuted So never try to duplicate the skills executed Son you'd get electrocuted from the worldwide reputed Shine like nickel heat that blow your mind when I shoot it Some know me as the man that's from the Roots crew Others as the bad lieutenant of Snyder Avenue We go an eye for an eye Behead like a samurai that'll command the dynasty until he die Who will imply that I lack a-biliti? Make your words known, amplify the u-tiliti I'm crooked like the 'I' on a toxic malt liquor The land whipper, the Dom Perignon champ sipper The fifth'll bring it all together like the zipper on a butter leather The bad lieu a bring the bad weather So to whoever got riff, let it rest Reflect, then recollect on the way it was set It's the veteran architect that flows with the rhythm of sex Be on the low shotgun in the Lex With my man low to flex I'm restin where they handle the Tecs And the lyrical vandal is next flow So my man, my mizza, my man M-ilitant, what's the master plan? Once again... chorus: Malik B. Peep the oratory, niggaz bore me with theatrics Moms listen to they daughter story about my packets The adverse is on your table, stabilize emotion A soldier at ease, but on post of up most in Brag and boast in my anecdotes that choke Invade your whole terrain, you feel the pain provoke When I breaststroke your wavelength of intensity My alliance bring forth to you an entity Your whole vicinity, I contaminate with hate Got no time to debate, but hold up wait, sit straight It's in mil, the elicit, you violate, you get a ticket MCs you can't tell I expel, you get evicted From out your misery, serve your ass with my delivery Allah makes the ground you steppin on shivery Permanent tears run through your thoughts you queers It's all upstairs, where there's a crowd, table and chairs For years, been on the mic, I'm like a dike with stairs When I strike, I stay severe, niggaz stay low in they glare From over here, my Range Rover square to blast offside Switch the pitch from southpaw to unorthodox I shock your brain with the miscellaneous Who beez the zaniest...nigga with words that are spontaneous? Black Thought: A yo, the purpose mainly is to generate the Luther Van Lyrical contraband, controllin your command and... chorus: Black Thought: All the way live from 2-1-5, all the way live from the 6-1-0 Gettin cash, get the gusto One time, it's the dynasty flow Runnin it down the line, it's another Yeah, you in tune to another ill 5th dynasty production baby (fading out)

Mob Up

TWISTA "Mobstability"
(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) [Intro] Yeah, mobsta style for you muthafuckas, you know what I'm sayin' We fin to bring this shit like this here This muthafuckin' Chi shit, check it out [Chorus 1] The niggas in my mob can't be touched You best to mob up to come fuckin' with us, oh no Niggas in my mob bring the heat You best to mob up fuckin' with the elite, oh no [Liffy Stokes] You just a bitch in the sky, I hear cries 'Cause you can't whistle for your guys Surprise when you saw this pistols in your eyes So I peal like mere mortals, bet I shoot bloody portals To muthafuckas who owe us, niggas die, causin' horrifyin' () My passion for blastin' made me an assassin on all enemies that work us Whose purpose is to serve () timbs 'til they high and they hurt us Murders got us murders, I pull my weed and gun out Blastin' 'til they run in the house while I got the blunt in my mouth [Mayz] We in a rage bustin' rapidly like when I'm on stage It don't get no rougher than Liffy Stokes, Twista and Mayz In the blood of your day, then lay flat on your back Then while he fuckin' your hoe The mob gon' be straight coppin' you stack [Twista] Your mob lacks, I'ma defeat you run three-two on contact Cogniac, get me strapped with the black gat itchin' to bomb back Hoes can't get no sleep Bullets hit your chin for the grief that you bring us Shots hit his face as he grabs his chest Then we watch him bleed through his fingers Now come on, come all, but if all come all fall, fuck all y'all We road dawgs, then I come gunnin', niggas runnin' like they sold y'all In the heat of the night, the () static we start up Guards up, while we come strapped they come ready to mob up [Chorus 2 w/ 1] If it's static, one of my niggas gon' get two niggas Two of my niggas gon' get four niggas Four of my niggas gon' get more niggas That's more triggers meaning more killers You muthafuckas better mob up [Repeat] [Liffy Stokes] It's a static, it's automatic, so grab the automatics And pumps and pull the triggers and make some niggas look acrobatic I was cold but frantic, the foes have panicked They got bloods blew out their dome, bet the bullets run rapid I kept bustin' for the love of hustlin' squeezin' my wesson Ruger, gang () maneuvers, niggas wanna be bruisers but I'm a shooter Fuck the squad, because when it's said and done Liffy Stokes will do some poppin' [Short Skit] [Liffy Stokes] Nigga the devil's knockin' at your fuckin' door With some hot ones and toe And ready to hit 'em with nothin' less than four Nigga let me go, I'm 'bout to pop this bitch You know you know the lick, art of the mobsta click Fuck the argument, mob elite's runnin' up apartments Kickin' in doors pistol whippin' hoes be heartless Searches as the bullets marches between your arches Make one call and wait and reload the cartridge [Chorus 2 w/ 1 - (2x)] [Mayz] You can't even mess with a mobsta, nigga, is you sick in the head I torture that ass and have you overdosing on lead Or maybe I just leave you cut up, drippin' and dead With your crew skippin' town scared, my lead gon' lead their ass red Don't get misled, don't mistake me for somebody but a soldier The elite niggas got more death than AIDS and ebola Getting old and colder I be quick to () start uppin' but that chip off your muthafuckin' shoulder [Twista] Behold the stack folder, gun holder, AKA blunt roller Mayz if I die for you get your (....) and trap holder To hurt particular niggas comin' with perpendicular figures Crushin' triggers, y'all niggas better bring back some memos [Mayz] It really don't matter if that nigga pack a glock or a gauge 'Cause whatever the fuck Mayz blaze gon' make him see his last day Takin' 'em out, my life and makin' sure his cast stays Jack 'em for his last days, that's how livin' fast pay Nigga, you know the word on the street It's the mobsta elite that's servin' the streets to the rockin' these beats You better have a nice way to greet us than rolling with your guys And you could still die in a multiple homicide [Chorus 2 w/ 1 - (2x)] Let's mob up [Chorus 1 - (2x)]

Ultimate Shutdown

DO OR DIE "Heads Or Tails"
[Featuring Scarface] (Chorus x 2) Who am I? Scar mother fucking face Who am I? A to the mother fucking K Who am I? Belo mother fucking Zero Who am I? Niggas Ain't Ready to Die (Scarface) Who the fuck am I? A born killer with no conscience Leaving niggas with holes in their heads unconscience No second chances Cos in this game no one advances You made your move and fucked up now the devil dances No scrilla for this just murderers with blocks To run up on their dick and hit em and get em hot With a 357 slug pointed at your nose Left a bloody mess and a note stuck between your toes You fuck with me nigga you're fucking with the warrior Anybody destroying you're packing the sig sauer Putting niggas off in body bags cos in this game you take no prisoners Leave it in blood Hare Krishna Nobody's breathing niggas stuck on getting even You die this evening insanity gon be my reason I trail niggas fill niggas and kill niggas I introduce the ways that are wicked to real niggas (Chorus x 2) (AK) Who ever epitomise And idolise my murderous skills With this vivid imagination and slugs that kill Off in the zone unorthodox with the world on blocks It's unexplainable how I got these bitch niggas locked Keep my eyes on my safe and keep this murderous flavour Since I picked up a strap I've had this murderous behaviour Spread the whole clip around and get the fuck outta Dodge I got a ride full of straps in my homies backyard It's too cold to proceed without a block to start Watch a gat blows him apart as the bullets depart Now who the fuck am I? Is the question you ask Can't be touched or fucked with is all you need to know It's 1998 plus you bitches got to go And y'all cain't fuck with me and tell em why My adrenaline rush on jump Plus you got my arm beneath grabbing with the double barrel pump (Chorus x 2) (Belo) I hear some niggas talking loud like we been stealing this shit Just say you hate me cock the bullshit don't you grip on my dick It's Belo Zero mother fuckers same sick ass nut Drink a brew and smoke some weed and blow your bitch ass up I put in work so recognise I carry my shit on my chest More respect and I neglect to come up back with the vest I never seen a thousand soldiers hit the dirt on your roll Fuck your chief and all the soldiers I'm a king on my own I'm coming with force down with Big Chief nigga Rapalot style Grip sixteens and triple beams will leave that ass on the pile Walk on down and see the light cos I'm not faking the shit I told you once that I'm a soldier I'm just taking your shit Now who am I a born killer nigga fuck what you heard I'm too delirious and serious I ain't like a nerd Fuck around and call the coroner dig your whole ass up Separate your head from the spam and leave your bitch ass stuck Nigga... (Chorus x 2) (N.A.R.D) Retaliation is a must I see niggas from behind so I bust My Desert Eagles gon to catch you when they duck Now what the purpose when they still gon get struck And leave they brains fucked up I don't know why they put they eyes on me Cos I'm a black material killer trying to keep it low key Now what it was they probably didn't know it was me But that goes to show em that fancy bitches focus just be They want to look up on my Rolex while I spot on my heat They see my Lexus car shining when I been on the streets With no ticket on it but still they try to find out what's in it It's a black nigga with a black chrome on the seat In the dark zone it's on And hell yeah I used to push packs Taking niggas straps and pimping bitches in 'lacs Matter of fact this shit I rap about I did before See it ain't no studio mother fucker just stepping through these doors (Chorus x 2) We can't be fucked with we can't be touched Cos the drama that we bring is just too much it's just too much Do Or Die Do Or Die Cos the drama that we bring is just too much it's just too much

Bring Me Through

Leslie Phillips "Beyond Saturday Night"
Verse 1: I've been in the basement Groping for a light But it just goes to show me I walk by faith and not by sight But now I feel the walls are closing in The dark is blacker than it's ever been, Lord Chorus: You've got to bring me through 'Cause there's nothing more I can do You've got to bring me through I leaving it up to you Bring me through, I've done all I can do You've got to bring me through I need bring me through I need bring me through Verse 2: Yeah, deep inside I'm bleeding Will nothing ease the pain Aching memories beating like A cold pulsating rain The more I try to fight the more I fail Condemnation's got me by the tail, Lord Repeat Chorus Bridge: I need your power, Lord, to quicken my soul To come break the evil that's taken hold Repeat Chorus

See You When I Get There

Now I've seen places and faces and things you ain't never thought about thinking if you ain't peek then you must be drinking and smokin' pretending that your locin' but you're brokin' let me get you open now little Timmy got his diploma and little Jimmy got life and Tamika around the corner just took her first hit off the pipe the other homie shot the other homie and ran off with his money and when the other homies heard about it they thought that it was funny. But who's the dummy now you done lost the hustler my down-ass brother gonna be replaced by a bustler and though I got love for you I know I can't trust you coz my crew is rollin' hummers and your crew is rollin' dusters and just because of that you act you don't like the brother no more I guess that's just the way it goes I ain't tryin ta preach I believe I can reach but your mind ain't prepared I C U when you get there Chorus: I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there Verse 2: Lek Ratt (40 Thevz) More temptation than faith I guess we livin' for the day I seen a man get swept off his feet by a boy with an AK the situation so twisted everybody gettin lifted I'm just tryin to take care of my kids and handle my business coz it way too serious so you gotta pay close attention so you don't get caught sittin' when they come and do all the gettin' life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big voice some of us gotta run a little faster coz we gotta lay the struggle I'd be a fool to surrender when I know I can be a contender and if everybody's a sinner then everybody could be a winner no matter you rag colour deep down we all brothers and regardless of the time somebody up there still love us I'm a scuff and struggle till i'm breathless and weak I just strived my whole life to make it to the mountain peak always keep reachin' sure to grab on to something I'll be there when you get there when you wit the sound pumpin' Chorus: I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there ahh ahhh etc Verse 3: PS (40 Thevz) You need to loosen up and live a little and if you got kids let them know how you feel and for your own sake give a little oh, you don't want to hear that you busy tryina stack and keep them from the Jones's is taking advantage of your own the realist homies that you been knowin for the longest but some ain't missing a good thing until it's gone could have built an empire if not for the jealousy that divides us we prefer to keep our eyes shut to describe when it's something wrong and we desire so hold your head up high if your poor and righteous aint no time seems right the problems seem endless but in times of despair we gotta pull ourselves together and if you feel you're out the game then you need to get back in it coz nothing worse than a quitter you gotta face responsibility one day, my brother so gather up your pity and turn it to ambition and put your vehicle in drive and stop by my side Chorus: I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there I'll see you when you get there if you ever get there see you when you get there (Coolio) As we walk down the road of our destiny and the time comes to choose which shall it be the wide and crooked or the straight and narrow we got one push to give and one life to live so stand up for something or lay down in your game listen to the song that we sing it's up to you to make it be I guess I'll see you when you see me (chorus fade out)

Frontline Warrior

-Layzie Bone-Chorus- Nigga thought I told ya, (Told ya)/ That the war ain't over (Over)/ You can roll (You can roll) you can get rolled over/ My nigga we the frontline warriors -Layzie Bone- Whoever wanna bring the noise, talkin bout me and my boys/ Disrespected on a regular like a nigga got caught/ Well it's all about his Mo Thug music/ Put my name in your mouth and a nigga gon' do you/ Who the fuck them niggas tryin to play?/ Lay don't stop until you meet my glock/ I'ma get you make your bady rott, nigga make the party pop/ Nigga why not? Time's tickin on the clock aint the heat hot/ I'ma hit the weed spot joy ride with my niigas till the beat drop We got big benjamins spendin CEO's/ While you playin we buyin y'all rentin pin me/ Probably livin in a tent pocket full of lint/ Tryin to flip it like I flip it nigga got me bent/ And like I said it on the last song nigga we joyriders, and y'all aint Bone/ B.B.O.B. the bad boy of the Bone/ I'll be thuggin for eternal wanna test me its on/ Now where my niggas at? Get the gat peel a nigga wig back/ Nigga dig that dig that/ All original clevelands own criminal here we go/ From a place where a nigga might bury ya/ Nigga act up and I better take care of you scared of ya/ I be ready for the war/ Nigga I'm americas most, bailin coast to coast/ Steady thuggin out here in these streets/ Lookin out for the rollers duckin these haters they wanna face/ Well I keep my heat/ And it ain't no peace and fuck tha police/ Come out the house all eye's on me/ Jump in my 5 double 0 B-E-N-Z XL and I hit the freeway -Chorus- -Bizzy Bone- Slay the brain dead they lay in a drain from a glock on Sunday/ Never know I might bust on you one day ohhh/ Swiggin with jack and the bombay oh bye bye go po po/ Yeah nigga fuck you o hell yeah fuck you too/ Better than God devise realize you can end up bigger/ But my niggas in the middle ballin we wont stop/ The foul sinnin the killin now/ And then nobody gets in the middle together/ And they tell the nigga it good to be back/ From prison but don't nobody feel him but them niggas around the globe/ And the mission was money was gold/ Everyone nutty when money because he was out of the gutter/ When nothin but avid souls better make us and touch/ No one will touch me one wait till they ruff enough/ Got him at last but I just corrupt/ I dont even erupt/ Creep on ah come up, what up / Trapped in a rapture the trumpets pumpin tellin us somethin/ Snatch you we havin a blast you tatterd like cattle/ And medalion diamonds in the ghetto/ Ghetto was bastards runnin much faster than the average asses in the shadows/ Out of the battlefield -Chorus- -H.I.T.L.A.H. Capo-Confuscious- Militant Mafia, not runnin' like Saddam Hussien/ Manipulate, what will they do next?/ No tellin' unexpected bumrush/ Convicted felon, got paroled a week ago/ And just don't stop beatin on niggas everyday/ Another dollar multiplied/ Divide and conquer, ride or get rolled over, drive by/ Gambino hittin' switches in the 6-4/ Blastin' out the passenger window/ Your one and only Capo, gon off n right now I'm so high/ Kick back , relax, and strategize -Big B- Call me a secret weapon/ I think the war is on/ And when they ask em who is he/ It's 7th Sign and Bone (It's 7th Sign and Bone)/ Call me a secret weapon (Call me a secret weapon)/ When the war is on (When the war is on)/ And when they ask em who is he (Hahaha)/ It's Big B and Bone (Big B and Bone)/ Frontline soldiers -Chorus-

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