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THE ROOTS lyrics

Respond React

Original and similar lyrics
Its jazzy, hip-hop hanging in my head heavy Malik said 'Riq, you know the planet ain't ready, for the half' Boy, we comin' with the action pack On some Dundee shit representin' the outback (Yo, we do it like this) All the way live from 2-1-5 (You witnessin' the fifth dynasty family click) All the way live from 2-1-5 (Across the map, one time for your...) All the way live from 2-1-5 (Its time to react to respond to react to respond) All the way live from 2-1-5 Chorus: We setting it from south-side pushing this up north From Illadelphian reps to fly points across the map Bring it back to respond-react To bring it back to respond-react to this Verse One: Bad Lieutenant/ M-Ill-itant The attractive assassin, blastin the devil trespassin Master gettin cash in an orderly fashion Message to the fake nigga Flash-in Slow-up Oc before you get dropped And closed like a caption Fractional kids don't know the time for action Styles got the rhythm that of an Anglo-Saxon Round of applause then avalanche a clappin *PLOW* that's what happen, now what's your reaction We heavyweight traction, pro-pornographin Specialize in science and math and Original black man Bustin thoughts that pierce your mental defense Rippin your sacks and Vocal toe to toe impeccable splittin your backs son Simple as addition and subtraction Black Thought- the infinite relaxed one Shorties say they love it with a passion Bring the international charm See a squad I harass REACT You best adapt when I sling this rap Another chapter Before when I have to trap ya Map your whole path out Go get your crowd so we can clap out I drive down streets and take back route- positionin When I'm in your system like glycerin Fans listenin , from Michigan to Switzerland Malik be blitzed again- on the station with the discipline Solicitin , sometimes illicit or explicit with it then From the deep end where the hills are steep Nobody cares to speak- a land where life is cheap The street mentality mixed with the intellect Personality, hell where I dwell is well Niggas rebellious Bodies are found down in the cellars My man caught a shot to the stomach Now who want it Confronted by these dusty blunted- cats Who act like they don't know that the fact is that they're being hunted A process of elimination Activate your mind with the stimulation Enter your zone with penetration I've seen more horror than Brahm Stroker Strip your broad a play poker, then drink mocha The sometimes socializer The joke despiser You woke the wiser Dealin with the Roots vocalizer Up in your flesh from south Philly to west I stampede your style I'll compile the bless Chorus: 2X Verse Two: Black Thought/ Malik B Hey yo, I'm just a lyricist A chemist of the hemp The beat pimp The ill Philly resident That's far from hesitant Corrupt like a president Never benevolent But poetically prevalent Cooler than peppermint The lieutenant for niggas talkin bout represent No doubt, its obviously evident I get bent Far from temporary son I'm very permanent Hittin m.c.'s like an intoxicant Sent to prevent Monopoly is my intent The means is what I invent This mental murder pay the rent Lyrically I'm the dominant ingredient The swift extravagant Smooth lubricant Down with the M-the-Ill-itant (ch-ch-ch...) That's the sound of the dynasty chant We surround your camp Assumin the war stance And bring it from the chest Now let's dance M-ILL-ITANT Feel the fifth Gorilla chant Ya'll talk about bodies But you would not kill a ant My skill is amp Would peel a nigga like a stamp Caliber is of Excallibur now you be damp When I operate a crop or copulate my game I make a womb populate and 2-1-5th is this stock of hate Peep the logistics Slump your squad of misfits They all get they wrists slit Blast your ass if you insist it Leave no trace so there's no trace for ballistics Turn your soul and body to statistics In particular I've got that extracurricular Squad in the stash who could be stcking ya Slip and they vicking ya Harass your police commissionar Don't like chicks with weaves talking bout 'I need conditioner' That shits deader than niggas with a mortioner A gymnanza(?!) Up in your flesh like plasma Take away your last breathe when you got asthma Then meet Bad Lieu down at the plaza Hip-hop extravaganza Tell your man I slump him with a stanza Now who's the boss not Tony Danza My force not green but the force is obscene P.O. took a piss test it came out not clean Brody with my man Miz-Moose and Hakeem My squad from deuce-four up the West Oak Lane All the way to Takahwana and Frankfurt they know the name It's like that... M-Ill-itant Chorus to fade


JAMIE T "Kings & Queens"
Wrapped in cling film, staying till the morning Working in a shop off Newport Street Lived in your building high up on the ceiling When she rushed the floorboards creaked Lost in this town, haunting girl You're calling up my friends Try to find out where I've been I'ma holding, holding it Gave money to the man he put a bag in my hand Said, "Son, don't you understand This isn't the way out this is the way in You're doubling your trouble in" Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Milliliters down Where you come from? Where you at, Jack? Is it the clothes, the bullet holes or the shit up your nose That makes your body contort like that Like a dead-mark street-thief feeling the crack? They cut the paws off the boar for a fractured jaw That was given to the government tax Way back the when Maggie-aggie-aggie Always made him sad but she never made him happy I was lost weak, bleak in the street Knocked me off of my feet Hanging round with the people I should never meet I will always believe that the air that we breathe Will choke our lungs and clog up our arteries Now, down on my knees, take it out the police Take it out, throw it down call the police I'm up now sitting in the gutter Rolling back down if I hadn't come up Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Milliliters down While the neighbors are swapping infections Ken and Jimmy had a spin and went mad and got sectioned I was outside trying to shotgun a ride off a guy Who like I had no sense of direction Tension is building in a white heart pub By the time we drove by the floor's covered in blood Man next to me said Oh, fucking much, just throw them cunts Now I fell in love with a brunette rough neck fits like a glove Kept me back down when I came back up When my feet hit the ground, man, I started to run And since that day that's all that I've done So if you ever see me, if the town falls down Just start screaming if she steal crown You know they'll be lost and I'll be found 'Cause I'm 368 down Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Milliliters down It's the only way that you're getting out If you hang around boys 'round here they'll bring you down It's the only way that you're getting out If you hang around boys 'round here they'll bring you down It's the only way that you're getting out If you hang around boys 'round here they'll bring you down It's the only way that you're getting out If you hang around boys 'round here they'll bring you down Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Milliliters down Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Just 300, 368 Milliliters down

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 2

[Overlapped from Part 1:] She feel like she don’t have a voice in this relationship I’m thinking boo you got a choice so why you taking it Certain shit I wouldn’t stand for I’m giving her my all but she demands more I wish she would understand more Certain shit you couldn’t plan for I’m guessing I love you and your worth it I should take some time out and figure if you deserve this but you just think that I’m full of it We both come from backgrounds of bullshit I’m fortunate that that aint what you see in me I’ll stop lying to you once you start believing me But I’m always who you wanna bring the questions to It’s less about me hiding shit and more about me rejecting you It’s totally different the way our minds are made up To me flirtings natural, to her it’s cause for break up To me it’s human nature she disagree with the logic confusing being monogamous with being robotic I talk to other girls I interact with em You shouldn’t take that as tryna get in the sack with them Just know how I act with you is how I act alone I signed up for a girl not a chaperone Besides that plan’ll backfire and now it’s onto her She don’t take my word and now I feel I’m being monitored And I wont you to be the one that I endured the longest Accept me at my weakest, support me at my strongest Bring something to the table though, earn ya keep Then I’ll triple it and all I ask in return is peace Aint with the arguing shit all the time You see I’m honest to a fault but is it yours or mine I put you through some things where you could have bolted You want honesty or rather shit be sugar coated I’ll put you on a list of people screaming fuck me too Do you want a pretty lie or the ugly truth? Truth is you got some things that you gotta learn too When everything that concerns me don’t concern you Truth is you gotta a couple tainted views And you bring up my ex as if I couldn’t do the same with you Truth is you want me to do the kept it real Truth is you’re too emotional and need a better filter No third party will ruin our plan I’d had for you to be the girl who’s too consumed with her man So I want you to have your own plans You to have you own ends You to have your own life You to have your own friends and I’ll be right beside you I can tell that you cried Cause you don’t bring up problems that you got with me till I do You say that I’m out a lot and that I aint here enough You take care of me and I’ll take care of us I’d love to put a child in you and live lavish But my baby momma scared me, let me tell you bout my baggage We could have a son and break up and be done And now I’ll never see him again As you take him and run You gon’ tell him that he’s fatherless Tell him that I’m cowardly You’ll have some resentment so you’ll start acting childishly You’ll rake me in court cause of course you’ll have it out for me To you it may sound obsurd but for me it’s a reality Still at times it seems like you’re not proud of me Though I’m showing you the best man I know how to be But you keep saying show me more You’d appreciate me better had you known me before You’ve never been cheated on had another chick in your house in your bed You, you aint seen the worst time Hit you with that old move Take you to a flick that I’ve already seen with another broad but pretend like it’s my first time And, ya don’t know how that sound On the phone with you, while she quiet in the background Bunch of shit that I aint in a hurry to do So before I beef, know that he got buried for you I dont tell you that for points, nah, you can keep the brownies I tell you so that you know I was mature when you found me Tell you so you know that little boy shit that I get annoyed with You should keep it coy with Cause all that is, is stress for me I’m not ya ex baby girl you not a catch for me I mean respectfully, certain shit I’m not....

Got Yourself A Gun

NAS "Stillmatic"
[sample singing] 'Woke up this mornin', you got yourself a gun, you got yourself a gun'.. [Chorus] Yo I'm livin' in this time behind enemy lines so I got mine, I hope you ('got yourself a gun') You from the hood, I hope you ('got yourself a gun' you want beef I hope ya ('got yourself a gun') And when I see you I'ma take what I want so you tried to front, hope ya ('got yourself a gun') You ain't real, hope ya ('got yourself a gun') [Verse 1] My first album had no famous guest appearances the outcome, I'm was crowned the best lyricist many years on this professional level why would you question who's better the World is still mine, tattoos real with 'God's Son' across the belly, the boss of rap you saw me in Belly with thoughts like that to take it back to Africa, I did it with Biggie Me and 2Pac were soldiers of the same struggle You lames should huddle, your teams shook y'all feel the wrath of a killer, 'cause this is my football field Throwin' passes from a barrel, shoulder pads, apparel but the Q.B. don't stand for no quarterback every word is like a sawed-off blast 'cause y'all all soft and I'm the black hearse that came to haul y'all ass in it's for the hood by the corner store many try, many die, come at Nas if you want a war. [Chorus] [Verse 2] I'm the N the A to the S-I-R and If I wasn't I must've been Escobar you know the kid got his chipped tooth fixed Hair parted with a barbers preciseness Bravehearted for life, it's - the return of the Golden Child, son of a blues player so who are you playa y'all awaited the true savior puffin' that tropical, cups of that Vodka too Papi chu', tore up, wake up in a hospital Throw up never, 'member I do this through righteous steps you Judists thought I was gone, so in light of my death y'all been all happy go lucky, bunch of sambos call me Gods Son, with my pants low I don't die slow, put them rags up like Petey Pablo this is Nasdaq dough, in my Nascar with this Nas flow, reppin' hit the record sto', never let me go, get my whole collection. [Chorus] [Verse 3] It's - the - return of the Prince, the boss this is real hardcore, Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit's soft sip criss, get chips, wrist gliss, I floss stick shift look sick up in that boxsta Porsche with the top cut off, rich kids go and cop the source they don't know about the blocks I'm on and everybody wanna know where the kid live, where he rest at where he shop at and dress at know he got dough, where does he live is he still in the bridge does he really know how ill that he is got all of y'all watchin' my moves my watch and my jewels hop in my coupe, dodge interviews like that It's not only my jewels, ice anything, plenty chains Look at my tennis shoes, I iced that Who am I the back twister, lingerie ripper automatic leg spreader, quicker brain getter keepin' it gangsta wit' ya [Chorus]

All My Bitches

Where my bitches at? Where is all my bitches at? This motherfucker right here, This for all ya'll motherfuckers You a bitch, you a bitch, i'm a bitch, We all bitches, In this motherfucking game Just be a bad bitch, When you be a bitch [Verse 1] I wakes up from dreaming of money, To thinking of money On a daily basis, Make sure the money Make the way to the safe Put your bet's on the b to the ra From the west side of chi' t , Niggers want to ride with me Cause i'm the live-est, Get high with me Cause i'm fly Obsessed with me Cause i'm shy No matter which whip i pick, And butt-kick your little buckets And leave your face with a disgusted look As you bite the dust I get them big things This is hard shit, head bob, Breakin your neck, Raw shit My bitches keep hollin' dollas til'god Call us And it don't quit Till the earth split This bitch A baller wit' it In a black jag, It's a fact that, Brat the first solo To go platt, And if it sound like i'm braggin,' I am, cause i'm proud of myself, Pat a bitch on the back, Damn...straight to the bank i go Created a game plan That ya'll follow Switch four in the diablo Vacationin' morocco Keep chasin' the papers faithfully And cause i get it Niggas permanently hatin' me Fuckem' I'm talkin' to... Hook: All my bitches That live the hood life, Good life, My bitches That don't need A nigger for shit Bitches wit a Game plan, Rockin' Name brand, I dedicates this one to you I'm talkin' too... All my bitches That live the hood life, Good life, My bitches That don't need A nigger for shit, Bitches, Niggas gotta holla at Screamin where them dollars at I dedicates this one to you... [Verse 2] From the start i was in a hurry to crawl, And walk slap niggas before i could hardly talk. Now i gottem'on they knees screamin' That's what the fuck i thought No matter how i part the braids Hear ya'll chatter when i rock it straight. I'ma bad bitch even when the style flipped I get paid cause dough come fast in large amounts Too much for one nigger to count You must not know how a so so def hoe bounce To bust open another niggas accounts and be out To the tellee or the atm in a 750 gray bm Made a motherfucker pay for the rims I fucked his friend but it's all good He understood the way i live my life, my life That i can't depend on nobody For me to survive and stay high. Where all my bitches at? Girls Make 'em love to hate us And whether you classy to dick suckin' Or a trashy bitch get your papers I gotta eat throw these bows Silently creep on these hoes That's robbin' my flows you impostors to me Prophets is all i see i ain't got time for beef, So i rhyme for cheese financially stable, Tryin' to make g's and i'm talkin' to Hook [Verse 3] And since i cover the mortgage, The car note, the porsche, and the condo We still smokin' Dollar signs are all i see excuse me, I got to cut the line leave you niggas behind For the third time and shine on purpose Blind'em every time i surface If an aries hurt you you must deserve it Every bit of a dime is worth it, Keep on swerving not perfect But striving for that working with diamonds, And flirting with the finest cats, Desert the broke niggas that still live With their momma's at Provoke most to wanna wine a dine brat, Cause i'm dope from coast to coast Guarantee to fall in love with me After just one toast, Smoke weed that'll make you say, I ain't never getting' high again Niggas always wanna see what i'm riding in So i slide in the benz outfit match From head to tims Rims you aint seen before fein for doe, Screamin' cream for mo and mo, Reap the benefits if it's free shit, I take gifts in all shapes and sizes And diamonds is my favorite wish, Picture me rich a genious, When it comes to me collecting these chips, And this to... Hook

No Hooks

METHOD MAN "Tical 2000 Judgementday"
[RZA:] Spectacular cardiovascular attacker! Shaq's on the track with the blackular, Puzzler! Rugged slugger, 40 oz guzzler, Gold nugget fangs punch holes inside your jugular Veins... do it quick, before your brain get drained... With the horror you now have become stained... Ice cold, like the winter, Eskimo! Enter, The skill like a splinter! A decimal, Let's have a festival, Wu-Tang Killer Bees, we... (Suuuuuuu!) Ah, intellectual, Styles break your mind! Shine, nigga, shine! [All:] We don't need no hooks! [Shaq:] The Shaq Attaq has risen, Au concrete PM this is twizm, Always & forever, forever always attack, I bring flava to ya ear like Craig Mack! Life's a B and then ya D, refer to Nasty Nas Illmatic, CD, #3 Static! You don't want none, ya best to keep lookin', AEIOU's a ass-whoopin'! You're tooken Into Clear & Present Danger, I'm a perfect stranger, Quick to rearrange a... outlook, so look out, So here me comes! Quick to beat you down, Like the RZA on the drums! Change my name like Prince, punks be tremblin'. My name ain't Shaq no more, call me Superman Emblem! Marks, get set, go left, The Shaq, the RZA, get ready for the Meth! [All:] We don't need no hooks! [Method Man:] Dangersome, comin' mad phat, Terrordome, Like whadva ak, we can get it on. Break 'em down. I'm a set it, yeah, ooh dat dirty rat, bring 'em here To the mindbender, the deathsender to your ear: Method. Whatup, hookers Hoodrats are no goodaz, It be Tical breakin' rims with the Seven footer: Shaq. Bring it to the front, now bring it back To the head, black, 'cuz when my Soul Train hit the track, Target: the Billboard Charts, don't make me start it, The whole industry is gassed up and now they farted. My object is destruction, for percussion, rhymes are bustin', Got your wholes block duckin' Down! The end is here, apocalypse now! Gettin' shot, peace'll work it out. [more We don't need no hooks stuff]

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