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The Magnets lyrics

Little Bit Of Something

Original and similar lyrics
If you're lonely I can make it right I'm always thinking of you When its late at night If you want me I'll be there for you to call To let me show you I can give you it all Chorus If you need a little bit of something Call me up and I'll give you my lovin' Oh you know I'll give you the one thingÂ…love If you think its real late at night, yeah Babe I'm always here to satisfy I'll be waiting for you with all my love I will come to youÂ…and I'll bring A little bit of something When you're sleeping You can dream of me Just imagine baby All you want me to be When you want me I'll be waiting just for you So come and see me Make my dreams come true Chorus You see I'm talking about a relationship that's hard to find And I'm thinking about your body and its blowing my mind Alone in my room, me and you in a dream If we could only get it together we'd be the perfect team Can't you see that all I want is just one chance And I guarantee that I can show you true romance Picture it, you could be the queen and I could be the king If you'd only let me give you just a little bit of something Chorus

Love Story

JIN "The Rest Is History"
[Jin] This from the heart yeah this From the heart right here Yeah everybody has a story to tell Check this out though I knew this Chinese dude in junior high Part of my crew everybody knew this kid He was the talk of the school Intelligent and well-spoken respected by teachers All the other students kept they eyes on his sneakers What can I say you can tell If he's cool if you talk with him During fire drills girls would want to walk with him He could have any chick up in his view But there was only one girl he wanted to call boo See it's all true found himself stressed in a dead end The girl he was feelin' was obsessed with his best friend His best friend's a player that's the reason he's pissed Plus he treat her like she don't even exist He ain't tryin' to hate on his man But there was no help in it Wrote the girl a letter told her how He felt in it she was shocked at first For him revealing the truth until she Realized that she was feeling him too [Chorus - Aja Smith] Oh..I've been (I've been) thinking of you Oh..I've been (I've been) thinking of you Oh..I've been (I've been) thinking of you And you've been thinkin' of me ohh.. [Jin] Uhh..yeah so as you know as time goes by Things get a little more serious..phht Just listen uhh but strictly hip-hop Now they bump the slow jams all day Went from holding hands to making out In the hallway their relationship Seemed like a dream come true As time went by their friendship grew Staring at the stars trading secrets on the phone When her parents were at work she would sneak him In the home he told her he was a virgin the day that they Met so on his birthday he got a gift he'll never forget (heh) Females were jealous but they still callin' him cute First day in summer school they rocked the Matching Nautica suits happy in each other's arm Can it be they found true love livin' in a fantasy Then reality attacks his pops couldn't see past The fact his son was Asian but his girlfriend was black Imagine having to choose between the one you love For your 'fam' that's like cuttin' off your right or left hand (damn) [Chorus] Uh uh yea uh I know this sounds Like a true story it could've Happen to any one of us It's crazy though right check it Now if this sounds like a true story That's probably cause' it is and I know for a fact Cause' I'm that Chinese kid (hmm) looking Back now I know it's more then just a crush I'm saying the whole experience taught me so much Love can overcome anything that gets in its way That's the reason I still think of shorty still to this day We talk now and then she's doing her thing We both all grown up I think she's rockin' a ring I know she's proud of me and all I've accomplished She was there when I was nobody that's being honest Ain't no shame I'll admit it she was there when I cried So in return I'll wipe the tears from her eyes as far as my Pops he's a little bit more open-minded if his son is happy He's 100% behind it now this is a song I knew I had to do Because all the stuff I went through might've happened to you [Chorus] Uhh yeah everybody remembers they first love You only got one so you gotta remember (yea uhh) Just wanted you to know jin's still thinkin' about you I know you've been thinkin' about me too

Now I Can Breathe Again

Verse I: Walking inside of a dream Where love is highly esteemed Taking a chance with my heart Praying it travels far Then she says to me - why do you fear Why would you dream if you could not live Open your eyes see what is real I'll take it from there now breathe if you will Chorus: You've ignited the flame in my life Now I can see again I celebrate that you are in my life Now I can breathe again Verse 2: Roses are smiling at me As if to say they share my glee Violets then sigh as they gaze As if they know that my day has been made There she goes again tear in her eye Whispering songs that make us cry She says three words that make me feel That I'm not in a dream and she's all so real Chorus Bridge: Thinking of love you is fantasy Knowing I love you is destiny Finding that someone creates harmony Keeping the same is matrimony Chorus repeat 3x's

Always Be True To You

Da Da Da Daaaaaaa Da Daaaa ooooooooooooooo (x2) Verse 1 Hey girl, I will always be true to you (ooooooooo) Its not only a feeling, its an end of conquest Oh, how I love this feeling for you (ooooooooo) It is the real thing, I can almost taste it Chorus When I rise early in the morning and I look in the mirror Reflections of your lovely face With tears in my eyes, as I give thanks onto the father Who be holding such wonderful treasure all along Verse 2 Theres never a day I don't think about you My minds a mess and my hearts in distress Often I wonder about the things you do Honey please don't forsake me, cause my heart is so true Holding you now, would be my greatest desire And see you walk through the door This love for you, can never be measured Just come on home to me, thats all that matters Chorus I'll always be true to you (ooooooooo) Yes, I'll always be true to you (ooooooooo) Verse 3 Closer, yes we are to be, baby you know you belong to me Come on home, Come on home Seems like my bed, is to wide, girl I need you by my side This house is not a home, without you to call my own Tired of talking on the phone When you have love, baby Im still all alone Chorus I'll always be true to you (ooooooooo) Its not only a feeling, its an end of conquest Oh, how I love this feeling for you It is the real thing, I can almost taste it (Song begins to fade out) When I rise early in the morning and I look in the mirror Reflections of your lovely face

You Make Me Love You...More

Don Philip "Don Philip"
You Make Me Love You...More George Teren/J.P.Pennington CHORUS:You make me love you Night after night Don't know what you do But you sure do it right There's nothing mistaking,oh What my love is for You make me love you All I wanna do is love you...more Like the sunshine warms my body Like a love song soothes my soul Like this feeling deep inside me There are some things I just can't control It happens so naturally Girl as you live and breathe Chorus Repeat I see forever when you kiss me It's like heaven when we touch Every whisper makes me shiver Seems we never can get close enough,no I can't count the stars in the sky For all of the reasons why Chorus Repeat Girl I'm beside myself 'CAUSE I know no one else Has this effect on me Every time you're next to me Chorus Repeat

No Splash

January, I fell to the cobblestone In April, I cut little paper flowers In August, I drank cold tea all my lonesome In October, I was introduced as coward I love New York Saturdays But Mondays last longer And since I plan to live a long life Maybe I'll serve a thousand Mondays and swallow the burn To merge the week for all its got To get my shoddy rotten ribs stick, forgot my ribs I got a lil' something called a spirit crisis on my skull And it's nothing short of ferocious but I swallowed the dosage I got a mantle, and the mantle is a candle And my candle is a flame that burns to symbolize the day Gretel met Hansel Then I settle in a stand still I live forever reaching for the sun Hoping some lucky day I'll clutch and get a hand full Rope ladder, I'ma swing in ample And I wanna turn scullies and summings with pretty lullabye, bye The way my gypsy dances makes a monster retreat to fetal I never felt so damn young But you don't look a day over zero And you don't look a day in the times cuz it'll make you realize The night is near so Well then go, dream, I clean around the edges I tidy up the tabletop, and lectured all the pledges I never really knew the true definition of precious Till my angel wit the beautiful red locks gave it a message I'm a fully animated life tree See the root of the mute button was dug up bug up on a song Of I'm a fully animated life tree With branches for the heavens to admire actually Chorus [Woman speaking] Fame, war, love, honor, crime, innocence, tragedy, sunshine Cringe, death, passion, heroism, God, suffering, joy, fate Destiny, treasure, stars, gall, hunger, murder, silence, mayhem Health, pain, suspense, breath, sound, guilt, pride, time We all know what a halo is But we all don't know the horrors if your halo tips I be the ?manadome? making your pretty little heels click I be the Sword in the Stone of the contemporary eclipse I'm incredibly exhausted You can't imagine, got my warm spirit stuck in my teeth, I'm obsolete Freedom freedom freedom fighter beginning Better stay competitive, meter in such to bust, fuckin fantastic Every little steps you take breaks the chamber In the chest, developed in the abomidable trouble Settle for a cruel second, loud for an hour Screamin to the beats to leave until my whole weekend turns sour I ain't been around the world but I been around the block I ain't seen everything but I seen enough to talk I ain't a prophet, I ain't the Second Coming of Christ I'm just a mason with a will to build and a little advice I wanna weeble well, I wanna set of knitting needles Villain with a theme dream silent Paddle in the hole divy to where the portraits astonish You won't regret a single solitary step, I promise Look, in a situation where a dragon guards the gate I make a true spur of the moment grown decision Which in turn allows me to be something normal With the prefix of the abbot I can kill every monster if I got it, that's that Rockin it, rockin it, clippership rockin it Be the little guinea pig, dig? I'm tryin to make an exit with no ripples in the water No splash, let the poison slide down down the hatch It's like that Chorus 2x

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