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THE LOX lyrics - Money, Power & Respect

Let's Start Rap Over

Original and similar lyrics
(Puff talking) See, I want to get back to the love Let's start love over, come on Chorus (Carl Thomas) Let's start love over Back to the way things were Forget about them Cause all we got is us We can make it Sad if we try I want to start love over Let's make it do or die (Stylez) When I was nine years old I realized there was a road At the end I would win lots of pots of gold Days, when I used to have my play clothes on I would make up my rhymes the middle of Voltron But you've learned what the herbs do Breaking curfew Hit the park when it's dark, make it stand like a podium Niggas had a box and a strip of linoleum Some break a boogie but those that don't Was usually a fighter Rollin' easy riders Sending people to the store for a soda and a lighter A real cool cat that would let you keep a dollar But now things change and it's the days of tomorrow Little kids is big now They'll push your wig now Can't send them to the store But you can send them for roll And put them on my vine And give them one big push for all mankind Chorus (Jadakiss) People still taking rapping for a joke A passing hope Or a phrase with a rope What ever happened to the caddies, white walls, and spokes? Crates of records, turntables, plenty of folks Remember playing in the streets, touch football Look y'all Somebody get mad and bounce with they football Twenty four hour block parties Everybody on the block pissing you a dark hardy Adults used to think I was scheming But I was dreaming to one day make a hot album and have 'em all fiendin' Now everytime that I rhyme I can tell that you like it Be nursing the tunes like the mind of a psychic Your mind is weary, floating like a dove Sweating and things, like you were making love Control the crowd so they can accept it Total concentration is the perfect method Bridge (looped while Puff talks) Where's the love? Somebody tell me Where's the love? Because we want to know (Puff talking) I remember everybody I loved, everybody It wasn't always player hating There wasn't jealousy and all this envy It was the love (Sheek) Ayo hip hop Set out in the park What? We used to do it out in the dark All night long till the cops made us go Or till somebody's moms pulled the extension cord from the window Lees on, thinking you fresh Trying to impress Shorty with the baby hair pushed down on her forehead Ponytail swaying, she hot Standing like she bull legged, but she not You remember the days? That's when crack was affecting blacks like that Just drink some Valentine Ale, little reefer Friday night, go check out Star Child at the theater That's all corrupt Over rap you might get bust Say the wrong thing End up in a permanent sling Went from shelltops to hollowtops Used to rock the bus stop Now we electric slide from the cops Want some veterans in this That ain't keeping it real Now with God we chill over a record deal Always the good ones to go Never your enemies die Till this day I wonder why they took my man B.I. No time to yell rhymes in the microphone Take this more serious than just a poem Rock party to party While you're out the door But tear it up yo, let's start love over Chorus Bridge x2

Don Cartagena

FAT JOE "Don Cartagena"
Nobody said it would be easy, ha hah [Puff] What y'all wanna do hah (2X) Nobody wanna handle it [Puff] AS WE PROCEED, TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU NEED [Puff] What y'all wanna do hah (2X) [Puff] NINE-EIGHT, IT'S THE GREAT [Puff] What y'all wanna do hah (2X) Verse One: Fat Joe Now why the sad face, jealous for fellas that's diamond laced Tryin to find a place to recline, shine my face Under the sun where it's warm, runnin with Pun til I'm gone That's word is bond on my moms That's the squad motto, got beef we call Rallo Dame Un Trago, he go to war wit a bottle Simple as dat, flip out the mack and cripple a cat ( take that 4X) Right through your back tissue with any pistol I pack (c'mon) Physical rap means we live the lyrics Long as niggaz fear us you could never entirely dissapear us We the realest you ever gon' see In all honesty, ain't another brother that's hotter than me Modesty'll get nowhere, that's why I go there (yeah, yeah) Like lettin you know where to buy the new Fat Joe gear (that's right) Five sixty (five sixty) only the Squad ride with me Unless you a Bad Boy, and roll with Puff Diddy (eheheheh) It's my city, and everything in it Ain't a thing rented (c'mon) it's my Benz, if you see me in it (yeah) We invented floodin the watch, and runnin the spots That's why, I'm not a player, I just crush a lot Chorus: Puff Daddy What you thought, we ain't run the streets Now you can't sleep ten deep, convoyin in the Benz jeep Rollin deep with the Don-Tana I put the chrome in your cara, adios to manana (repeat 2X) Verse Two: Fat Joe Yea, uh, yo You better slide or catch this homicide Ain't no match for Joey Crack I'm blowin backs out the other side Brothers died and mother's cried at wakes, these are The Breaks Kurtis Blow your head off like Jake (like Jake) So take heed and read between the lines, ain't no cheatin mines Player haters never wanna see my shine Up in the Range or in the Lex Coupe Rockin a fresh suit with dress shoes, on my way to Les Boo's Less choose the life we rather live, on the streets stabbin kids or livin mad sweet in lavish cribs Fix marriages for my kids, six karats, I'm a whiz (mm, mmm) Exotic tokin parrots on my wrist It ain't shit but for sex, money, and drugs True thugs with slugs and wrap bodies in rugs What the fuck, Joe Crack, twist your cap back Leave your heart rate flat, once Terror Squad attacks (yea yea yea) Chorus 2X (Puff Daddy talkin over chorus) Terror Squad, and Bad Boy Joey Crack, Big Pun I see you Can't sleep, ten deep Yea, uh-huh Adios to manana Terror Squad, what Bad Boy, khanmean Joey Crack, Big Pun I see you, I see you C'mon, yea, yea, say what say what Say what say what Uh-huh I see you.. take that.. Adios to manana!


(feat. Raekwon the Chef, Cappadonna) [Intro: Ghostface (sample is Teddy Pendergrass)] What's happenin (love was never born to say, goodbye) what's happenin (love was never born to say, goodbye) Yo, yeah! (Smokin) Yeah. (just another helpless) We gotta come smokin (fool in love is what I am) This is it (We smoke baby) (just another helpless) another chamber baby (fool in love is what I am) slide y'all in [Cappadon] You know how we do! [Verse One: Raekwon the Chef] Yo, what's the deal Goldielochs Ain't buttin I'm just hibernatin love that watch Pour me some Scotch and cold Courvesoir out No doubt, have a chair Boo lets get to prolly in Who you wit Me and Molly and some trick from Yugoslavia What fabric is that It's only woolen Rayon Lipstick crayon fly, Vere on ice spray on I'm gettin tipsy, I hope she read cocks like a gypsy and transport bricks steal in many fifties Fuck negociatin is you wit me is you waitin Sweet as carrot cake, fakin plus you don't eat turkey bacon I don't get down like that, I don't get down neither Cuban Linx skeezer, why you actin like a rap teaser I'm like the jury exchanged plus arranged Nigga you small change I only fuck with figaro chains Analyzin Miss Clairol, fendi down mascara on Assistant manager in Paragon [Chorus: Teddy Pendergrass] Say goodbye... Love was never born to say, goodbye Love was never born... [Verse Two: Cappadonna] Socializin, vibin with my eyes on dot She this book cover lady that be blowin up the spot While my heart was racin, like the hands on the clock I step live I think she see me puttin out the pot Peace Dot, I'm so happy to see you at the rendezvous How's life today your hands are softer than Camay too your hairdo way more class than Halle Berry Caught visions of me and you ridin on the ferry Plus your daughter Kiki talk to my man Merry I order me a Sex on the Beach with the cherry I order her a Vermidi on ice, sounds nice She elegant, pretty eyes, glasses, inteligent Whispered in my ear that she's celibate Whispered back to her ear we don't have to go there As I grab the hand set her politely in the chair As we stopped to stare at one another Black sister, the brother I'm thinkin all the time how she could be my lover [Chorus: Teddy Pendergrass] Just another helpless Fool in love is what I am Love was never born to say, goodbye Love was never born to say, goodbye Just another helpless Fool in love is what I... [Verse Three: Ghostface Killah] What's happenin brown sugar Say you look so good today Ankle bracelet rapt around your leg Here have a seat, complementary drinks is on me Bartender Chevalier chateaux at table three Luxurious rings, eyes sparkling What's your name sugar Juanita Cash Hawkins Your complexion gives a reflection of sometime a black woman just need to be loved Quiet and shy, baby girl my gift got you high Made you wanna hit me with the keys to that file Just jokin baby, I have a sharp sense of humor Wish I woulda bumped into your frame a lot sooner What's your physical degree, thirty one, thirty three Half Hawaiian with a slight touch of Chinese Seen you workin at a law firm, on Fifth Avenue Three blocks from the Gucci spot is where I trapped you Yo, I'm all into older woman, who's happy livin Love kids and, keep all up and this in the crib and not afraid to doubt need a God on your side We holdin hands til death do us apart and then we slide Earring in the left side of your nose love my combo Should have left wizard thousand times maybe tonight though But you sexy mothafucka DAMN whats the recipe You make a nigga wanna GOD DAMN Can you cook darlin, at the stove you're revolvin Bake macaroni, turkey wings, a nigga starvin Here take my number let me pull the chair from under I had fun plus your backyard speak with thunder [Chorus: Teddy Pendergrass] Love was never born to say, goodbye [5x] Just another helpless fool in love is what I am [repeat to fade]


Well, the smart money's on Harlow and the moon is in the street the shadow boys are breaking all the laws and you're east of East St. Louis and the wind is making speeches and the rain sounds like a round of applause Napoleon is weeping in the Carnival saloon his invisible fiance is in the mirror the band is going home it's raining hammers, it's raining nails yes, it's true, there's nothing left for him down here Chorus And it's Time Time Time And it's Time Time Time And it's Time Time Time that you love And it's Time Time Time And they all pretend they're orphans and their memory's like a train you can see it getting smaller as it pulls away and the things you can't remmeber tell the things you can't forget that history puts a saint in every dream Well she said she'd stick around until the bandages came off but these mamas boys just didn't know when to quit and Matilda asks the sailors are those dreams or are those prayers so just close your eyes, son and this won't hurt a bit Chorus Well, things are pretty lousy for a calendar girl the boys just dive right off the cars and splash into the street and when she's on a roll she pulls a razor from her boot and a thousand pigeons fall around her feet so put a candle in the window and a kiss upon his lips till the dish outside the window fills with rain just like a stranger with the weeds in your heart and pay the fiddler off till I come back again Chorus

Used To Love Her

JAY SEAN "My Own Way"
I was crazy man you wouldn't believe what I seen Got me reminiscing down too much memories The only girl you know that in my heart The one I almost gave that ring But we were so young, mustve been only nineteen I guess the time wasn't right and we said some mean things A bitter day when I saw her face She was the one that I let get away I remember when I used to love her, used to love her, used to love her I remember when I used to love her, used to love her, used to love her The time goes on, goes on, goes on The time goes on, goes on, goes on There was talkin' in the room that everythings good There was no love lost between us I could'nt Believe how I truely noticed now that I wasn't over her And now I'm like oh damn cause now I know man Lookin' back at all our pictures while I'm playing slow jamz What can I say, is that the way our situation worked out Wish there was sumthing I could do Like stop the clock just lookin Go back and revisit our relationship and start brand new And do the things that I didn't do I remember when I used to love her, used to love her, used to love her I remember when I used to love her, used to love her, used to love her The time goes on, goes on, goes on The time goes on, goes on, goes on Man I know it's crazy She pulled me back with just a smile Now I feel these things inside I havent felt em' in a while And I'm sure that they will go away just a little time She'll always be that girl to me But now I gotta let her see I used to love her...


TORI AMOS "Strange Little Girls"
Jodie wears a hat although it hasn't rained for six days she says a girl needs a gun these days hey on account of all the rattlesnakes she looks like Eve Marie Saint in on the waterfront she reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance she's less than sure if her heart has come to stay in San Jose and her neverborn child still haunts her as she speeds down the freeway as she tries her luck with the traffic police out of boredom more than spite she never finds no trouble, she tries too hard she's obvious despite herself she looks like Eve Marie Saint in on the waterfront she says all she needs is therapy yeah all you need is, love is all you need Jodie never sleeps 'cause there are always needles in the hay she says that a girl needs a gun these days hey on account of all the rattlesnakes she looks like Eve Marie Saint in on the waterfront as she reads Simone de Beauvoir in her American circumstance her heart, heart's like crazy paving upside down and back to front she says ooh, it's so hard to love when love was your great disappointment

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