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THE JUNIOR VARSITY lyrics - Wide Eyed

Do You Mind?

Original and similar lyrics
Like an ashtray Hidden in The corner of a room That im not accustomed to Hope you dont mind If you know what i mean Like a best friend Caught up in A bed of razor wire Dying to get out Hope you dont mind If you know what i mean Could you arrest me for my actions? Detest me for my habits? I've been known to act on impulse Insert a fist into the wall Call it all coincidental Keep it under the table Just between you and me This giddy get up's got to Fix his bones with no insurance Clean and cover up the wall I am only accidental Cut out badly as i'm drawn Just between you and me This played out party's parting Hope you dont mind If you know what i mean Try to walk it off Dont walk to far from the herd Try to work it off Work you weary heart halt

Ordinary Love Shit Pt. 3 (Closure)

I finally found a passion I lacked before I cant believe I didn’t catch you under the act before I mean I voiced my complaints. That went ignored A few things you felt that you was too attractive for Cuz everythin out your mouth said that you aint wanna hurt Lead a lifestyle we lived..but you aint wanna work So I’d sit you down and say its gettin outta hand While you shoot down every idea, busy worried about a brand When ya baby dad said all that shit that was trife How you was married, requestin dick pics from Lyfe Though it all seems Shady, maybe I was crazy I ignored my gut feelin, nah not my baby Accusin’ me, but pretendin’ yourself I couldn’t catch it, too busy defendin’ myself Or was I wrong not seein’ a life without you Or takin’ everythin’ that you said to face value When you packed up and left dude, I was so glad Should of questioned how you easily became a nomad If I could do it all again, it wouldn’t of happened so fast And it burns with every line jotted in this note pad Cuz at first you resembled my twin Fast forward, you gave me identical twins But then you lost it, honestly that merked my soul Cuz tho we weren’t tryna have one, we got off the birth control And we was right back at it, fuckin like addicts While you was disruptin’ what was seemin like a marriage You never got embarrassed, interrogatin’ me but that was just Yaris Yeah we beefin’ I dragged you off the bed I swear to this day I re-enacted in my head So I held you up, wasn’t what I aimed to do I aint attack you, Bitch I was restrainin’ you! But you was wifey, though I understand it was not a game Could you imagine my surprise when the cops came Handcuffed pressed charges But I made bail its just heartless You cant smash my laptop on the wall And then think I wasn’t gonna react, scratch that Man you cant call my mom like can I crash at your spot, whaddup When I’m her son and you just locked me up But wait..this is where it really gets deep Judge said she gets control of the house for a week Filed a restrainin order so she couldn’t come near me The fuck else I do but go right back to Tahiry I’m sleepin on her couch, not discussin shit Starign at the fattest ass not fuckin it I guess despite everythin that she showed me It felt good to be around a broad that really knows me I missed all the arguing and yappin’ Percocet and muscle relaxers in a napkin Cant believe that it happened I lost my unborn daughter when we fought I’m thinkin I killed Aspen! And that’s when I thought that we’d be dead awhile But we decided to reconcile Im so hungover from love and what not How could you not expect us to take another shot But durin’ all this time we dont live together Stupid me thought that you would go get your shit together You know..get a job or if acting’s your career Seems you’ve persued the shit for a year from right here And it appears, along with all the yellin’ and the screamin’ We both at the table, but my side is leaning But rather than end it, we tried to mend it Fuck bein a couple, lets work on friendship But then it got weird, I was stunned from that You took it to a place where there was no coming back Off my last break up, I was able to stomach that 2 weeks removed and you fuckin with a running back Life is in shambles, disguised as a damsel Lies are a handful bouncin’ offa different guys lookin scrambled Despised how it was handled But when you aint got a dime, why not decide to gamble Said you’d be in L.A doing business I’m thinkin that’s great, I cant fault her Said that you would be with Jennifer the whole time But you probably didn’t think that I would call her She said she ain’t seen you since you landed And for days she been blowin up your phone like a stalker And all I could do is laugh at myself As I thought, why is ol’girl suckin up Derrick Ward for? Said we was makin it right, but you couldn’t! On the phone, I said skype, but you wouldn’t! The puzzle starts comin together and its brutal Won’t skype, gmail chat, wont oovoo The whole time I’m noticing you acting unusual And I cant figure out who the fuck your being true to Said the Wifi was down in the tele But you aint say that you was at hotel his house! Lookin like a groupie Or maybe I misunderstood when you said yall 2 was makin a movie Lookin at the shit pile I stepped in again And to top it off your hoe ass is pregnant again? Not again! I been through the world so I suck it up Its less about the lie more about the cover up’s So you busted, but your adding to the friction Cuz you deny it all but you do it with conviction So you talkin to me real disparaging, so what attitude Coming off arrogant If I wanted a trophy wife, then you could be But all it looks like is that you rentin out pussy Less about you, nah you aint the one You grown, you got choices, I’m worried about your son That’s what got me up being an insomniac Lil nigga cant control how his mommy act As for me, I’m tryna flush you out my system So I counter by filmin all my sexual encounters Mentally not there while I’m screwin And I only keep going cuz thats what your doing I’m tryna see, hows it done, hows it possible Enough 2 put a weak nigga in the hospital Starin at one ex, talkin about another But this one would kill if it meant I wouldnt suffer But she takin lil shots, Im getting ridiculed Cuz all she complained about, I went and did with you Said she knew it wouldn’t last when I lived with you She’s not ya type, she aint got the right hips for you So you try and take somethin for pain, it dont work You still feelin all the novocaine dont work Nope so we good, I dont let it get me down Not a pussy that good, not a titty that round For anything to work, yall trust is a must And I learned, gotta let a Mutt be with a Mutt So I dead that bitch and tho the shit’s been over Some situations dont end without Closure

Eyes Wide Shut

PROJECT WYZE "Misfits, Strangers, Liars, Friends"
Tangled in the webs that she weaves Dangling in disbelief, trapped I can't breathe She's the one that left me Stranded feelin' empty Now I'm all alone reading the letters that she sent me Tired of playing games Tired of being in last place I move to fast pace, who are you to judge If only you can love the way you hate me, every things so shaky Broken, lost, crushed, all the above Too many mistakes, too many bad breaks and bad luck Too many lies and closed eyes, now I'm stuck in a bad rut You said you'd be committed from the beginning ‘till end I can't believe you said we're better off just being friends I can't believe this You can just walk away I can't believe this Each and every other day I can't believe this Now my mind is blown I can't believe That I am all alone [Chorus] EYES, into a place that I take you WIDE, you see I just can't replace you SHUT, and now my heart it breaks in two Follow, follow, Eyes Wide Shut You thought you left me empty handed, stranded and broken hearted Mistreated and cheated so take it back to where we started To the first time we met and the first time we kissed Together forever, well what have I missed If only you can see just how I feel and what you mean to me I never thought that you could walk away so easily You said you needed space, now you're out hanging with him You said we can't be lovers so I know we can't be friends I can't believe this You can just walk away I can't believe this Each and every other day I can't believe this Now my mind is blown I can't believe That I am all alone [Chorus (2X)] Just the other day I looked at her, she looked at me and then she walked away ‘Cause I never really understood why She could pass me by without giving us another try So tell me what you're looking for ‘Cause I don't know no more All I know is that I feel just like my hearts been torn And I thought I was more than just a friend And now you're leaving me in the very end And my vision is a blur All I really know is that I loved her, I loved her I can't believe this You can just walk away I can't believe this Each and every other day I can't believe this Now my mind is blown I can't believe That I am all alone [Chorus (2X)]

Negative Growth

Follow the bleeder, undamned you decry Consummate spirits ne'er follow the lie Open your heart towards that your mind feels Death is to conquer all that is surreal Fortune's enlightenment, hopeful rays of light Dramatic abundance, shattering the night Grow biting conflict, halted to an end The future is certain, the hope we defend Magnificat Up holding the righteous, onward march begun Deftly remoulding a darkened vision Strength within unity, mind linking mind Enveloping beauty, the next humankind The filth that we all have to climb through The filth we have to take Suffering it evermore Irenicon the wake My soul doth magnify... spirit has rejoiced ...remembrance of... mercy... to his seed forever... Yet they lead us to the slaughter Like they lead a horse to water They can't force us to drink But we do Magnificat... Throned Persevere So teach us to number our days that we may Push hearts towards wisdom and fade out the grey Interventions looming on our dawning world Hope springs eternal, a hope now unfurled Persevere.


Something's got me down again, I feel the walls closing in, If you could only read my mind tell me what would you find? Show me where it all began. Could you help me understand? And the toll it's taking, every day I'm aching. [Chorus] Living in danger, I'm a hazard to myself. Why can't these problems belong to someone else? I need an angel to protect me from myself, and take these burdens off my mind. I wish I knew the words to say, to make it all go away. Even when it's plain to see, it's hard to believe. Cuz when you're hearts been broken, all you're hope's been stolen. [Chorus] I'm running on faith, I really don't know, if it's too late, or which way to go, it's a matter of time, will I ever know? oh, before I lose control Cuz when you're hearts been broken, all you're hope's been stolen. [Chorus] yeah, off my mind

Without A Face

Got no card so I got no soul, life is prison no Parole, no control Tha jura got my number on a wire tap, 'cause I Jack for similac, fuck a cadillac Survive one motive no hope 'cause every sidewalk I walk is like a tightrope Yes I know my deadline sire, it's when my life Expires So I'm sendin' paper south under tha barbed wire Tha mother of my child will lose her mind at my Grave It's my life for their life so call it A free trade 'Por vida' and out name up on tha stall I took a death trip when I tried ta cross tha White wall Walk unseen past tha graves an tha gates, born Without a face I tried ta look back ta my past long lost A blood donor ta tha land owner holocaust Pops heart stopped, in came tha air drop, Flooded tha trench he couldn't shake the toxic shock Maize was all we needed to sustain, now her Golden skin burns, insecticide rain Ya down with DDT, yeah you know me, rapped from tha Grapes, profit for tha bourgeois War tape boomin' path is luminoso, I'm headed North like my name was kid cisco To survive one motiveno hope, it's hard ta Breathe wit Wilson's hand around My throat Strangled and mangled another SS Curtain call, when I tried ta cross Tha white wall Walk unseen past tha graves an tha gates, born Without a face You say fortify, reaction, you divide You say fortify, reaction, reaction

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