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THE JUNIOR VARSITY lyrics - The Great Compromise

Falling Far Behind

Original and similar lyrics
Sentimental whispers Drawing through my breath And i am hearing every word you said All these distractions Everything i know Here i stand now Nothing left to show I am waiting, waiting on the line Falling fast and falling far behind Now i have these Wasted thoughts instead Circle everything Cycle in my head


JULIANNE HOUGH "Julianne Hough"
So you met him at Shoney's and he gave you his card And you said you'd go out Friday night Well, he's a total stranger but he's tall and he's cute Girl, am I getting this right? Now didn't we cover all this ground last week? When the last loser left you alone Now here we are havin' the same conversation And I'm wonderin' if there's anybody home [Chorus:] Hello? Are you listening? Have you even heard a single word I said? Hello, wake up and smell his cheap cologne How can I get it through your fairytale head? Clue phone's ringing Girl, it's for you, hello It seems like you're always falling for the same guy You just change the face and the name But if you're gonna keep fishing in a pool of shallow water You can't give the fish all the blame Yeah, this is how it is, I'm your friend and I love you And I hate to see you hurting all the time Now don't you put me on hold 'cause your call waiting's saying That your Mr. Wrong is on the other line [Repeat Chorus Twice] Hello, hello, hello

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