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THE JUDDS lyrics - River Of Time

Young Love (Strong Love)

Original and similar lyrics
She was sitting cross-legged on a hood of a Ford Filing down her nails with a emory board Talking to her friends about people they knew And all of the things that young girls do When she said, "You see that guy in the baseball cap? I'd like to spend some time with a boy like that." Betty said, "I've seen him at the hardware store. I think his name is Billy, but I'm not sure." And as they talked a little while he passed by She smiled at him he just said "Hi." He was thinking to himself as he walked away Man, I'd like to find a girl like her someday [Chorus] Young love, strong love, true love It's a new love They're gonna make it through the hard times Walk those lines Yeah, these ties will bind Young love Well, she just couldn't stop herself from thinking 'bout him And at a store downtown she saw him again She had both hands full, he held open the door He said, "My name is Billy. I've seen you before. Can I help you with these? Can I give you a ride? Can I take you out on a Saturday night?" She didn't have to say what she was feeling inside He could see the answer shining in her eyes [Chorus] Well, from that day on you couldn't keep them apart They were side by side, heart to heart Mama cried as Billy slipped the ring on her hand And when the baby was born she was crying again Well, he worked real hard and put some money down On a little old house at the edge of town And that night as he held her he couldn't believe That God had made a girl that he'd never ever leave [Chorus] She was sitting cross-legged on the hood of a Ford Filing down her nails with an emory board

Ooh Ahh

its times like these that make me say lord if you see me please come my way leavin bread crumbs for when i stray rely on sacrifice and the price you paid feel me like a fingertip sometimes i fall i slip my heartfelt desire be more like you trying not to quench your fire by the things that i do on an island by my lonesome stranded low key and stayin' candid reflect on all the things i try my hand at search for the equations to persuasions im used to finding comfort in the zones of closet bones i get loose to a mountainous fontaine spinnin and monsoonin' grinnin' its high octane explosive how i came rollin down hills cause lifes a hastle encircled by my folly like a moat surround a castle stay afloat catch a second wind thin is the air i breathe teary eyed nose runnin' wipe the snot on my sleeve im callin' on my savior to be all that i need please forgive me my behavior had me lost at light speed the fear of never falling in love and the tears after losing the feelings of what you thought love was like the dirt still up under the rug bad characteristics covered in christs blood the joy of new birth and the pain of growing up the bliss between giving my all and giving up the highs and lows paths and roads i chose in the cold i froze trying to ease my woes in this world of sin clothes to thin to fend so to God i send words of help to win in grumblings so deep letters could never express so the sound of ooh aah beneath my breath projects ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My life be like ooh aah ooh Come young diti Here comes that boy from the capital city Last up on the Grits new diti But eight bars of the truth will do, eh I beleive there's a bride thats stunning And, I believe in the kingdom coming I believe if you seek the truth, You don't need to look far cuz it's gonna find you (chorus)x2 My life be like x4

No Can Do

MARK KNOPFLER "Golden Heart"
Skint in a material world I did a warehouse stint for southsea girl It was Hong Kong clothes for cash Everybody got treated worse than trash Punch the card in the company clock Load the trolleys and the company trucks And around and around the whole day through And you couldn't sit down when there was nothing to do Well they had beaten up people from every land Fools like me trying to be in bands A little French girl so good to me But I couldn't love her back so lonely A backpacker travelling through A lumberjack with the travelling blues We had worn out shoes and worn out cuffs And big ideas that were never big enough He said the man wants you go wash his car Hey you I'm talking to you I said me, not me uh uh No can do No can can do no can No can can do no can Now some were grown up unlike me And were dealing with reality I was spittin' sulkin' smokin' shirkin' While a lady from Jamaica was singing and working I had everyone but me to blame And every day was just the same Well nobody ever said it was a righteous world But if they did they never said it at southsea girl He said the man wants you go wash his car Hey you I'm talking to you I said me, not me uh uh No can do No can can do no can No can can do no can Well I've made my bed on peoples floors Opened up and closed some doors Dreamed that if my dreams came true Then I wouldn't do what I didn't want to Walking through the gates to the outside To dream some dreams that never died And I walked the streets of London town Looking for a place to put my head down

Crazy Love

ADAM SANDLER "What The Hell Happened To Me?"
Performed by Adam Sandler and Lisa Mordente Adam: You don't mind that I think everybody's a robot and all my conversations are being recorded Lisa: And you don't mind that all of my pants are way too short on me and I also stabbed someone with a pair of scissors a long time ago (ha-ha-ha) Adam: And you don't care that I collect dead animals from the side of the road then pretend they're alive and think I'm a famous football player Lisa: And you don't have a problem with me when I follow people I've never met before and force them to look at the portrait of Neil Diamond I have tattooed on my back Adam: It's very pretty, baby Both: Well you must have been sent from above You're all that I can think of You're just as psychotic as me My crazy love Adam: Well it never bothers you when I wear my snowsuit to bed every night and I make you speak in tongues to me until I fall asleep Lisa: Blah bloo blah bloo bloo Adam: Thank you Lisa: And you don't make fun of me 'cause I still make out with my stepfather and I also tell everyone I was on a UFO for two and a half years Adam: I believe you sugarpie Both: 'Cause our love is right on track I'm yours, your mine it's a fact Don't forget to take your Prozac My crazy love Adam: Well yesterday I tickled a man who wasn't even there Lisa: Oh three days before that I ran down the street in my Wonder Woman underwear Adam: I didn't care Babe I know I never had a job 'cause I'm afraid to talk to people 'cause I know that they're all robots who are seeking information Lisa: They can't fool you sweetheart And I know that you know that I'm the one who burned my cousin Chester's house to the ground but you told the cops we were out ballroom dancing when the came and questioned you Adam: I ain't no fink, dollface Both: 'Cause we know that it's true Only I could love you We both eat with our hands My crazy love Lisa: My crazy, crazy love (spoken to end) Adam: Oh I wish everybody was dead except for you, baby Lisa: I feel the same way Would you throw some macaroni on me? Adam: Oh yeah, here you go (splurt)

Just A Little Too Much

RICKY NELSON "Greatest Hits"
Sometimes I think I love you Ah, just a little too much You know you thrill me baby With your magic touch That's why I want you, honey And love you like I do I'm gonna scream and shout it There ain't no doubt about it That's why I love you like I do Well, sometimes I think you kiss me Ah, just a little too much You drive me crazy, baby With your magic touch You make me feel so good When the moon is shining bright With our lips together And you're squeezing me so tight Well, I went steady once before Thought I loved the girl next door She stepped out on me you see Couldn't be true Well, I got over all my dreams Time went by so fast it seems Now I know I'll never get over you Oh now... Sometimes I think I love you Ah, just a little too much You know you thrill me baby With your magic touch That's why I want you honey And love you like I do I'm gonna scream and shout it There ain't no doubt about it That's why I love you like I do Yeah, that's why I love you like I do


THE AGONIST "Prisoners"
We are but prisoners of waterfalls We stand on broken ribs Faces to the glass we drown Heavy mileage on our minds We wrap the earth on cerebral folds And the corpse we carry really is a weight we'd like to throw We love the strange new animals We love the fearful plants But we all surrender Turpentine to rid us of our pasts You would walk the rotten hillside You would taste the clouds bellow But the world you walk Is running water through Valleys in palms of hands We all know we will be Respected by greed and death and loathed by clarity Jettisoned Emotions flood the banks The valleys overflow If only memory served us better We could swim to dry our souls [Chorus] We're suicidal swans We're silence in throats we creep You'll know us by shaking ground When ideas emerge from the deep Dolphins have more dignity A sleepwalking helicopter Gracefully deceased Beauty makes the blind weep To describe a song in color Is a portrait's symphony The light drips on closed eyelids Through holes in weathered sheets Curiosity stands up where strange faces hide and seek Swarming the webs of electricity That dragnet the city Confusing power with duty In a place with trees like origami Monstrous theories dance with nightmares On the horizon absolute equinox Listening to history in the present Planets approach with lupine walks [Chorus X2] Offering flowers to the dirt Like paralyzed dancers we decline And smile and flee But with years of past devotion The crushing atmosphere Is bittersweet In my waterfall here In earth I'll slowly disappear

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