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THE JEZABELS lyrics - Prisoner

Deep Wide Ocean

Original and similar lyrics
What a simple want To be free of god A finger on your own creation Queen told me to eat of kerosene I must be real for the nation Shortie, go by Should you ever touch the sky There's no need to cry "deep wide ocean" Any more now You should know the score Of my hidden war I'm fighting on But it's all about you I follow in the space you travelled Your trail of heart unravels I pass the clearing you made For when happiness was Always So carry the sign Just a thimble in your eye And if they should ask How you knew me Oh Shortie, you won Something deeper has begun There's no need to cry deep wide ocean You're toeing a line Something real or something divine There's no need to choose Can be both of them To be right here, over there Think and feel softest hair You remind me of something yet to be lived Oh, baby, I can't complain For I love to watch you play No, I could not contain it for my eyes And a story Of many graces you told me And forever I will love you For all time Here I go yo, Rockin' solo I'll be around if you're low, though Call me Anna, Poly-anna

At Least I'm Honest

Gilbert O'Sullivan "Life Rhymes"
I'd tell you a lie if I told you that I wouldn't tell you the truth I'd stand in the way of a runaway train If it came towards you Well maybe not if there was I'm a coward I have to confess But at least I'm honest I'll never forget how it was that we met You were just seventeen I told you I liked older women And you were the oldest I'd seen You started to laugh Told me I must be daft Whereupon I said yes But at least I'm honest And I'll go on sending you birthday cards That arrive the following week And I'll try my hardest not to forget Not to forget next year And I'll come home late when I should be early Blame It on the one for the road Though it may not always be to your liking For instance I could never climb the highest mountain peak To prove to you my love is true I'm scared of heights you see You never say much when I long for your touch Except keep me enthralled One thing I like about you is you're never embarrassed at all Me. I'm so shy, that at night if the lights on I won't get undressed But at least I'm honest I'll give you a lift on my bicycle if you don't mind going slow Needless to say it can vary Depending on how the wind blows Cars are okay but on my earnings I couldn't afford the test But at least I'm honest And I'll go on telling your dear old mother She's always welcome round here That Is providing she can keep tier mouth shut And doesn't interfere And I will for want of a better word Love you more than words ever say Though it may not always be to your liking I couldn't climb a mountain high To prove I loved you so I'm not the type, I'm scared of heights A touch of vertigo And I'll never hurt you. how could I do You're the one good thing In my life If it weren't for the fact we're already married I'd marry you tonight And I'll do whatever is necessary To improve our standard of life Though it may not always be to your liking For instance I could never die To prove my love was real it wouldn't do a lot for you And even less for me

I Like It

AUDIO PUSH "Come As You Are"
[Intro:] I like it Ooooh I like it Ooooh I like it I like this right there Yea you know it [Hook - K. Roosevelt:] When I'm plotting in my ride And you giving me the eye Girl it's alright baby you ain't gotta hide now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it We can fall in love But only for tonight Anything goes you ain't gotta think twice now Just tell a nigga oooh I like it [Verse 1 - Pricetag:] Banging E-40 riding with my shorty Got 7 rings on I feel like Robert Horry I'm 22 my bank account look like I'm 40 Cause that paper mandatory Play with that, that's another story My ex is hater but she real cool with my people though I told her cherish this cause they don't make em' like me no more And girl you know what I came for Legs in the air Liu Kang flow Call that pussy the finish line Tonight I'm gon' be Usain Bolt Now told her load the TEC for the boy so I know it's real Hit the set with the boy so I know it's real Get it wet for the boy so I know it's real I put it on you like no other girl you know the deal [Hook] [Verse 2 - Oktane:] Alright, tell me how you like it Get it how you want it baby The way u moving that body I hit it til' the morning baby I lay back if u got it Arch it up and I'm a make u say When I'm up inside it- bounce Give it til' she can't take no more Then tell her she can't stay no more She ain't on my team, don't know my team No jersey baby and I ain't no coach You girl you're the 1 And I think I like you 2 And I'm leaving here by like 3 So if you all 4 it then cool We'll go 5 rounds, bust 6 times And by 7 AM I rest You gon' love the way that I 8 that And 9 time out of 10 it's the best Just know I told u so when I kill it It's our turn, the realest Just don't catch that one STD called feelings Cause you know that when I'm... [Hook] [Outro:] You know what I'm talking about This shit feel like 1990 all over again So listen It's really just me and the homies Come thru the house and hit Bring your homegirl Grab that cup Pour that drink Smoke something We're gonna have a good time Yeah It's like that So you can run the streets with your bucks I was waiting for you To come and put it down like you do 'Cause ooh I like it Yea Oooh I like it Oooh


JOEY BADA$$ "1999"
[Intro] Yea You remember back in the days when you used to rocks waves and shit When like...yo I had the fucking 360 my nigga Like nobody in the hood was fucking my shit And that's real shit [Verse 1] Since nine five, momma been working nine five And I know the landlord fed up with our lies So we pray to the Gods, the Jahs, and the Allahs To keep us safe and watch our lives Cause all we tryna do is do good Put on my hood when I walk through hoods Cause these niggas these days is loco You'll get it in ya vocals if you ain't a local Yeah, that's why I'm tryna go global Yeah, that's why I'm tryna be a mogul And I’m hopeful that me spittin it soulful will have me in the Daily Postal Flying coastal eatin tofu Like I told you I know niggas who trash rappin Worried bout the trendin fashions rather than descendin' passion They want me send em tracks but I just send em laughter Right after I start laughin, they start askin “what happened?" I’m back to the chapter Momma told me follow dreams and never have to ask her, to So that’s what I do, became an MC master Since then it’s been a disaster for you and your favorite rapper Go ahead ask em "Who is Joey Bad?" Watch em grasp, asthma, damn it’s so sad He paused the chatter cause he know he rather back up Than to admit the kid is hotter than magma But fuck it, you gotta give credit where it's due Cause you ain't gon' like the karma when it's set up on you It can get you on your medical, fuck you up in the decimals Or get you 2 to 3 for residue found it your retinal And they told me not to be so complex Dumb it down to accomplish articles in Complex And The Source, alfredo of course There I go again, steppin out of line, runnin' off course I heard reports that it's like sexual intercourse With your thoughts when I talk about the shoes in which I walk For it is not faux, nor false that this kid from the north, speaks with forced supports of reinforced assaults I'm sure by now you can assume he never lost Unless it was some form of divorce, or a corpse Born boss no days off, child labor Let me see those in favor to spin that back like tornadoes [Interlude: 2Pac Speaking] What, what the rap audience ain't ready for, is a real person You know what I wanna say, a real N-I-G-G-A. I'm comin' at 'em a hundred percent real. I ain't compromisin' nothin' Anybody that talk about me got problems. You know what I'm sayin'? It's gon' be straight up like if I was a street person. That's how I'm comin' at the whole world, and I'm bein' real about it and I'mma grow wit' my music [Verse 2] Yeah, but it's far from over Won't stop til' I meet Hova and my momma's in a Rover Til' I'm an owner of the world's finest motors I blow like super novas in your daughter's room on a poster Known as history's biggest musical composer No disrespect to Bob Mar, yeah, another stoner Marijuana my odor, and when I get older Hope my spermatozoa from my scrotum intercepts an ovum Like 3 times, have 3 kids, I hope Me & wife can show em not to make the same mistakes you know that we did I hope they acknowledge the knowledge cuz yeah, they 'gon need it Cuz when my fam tried to tell me, I just wouldn't receive it Couldn't believe it, 'til I saw with my own pupils Felt bad when I learned that the advice was truly useful But fuck it, only made us as human beings more mutual Even though over time, our punishments they grew more crucial So use the word brutal, cuz my parents mad strict Hope one day I'll attracts the likes of even Madlib Go call a mansion and hear my songs mastered Until then, all I can do is imagine Imagine I'mma make it all happen

Bed (Plies Remix)

[Plies: speaks] It's Plies baby, let me go tuck 'em in My bay just called me and told me to cum put her to sleep She said her period just went off, feel like she in heat I been feinding for her, I couldn't touch her all week I told her to get naked and be waiting on top of the sheets I wanted her so bad when I've seen her I didn't have time to speak I told her on my shoulders is where I wanna see her feet I put a pillow behind the headboard so it wouldn't squeak And put her hands around my waist and told her push me deep I told her I'm gonna work with her all night until she on I can feel her nails in my back that's how I know I'm beating I put my ear to mouth I love to hear her breathing I can tell she almost at her peek by the way she's screaming I feel her wetness on my stomach and I'm the reason She's clutching the sheets and running I'm tryna keep her even Whispered in her ear if you don't nut I ain't leaving She went from moaning to shaking and now she's sleeping [Chorus:] I wanna put my fingers through your hair wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back I'm tryna put you to bed, bed, bed I'm gonna put you to bed, bed, bed Then I'm gonna rock your body Turn you over Love is war I'm your soldier Touching you like it's our first time I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed I'ma put you to bed, bed, bed [Verse 1:] Girl, change into that Victoria Secret thing that I like Alright OK, tonight you're having me your way Perfume, spray it there Put our love in the air Now put me right next to you Finna raise the temp in the room First rub my back like you do Right there, uh-uh, right there uh You touch me like you care Now stop And let me repay you for the week that you've been through Working that 9-5 and staying cute, like you do oh, oh, oh [Pre-Chorus:] I love it (I love it) You love it (you love it) Everytime (everytime) We're touching (we're touching) I want it (I want it) You want it (you want it) I'll see you (see you) In the morning (in the morning) [Chorus] [Verse 2:] I'm staring at you while you sleep Irreplaceable beauty Put my face up in your neck and breathe (aww, breathe) Take you into my senses Wake up, it's time to finish Round two, it's round two Matter of fact it's closer to three She's like, "how long I been sleep?" Shorty, kisses turn into the sweetest things Like give it to me And I can feel her tell me My angel this is wonderful Thanks, for letting me bless you Come down, fly, right, drift back into heaven Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh [Pre-Chorus] [Chorus] [Bridge:] Watch the sunlight peak over the horizon Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh The sun ain't the only thing that's shining Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh Now, I'ma send you out into the world with my love Tell everybody aye, everybody aye, aye [x10] [Chorus]

I'm Real (Murda Mix)

JA RULE "Pain Is Love"
(feat. Jennifer Lopez) [Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (What's my motherfuckin name) R-U-L-E (Blowin back on this Mary Jane, I'm analyzin the game) And the game done chose me (To bring pain to pussy niggaz and pussy hoes, it's one in the same) Ever since you told me (There's only room for two, I've been makin less room for you) Now only God can hold me (Hug me, love me, judge me, the only Man that help is above me, holla) I met so many men and It's like their all the same My appetite for lovin Is now my hunger pain And when I'm feelin sexy Who's gonna come for me My only problem is Their insecurity [1 - Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] (Tired of bein alone) Yeah, yeah (Sick of arguin on the phone) Yeah, yeah (Are you tellin all your friends) Yeah, yeah (That your nigga don't understand) My love [2 - Jennifer Lopez (Ja Rule)] Cause I'm real (The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk) Cause I'm real (The way you stare, the way you look, your style, your hair) Cause I'm real (The way you smile, the way you smell, it drives me wild) Cause I'm real And I can't go on without you [Ja Rule] Girl, I've been thinkin bout this relationship And I wanna know is this as good as it gets Cause we've been through the worst times and the best times But it was our time, even if it was part-time Now they been lookin at me, smilin at me, laughin like we wasn't happy But not knowin that we're growin and we're gettin married Hard lovin and straight thuggin Bitch, I ain't doin this shit for nuttin I'm here to get it poppin, hoppin, let's ride up in the Benz Hair blowin in the wind, sun glistenin off my skin, hey I'm nasty, heh, you know me But you still don't fuck with your baby [Repeat 2] [Jennifer Lopez] Now people lovin me and hatin me, treatin me ungratefully But not knowin that they ain't makin or breakin me My life I live it to the limit and I love it Now I can breathe again, baby, now I can breathe again Now people screamin what the deal with you and so and so I tell them niggas, mind their biz, but they don't hear me though Cause I live my life to the limit and I love it Now I could breathe again, baby, now I could breathe again [Repeat 1] [Repeat 2 till end]

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