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THE JAM lyrics - Sound Affects

Set The House Ablaze

Original and similar lyrics
I was in the pub last night A mutual friend of ours said He'd seen you in the uniform Yeah the leather belt looks manly The black boots butch But oh what a bastard to get off Promises, promises They offer real solutions But hatred has never won for long You was so open minded But by someone blinded And now your sign says closed. Promises, promises They offer real solutions But hatred has never won for long I think we've lost our perception - I think we've lost sight of the goals we should be working for I think we've lost our reason We stumble blindly and that vision must be restored! I wish that there was something I could do about it I wish that there was some way I could try to fight it Scream and shout it - But something you said set the house ablaze! It is called indoctrination And it happens on all levels But it has nothing to do with equality It has nothing to do with democracy And though it professes to It has nothing to do with humanity It is cold, hard and mechanical.


ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
[Intro: Ace Hood] Aceee Waited my whole life for this moment Head to the sky [Hook: Kevin Cossom] Thank you for patience For forgiveness For your angels watching over me I shoudn't be livin' Lord I'm sorry for my sins But these streets ain't forgivin' No these streets ain't forgivin' Na these streets ain't forgivin' [Verse 1: Ace Hood] As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I would never fear a man who could breathe my air Only God himself I got my mind on wealth Quit a job, thank God momma betta' in health Fuck the world man I felt like I could manage myself Hard times came around lord I needed your help Lost my dog can't describe the pain I felt Couldn't make it to the funeral I hold that guilt I done been through shit Nealy lost my life, nearly lost my mom I toss and turn at night Now my times are betta' No eviction letta' Why did God bless me, I'm tryin' put it together Ain't nobody here perect Please wash my sins Doin' women because they love the way I ride that benz Plus my penthouse fly I invite them in Young man 23 dear God I repent [Hook: Kevin Cossom] [Verse 2: Ace Hood] Okay now 1 for the money Way to much in dough 3 for the niggas who doubted me on the low Said that I wouldn't make make it your predetermineds a joke I inherited a glow Many livin' with out it Ask me I how did I do it Tell them I never doubt it Quittin' never considered Many blessings delivered Friends became haters, the money turning em' bitter Betrayel in my soul, I'm cold like late december Daddy look at your son Millionaire in the makin' I pray one day that you call Cause you proud and happy I made it Never probably maybe Leaving was kinda shady Hope this eats you alive My tears no longer cried [Hook: Kevin Cossom] Some people try and they try and try Just to get by But me? I'm a' do what I got to do but I'm a get mine [Verse 3: Ace Hood] Loyalties to my team And that's all I scream Real niggas do real things I say that we just gettin' richer is the song I sing Real niggas do real things I say the money the motive Opportunity closer Ridibg in that new phantom In my city I'm hova I put in my time And that's word to maroni 24's on the mero I did it just like kobe [Hook: Kevin Cossom] Some people try and they try and try Just to get by But me? I'm a' do what I got to do to get mine

A Long Way Down From Stephanie

AL STEWART "Bed-Sitter Images"
Maid, truly I see Now it must be a long way down And with love's burnt shore Must all dalliance hither Crumble and wither Oh strange, Methought it strange Thou couldst deprive me of my crown Thou cast upon me as linden bears fruit of bitter strain And I would go forsooth to the dragon's tooth If thus a chance were gained To resurrect that part of your wanton heart To whose grave my own is chained And hold, ere thou dost go Were not thy moments gilded too? And in honesty didst thou not measure for measure Countenance pleasure? Cold wert thou so cold Lest thy mind be frozen too And will not spring be reborn But might the sun for the frost here That all be not lost herein And I would rather, zounds It were hell's own hounds Whose foul breath upon my face Did portent my doom Than to bear the gloom Of a world stripped of thy grace And so in truth I know Yes it will be a long way down And if go thou must Ere we should meet accidental Prithee be gentle And though distant now Perchance the hand of time may soothe And though lost at six If I should live to be seven I might forget Stephanie


MILLENCOLIN "Same Old Tunes"
We lost our luggage we lost our smiles we've been the melancholy brothers so many times and when we went down to a unknown club she did the best she could to cheer us up Leona said we could go for free, Leona was so pretty indeed. Infected by Madonna she was nr one haven't met a girl this clean in a long long time damn we had to leave I swear we had no choice but one thing to remember is her tiny voice. Sometimes when you're all alone you're not expecting much from anyone maybe that's the reason why she was so lovely to me but if I get a super job then I will work work really hard to get some money and go somewhere and find a girl like her.


JAMIE WOON "Mirrorwriting"
Purple-brown skylit streetlight Walking home, there ain't a trace of moonlight You hold out your hand and everything is so easy And I think that's the part that scares me Do you feel the same? I've been searching within Looking for the point where you end And the place where I begin It's taking so long now, babe Well, we bathe in the living room lamplight Casting shadows on the walls that have heard these sighs before I don't know if it's over I guess the years just made us older And I can't imagine life without you How I built my life around you We've been together so long now, babe I'm seeing spirals I'm moving with you again [x3] Heavy ever-circling dawnlight We've been talking so long that we've lost just who we are Like we're looking for answers Come on and make my heart a dancer I wanna hear not another word spoken Let's get lost inside this moment And I won't take no for an answer now I'm seeing spirals I'm moving with you again [x3]

The Three Immortals

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Sample] "Explorers... In the further regions of experience... Demons to some... angels to others... Now you must come with us..." [Ikon] Enter the dragon With 3 immortal Surgeons Ark of the covenant and the Holiest excursions The search for the knowledge and the wisdom of the sands The Hologram sends you to the abode of the damned Immortal like vampires; Setting fires in the caverns of the unholy Oh, the ancients all hope of Abraham Send you to the sacred land To change form, the daunting rituals that leave you scorned Crown of thorns adorns the unborn in which you spawned There is no shelter from the storm of Babylon's lost children I lead millions to the promised land; The holy lamb The planetary Hologram Blowing your Shakra's to oblivion Digital Man, Biblical man like Syrian Vanishing Breed, the Holy Throne Presidents of United States are now Clones The Zones of the Virus! The eye of Cyrus! The last waltz of the tyrants- The harvesting begins now! Infinite information Like Wu Chi Tao But How- Would you in stand the power of the helix The crucifixion of the phoenix The Black thesis, will burn you Give to you the darkest of afflictions Mortal Mc's face the verbal crucifixion "I am in fact lacking confusion as to what's real, and what's illusion" "I am in fact lacking confusion as to what's real, and what's illusion" [Breath of Judah] The infinite, grand planet Ish ka Kha Shalamha, Most High Called Ali Aba, astronomer Roam the universe like Rha me-yun lef Indigenous with consciousness of Sirius I am a 7 density light being Transmanifest personally In divine nation Atlantis rising 3 dimension radiation is extremely for difficulty to cope with the body Externally, in the centre of the galaxy, Alchemy Spirits soul my commitment So that's efficient, receive nine dimensions Of cosmic expansion exquisitely Philadelphian church chosen settee Add instance to vortex's Pleiadian Sequence Equinox's At the zero point. Dialoguing Keeping time flying Sitting on Khompeten , Meditating 3 Immortals... Through portals! "I am in fact lacking confusing as to what's real and what's illusion" "I am in fact lacking confusing as to what's real and what's illusion" [Apathy] The plot thickens; Through psychological crucifixions I mar emcee's and travel lands guiding Christians My writtens escape the earth in certain crisis I Create raps for Christ and 12 righteous tribes Educate with positive vibes Devastate your dimension and nobody survives Out of smoke we rise Illuminating eyes and wise Teaching Lost fools that Yeshua never dies I cry, try to cut off my air supply I'm a transport to space, let the mother ship fly Annuni, seven signs Let the Dolphin be the Baptist With self contained underwater breathing apparatus In Atlantis Digital image screen enhances Photographs of alien ships upon ya planets Emerge from Volcanoes, Dreadlocks and Halo's Presto- changeo, I Morph to tornadoes And tear up ya major metropolis You fish tank guppies couldn't fuck with the octopus!

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