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THE JAM lyrics - In The City

Non-Stop Dancing

Original and similar lyrics
Non-stop dancing, truly out on the floor Non-stop moving, baby, baby Still you scream out for more We don't care if it rains or shines Cause everything's fine inside, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing I said, non-stop loving, with my girl by my side Everything's just cool, now baby, baby She's the sweetest thing I know I don't even mind guys trying to compete I know our love's as strong as the beat, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing People say we're wasting our time They don't seem to understand Cause when you're dancing all night long It gives you the feeling that you belong Non-stop dancing, I'm truly out of my head But I ain't sleepy, baby, baby You see the dance is my bed Things are really getting wild The kids are screaming for that James Brown style, when we're dancing Non-stop dancing

Ready, Willing & Able

JAHEIM "Ghetto Love"
[1] Baby I'm ready, and willing, cause I'm able to Satisfy your fantasy Baby I'm able (able), and willing (willing) Cause I want it you can get just what you need For one I'm a young man And I'm takin' the time to do things right Keeping you satisfied all through the night To wise I've let you slide I just went for the ride And I didn't put pressure on you I stood by your side I just wanna let you know that I'm ready to do all the things you want me to Yes I am baby, oh yeah And if you don't mind baby Let's take it easy tonight Let's slow it down to my face Love all up in your face Cause I'm... [Repeat 1] Now wait a minute baby Slow it down to my speed Haven't I always given you everything But now it's time girl to lay it all on the line I don't wanna get fast with you baby I spend to much time Just trna get to know you better Since you found this with the lovin' letter Take you out to dance all of that romance Give you things you like Stood right by your side If you wanna make right girl Just standin' here inside of your mind I'll never let go Cause I wanna show you what I have inside [Repeat 1 til fade (2x)]

Freaky G

I know it was just a short time affair But i didn't know that you would stay on my mind The sweet little voice, I just can't ignore Tellin' me that you're the one for me So I am * Waiting till I know the right time When you wanna give your loving away I'm so down for you, girl you know it's true That there ain't a thing you ask I would not do Just thinking about how good it could be If we get together more than just one night Gets me so excited that i can't see No one else inside my head but you You know that I'll be Repeat * Coz to be the man that yu called for When you need to show your love to someone I'll do almost anything to have you here with me That's why... I'll do anything baby So right, so right So right, so right Repeat *

Hurry Home

JERRY REED "A Good Woman's Love"
You left and said the test of time would tell us how we felt Well weeks have gone my love is strong but my heart's about to melt If you're not sure then please come home if only just for me And when I'm strong and feel secure again then you can leave So hurry home my baby I need you by my side The lonesome's gettin' lonelier and growing deep inside A memory only keeps me warm for so long when you're gone So hurry home my baby hurry home Hurry home my baby hurry home I know you've got to be away but why away so long The distance only changed the time and drags it slowly on Your voice inside a telephone is emptying up my soul And only one thing fills it that's to have you here to hold So hurry home my baby I need you by my side...

Love By You

Anybody looking on They can see I'm not so good People in the know they can see that I miss you In the night With no one to hear me cry Seasons change But there's nothing changes my mind I've been loving you too long And I can't seem to stop You are my lifeline You make me happy I said that I had to say it baby Who on earth ever held me like you I'd like to see someone try Love by you And no other loving will do In your time Baby come back to me Don't lave this girl Lost in space You're the one who could Guide me out of this maze

I'd Love Just Once To See You

BEACH BOYS "Wild Honey"
I'm doing this and I'm doing that And I'm a-walking the floor I drink a little of this and eat a little that And poke my head out the door I get thinking I'm wasting the night away I wouldn't mind if I could get with you right away Oh honey don't know how long it's been But this feeling's building up inside again I wash the dishes and I rinsed up the sink Like a busy bee I make up a song as I'm a-working along No one's watching me I wish that you were here to help me dry When's the last time you baked me a pie You had a way of making it come alive It's not too late for you to take a drive (Baah ba ba ba baah ba ba) (Baah ba ba ba baah ba ba) It's not too late I'd love just once to see you I'd love just once to see you I'd love just once to see you In the nude

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