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THE JACKSONS lyrics - Victory


Original and similar lyrics
It was on a street so evil So bad that even hell disowned it Every single step was trouble For the fool who stumbled on it Eyes within the dark were watchin' I felt the sudden chill of danger Something told me keep on walkin' Told me I should not have gone there Baby, 'cause you cut me like a knife Without your love in my life Alone I walk in the night 'Cause I just can't stop this feeling It's torture It's torture It's torture She was up a stair to nowhere A room forever I'll remember She stared as though I should have known her Tell me what's your pain or pleasure Every little thing you find here Is simply for the thrill you're after Loneliness or hearts on fire I am here to serve all masters She said, 'Reality is a knife When there's no love in your life Unmerciful is the night When you just can't stop this feeling' It's torture It's torture It's torture And I still can't find the meaning, no No, no, of the face I keep on seeing Was she real or am I dreaming Did the sound of your name Turn a wheel Start a flame in me Baby, 'cause you cut me like a knife Without your love in my life Alone I walk in the night And I just can't stop this feeling It's torture It's torture It's torture

Night Life

DILATED PEOPLES "Expansion Team"
chorus: [Evidence] Night life.. Ready to spit Tags what? Evidence Cross the planet Step it up this year weather man The times right, sleep all day to wake up for night life Ready to spit When it drops, gonna hit We step it up, no doubt the times right Sleep all day to wake up for night life Start every verse with something to quote: The devil you know, is better than the devil you don't Last year.. a test, true colors where shown Kings remained in chess on the board and life in thrones Music catch the force of my mic Thats why at night I be out postin' up my own snipes For years I sat back, played the role, what for? This here disc, hear us raw Can't fake it anymore Check it out: You now witness the scenes 2nd release, Expansion Team Shit thumps, shine bright headlights seen on The like laser beams drive fast things and tee green (chorus) You know these nights ain't gettin' any longer Put your best out and bail You never know, you might get stronger I stood back a bit, take punchlines out raps been more legitimate Solidify our place in the game, pleasure with pain Tropical flow: see sun but feel rain Its easy to seclete yourself up in the mix That's why its good to get out at night and holler at chicks I take it back before studio racks, before I understood the concept of seperatin' tracks Before... Around the time my life when I swore That the mic was a device not to be taken light chorus Night life... Graffiti artists get armed Cans get shook, the walls get bombed This is the time when shadow rocks get thrown At your tinted car windows sound off the alarm This is the time you execute your plan While other people sleep, jewels get ran In get away vans exit off ramps Smaller operations are shops bigger one camps Rock knots in pocket pants Got the advance, and back for my back end in hands And things ain't always what they seem from a glance But up close shit'll change your whole prespective Shadows close in, you realize you ain't protected (chorus)

Love Lies

I was lost, then I found you Never thought it would be this way I showed you my heart, left it unguarded Like a thief in the night you stole it away Now you're gone, the pain goes on and on I still hear you whispering to me through the shadows of the night Chorus: Love lies, you're just a victim of the headlines You're running on into a cold night You're just a number of the love lies All alone you call it survival He lost at love to a stranger's lines Walking the streets, searching with vengeance For a face that he dreams of night after night Time goes on, all signs of life stolen, simple dreams were all broken Best of times become desperation but how many tears must you cry to survive Chorus They met late one night in the city Both men knew only one would stay Scratched a picture of a heart on a bullet And took his life away Chorus

Caught Up

KEVIN FEDERLINE "Playing With Fire"
[CHORUS:] Caught up Fists balled up Fight for what’s right, that’s how I was brought up Brought up Heart so tough Felt love, now my emotions are caught up Break up to make up is all we do For the past five years it’s been all about you I aint even been able to do my du Cause all day and night my mind been on my boo But certain situations got me late-night pacing I know it all started when I missed your graduation Handcuffed, back seat, on my way to the station Alcohol on my breath, bout to add to my cases That was my fault, but the rest was you Yeah, I missed my first million cause I left with you But it was all about feelings when I stepped to you Now I’m chopped up feeling like a vegetable [CHORUS] And you know I’m not abusive but sometimes you make me lose it Never put my hands on you though sometimes I wanna do it Got my mind mixed up, like my brain’s in the blender I remember when we both made the change for the better Now we back to our old ways trying to stay together What happened to the sunshine through the bad weather You wear mad leather so I know that you’re depressed And I’m smoking a pack of cigs a day from the stress When we first met you was my lifetime partner My life crime partner, my wife my honor But now I’m feeling like George Bush and Osama We gotta stop this shit put an end to this drama [CHORUS] And all your girlfriends they just snakes in the grass Tellin’ you to dump me but tryin to holla when I pass I just sit back and laugh, they don’t know what you got I’ma ride when things good, and I’ma ride when they not And before I pack it up I hope that we can patch it up I know I say I love you, but baby I can back it up And I hope you can too, cause I’m your man, boo Aint nobody gonna care about you like your man do And I realize it’s destiny, fate got the best of me I knew it ever since the first time you had sex with me Give it another chance, hopefully we’ll make it last Start it all over, leave the rest in the past [CHORUS]

Everything Is Everything (Remix)

[Intro] [Nas] Untouchable, Ill Will y'all [AZ] Life [JOE] Your dealin' with veterans now [Nas] AZ y'all, c'mon c'mon c'mon [AZ] We tryin' to win y'all [JOE] Now Nas, AZ and J-O-E [AZ] I'm back, no Belve, just bottles of Don With the same wordplay that supplied the Qu'ran Any stagnation, I rise beyond Get it right, understand my ties are strong From the streets where it all started, back in school To the dough stackin' nigga started actin' fool Used to be the loud type love to flash the jewels Hit something nice then broadcast the news Bags of weed, used to slow drag the weed Did it all in the hood, had to leave Asthmatic, guess I had to breathe Short nigga what up, short to grab the 'vees Blasted for few winters, rejuvenated Returnin' like you remembered, but more swifter Stronger than your malt liquor Money, hoes and clothes, don't let them whores get cha They not fair [Chorus x2: Joe] That's how we bump, that's how we bang Shorty now we all up on them thangs Play your part, play the game And everything is everything [Nas] My words are my life and my life come with laws You my brother keeper mean I'd give my life for yours It's death before dishonor, the rules we would practice Never play with love, love is evil spelled backwards 'Member the real shit, friend I would build with Before the Benzs, three quarter trenches it was all friendship This shit's odd to me, let no one abuse it Everything's everything niggaz I love music When Donny Hathaway sing I close my eyes slowly Body get weak, as if I could feel my soul heat These dudes get jealous, rappers got a lot of change Can't solidify their own position 'til I'm out of the game But fuck'em, cause yo "A" this was needed Cause when we stopped our flow the fake one's succeeded And "D" this the game bab' bro, nuttin' change, they know Play Illmatic then listen to them, same flow [Chorus x2: Joe] [Bridge: Joe] Bag up your work, hit the block and pitch Don't stop 'til you rich, bust shots never snitch Stick to the script, tuck in your chain And everything is everything [AZ] Truth is real, believe I take loot for real It's the desperation in the dap, boost the wheel Trucks and 20's, relax when them cups is in me You can catch me at Justin's or up in Jimmy's Jeckyl and Hyde, the real never wrestle with pride If you live, that's the only way I let you inside Love it or not, thrive off the love of the block See me solo in a photo, hands huggin' my cock Frank furvase, a white cotton tank with shades Taper fade, got a face that just ain't for braids Been in the mix, sittin' up in cinema six Multi-complex, go before the end of the flick It's just me, besides I'm just a G With the O in the front, I know what you want Believe… I'm sucka-free this one [Joe] That's how we ball, that's how we bang Everybody do your thang [Chorus x2] [Bridge: Joe]

Lamplight Symphony

KANSAS "Song For America"
(Kerry Livgren) On a winter's night, stars are cold and bright in the sky, The slumber of the earth is pure and deep From a distant wood, drifts the echo of a beast The old man stirs and wakens in the night He stands before his window gazing at the grave Forgotten dreams are flashing through his weary mind And though his life is empty, he pretends that she's still there With hunger in his soul, he yearns for life and love gone by, With memories his one and only joy All he has to give, he would give to bring back the life, And raise the one who lies beneath the snow He lights a lamp and looks at pictures of the past The faces of their youth still glow with new-found love, But the picture's faded, and time has stolen youth away With a spoken word that he thought he heard from her lips, He felt another presence in the room, He was filled with fear but filled with joy he arose And turned to face the image that he knew She stood before him and her hand reached out for his A peaceful light shone in her eyes She said she'd come to soothe him, and someday they'd be as one She began to fade and her image disappeared, So he was left alone to face the night, Never in his life, had he been so held in awe, As he faced the apparition of his wife He stood before the window gazing at the grave, And with a lightened heart he saw the first of dawn, He knew that she was waiting, that someday they'd be as one

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