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THE JACKSONS lyrics - Goin' Places

Even Though You're Gone

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[Chorus:] Gotta find a way somehow Nothing's gonna stop me now Gotta find a way somehow Even though you're gone Things don't look as bad As they did yesterday Even minute I get Stronger somehow...some way Cause I gotta keep on living I got the will to survive Even though I feel so bad So bad inside [Chorus] All the plans I had I've got to give them up And start anew Making plans for one Instead of making plans for two From now on I'll be thinkin Thinking 'bout myself It'll be a long time Before I love somebody else [Chorus] I depended on you For everything Oh, I really trusted you How could you do me the Way you did You really let me down [Chorus]

Somebody, Somewhere

The sun is coming up But I don't see the light I keep goin' on and on Thinking bout' where we went wrong I always heard that love Could stand the test of time But somethin' that we had is gone Maybe we just stayed too long I wish that I could lie And tell myself it's alright It was nothing at all CHORUS Somebody, somewhere Is falling in love tonight Is nothing at all Somebody, somewhere Is saying there last goodbyes I gotta know Is it the same when it comes And when love goes Where do I go from here Don't know where to turn Will you find another face Or disappear in yesterday Should I hold on Should I let all the memories go Was it nothing at all She comes and goes CHORUS

Another Day

Buckshot Lefonque
Another day Staring out of my window Thinkin' 'bout tomorrow Wishing things would clear No nee to rush I ain't gonna worry Any moment my sorrow Is bound to disappear Chorus: Sometimes I tell myself I'm better off without you And then I have to face the emptiness I feel inside without you And find a way to make it through another day I need a way to find the truth within me Accept the fact that I love you My blue eternity I hear they say What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I must have the heart of a lion Sifting through love's remains Chorus: My love for you is etched Forever in my memory Now I realize that life goes on Even though you're not here with me I wake up looking forward to another day A day of living without you Just another day

Let Me Know

XSCAPE "Hummin' Comin' At Cha"
[Chorus:] I got something for you, And I think you're sexy, And if you want me let me know. You ain't gotta spend no money, Just a little time with me honey, That will let me know you love me so. [Verse One:] [Kandi] There are so many things, That I want to talk to you about. Like do you want me, do you love me, 'Cause I have my doubts. [Tiny] I have a funny feeling, That you want me around for just one thing, To push your little ego, With the knowledge that I bring. [Repeat Chorus] [Verse Two:] [Tamika] You know that I want you, And I made it very clear. I would never ever hurt you, I'd never let you shed a tear. [LaTocha] The only thing I want to know, Do you feel the love for me. I'm not gonna keep on waiting, That's not how it's gonna be, You got to... [Break:] Let me know, I never knew that love could ever have me slipping. Let me know, I sit in my room thinking of you at night trippin'. Let me know, I never knew I would ever get caught caking. Let me know, And no man would ever have me shaky. [Repeat Chorus to fade]

There's Always Time

I'm not telling you what to do But something's got a hold on you Gotta let it go Just take it slow It's not always easy to do But look for the strength that's in you It's not hard to do You gotta want it too You can start all over again if you try Just taking one step at a time Don't worry 'bout what's said and been done It's alright [Chorus:] You gotta find the soul that's in you If you fall then I will catch you There's a voice within your mind Crying out for you to find Turn the page you'll see the answers To a day that's full of chances No need to run and hide Just believe and you will fly There's always time Sometimes it's an impossible ride People telling you what's wrong and what's right You know what to do It's time to break through You can start all over again if you try Just taking one step at a time Don't worry 'bout what's said and been done It's alright [Chorus] You can turn it all around and be beautiful Don't let your life just pass you by You're so beautiful [Chorus]

If My Harley Was Runnin'

WAYLON JENNINGS "Goin' Down Rockin': The Last Recordings"
Everybody knows that you got a job, especially me You just keep rubbing it in, you won't let it be You bring home the bacon and it's making me feel like a jerk Out of all that I got, your all I got that still works [Chorus:] But if my harley was runnin, honey I'd show you who's boss There are places in texas a man can still go and get lost If my harley was runnin' I'd be gone in nothin' flat Sooner or later I'll get it started, And you better start thinkin' bout that Everybody knows a man without wheels ain't much at all When he's down on his luck, down on his pride he's down to a crawl You got it girl, you got my world in your hand In the back of my mind I'm making my time and making my plans [Chorus]

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