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THE JACKA lyrics - The Jacka

Love How It Feels

Original and similar lyrics
[Jacka] Let's go I come through bitch With my muthafuckin' niggs And I couldn't give a fuck By how you hoes feel Dip through with the steel All in a bitch's face Put my sticker on her ass Tell her let a nigga pass At the summer jam With my backstage pass Bought 'em from the base So we thuggin' on the grass Watchin' time pass Cuz I'm waitin' on the real shit Performin' at the after party Sold when you see a mix Scream real loud bitch Like your real proud A G got tossed in the crowd Then I got lost in the cloud In the Benz With my nigga Twin Honkin' at her and her friends Watchin' her, watch the rims I bet they wanna hop in Even though they on dubs Too love what a thug do I know you got your bread right Let's see if your head right In the traffic in the middle of the night [Chorus x4] Do you love what you feel In love with you [Husalah] Real gangsta Yo, uh, yo Real gangstas everywhere Smokin' rope in the alley Just don't care Swangin' eights in the alley The Hus long here All the hoes on my dick I got to be there But I'd rather hang out And hustle all year Cuz the paper don't stop The block is on pop It's the dope game, cocaine Locced out to the brain Give shit 'bout a bitch Silly with the chop man I'd rather hang Wit my niggas on the drug spot Don't talk on a snitch when his gun pop 1 double O duece 3 Niggas gettin' packed in a row 'fo deep Movin' on Fourth Street Yeah ho, check out my shit I couldn't give a shit about A shitty haired bitch Tossed up, purssed slut Tryin' to get rich Slide my shit down a [?] and burned Gone on a bitch Gettin' dope-fiend dumb Nigga gone off this shit And I don't pop pills I pop niggas with the clip You faggot ass nigga What are you smokin'? I know to dip hard To the knock I'm yokin' Like what All my murder dub niggs in Oakland And my Hunter's Point hustlas Keep the chapper smokin' Gave a kid up out my low-life, gangsta, hustlas All you child ass turkey I don't fuck wit suckas Havin' fun like it's '81 The hoes love the way My perm hang in the sun I'm outtie 5 G [Chorus x4] [Jacka] What up bitch, yeah that's me You a model from L.A. But you couldn't believe All the shit that you seen When you came to my house Thought it was a hard cock Till you seen it float out Rob sittin' on the leather couch Lookin' like Bob Smokin' more than a ounce Close the door Took a trip upstairs Got sucked on the floor Then I called her a whore And I spend way more Than your pops can afford So get the fuck out for real You punk bitch And I ain't nothin' like Any of the niggas you fuck wit Just ask Boo James That's my DJ, he'll tell ya Ain't nothin' worse than a failure So get your shit together Punk niggas tryin' to send 'em And see what's in 'em And every love that I drop On a chick is venom I got bitches that suck way more Than them bitches that suck the floor on your tank That's so real I better paint a picture in your brain You must be lame if you can't [echoes out] [Chorus x4]

God Bless

LL COOL J "Mr Smith"
[Intro:] Uh Definitely gonna be butter, nahmean It's gone be butter, nahmean Uh, swerve on em, uh yeah Crack the Mo, here we go I'm in the mood to let the chickenheads flow Son, no doubt, god it's real Every member of my clique is equipped with steel Suga, let's (HEESHA!), uhh, god bless [Verse 1:] Just the type of man that can lace the crowd Which ya hands on ya [BLANK] or you could raise them proud I bust shots off Put my hands on my shorty and I make it hot-ter I got a lock ya, flavour to bring Got the championships so I'ma savour the ring Church boy, raised by my grandmomma Home-bred, I dead all the drama I'm like the mystical funk technician It's a sign of the times, guards on a mission [Chorus:] God bless ya lover, god bless you [x4] [Verse 2:] Have mercy! Nowadays I got them other niggas acting thirsty Bless the sky, energy created by my third child Swerve wit it, get it get it Feels good to bust shots at the critics You crave more taste of my funk When my track drop ain't enough space in ya trunk Soul for real, but not the group I'm solo goin for dolo in the drop Coupe I distribute melodies while ya gold trees Step a dip like a flip, '96 kis [Chorus x 2] Matter fact take it to the bridge [Bridge:] God bless God bless ya lover [repeat] [Verse 3:] Honey dippin off my Nautica sleeves With them Gortex boots, that compliment all the cheese Shouldn't hate me cos I'm raw (I thought you fell off kid!) You said that shit before But you see miracles when you're lyrical Off some LL shit, chickens get hysterical Cos I..... form like Voltron Let's get it on and take ya chime bomb [explosion] Knock it off I like your style but it's a slight bit soft Son, the LL rule, huh I pick it up and lay it down mad cool It'll cost you a fortune (What) For me to make it hot, heat it up and keep it scorchin [Chorus to fade] [Outro: (over chorus)] It's all built for '96 kid! No diggity, Rehaud lace me Nahmean Lil Chris in the house Ol Moms, Big E and the fam Yo son, who's next

Died And Came Back

YOUNG BUCK "Straight Outta Ca$hville"
If i should die before i wake Lord soul to take Man i ain't even ask for this shit... Theres no way i can hide it You see the pain in my eyes I ain't thinkin bout college Too busy tryin to stay alive They even cut the water off And i ain't trying to the lights gp Even little shit like 5 dollars i'ma fight for My sisters only 12 and she's pregnant wit a baby My brothers goin' ta jail and my momma's going crazy I'm all by myself, muthafuck my ol' lady ???'Cause soon as tha money fell, she was fucking niggas daily??? We already in hell, Lord, please will you save me I'm riding with a 12 gauge i know these niggas hate me I got a few birds and a few words for you niggas on the streets I'm swirving in excursions i know you heard of me I got em mad at me i hit the block top drop that nigga mad at me We sell rocks bust glocks and keep our rags hanging Thug niggas shooting at cops Look we ain't playing, anywhere, setting up shop I wonder if i died and came back Would god still let a nigga sit here and slang crack Would everybody treat me like i was the same cat Theres gotta be somebody that can come and explain that I know You got the age headed bitches in the hood These snitches in the hood My suggestion to you nigga start getting it while its good If you crawl for your ball learn the game know the things that will get you knocked off 'Cause niggas out here aint playin ???Being real done popped off??? ???Two pills in this home got me way in new york??? Bout to run up in your home and i'm way up your floor My money and i'm gone, if you paid me on time, then we wouldnt have to shoot em But they got a place for him like they got a place for me Maybe we'll meet again, we'll just have to wait and see Thug niggas, i love killin, so cock it back and bust Remember me, i used to smoke weed on the school bus Nigga wha? nigga who? nigga wotcha gonna do? I'm young buck, now who? n' let me come thru Is it true before you die do you really see it coming Will the hardest nigga crying start running? I wonder if i died and came back Would god still let a nigga sit here and slang crack Would everybody treat me like i was the same cat Theres gotta be somebody that can come and explain that I know Politicians is bullshitting And really bill clinton is the closest we gettin to ever havin a black president Still i feel heaven sent and try to walk with my head up 'Cause now we got this anthrax shit to be scared of Nobody prepared us for this All they said was 'make sure you watch the news at six' And we feeding all these other countries What about that old man eating out of the fuckin dumpster? If you dont know him then everything that goes up must come down One look, and all the projects that they got go down I'm cryin with god ???Me and my squad nigga, you get beat??? Now we ballin but remember how it used to be So regardless, dont let nothing come between our family our money our dreams And even when it seems like its all over from Tennessee to the Magnolia We gonna ball till we faulter I wonder if i died and came back Would god still let a nigga sit here and slang crack Would everybody treat me like i was the same cat Theres gotta be somebody that can come and explain that I know

Reservoir Dogs

JAY-Z "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life"
(feat. Beanie Sigel, The LOX, Sauce Money) [Sheek] Fuck -- shit is real right here Roc-a-Fella, LOX, takin the streets over motherfuckers Don't get it twisted Yo, aiyyo, aiyyo, aiyyo Yo shut the fuck up 'fore I blast and Banned From TV your ass with no mask, look at the camera like what Yeah I did it like them sick white boys the court committed To the death of me, I'm spaz like I'm on Ecstasy Drop 100 bars for real like I'm lookin for a deal If I ain't hungry, who the fuck is, I'm worse than them African kids I ain't straight til my numbers match the Motorola bid And walk the streets up in like I don't fuckin care If I ain't strapped that means I took em off my Nike Airs Get off mine, y'all talk shit like little children when I ride mine like bitched when I walk up in the building Cause I catch tans in the winter, with wild whores Jet-skiin, while you keep warm at corner stores I make it hot, floodin your block, the best way Professionally, they'll find poison in your X-Ray As I get roasted lookin at Biggie posted on my wall Takin shots of Louie til I fall Nuttin to lose, just load the clip up in the groove and kick rhymes to the poster, til I swear Big move My team, you would think was on Thorazine How we floss and don't give a fuck what it's cost-ing [Beanie Sigel] Yo, yo, pressure bust pipes, it's time to apply it now Pick out a quiet town and tie it down Make niggaz lock it down, y'all know where to buy it now Beanie Mac I supply it now My squad roll deep, in foreign cars with two seats Couple of 5's, a 6, a few Jeeps Bag enough coke to last a few weeks In case niggaz wanna test, vest and a few heats You really wanna test my name And test my game Until you have me, test my aim Y'all niggaz nuts, like testricles Hit you up in your apartment buildin vestibule Perhaps it's best for you, to keep on walkin Heat from the noggin, keep on sparkin Platinum prezzie, Bezzie, stay sparklin Cop off the lot never see me at the auction Pint of Bacardi darken, when it's hawkin Out on the strip, until I reach the margin Not tryin to meet the Seargeant, at the precinct Eatin cheese sandwiches, down for the weekend Locked up with dirty white boys and Ricans [Jadakiss] Now if I kill you I probably do ten in the box Come down on appeal then I'm killin your pops You feelin The LOX, nigga why you grillin The LOX If this rap shit don't work niggaz still in the spot You bring it to me, I gotta lose your family Gangstas don't die, they get chubby, and move to Miami Shit is deep now dog but it gets deeper Fuck it, the weather's nice and the price is much cheaper I put it on tape, you gon' buy it, I put it in a bag you gon' try it, y'all niggaz can't deny it Lot of cats still tryin to study my last bounce Tell you what, get a beat tape and a half ounce They got me where I can't be without my large gat Teflon long sleeve, and my hardhat Don't matter if I'm openin up, or headline Doin the speed limit or pushin red lines Six months in the county or fed time I'ma be the 'Kiss nigga, until it's bedtime Anything I'm on is a classic, any nigga ever had beef with, son is a bastard Anytime I spit, spit acid, L.O.X. Ruffryder you heard We got the game mastered I told you the pain was comin You wouldn't listen You tried to play me like a joke Now who got the last laugh Now take these bullets with you to hell [Sauce Money] You motherfuckers is sick, don't think Sauce the shit So many niggaz on my nuts I thought I lost my dick Picture me fallin off, I'm camera shy Hammers fly, might miss you, but your man'll die What's the difference Either way I'm stunnin your crew I fuck to win, y'all niggaz comin to lose Somethin to prove Spit it, we can have a sprayoff I lay off wet niggaz and kill em on my day off Ain't nuttin for me to bust a trey off Murder the whole month of April nigga, just to take May off Run with more Germans than Adolf, you light crews Now I concentrate on your camp, like Jews Flow hot like a heatwave bitch Whips fatter than them shits they beat slaves with I'm a meal stackin nigga who pull quick, still packin for you Phil Jackson niggaz on that Bull [Styles] I don't give a FUCK who you are, so FUCK who you are I don't care about a pretty bitch, watch or a car I don't care about your block and whoever you shot I don't care about your album and whenever it drop I don't care about your past if I did I woulda asked I'm too busy lightin 'dro with a whole lotta hash Far as this rap shit, I'm ten steps ahead of niggaz Shootin backwards, just for practice Ride or die nigga, hoppin in your casket Bout to go to hell with you, blow the L with you Tell the whole world I'm spittin let em know the shells hit you I tell niggaz quick, suck dick and get a glock My name ring bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock I'm half past seven, bust six then eleven You know me, slide my man my joint say reload me I ruffryde and pop a fella for Roc-a-Fella Jay (what the fuck) spendin mozzarella [Jay-Z] I know pop you can't stand us cause you cock them hammers Run in your crib, no prisoners, pop your grandma Locked in the slammer Nope, popped up in Atlanta Crossed up in a drop I popped up the antenna Whoa.. watch your manners when my veins pop like scanners Like raindrops you hear the thunder when I cock the cannon Big thang, big chains, ain't shit changed Get brained in the four dot six Range Shit main, switch lanes every town I hit, switch planes, bitch flipped big caine Flow with no cut, you take it in vain/vein to the brain Muh'fukas is noddin and throwin up, you know that You don't wanna owe that man He'll hit you, get the picture Kodak man Gotta, love for war, I don't floss no more I just sit on my money til I'm above the law How the fuck you gonna stop us with your measly asses We don't stop at the tolls we got EZ passes, nigga Multiple cars and divas with D-classes Iceberg sweat with I.B. on the elastic Shit, beyotch! What the fuck, ya heard me Put some more beat on that joint

Fades Em All

Jamal "Last Chance No Breaks"
I'm talking to you niggas on the north south east and west Fuck with Mally G and get a hole in your chest I'm droping antosiastic metaphoric type lines The badest nigga to ever come of from the krib ana ryhme Bracket fall creep for my deep meditation As I break their ass up like appreciation I stepped to the microphone and shouted: Girls who's got it. You can kiss me. And ask to make a love song about it I'm off the raw from every fras that's stand for black Get the fuck out, fucking rat, just like a pump(hard to hear) I come from the deep side, with Def squad in the basement My style's been on deathwatch, like suicidepatients When 50 grant start the illest level. Shook in a niggas shaft. I conntact more steels then the devil. Soon as rock become the main incredient. I'll be making little niggas like little Ginger Def squad represanting, get's no ruffer then this, lyrics. Kill is a sinn With a guillotine Showing the Massachutien rap style from juwanail To cross the border with alphabetical disorder In sluter, increasing pain, insane in the brain motherfuckas blowing their brain in diffrent delain i take a fake ass nigga and toast his ass Slik him numb, like multiple-glowroses *blahm* I'll be that funky-like lyrical maniac who never pays me Their hoffing and their poffing could never face me Cuz I'll be, countalistic paper, you be my idol God damn, the fucking homicide Now, who dare's to be looking at me, I ain't nobody i'm just that little nigga who'll be fucking up the party Pop the DJ, with his life collagegrand And niggas will be blast in the mix Chorus: Genetic for terror x8 Don't ever cross my brothers, up way in north But I will never take a lost croud, just stay on course I've been living on a lot of dog shit type of more-and-more shit Alot of MC's lost it I'm here to terrorize the hardcore in the underground Niggas back down or you'll get smacked down On the real. Niggas been acting like a mutherfucking truppa I sleep with the luka, to blast the intruders I walked maniced depressed You can't fuck with my steff I put some wounds into your chest to put your ass in deep rest So who're trying to see, leeding his own def squad Who can put niggas to sleep, like a muthafucking graveyard I split your cranium, take that bullshit-tender I twist you head off, like Dr. Mindbender Who's the suspect, dressed in black, and is down on bring you the genetic for terror Before I even fix my lips to speak, you know what I'll say This is freaked, with a nuts word-play I walked onto the face of the earth All this pussy muthafuckas up for what they're worth I fuck wild like juwanil and bluetrail like another rapper, with a freaking wrestlers style plus, there ain't no such thing as never geting tucked Girls jump in my flow, like double dunk i leave em' lost, in between recarection. In judgement day Is were the punk-nigga lay And it's deeper then you think And it's borned alot of ho's so it will sink Fucking with this, funkabius, Niggas from tha mist Mothafuckas motion get stiff on colarisis The Def squad MC PPP, full of struction and addnormality And we're intact incredibly Disimpermenent, disability I escapat like Peggt Flim overfunked beats And locked down the streets

Ruff Ryders Anthem (Dj Clue Remix)

(Drag-On) This thing right here.. (yeah yeah) is for my peoples in the streets.. (ha hah) Swizz Beats (uh-huh) And this thing right here.. (Ruff Ryders) will get your ass off your feet (Remix! .. c'mon) They call me Drag-On, when it's time to bomb I burn em all, til they all say turn em off Cause these chips, I'ma run em all Chickenheads, know I, be the Colonel Cause I burn eternal, mixed wit the inferno So be careful, 'fore I burn you You better learn dude, yeah I heard you but I'ma hurt you, but you don't know? My versatile, is a virtue Ruff Ryders be the team, which means a lot cream, lot of schemes Lot of beams to make your stock drop, right on the seams Nigga here is too hot and too much for you to touch Better tell your man cause I'm too tough Indubitably, too dust Do you bust? Cause we do You need to ask the people, but quietly But they don't believe until they leave violently Is you buying this? Cause niggaz that purchased is under the dirt kid They call me Drag-On; I'm the youngest but get bonkers Collabo' wit my dogs from Yonkers but this Bronx bomber's spittin flame so you better wear your armor Flame on! Chorus: DMX (repeat 2x) My dogs gon' STOP, your dogs gon' DROP And then we gon' SHUT EM DOWN, OPEN UP SHOP First we had em like OHHH, now they like NOOO What baby?!! THAT'S HOW RUFF RYDERS ROLL (Jadakiss) When I pop up, I lock shop up, pull the drop up Park a block up, hit the alarm, put the top up Stash the 'dro in my sock then pull my sock up And keep the burner but if it's hot put my glock up You know what I'm about, slidin off get my cock sucked Or writin rhymes watching Scarface in the hot tub Whatchu wanna bet, when I pull it out if you don't shout that every bullet'll go in and out Who you know besides 'Kiss take the piss in the bottle of Crist' and then give it to a modelin bitch And you like your watch plain, I'ma flood mine Alligator bloodline trained to find coke and bite one time (Styles) Y'all niggaz ain't hearin me out, til I pop up appear in your house, clearin it out, holiday style Everybody actin violent and wild Snatch the wife silence the child, that's how we move Kill me my man kill you, that's how you lose I Ruff Ryde, I don't like to slide felt that I slipped Then the gun's only helpin the clip And the clip's only helpin my hand And like who the fuck is helpin your man? When I cock back and hop out the van Double R, get a job, play the shit in the car Hit a party start a fight at the bar, and snatch your R Sell your shit for some coke and get the fuck out of Dodge (ve) Guess you figured that my niggaz, flippers, pullin triggers News team crowd around, tryin to flick a picture Get witcha, this bitch from Illadelph marches quicker Nigga not makin sense better stay up off the liquor Blonde bombshell, car-a-mel, heavy spender Groups be sayin I'm they sister, hush ya mouth 'fore I hit ya Stickin in wiseguys, fake thugs, and bullshitters Take you for a ride, cover up your eye, then I get ya Used to be shy-er, now I'ma Ruff Ryder Big niggaz play me close, when they used to ride by her Snatchin up your figures, frontin, know you dig us Haters, screamin, 'Who that bitch?' (UHH, UHH) Mind your business nigga Chorus [DJ Clue * talking over chorus *] Yeah!! DJ Clue! The Professional! Part One C'mon! Mad shout out, Donnie Brascoe Big Skate, Duro.. CLUE! (MX) Uhh, uhh, uhh.. The X is gonna hit y'all niggaz hard, leave y'all niggaz scarred Fuckin with the Dog when you fuckin with the God Rip y'all niggaz off, faggot niggaz soft Remember me from up North, I had you scared to cough My name is ringin bells, in penitentiary cells I'm making thugs rebel, ain't hard to tell You never really wanted it, so the mic you jumped in front of it Outta sixteen shots I'ma hit, which one of you niggaz am I gonna get Thought you knew what I was gonna spit, this time with this rhyme but by the end of it, y'all niggaz is gon' be like, 'Yo X ripped it!' Did my thing as usual it's never gon' stop Them cats can't be for real, I got this shit locked! Is that a game or a joke? Say the name or get smoked Simple as that, simple as black, to the throat Hit em all up to the coat, now you losin your life (Grrrrrr) A dog is a dog for life!

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