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THE JACKA lyrics - The Jacka

Hey Girl

Original and similar lyrics
Hey girl, what's ya name Hey girl, what's ya name [Girl] Hey boy, what's ya name [Verse 1: Jacka] It's the jack Yeah I'm a dope dealer On top of that I'm a liar and a stealer You gotta remember I'm ya nigga homes Real big like king kong and godzilla in the same room I'm on the run from the boys havin fun But I know I'll feel tha pain soon Yo, look what I go threw I know you want me to stay all night But I gotta flight To the next state, cop me a zip So I can concentrate While I travel tryin to make my rhymes elivate And ya trunk raddle at the same time Feelin high, feelin fly man at the same time I'm in K.C. pushin kicks With my nigga freeway rich I smoked a zip And one day I'm feelin crazy Always hella loaded so the hoes think I'm lazy But really I'm rich [Chorus] [Jacka] Hey girl, what's ya name? [Kazi] Flossin in ya 4 dot with ya chain Posin in ya half top, tough and braids Lookin like you want dick, what's game [girl] Hey boy what's ya name? Lookin like a rapper, but you prolly push 'cain Rockin ya drop top pumpin game Frontin like you really that hard to tame [Verse 2: Uzi] Fresh out the plane Pants saggin with my dick in my hand Who am I? bitch, I'm U-Z-I yes I still push 'cain I ain't gone front main Feeliin it under pressure with my ninjas feelin pain I'm a ghetto star So don't approach sidewayz girl Might smack ya hard I'm still young It might be yo ho that I flip and smash on Run her over in my big wheel with no mask on From Africa to England And Back to the bay Oochies stay hatin Girl hey Oochies stay hatin [Verse 3: Kazi] Yo, yo Yo, yo Yo, I push the 4's the 5s It's not a game Night time livin life in the fast lane Quite live at the light I see the boys to the right It's a must i get out of they sight I...tucked the 2 E Dumb cop made a Ui (u-turn) To my left squatin off was a cutie Sparkin up, her car was tough It must've her man's truck Mommy actin like she can't talk Her look was ill If looks could kill I'm bout to be a dead man Trapped in the losts of the land It's not me, really I just wanna get to know ya If it's right spend the night Blow trees enormous You the thug type Sneak a gun up in the club type Heavy on the wrist ma you aint right Stop trippin girl quit ya games Kazi just wanna know ya name [Chorus x2]

Dangerous Mindz

Gravediggaz "The Pick, The Sickle The Shovel"
Verse One: Too Poetic/Grym reaper Yo, hah yo, rahh, yo, yo Yo, yo, yo... Yo, I got stress on my brain that causes chest pains inside the best frames ghetto blood clots is scored by slug shots and drug spots, well if you're too poor to move out or get a new house, it's like livin in a war walkin through shootouts And you doubt God exists, when hard fists be poundin on your head like jackhammers You're trapped in the black drama, you hear the laughter seconds after that you fade out, you're played out, you're laid out Your heart nearly gave out, you're lucky that you made out with just a few scars when the beating ends The streets [sniff] let ya breathe again But evil men, will soon be on the receiving end of Universal Law, I'm callin on the meek and the poor To fight back and never forfeit the day you have to go to war With forces that are armed upon the seven continental borders A mental fortress is essentials to absorb this My sword hits the human orb until it orbits In the art of war kids see Grym Reap be morbid Since pieces of the lost civilization in the past Had my photographs etched inside of pyramids To laugh at this revelation, without 365 days of concentration and twenty-four hour meditation, would be foolishly pagan I'm ancient as 'amen', see I stay Grym Throwin fools in in a pit full of pit bulls to be shaken Or strapped to the crossroads of Hell and inner sin Which trap the sinners in, to sell such in Sing-Sing I bring Grym tidings, tidal-ed/titled your wave all not exciting Stop riding the dick, start writin your own shit Cause I stick figures that think they fat and can't rap wind blast I make em Slim Fast, lookin like stick figures I'm all that, I bag chips at concerts and shows Get more panties than hoes that boost Victoria Secret clothes Foes is tagged like ex-foes toes at the coroner's Kids with cold feet rise and fall like the barometer Grym will mentally chop your career See shit is locked down here, like penitentiary blocks in tears Escape outta your ducts every time you hear my name you better duck fate, or catch a fuckin face full of duct tape You get smacked like a trick that sniffed off her money Then smoked like Rzarector with the blunts dipped in honey Verse Two: Prince Rakeem/Rzarector Rotate your head like a gyro, my hair grows in knotty spirals Feet resembles Christ's description from the Bible Water-walker, immune to all physical torture Pull out fast in a Porsche, upon a double-crosser My penis rise up in the morning like a Phoenix And blast iron cells into a low blooded 'nemic The imperial - material's venerial MC's get murdered in serial, you can't fuck with the material Unorthodox paradox, my shit is seen wide-screen Magnavox Grabs thought like Doctor Octopus Cause war like the grandson of Kush I'm hangin devil's heads on a evergreen bush Sugar-frosted sorceresses bitches get exhausted Pussy lips be drippin, like leaky faucets Undercover C-Cyphers sprayed up like windshield wipers While I'm guzzlin Piper's, changin my son's shitty-ass diapers Dime piece trapped in sync like many time piece You get stampeded by the wildabeast A rap dast' plus tracks black like Chow Yun Fat Oppositional forces get their eardrums flat Common denominator, I swing the mic saber like Vader He was fooled by the inter-pre-atation made from a traitor MC's get their wigs blown, trounced off my fistbone Choked from my death, every time they break a wishbone Eventually, I knew the whole world would mention me Potentially, I have the key to make G's MC's breeze on my tracks, I rock the fruit with the trees Killa bees spread rapid like diseases See it's, like the second comin of Jesus, of Nazareth be fabulous, raise the dead crowd up like Lazarus Hazardous vocabulary attacks be beautiful Acoustical notes we provoke, it comes out musically dope Niggaz realize they just can't cope The hair, bustin out the head resembles fire and smoke Loc Verse Three: Frukwan/Gatekeeper I blast watts in circuits like General Monk-Monk was Turkish My science is divided deep into your central nervous Pervert area codes peep this murder I'm boxed-in, suckin hologram tits, inhalin oxygen Parallel world of crab niggas and sea shells mix I pierce my dick and sword right through you pelvics I'm hell stricken bomb, wrapped in trees of palm Physical existence is descendants of Allah I travel at high rates, Weaker men are primates That either migrate or get burnt to the stake I feed off lyrical light beams of amphetimene My terminology is panatomic like lobotomy Crazy el loco, gas niggaz like Sunoco Flush em like Presto, Blast in your chest bone I raise from the shore, like Sodom and Gomorrah with traction, flashin a 4-wheel drive Ford Explorer While mucus lies within the center of the Rubik's The roots of the wine induced the enzymes inside your nucleus Turmoil boilin appointed, niggaz rubbin off my style like a ointment Lost in the Sahara, From trial and error Confused with 3 meals for Sister Sara Rahh! Bearer, Digestin minerals in abundance Because the dead is not known to return from the dungeons

You Bring The Freak

Profyle "Nothin' But Drama"
You Bring The Freak Ooh, Profyle 2000 Yeah and this cut Is for all the ladies So get ready to take your clothes off, uh Profyle, uh what, hey Now to all my fellas Rollin around in the fancy cars Bling-blinging, singing What I want you to do Is blaze the L, ride to this nigga Uh listen Girl I've been thinkin' bout you lately You really are all this on my mind Now listen closely pretty baby Cause I'm not gonna waste your time I've been needing you, wanting you So can you come over and stay for the rest of the night? It would be so nice girl, hmm If I could treat your right girl 1 - Turn off the lights, unplug the phone Take off your clothes cause girl its on Baby I just wanna hear you moan Cause you bring out the freak that's in me I wanna know if all is true About the freaky things you do Baby tonight it's just me and you Girl your body's callin' for me Girl it's all about you There's nothing that I'd rather do Than be here with you You've got me out of control Baby can I love you, you So show me just what you go I don't rush it baby Just tell me can I touch it baby Just say that you'll stay for the rest of the night And I will be satisfied, ooh Repeat 1 Well we can do it till you get enough I don't wanna let you go I just wanna know is it good enough So baby can you let me know? Hey baby Get it on tonight All night long tonight Baby let's sweat tonight I'm here to make you wet tonight Turn off the lights, unplug the phone Hey, cause we can get nasty Anything you want I'll give it to you I wanna know if all is true All the freaky things they say about you Girl you're lookin' so sexy, oh, oh Tell me are you with me, ooh Repeat 1 (2x)

One Foot In Font Of The Other

If you walk away I walk away First tell me which road you will take I don't wanna risk our paths crossing some day So you walk that way I'll walk this way The future hangs over our heads And it moves with each current event Until it falls all around us like a cold steady rain Just stay in when it's looking this way The moons laying low in the sky Forcing everything metal to shine And the sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case They argue, “walk this way, no walk this way' And Laura's asleep in my bed As I'm leaving she wakes up and says, “I dreamt you were carried away Baby don't go away, come here' And there's kids playing guns in the street And ones pointing his tree branch and me So I put my hands up. Say, “Enough is enough' If you walk away I'll walk away (And then he shot me dead) I found a liquid cure For my landlocked blues It will pass away like a slow parade It's leaving but I don't know how soon The world's got me dizzy again You'd think after 22 years I'd be used to the spin And it only feels worse when I stay in one place So I'm always pacing around or walking away So I'm drinking the ink from my pen And I'm balancing history books up on my head And it all boils down to one quotable phrase “If you love something, give it away' A good woman will pick you apart A box full of suggestions for a possible heart And you may be offended and you may be afraid But don't walk away. Don't walk away We made love on the living room floor With the noise in the background from a televised war. And in that defining pleasure I thought I heard someone say “If we walk away, they'll walk away' Well greed is a bottomless pit And our freedoms a joke, we're just taking a piss And the whole world must watch the sad, comic display If you're still free start running away (Cause they're coming for you) I've grown tired of holding this pose I feel more like a stranger each time I come home So I'm making a deal with the devils of fame Saying, “Let me walk away, please' You'll be free child once you have died From the shackles of language and measurable time And we can trade places Play musical graves Till they walk away walk away walk away So I'm up at dawn. Putting on my shoes I just want to make a clean escape I'm leaving but I don't know where to I'm leaving but I don't know where to


BRAVEHEARTS "Bravehearted"
[Intro (Nas)] Yeahhhhh I'ma do it from back hereee What up Braveheart? what it taste like daddy? (chocolate cake nigga) Yeah that's what I'm talking about that's how it's supposed to be Life is beautiful Yo this girl tried to play me thow .. so I had to ya know .. I had to do my thing to step it up Get right with a new one .. Now I'm feeling alright so everythings all good [Chorus: Jully Black] (It's alrightttttt) Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you Baby I just got to let you know (Knowwww) Nothing ever gonna nothings ever gonna come between me and you I promise you the sun moon and stars [Verse 1: Jungle] We used to meet at the motel Heart break hotel Body hypnotic exotic as hell Got a nigga in a spell She from my dreams Girl taste good like carvelle ice cream A few tatoo's on her butter soft skin I gave my support when she had that abortion Remember I could make you warm in the winter Buy you a mink coat every december And laugh and joke about the shit we been threw Then you open your legs and say be gentle I'll try I can see they spark in your eyes It's gonna be fireworks like the fourth of july Untouchable, unbreakable, intimate, multiple orgasms .. when I be rippin it Your favorite positions, neighbours be listening, hating and wishing that our relationship end But you my brave girl [Chorus: Jully Black] [Verse 2: Wiz] Now let me tell you what I am here to do My baby girl is stuck stupid looking misserable ma keep your head up Cause ma I'm right here let's do the damn thing girl it can't be love Cause I be waiting a minute for your walk by Listen I'm lifting your legs up in the air my only vision While I'm stroking thinking about money and smoking Hoping we could do this again and again and again and again yo I feel your pain I'm leaving your mouth dry your man can't do this ma he to lame Keep him of your brain While you let me do me on you drove off as soon as I came It was evident shorty talking celebent never this I am not reverend do you hear what I'm telling you The time is now or never shortyyy screaming and yelling Yo calm down and let my comrad tell it [Verse 3: Nas - singing] Girl you look so sweet (so sweet girl) But that is what you are (what you are baby) And no one comes between (nobody) Never some moon and stars (that's right) Some come sail away with me (me and you) Cause your my Braveheart girl (Bravehearts) And will get high with each other uh huh (uh huh) [Nas - rapping] Phase one we meet and exchange numbers Phase two is day two call you for a adress to come to Day three is phase three h-e-a-d usually But cause we just met there is other interests Want to smuther with teady bears and lilly's Wine and dine you I'm a gentleman but savage behind you Know you feeling me my carrots will blind you You love me but I love liquir and bud I married tijuana [Chorus]

Sex Style

Kool Keith "Sex Style"
Yo money Yeah whassup Kool Keith? Yo that girl Kadiva gon' come to your house with.. blonde hair and boots Tell her rent a cheap room on Sunset Boulevard for $16.95 I ain't tryin to get no Madrian no Marriott or all that higher stuff Yo we can go on cheaper man I know somethin for like $10.99 man It's a hotel with roaches in it and everything It's almost near skid row [Kool Keith] Buttnaked! Girls walk Sunset with they ass out I start Cadillacs with suits, wear my mask out With brims tilted, I finger pop the whole block Make freaks wear wigs, and put the rubbres on my cock You see me out there, with big balls like Rosie Grier Players cream, I pull panties out your wet dreams Get deep in cracks, and wash em out like Mr. Clean Bring your Massengil, the public think I'm very ill Like Jimmy Z, posin naked for the FCC I'm not no basketball star, your girl watch me pee Clock me like cops, every time my sperm drops She's in my face with thongs, chewin lollipops I'll hit that butt on the low, just like Monica Play three tunes and let her blow on my harmonica I'm out here, you rollin fake in Union Square I'll make you go blonde, brunettes runnin down they hair Chorus: sung by Kool Keith (repeat 2X) Regular girl, is so boring (get out my face) Regular girl, you never turn me on (work the latex) [Kool Keith] You saw my porno flick, nutsacs banged up on your TV Your girl pulled her panties off real quick, tryin to see me She wants an autograph, a part with my anal staff You scream test for AIDS, stretch marks make me laugh Sign your contracts for Willie, smoke a big Phillie I'm too old for young girls, gigglin actin silly I'm Sugar Daddy, your aunt gon' be worried duke Your moms at my hotel, her bra is real cute Dressed in G-strings, she's scopin me, eatin fruit She licked my balls, I came like Niagara Falls Brought her tittes to Prince show instead of Lou Rawls Her pelvis grind, she smile show me pantylines I'll smack that butt, the pro spank at different times Like Max ? hardcore ? it's on the dirty floor Make you scream for stiff rods, you don't want no more Penetration, I don't do that on your menustration I want movies back, you smile, addin lubrication You know your steelo, orgies doin three people Kodak action, Black Tail, butt satisfaction You lookin good sweet cheeks.. Chorus [Kool Keith] I turned the Lakers off, you can't stop my afterparty A fifth of vodka, and latex, drink your Bacardi I serve it well through tubes and watch your rectum swell Service your clits with steel, machines keep it real Got that ramrod, that's pumpin through your back hard You be seein cum stains on Sunset Boulevard My rubber send streaks and heels off your girl's feets You not psychadelic wimp, I'm still your girl's pimp That's part interest, magnificent, mind power I got nuts that clean kill, let me take my shower Wash off my pubic, and let the females do my nails Watch naked legs in chairs and enter soft tails Wear stockin caps with maps and shoft for soft cracks Lift off your hairpeace, while milk squirts up on your weave You know my skin needs butter, your cheeks are popcorn I get deep, go run in butt like the unicorn Rodeo anus banger, quick with the middle finger Her tampons drop down between her Maxi I left tips for cocked up legs in the taxi Yo take her home cab driver, here's her panties Chorus

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