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THE JACKA lyrics - The Jacka

From The Bay

Original and similar lyrics
[Jacka] The Bay Area Yeah boy that's where I'm from I remember '85 That's when they cracked with cum A lot of niggas got gritz But most these niggas got stung With years under they belt Tryin' to feel what they felt To be the nigg Watch the ice it don't melt '86 through '88 The game got bigger We done hit the block Squatin' baby ninjas On our way to school Park my shit around the corner So fly, so cool Young nigga Brooklyn breed MC's The Bay breed drug dealers You got a youngsta that flows I got a young nigga that push coke Plus he got hoes Stay on the rope Can't understand life But grab the mic And let the track explode [Chorus: Dee Dee] And you know I'm from the Bay Muthafuckin' A-R-E-A You know what I mean No other place I'd rather be And you know I don't try to flee To another muthafuckin' state You know what I mean It wasn't thug enough for me [Jacka] On my way to the port To drop my nigga Cormega On Too $hort birthday Plus all the Figaz together The boys put us on the way To hustle up out the weather Yuk 85 turned out Hit the corner hit Then hit me on my burn out When you niggas gon' learn 'bout The muthafuckin' Bay It's superthug where I stay Frisco, North Richmond to O-A-K Central South Richmond and E-P-A Pittsburg got the coke For a price you must pay Yeah boy, believe what they say Ain't nothin' scarier than the Bay High speed everyday Adolescents tuck weapons Niggas bleed everyday You got to have heart Just to fit up where I stay And I've been everywhere Ain't nothin' thuggin' of me Yo, we live this shit That you see on T.V. (what) [Chorus] [Jacka] Fuck 'em, one time Like Hittaz On Da Payroll Hits on the street The radio don't ever play so Don't nobody know Who the real niggas is I dedicate this rap To the muthafuckin' Figz 3 X Krazy, Askari X, The Click, Mescaline, J.T. The Bigga Figga, The Gamblaz; them my niggas The Young D Boyz, Mac Mall, Never Legal, Sick Insane, Lil' Ric Mr. Braid, The Hoodfellas, Sincydal, San Quinn, Mac Dre, Willie Hen, Too $hort, Father Don, Lil' Boots, Mac Shawn, R.B.L., 11/5, Guce, Sandman, and P.O.D.E., Can't forget G-O-V And Seagram rest in peace And Rappin' Ron Rest in peace too I got my ears to the streets too This for the yay And they never could defeat you The Ghetto Starz, Big Block, and Richie Rich, 2 Pac, and 51/50 What the shit So with Digital Underground And Souls of Mischief Spice 1, Pooh Man, Dangerous Dame, and Young Cellski, C-Bo, Yukmouth, and Nutty B You out a town and study me Want me to show you How you should be You niggas thugs now But we been that And I'm the proof Cuz now it's back Where I begin at [echoes out] [Chorus x2]

About Love

J-DAWG "Behind Tint: Volume Two"
J-Dawg yea, yea... kinfolk you don't even understand I don't love the bitch nooo [Chorus:] This ain't even about love, it's the way this girl handle a thug She got a nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change On me I'm a leave you bitch. rite now you got me and it ain't Even about love it's the way this girl handle a thug, she got A nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change on me I'm a Leave you bitch. [Verse 1:] I got that jahiem bangin in my trunk, flippin through the hood Smokin on some killa feelin good. my niggas lookin at me like you On some love shit, I'm lookin like shit'd I gotta down ass bitch. I'm wakin up to grits, eggs all that good shit, she made enough for me She say she gone eat dick (nah that's love) I can't lie this hoe got my Nose wide open she say she love it when I'm high so she keep me smokin. (Fire) and I don't know wea she get it from, but everytime I come the hoe Know she betta have some. at frist I thought the bitch was tryna be Slick, it took about an hour for me to peep the shit. the girls green It's a blessin from god, she's been prayin for something real she had a Broken heart and at least she find peace in mind, she say if I neva Change she gone always stay down and I believe this bitch. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Rite now you got me, a sucka ass nigga? not me, see that I'll neva Eva eva be, but what you will see is a buncha "g" shit like all That wipe me down you ain't seen shit. I come up ot the bricks so I learned from the best, got yung hogg tatted on yo neck and Yo breast. ask me I'm I impressed I'm like bitch yes nah get yo ass Out so I can get my rest. now I'm ready to get it gone take of yo Clothes damn you the shit girl you killa them hoes forreal doe. It's hard for me to show my feelins, but shit'd you can tell look at How I'm chillen everyday. makin it my business and fuck them otha bitches My nigga my witness, I ain't fuckin with shit. might meet a couple Of hoes chill and get blowed then fuck around and get some head That's it I swear. [Chorus]

This 's For You

GETO BOYS "Till Death Do Us Part"
Big Mike: This goes out to you H-O-Es Swangin on the nuts of us motherfuckin Gs You ain't never seen a nigga like me baby Big Mike aka Big D D Big dick daddy Droppin you hoes in a sec Bustin nut after nut on your motherfuckin back If your nigga wants to make love to you, cool let a nigga know Cause a nigga like myself just wana fuck you hoe And if you don't want him to know I won't snitch You can be his girl but you know you'll always be my bitch My freak my hoe my tramp my moneymaker Keep yo bitch right or a nigga like myself will take a smooth Off the S-L-A-B And why you trippin you know your bitch will be rollin with me So to ladies and everyone throughout your crew Give a smile in the mean watch out This dick is for you Chorus: I, bitch I just want to fuck you Dick, sucked the whole nigh through Ass, licked as if i was a star This dick is for you baby Wherever you are, hey Bushwick: Bitches I scoop them up like jacks Stack them like racks and send them home with their pussy off tracks Cause they be figuring me to be a light weight But if it gets to be in the bed than that's ok Cause when I get them, I'm doin damage to that pussy hole Not only do I fuck the body, but I fuck the soul What other nigga do you know that can handle this Hijack the pussy from the back and dismantle it It sounds kind of difficult, but it ain't The only difficulty that occurs is when the pussy's stank Cause then I'm a have to send you home and throw you in a ditch Or leave you for the garbage man you unsanitary bitch So spread your legs wide open boo And let a nigga like me get down, cause this dick is for you Chorus: Scarface: Bitches say i talk bad cause I'm real And to me expressin myselfis tellin a bitch just how I feel I had a couple of women in my life but yo In 1992 I realized that they was hoes Cause hoes will straight up do hoe shit Bitches even more shit And ladies will give you no shit So I kicked back and played the hand that i was dealt Pete gave me the mix and let these hookers play themself Cause 80 percent of the bitches I meet ain't shit but money bandits I front like i'm givin them?? To dickin that ass and leavin them standin But for women, I got a better tactic cause I love them They come to Mr. Brad cause their mistreated by their husbands So I hook up shit to make it right Just call me tonight And I'll make sure that everything runs tight Cause if he don't appreciate you boo The way that I do You need to let him run back to his crew Cause he don't understand what you goin through But regardless to who I screw This dick is for you Chorus:


(feat. Twista) [Shawnna] Shawnna kick hot shit for bitches that got they baby daddies locked in the pen' gone; fittin to rock cause he did wrong Run up on the cops and he hit 'em with the glock with his wig gone Sellin rock on the big phone In the projects niggaz run up on your set with the tech' out Leave you wet with you chest out Killer niggaz realer niggaz have a nigga fill a never realer nigga Drill a nigga fuckin with a villian never spill a nigga Fuck that! Nigga bust back, we in the 'Llac Me and my bitches all strapped Puffin the sack and we be sippin on 'gnac Fittin to react, and pop a nigga for them stacks (OOH-OOOH!) Niggaz I'm with they put the fifth to your whole melon Now with the murderers are known felons I gotta pop a nigga drop a nigga rock a nigga shock a nigga Lock a nigga fuck a nigga, cop the floppin nigga Roll for my bitches that be droppin in the strip clubs Tryin get 'em a lil' somethin If you gotta take it off, take it off like a boss for the big ones Then you get you a big gun Motherfuckers from the Chi like to put it yo' eye if it's on bitch Put it straight to yo' dome heads Now you fuckin with them gangsters, ballers, hoes, hustlers Bangers - niggaz that with them real motherfuckers like whoa! [Chorus 2X: Ludacris] It's real real - on the block I been up for days I gotta keep the steel steel - in case a nigga wanna get in the way So now what's the deal deal On the street you got nothin to say So when I see him I'ma get him (WHAT!) drill him (WHAT!) Fill him fill him (WHAT WHAT!) [Twista] Twista kick hot shit for hoes and thugs in ghettoes and clubs that get crunk; for my homies locked down to whoever hurtin in the hood and ballers with 22's on big trucks To my thugs that call over to they mob And to the hustlers that be servin hydro and cocaine To my niggaz that ain't hoes; if they have to they will steal a nigga touch a nigga check a nigga cut a nigga Pull the trigger bust a nigga, yellow motherfucker nigga Ready to fill and spill a drink, I'm drunk go and weed it up And I'm talkin about go like I'm smokin the bone full of some shit that damn sho' wouldn't seed it up Got you fillin the hole then go see your body probably reanimated with all my Legit Ballaz rollin up Up the streets stuffed the beats So you see them Navigators, Escalades, Benzes, Beamers, Excursions - bumpin systems TV's and them 20's spinnin Mob for them niggaz that done up off them hard times K-Town, West side, South side Murder us for the money that's why I'm known to kick a hard rhyme Whatever set you represent throw it up If you buck or crunk then take yo' motherfuckin shirt off Dealers get your work off; you wanna party full of hustle niggaz killer niggaz gangsta niggaz chill niggaz Baller niggaz thug niggaz player haters real niggaz [Chorus] [Shawnna] I'ma kick hot shit for bitches up in the industry tryin to compete me I'm from the hood South side, West side where niggaz'll put a motherfuckin slug in my enemy Motown, Pucketown, do or die The difference between a motherfuckin thug and a gangsta One's thug in a chamber Get a nigga stick a nigga put him in a ditch and then forget a nigga Hit a nigga puck a nigga little with the rocker nigga Puff that say you love that We in the 'Llac and put the lemon in the 'gnac Remy and sacks that got me scummy in the back Puffin the raps that got me layin out slacks and it's speakin like, 'Wow, that, blunt let me hit the weed' Cause I been feelin like fuck a nigga bust a nigga Shawnna never love a nigga Chi about to show the motherfuckers how to rush a nigga Crush that put it on momma On everything I got e'rything for the drama, puff marijuana To the Shawnna and put it on ya Flows who you froze in a comma We so relentless, you know Chi up in the business Flows in yo' dome in an instance Hoes and them folks and the Mo's and the ki's and the fo's and the BD's and lows and the fiends and the hoes and God! [Chorus - repeat 2X]

Poker In The Sky

JOE BUDDEN "Some Love Lost"
Just trying to explain the unexplainable More than trying to attain the unattainable Trying to make it sustainable Collecting all the parts, see if they interchangeable Killing me slow, but I'm glad it's entertaining you Everyday it amaze me The same thinking that pay me the same thinking that plagues me How can I think I'm crazy? Sway me Cause to profit off of shit that aches me is actually pretty wavy I'm painting the perfect picture Only perfect cause the imperfections are highlighted To gross currency off of that kinda sickness Changes the meaning of mind my business Giving what was given to me So the soldiers come over unsober And call me Yoda instead of Joseph I be like "why they come to me for advice?" They should really come to me for a vice I got 'em all Got a counter full of liquor, pocket full of pills The illusion of control, I can tell you how it feels Accounts full of paper and the women I play with All got criminal bodies, innocent faces Come around and we have a ball, could have it all Well, I ran out of Adderall, but that's a matter of a call, check it Odds is they start telling me they hardships Regardless, they end up wanting hard dick, aww shit You would think they been ordained Got her legs in the air, she screaming the Lord's name I'm feeding her more game, more game, more game I started fucking her mind, that's when all them thoughts came She keep saying if I want her I should fight for her My plight for her says I don't know if I'm right for her Even so know there's a fire I ignite for her Staring at her ceiling, seeing me like I'm a nightcrawler It's like she love me, but she don't That's when she lose me, that's when she confuse me It's what I get appalled with, can't call it She think I should remove her hurt since I installed it But I wish she knew I was returned 2 birds Feel it hurt me more knowing I hurt you Even though it exists I don't ever bring it up We don't be doing nothing, but it's everything to us Presently she bring up the past and it's filthy You not talking to who I was or who I will be But that's my own assignment You want to take all the feelings and the time spent And give it realignment Check the catalog, lateral God I self-sabotage, I'd explain further, but I'd rather not Salute, on me, everybody have a shot I do it for the niggas they said wouldn't have a shot But some days are better than some days Still yet here I stand on numb legs Women don't give a fuck that I have these scars I'm fucking the same hoes that the athletes are What a rollercoaster, we argued and we sexed Face in her box, James Harden in her texts Nigga from the Clippers every morning text her "good morning" She be sleep, he just be talking to me, my nigga None of this is a pain to see I only care about her if she pertains to me Shit I'm tending to emergencies with urgency That urge in me is my daily fight in her purging me Fuck hoes, I ain't got time to be sprung now Grandpa's cancer just made it to his lungs now In 2012, docs gave him few months; wild He's alive somehow, outlived 2 sons, wow So no the observation Says he'll die quicker with chemo and radiation He ain't strong enough to even go through operation Know that death's coming, he just in the house waiting So you telling me there ain't a way to fix the shit? Or is grandpa too old for you to give a shit? Let's switch the shit, give you my predicament Wonder how you would feel if I was telling yours live with it And it's traveling to his heart soon Of course it all hit me like a harpoon I was in shock and then it was all clearer When he called me and asked me to be his pallbearer I was floored But then the next second was back To being self-centered, self-absorbed And it became about me, fought it off long enough I could help carry your weight, but I ain't strong enough But why do I have to be? This the shit I be naturally asking me, I'm such a catastrophe See me breaking down with my father in back of me So for me to attend, I'm trying to think of a strategy But I'm happy for my dad He was incarcerated, but his mama didn't make it So for him to get that chance again with you Means the world, he could be there til it end for you and me I bleed out through this pen for you Can't carry this around, gotta vent, it's due Cause now, grandpa'll be closer to his wife Have cards when I come, we playing poker in the sky

Only One Way Up

JIM JONES "On My Way To Church"
[Jim Jones] We set them presidents, to get them presidents Over the ones that are dead, we'll put guns to your head Put dots on your loaf like you was wonder the bread Sheek, Zeke, Hell Rell, and I got some in the Feds I contradict what ever the government says For them boys on my back wit them bugs by my bed They still thinkin' that we coppin' sellin raw Tryin' to put us through them Rico and them Rockefeller' laws I'm in LA the top down the pedals floored Wit a hot stiletto whore, suck my cock tell the law For all you faggots I see past all your cheap stares Nowadays I see my past from a beach chair I the fellin' so relaxed and refreshin' when chillin' A total change from movin crack off the steps of the buildin's Rollin wit gangs in the back of the ' jects where the killin' In Park Ave. where young Chris body found A number is all to add to task body count Watch it boy they'll show you how that shotty bounce, bounce [Juelz] I'm the most incredible, to ever do what you cats'll never do, or be able to I'm ahead of you, cause I spit like I never ate, and if I did then I'm just never full Stop the hoe jokes, I'm not a homo, better believe I'll cock the 4-4 I ain't Mexican, but I'll stretch your man, yes I am a fuckin' vato loco I went from the pot with cocoa To the block with cocoa To gettin' locked, catchin' a charge dealin' wit the cops and cocoa Now I'm just hot like cocoa You can catch me on the block, being watched, in a drop The same color as chocolate cocoa I done walked in the street, with so much raw in my sneaks God dam, got home and had corns on my feet I see the lord when I sleep, and often he speaks He says Juelz you better than all of these creeps So I got all my shit light, got on my shit right Not a lot of thems this nice But the games funny so I gotta do shit right So to the ball drop, and the world blow up, I'm a twirl shit up Until my peeps come home, Zeke come home, better believe I'm a keep on beastin' on [Cam'Ron] Where should I began our pompous A thousand wins accomplished Known throughout the atlas, honest been accomplished You'll be abolished Men, children, women astonished The Don is the one, jewelry way beyond it Chunky blessed on the chest Funky S when I dress Thunder storm damn Monkey wrenching' her fresh But I cope wit the rain, mad I can't float with my dame, down to the coastal wit caine Maine, my boat is a plane I land on the water, here I go boastin' again I keep toast, give a toast, inhale smoke for the pain Girls gone wild, nope They goin' insane All doped off the fame Jump rope with my chain Now thats off the chain, Ma take off your chain the 40 will off your brain, kids will be lost and claimed Cause of Walton James, now in the orphan game Whether adoption or foster its all the same Jim's the rider of riders JR's the writer of writers Juelz you know him well, hell he the fire of fire I'm the supplier, baffled thats the hustler Trife got a knife for that apple inside your jugular The Big Apple, I tackle all the customers Put it on the apple at the castle, come and fuck with us And further more, got the birds of raw, I deserve a tour Hey, hey holla' back, swallow that Thats murda' whore In a Persian turban, swervin', that Suburban mergein', curvin', herb in the air Yeah, yeah I'm hurtin y'all See I crash and cop it, mash and mop it, blast a rocket Natural born hustler, yeah crack I stocked it Now my drugs are legal, so just pass the profit Three months alone Sizzurp will smash the ' Notic We them B boys in one year a quarter billion Here come the clothin' line, I got your order children And thats more than illin' Long as the Lord is willin' I'm a pour in millions, so applaud a villain Killa

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