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THE JACKA lyrics - The Jack Artist

Barney (More Crime) (Remix)

Original and similar lyrics
[Jacka talking] Feelin' the pain baby You know what I'm sayin'? You want some of that pain Super Silver haze Some of that purple stuff Purple boy [Jacka] Smokin' a stick of that Barney But not the purple dinosaur That shit that niggaz dyin' for Shit my niggaz ridin' on Sav wit the windows up See the smoke pour out Soon as I open the door Soon as I go to the store Voices like "Whoa! Who got it?" "You know who got it nigga." Summertime comin' up Can't breathe without it Bring the Hpnotiq Bring the heam Mix that shit that turn green Now break down the purple It's softly rough Milwaukee Bucks I'm from the place where they grow that stuff You got your girl in the clutch Just give me a light I'll take that bitch If she ain't give me head all night [Chorus x2] Sellin' dope is cool But rap is on my mind It's hard to do them both And get my bread at the same time High as fuck off purple Man I'm out my mind Gotta grab my strap Boy it's time to do some more crime [Jacka] And all my hoes say "Jack, you're my soul inspiration" Even though your soul crack across the nation" Caught the cases kept me quiet like meditation I say "baby I'm just really wastin' A lot of breath on you for the sport You think I'm nice but that's really not me I live the that you never gon' see Niggaz fight, they don't war like me It's the last of my kind There's no more like me Trynna make it on the street Is like swimmin' through the sea Trynna make it to the other side of life" My young nigga say he tired of life And now realize he addicted to the white Got sucked up by the war Trynna make things right, right He said [echoes] "It's rainin' outside and the difference between Us is a white bus wit cages inside When I come home Still face the cop cars wit gauges inside Yo on the real it's yo rap is what kept me alive" [Chorus x2] [Jacka] He said [echoes] "How could I change I don't know shit War on the streets niggaz trippin' over old shit Fuck it make the coke flip I'm a drug dealer but my father is a cold pimp It look good but ain't cool like cold shrimp" Back in the bay Allah who Akbar didn't understand what he meant Didn't force it on me for that He and my closest homie All my dean I'm in the life of crime Allah is always on my mind All the filth, all the crime I see straight through it There the hood go Let's scrape through it Gotta be a real nigga just to make music where I'm from nigga Sellin' dope is cool But rap is on my mind Sellin' dope is cool But rap is on my mind It's hard to do them both And get my bread at the same time It's hard to do them both And get my bread at the same time [Chorus x2]


We come from fords and expeditions Slangin' papers with ambition Cause back in my younger day That's just how we make a living That's how I was taught to grind Learnt to hustle from my moms That's the G shit and the G simply stands for grind (Grind; Grind; Grind; Grind; Grind) I'mma drop this shit for the hell of it Cause I'm outchea grindin' can't tell me shit People ask why you took so long, how you go so strong Cause it's timing in all this shit When a nigga try to let his past go, he be reminded of all his shit Niggas don't go as hard as I do, I be fighting for all that I get I gotta question why you hatin' on me? Cause I'm probably grindin' his bitch Everybody who was checkin' for a nigga and was reppin' for a nigga I appreciate your prayers I respect you my nigga, a lot of these lames jept hatin' on a nigga When I took a little fall you was steppin' on a nigga, if you keep it one hundred then I salute you my nigga If I see you comin' for me, I'll shoot you my nigga, but you're grindin' like I got something to prove my nigga Bet you couldn't walk a mile in my shoes my nigga A lot of my niggas ain't here this year I cry for all my niggas, love everybody in my squad, I'd die for all them niggas I give a fuck about all these rumors Cause the truth will never be in them And they love to see when I'm losin' So they hate to see when I'm winnin' That decked out house on the hill, I'm in it Only 22 but I'm 'bout my business If there's a million dollar club, I'm in it Determined to get it so this shit don't phase me Even though I'm me, I see no competition I refuse to be defeated A lot of these niggas ain't working at all I chase this check for my family and all I just got out of a coma and it showed me that when God is for me no weapon can hold me That's why I go hard for N.O. and my homies And I pay homage for niggas before me Who came back and told me go hard like Ginobili and grind for all of this shit Doctor told me I'm exhausted and shit Can't stop now I'm never gone quit Not until I see my mama not wanting for nothing And I see my brothers just livin' for a livin' And I see my squad spending money like it's nothing That's why I'm grinding everyday to make a way because We come from fords and expeditions Slangin' papers with ambition Cause back in my younger day That's just how we make a living That's how I was taught to grind Learnt to hustle from my moms That's the G shit and the G simply stands for grind I'mma drop this shit for the hell of it Cause I'm outchea grindin' can't tell me shit

You Made Me

Harlem World "The Movement"
[Featuring Carl Thomas Nas] [Mase] Let's get it on [Carl Thomas] 1 You made me You made me You made me the way I am today You're the reason why I live how I live Cuz you made me the way I am [Huddy Comb] First of all I was the worst of all The first born took my first breath it was on And thanks to my moms and some help from Nickie Bonds I was raised in ways of a Don they gas me like Exxon Had me dealin' with ex cons, frontin' with they Rolex on Get sexed on a regular basis, grown women puttin' they faces In all the wrong places, molesting me, now you see why my destiny Was fucked up cuz my recipe But I blame my mother cuz I can't blame no other And that's how my game was discovered My mom was a sucker, did that bullshit to my brother But no matter what, I'mma love her She gave me life, even though she got high undercover If she die, I can't find me another But look what you made me Repeat 1 [Meeno] Yeah, you made me this way, since the day I was born When you slid on that crap shit, launch the strong 'Fore long, I realized the same old song Never cat with then bounce on his kids and his spouse At the beginning, I knew my pops just had to be kidding He's coming back any day, he wouldn't leave us that way But anyway, the time got longer, my anger got stronger It's no time to wonder the money I hunger Without a blunder, I vowed to be all I could be Started running guns O.T., me and my code D. Leave from the backstreets of A-T-L to N-Y-C When the gunspot got hot, I switched to the D When the D spot got hot, I went low key Now that Harlem World spot hot, and I'm on TV I don't need no fake calls from yo' ass at all Just leave me the way you left me and watch me ball Repeat 1 [Nas] What, what, uh You the reason And I thank you, what Check it out Yo, yo, stormy night, September '73 Would you believe what my mom recieved from heaven was me? Second from me, my younger brother desperate as me We see the world alike, type of girls he likes, the girls I like The shit that make him mad, it make me hype, bug like that Share the same blood like that, grew up around thugs poppin' and shit Cardboard boxes of shit, dirt bikes But now we hoppin' whips and merc, right? Money's my birthright, my righteous birth so I floss It's up to you to look inside yourself, see what's yours Consecutive times, New Year's Eve, light off nines in the skylines Imaginary graves, poor the Henney on it Share with my dogs who's here, cuz there's so many gone Yeah, Meeno, Ill Will, all my people Big Stretch, we'll never forget, our Lord keeps you Until we meet again, through my pen y'all can speak through, uh Repeat 1

Thou Shall Not Fall

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Verse 1] Look I'm on a war path Tell the opposition Naw keep it to your self, I'm my only competitions But keep the hate coming I love the criticism But understand I'm successful by my own admission I never had shit But a bad bitch Naw let me stop lying mostly they was average If you'd say my voice would be heard by the masses A dust head nigga from jerz I wouldn't grasp it Questions you can ask it Teamed up with the classics Working on a classic, smash hits, and that's it Maybe niggas thought my knees gonna buckle Newport in my mouth with two g's on the buckle Got more now then them few g's when I hustle Spanish broad with them two d's like I love you But sexy lady it was nice to know you gotta move on They can't chink my armor a nigga to strong I think niggas is shady but the proofs gone I put the jewls on case fools thought it was gone you've been warned [Verse 2] I tried to told dudes way back in 02 That eventually the game would go back to being soul food I mean soulful while everything is woeful I try to stay fresh like whole foods on the pro tool But Mista F-A-B wanna mention him Fell the fuck off I won't mention him Only respect one Fab and I'm friends with him Phonte back out I guess nigga pumped sense in him They when in pumped slugs in my little brother But dog I still love little brother This other guy ain't know whose dude Got glued to you tube I hit jin asked him if he digested his food smooth How you beef with Joey did queer with out ears to say he ain't show out of fear Heclif ain't scared of the old me The nerve of the young fork Yosemite Sam is getting gun hoe Nigga bank account got one o He could snort lines with his dick and won't come dope They stringing you along Don't take it and try to jump rope Dog this how you know you shouldn't feel glory Cause I ain't even show and end up being the story I'm sorry [Verse 3] Mic check I need it to be known I'm grown I'm on some next shit I'm thinking oil money, Texas Not a necklace You gotta to shot at mom dukes Before the techs spit I don't go out looking for drama like the feds did Music with a message But I'm no back packer Some vengefulness in me But I'm no back stabber No baller in the strip clubs I'm throwing cash at her I'm trying to help shorty and her goals attach faster Was insecure growing up Niggas laughed at her Now she things she got some self worth because her ass' fatter I told her give yourself the hay suss so Next time that chain you up you can brake through those Nigga call you out your name mommy break dude nose Gotta get you where you going might take you slow Maybe bend But never let'em make you fold Except your short coming baby They gone make you whole I'm gone


CYPRESS HILL "Stoned Raiders"
[B-Real] It's been a while now Been around the block many miles Many faces, many places that I found friend's traces Where I spend time, places where my roam Places I can call home Places I can get stoned I just wanna be alone When I'm feelin' in my zone People want to knock me down 'cos they never have their own They won't get the best of me But they try hopelessly Why you wanna fuck wit' me I'm not, what you s'posed to be You could not give a DAMN Coulda just Killed A Man Sawed off in my hand But I had to kill the plan Think I've found my piece of mind Feet planted on the ground I just had to redefine, what I thought to myself It all goes around me and others who would down me Who I don't give a fuck about, Trouble always found me, I know used to welcome it with my arms open wide, Trouble's hand's on the door, but it can't come INSIDE! [Chorus 1 : B Real (repeat 2x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! You want trouble, c'mon, You want trouble You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Sen Dog] Trouble on the line, all the fuckin' time Got me contemplatin' the solution, the fusion my wicked mind Got suckers that hate me but it don't really matter I'm like a gat when I bust, niggas run and scatter Movin' in circles, throwin' elbows and fists You got to be a real nigga in the Cypress Hill pen Like the critics talkin' shit, but I'm not concerned A hundred G's for sixty minutes is the bank I earn I try to put it to you () so you bitches can learn That no-body get tired when it's time to burn With so many phonies out there a lot of you have been fooled In to actually believin' that some shit is cool Take the blinders off and go look for yourself Fuck hearin' about shit from somebody else I'm down for myself, I back up myself Put in all on the line make sure that I'M FELT! [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [B-Real] Nooooo! [scratching interlude] [B-Real] Look, the wall's closin' in and my shoe's wearin' thin Had to be the biggest clown that you couldn't comprehend Some hated on my game, said I wouldn't be the same Called me 'Rock Superstar', 'Insane In The Brain' But I know I haven't changed So I brush you to the side Trouble's knockin' on the door, askin' jus' to come inside 'times I gotta block it out, no-one likes to talk it out Trouble keeps comin' and I can't seem to lock it out Got my hands on the phone, I don't wanna have to talk If you're feelin (), son, then I guess you gotta jump I can see it in your eyes, you don't seem to recognise I wouldn't fall into your trap, for many lives to compromise I'm not fallin' for your shit, you ain't gonna take me there You can talk all you want, but I don't got your () [Chorus 1 (Repeat 2x)] [Chorus 2: B-Real {Sen Dog} (Repeat 4x)] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, TROUBLE'S NOT MY GOOOOOOOOOOAL! {You want trouble right now C'mon You want trouble right now C'mon} [B-Real] You want trouble, c'mon You want trouble [Repeat 4x]

Love Me, Hate Me

JA RULE "Rule 3:36"
Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Do you love me, do you hate me Yeah, yeah This world loves me, this world loves me not I'm torn between the best of both cuz I'm hot In this game so brittely, literaly I got niggaz wanna riddle me, get rid of me R-U-L-E, need I say more World, hope y'all prepared for the chaos Cuz y'all want the beast in me, so I'ma give it Paint pictures vivid, live high as a spirit Y'all can all jump in it That's what you might as well do If you gonna live life timid And I ain't never been intiminated Believe me, and I don't wanna fuckin breath easy I wanna make it hard for these niggaz So when they can't stand me I'ma make it so these niggaz can't feed they family Now do you love me, or do you hate me C'mon and get me, I keep it off safety [Chorus] Do you love me Do you hate me Ready or not Here I come There's nuthin but love spread between me and my niggaz We bust guns together and fuck so many bitches But I know that Hell is callin In the name of the lord just let a nigga in Cuz I ain't done nuthin wrong, but love thy self And harm other niggaz that wanna stop my health Is that healthy Cuz love'll never be hand over hand It's man versus man It's Murda If I'm gonna be hated or to be loved I prefer ta live wild and die from slugs What you want from me Lord I'm only a human Tho I bear your name, I'm a devil in chains Release me, cuz Lord only knows it ain't easy When I'm scarred for life, I know that he sees me Now do you love me nigga Or do you hate me nigga C'mon and get me I'm waiting nigga [Chorus x2] Y'all just wanna watch me rise, then watch me fall Before it's all done I'ma die from it all I might OD in a club off drugs like River Phoenix Or get shot down like BIG and Pac for my genius I know this worlds seen it before, and here I come I know y'all fiendin for more, and I'm not done As long as I can run through current like state times Keep up a sane mind, and hand on my iron, I'ma blast off mine Look in the eyes of a nigga who seldomely cries I got a beautiful wife and kids, why me Y'all cats choose cash and cribs, why me If this good livin Lord, why me When I live so dirty yet I'm worthy to be Number one, the world's only begotten son Here I come [Chorus x4] Do you love me Do you hate me Do you love me Do you hate me Here I Come

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