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THE JACKA lyrics - Tear Gas

Callin' My Name

Original and similar lyrics
[Intro: Mistah F.A.B] This song goes out to all the hustlas out there Trying to leave the game you know It keep callin they name [Verse 1: Mistah F.A.B] When I wake up in the morning you know what I see? The world is the ghetto smoking on " D" my lil cuzzin thirteen strung out on "E" Can't blame him his mamma on "C" Uh O-K-E 27 but she look like a old lady grind grind fuck working at old navy Rather slang girl and make the world go crazy Who am I? mayne ain't no betta just a yung nigga lost tryna get this chedda Starring out the window wishing on a shooting star Tryna get dumb money go and buy a stupid car Pray to lord trying to heal my flaws hollin to the heavens hope he hear my calls Wana leave the game but I'm stuck and I'm trapped so I call on my nigga jack [Chorus:] Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name [Verse 2: The Jacka] This rap shit will have you on a hole 300 kick a black nigga down a hole like 300 Twist an 8th in the backwood boy and breathe on it down to ma list key Bout to copp a quarter kick all the real niggas see I'm still out there They like he rappin but I'm trappin I'm a real nightmare White tee's blue jeans nikes all I wear lost a nigga to a gunshot I've been there Killed a nigga for a small amount life ain't fair coke white leather seats 40 glock under there catch a sucka in a traffic and I'm aiming at his head Ran back to the game became a millionaire hit a lick on my connect I got so much shit for sale I'm on my nigga nextel bout to take the streets back Rainbow fish scale coke feel is all I know Islam help me let It go when times get hard It's the game that I'm running to many nigga dies from the "D" that runnin though What would the profit do so I maksallah got the world in my palms Something about the streets got my heart and my mind Up with beasts fuck school I'm on the grind got slapp in the benz My nigg let's ride around fresh out the lab with the new shit nigga check out the sounds [Verse 3: Mistah F.A.B] Man I'm riddin gettin tacked pro-meth in ma cup chain in my stomach Strapped near the gut paranoid can't lie been throught it all Still here another year yea I made it dawg trying to get further without getting murdered Moms words brought me ain't trying to disturb her I got a good girl but I really don't deserve her cause I'm out here doing shit that's unheard of Trying to do right but wrongs so easy lied soo much when I'm right she don't believe me Gotta stay strapped niggaz jack for the bling So I ride with the jack cause he stay on his thing Giving me game so I could survive in this game he said he trying to leave but it keeps Callin his name looked him in the eye And said "bruh it do the same shits fucking with my brain I need a change" [Chorus: x2] Trying to leave the game but it keeps calling my name

$hut Up!!!

[Hook x2: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)] We gon' fuck this bitch up We gon' tear this shit down (I'm rollin' weed straight off this bitch, nigga) We gon' fuck this bitch up We gon' tear this shit down (Fuckin' 'round with that, nigga) We gon' fuck this bitch up We gon' tear this shit down (A hundred shots to the head, nigga) We gon' fuck this bitch up We gon' tear this shit down (I wouldn't fuck with that, nigga) [Verse 1: Travis Scott] AHHHHHHHHHH But you don't hear me though Skinny young nigga in the cameo Doin' big runs at the liquor store AHHHHHHHHHH Let me in this bitch Hit the back door, I'm feelin' it Fresher than a motherfucker, killin' it Have a little taste of the Black Ace Lean with the Sprite, turn a little grape When I'm on the screen with the double O theme Live a dream, latest beam did a scene Better duck, better duck when a nigga buck Shooters at your house, 'bout to light it up Haven't seen the last niggas in about a month Kickin' down your door, don't give a fuck Bounce in this bitch, bounce like you've been to the N.O. Hookah flavors got these niggas turned into bitches, lil' hoes And the hood niggas are them to watch Run up the block, grabbin' that heat from the rocks And your party like boom!, don't care what your party like boom! And then we gon' burn the roof [Hook x2: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)] [Verse 2: Trinidad James] I said fuck it, I went in nigga, and I lost it I said fuck it, I went in nigga, and I bought it Security let me through before I act a fool, pussy Security let me through before I act a fool Don't pat me down, nigga, I might Pacquiao the next I say don't even laugh when I'm passin' y'all niggas I say pull out the strap, and blast for y'all niggas I say pull out the strap, and blast for your face I'm a flashy young nigga, I be flexin' on niggas I say your bitch, she showed me them titties Her nigga into crime, he say he 'on't like him I say aww shit, that nigga 'bout to fight [Hook x2: Trinidad James (Travis Scott)]

About Love

J-DAWG "Behind Tint: Volume Two"
J-Dawg yea, yea... kinfolk you don't even understand I don't love the bitch nooo [Chorus:] This ain't even about love, it's the way this girl handle a thug She got a nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change On me I'm a leave you bitch. rite now you got me and it ain't Even about love it's the way this girl handle a thug, she got A nigga like man I need this shit, but if you change on me I'm a Leave you bitch. [Verse 1:] I got that jahiem bangin in my trunk, flippin through the hood Smokin on some killa feelin good. my niggas lookin at me like you On some love shit, I'm lookin like shit'd I gotta down ass bitch. I'm wakin up to grits, eggs all that good shit, she made enough for me She say she gone eat dick (nah that's love) I can't lie this hoe got my Nose wide open she say she love it when I'm high so she keep me smokin. (Fire) and I don't know wea she get it from, but everytime I come the hoe Know she betta have some. at frist I thought the bitch was tryna be Slick, it took about an hour for me to peep the shit. the girls green It's a blessin from god, she's been prayin for something real she had a Broken heart and at least she find peace in mind, she say if I neva Change she gone always stay down and I believe this bitch. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Rite now you got me, a sucka ass nigga? not me, see that I'll neva Eva eva be, but what you will see is a buncha "g" shit like all That wipe me down you ain't seen shit. I come up ot the bricks so I learned from the best, got yung hogg tatted on yo neck and Yo breast. ask me I'm I impressed I'm like bitch yes nah get yo ass Out so I can get my rest. now I'm ready to get it gone take of yo Clothes damn you the shit girl you killa them hoes forreal doe. It's hard for me to show my feelins, but shit'd you can tell look at How I'm chillen everyday. makin it my business and fuck them otha bitches My nigga my witness, I ain't fuckin with shit. might meet a couple Of hoes chill and get blowed then fuck around and get some head That's it I swear. [Chorus]

M.A.F.I.A. Land

LIL' KIM "Hardcore"
[Lil' Kim] Yeah....uhh In the M.A.F.I.A.'s Land ya'll Where loyalty is everything [*thunder sounds*] The M.A.F.I.A. forgives but never forgets Let me tell you In the MAFIA's land where there's one boss and one clan Yes mans they surround us like steaks in pans All 'em wanna be the man right hands wash the left hands Loyalty's priority in this fam Where life's initiated ain't no givin' it back Once you in it like Bennet you'll soon be lieutenant Like me the Don Juan Miss Yvonne the sweat-a the money gett-a Copin mad cheddar Stevie's all Wondering how I got in this position One day Frank was fishin' for competition expidition Number one, his name is Barry Madanno Push the phat Milano '96 mission cost ya barizano I lay gently in the Bently through binoculars he seemed popular Givincci socks Cartier coolats H-class rocks and charms like Bohemians Sick like lukemians, receding hairlines Watch how genuine his gold mine decline When Frank pops the wine, I cocks the nine Niggas peeped it from behind and slipped their clips in quick One chick named Nick thought she was the shit Tried to play Big Poppa, don't worry Minutes before I dropped her the blow! blow! blow! Like a parol-e the bitch violated So how you like it coffins or creameted [chorus:] There ain't a day in my life that rolls by That I don't get high, sit back and won't cry I used to roll hard with tons of bitches But now it's just me and my niggas, whah [repeat] [Lil' Kim] Street murders, thug parasites We official no fake gators Coppin' fire arms with dug missles We leavin scar tissue That nigga Barry still aggy about that slut Mob nigga what! threw the gang sign up The nigga chuckles, just slip the loot On my belt buckles and cracked his middle nuckles Damn how could a deal for a couple mill Result to such violence And throw our whole shit off balance Yet still, they pat me down from all angles Trapped inside this devil's triangle Like Bo I had the Jangles And movin' slow to slide up on these Mexicans One cross eyed and hunchbacked The other must be mixed with black The third nigga had missin' teeth and tatto tear drops Long hair, chest for like a bag of rocks Before this chops I grabbed the keys to locks, the jewels and the rocks The cream in the box, etc. etc. etc. and it don't stop I got away with everything, the cash and the stash [chorus:] [Lil' Kim] So now I'm titled mission acomplished My man was astonished He looked as if there was a foul aroma in the air Stinkin! I know what this nigga thinkin' Damn she's too little, too pretty, too quiet The bitch is hired, mob's wife for life Diamond heist with Trife, contracts on your life We increase the price, uuhh So guess who the bitch is, but for now I be the mistress [chorus:]

I'm Serious Remix

(feat. Youngbloodz, Pastor Troy) [talking] This some of that Ghet-O-Vision shit man FUCK these niggaz, WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! (C'mon, c'mon, c'mon) yeah (C'mon, c'mon, c'mon) yeah, uhh Serious mayne... (yeah) This shit gets serious mayne... (I'm tellin ya shawty) Serious mayne... (ah ah, ya ya yea) This shit gets serious mayne... (ah ah, ya ya yea) Serious mayne (ah c'mon, ah ya ya yea) This shit gets serious mayne (aight, let's do it shawty tell 'em) [Hook - 2X] ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne! ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne! ATTENTION!!! - Let's get serious mayne! ATTENTION!!! - Ah wha-wha ah what WHAAAT! [T.I.] I'm goin in with funny niggas in the A The killas with the case, and now the niggas with the yea' All my niggas, where ya stay? Westside to Decatur, ah hey-ya, fuck ya wooden eight I lay you down if I got a thirty-shot in my Impala I'm a 3rd bred Bankhead, Roll Park scholar From a house with no father, school - why bother? That's why I call myself the King of the South Well nigga, ah you don't want what I'm break out the house Ah so I, strongly suggest you keep my name out ya mouth Before I, be in ya house tapin ya spouse to the couch And put a, hole in her blouse, I don't play young nigga Remember me from back in the day young nigga One more thing, fuck what you done heard 'bout Atlanta We finna break the standards, rubber bands instead of platinum I'm a hustler, not a rapper We gangstas, y'all some actors We finna turn this chapter, your spot is what I'm after I'm serious!! [Hook - 2X] [J-Bo] See I got the answers to all ya quest-ions (come on) From A-B to C, best learn your less-ons (-ons...) Cuz I'm so damn serious, it'll leave yo' ass stunned In the back and we packin on all who flex-un Like Redrum, it's bloody and ugly, who want some? Now put your middle fingers up until it's all done (it's all done) Cuz we ain't takin much of nothin but bash-un On all who attempt, intentions we blast-un [Sean Paul] I gut 'em, I roll 'em, I smoke 'em, and I pass 'em I serve 'em, deliver, walk up on 'em and blast 'em I'm strong but my niggaz, I'm takin they cash home Then hit the track and get rid of the whole bomb Cuz I'm serious nigga, you gon' feel this nigga Got a, trunk full of work, how you gon' kill this nigga? My niggaz givin out bricks, we can build this nigga If all fail we can 1-0-5 grill this nigga I'm dead serious [Hook - 2X] [Pastor Troy] S-E-R-I-O (uh-huh) U-S (uh-huh) I'm fresh (c'mon) One of the best (uh-huh) there are a couple (c'mon) We did this song last night, I gave 'em trouble (uh-huh) Jumped in my shuttle (uh-huh) and hauled ass (c'mon) Up 85 (yea) with Daytons (c'mon) You wanna blast (c'mon) come get yo' cannon (c'mon) I bet I'll leave yo' punk-ass, where ya standin (uh-huh) While you were plannin (c'mon) see I had plottin (uh-huh) You saw the smoke hoe, hell yeah I shot it (damn right) I'm bustin rockets screamin, 'Die nigga, die!' (die nigga) Dont' fuck with D.S.G.B. or T.I. (c'mon) Do you know why, I don't fuck with nobody? (yeah) The same shit, that fucked up John Gotti (yeah) These niggaz watch me, but they don't wanna fuck with us (yeah) We makin 'em hush, we dead-ass serious! [Hook - 4X] [talking] YEEAH!! It's motherfuckin serious in this motherfucker, knahmtalkinbout I'ma tell y'all niggaz like this here (whassup whassup) If it's too hot for yo' ass (uh-huh) Get the fuck out the motherfuckin kitchen, knamtalkinbout (getcha ass out) The boy Lil' Jon, doin this shit with my nigga T.I.! Ghet-O-Vision, Youngbloodz (Ghet-O-Vison hoe!) That boy Pastor Troy (old Troy) It's serious mayne (serious) This shit motherfuckin serious.. (it serious bitch) In the south niggaz, they get motherfuckin serious (real serious) We out this bitch... holla...

Gotta Man

EVE "Let There Be Eve: Ruff Ryders' First Lady"
Gotta Man [Little Girl] I got a boyfriend now *laughs* [Eve] C'mon, uh, uh, uh, yo, yo 1 - Gotta man that I think I'm gon' love forever And forever, we'll be together (C'mon) No matter where he goes, I'll be thinkin' of him I'm gonna love him, I'm gonna love him (Repeat 1) [Eve] Yo, Yo, this nigga lookin' like love, no doubt Sophisticated thug keep me guessin' Said it would be a blessin' just to watch you undressin' Callin' you daddy, late nights I'm layin' on your chest And, stay reminiscin' bout the rest And, how they less than, trying to come between what we share Can't compare, could have been left But when it's mine, I never share, fight to the death If need be to prove that, wounds from your war Other bitches couldn't soothe that, broke from a bad back I'm holdin' you down, throwin' dirt with other bitches But them other fishes drown, locked in, for however long I'm playin' it smart, court dates in other cities There I'm playin' my part, wif-ey, in ya life see Forever be us, passin' the side of a Bentley Or the number 2 bus, tell the whole world, papi EVE don't want nobody else, with other niggas pick and choose But you, I'm keepin' for myself (Repeat 1) (Repeat 1) All my peoples thinkin' I'm delirious But the love I feel is serious Couples of the world, no comparing us Been through fist fights with niggas when I see it escalate I'm the getaway driver so my nigga can escape Pull my ice for the bail, spending nights in jail Drawing hearts on the wall with our names around the cell It made a little craziness, maybe I'm blind But for me to leave now lookin' for love would take a lifetime So I'm keepin' mine, uh-huh, fuck it keep me blind Feels like heaven when we makin' love, controllin' my spine Wine and dine, I don't need that as long as long as you wit me And you bitches thinkin' that you competition, come and get me My position is held, some try and all fail Pussy piece a mothafucka', uh-huh, good enough to sell Never leave his baby girl, mad 'cause he claim me Only thug in the hood that was wild enough to tame me (Repeat 1) (Repeat 1) I'm the bitch he'll never leave, helped him build his luxuries Carry stories that can hurt him, still he only trustin' me Secrets never leave my mouth, even if they torture me Always taught to hold the ground, that's why I'll always be his queen It's some thug shit things see him in the party, start to flip (What the fuck?) Curse him out on the regular just to make him sick Disappear for a day or two to test his loyal ground Keep my dogs on a short leash, controllin' the growl Open wide, I don't give a fuck, I'm swallowing my pride And he fast to blast a cat that he think be on the prowl But I'll never let him go, temper flare, let it go Always be his extra back bone, quick to let a nigga know Always by his side, EVE the apple in his eye Us together ain't no stopping snatchin' pieces of the pie Us together in our own world, what's his becomes mine Exceed eternity with him we'll stand the test of time (Repeat 1 to fade)

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