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THE JACKA lyrics

When I Step Threw The Door

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Catch me in a H3 same place the grapes be same place they laced me in a cold war boy cant excape to safety the first time I squeezed a trigga cause a nigga made me second time I was out my mind man gotta prove I'm [?] set outside on the grind even though its rainin think about back in the day to the AM niggas wanna be me sprayin niggaz like grafitti niggas send they guanas on the move cause they scared to meet me the game ain't fair yeah I used to let it cheat me but never beat me remember willy mack and young zeeky? [?] James and [?] dog yeah they still wit me That's why I roll with Fed Ex and Hosalazzi flights all over the world I pay for everybody been havin Ks in the house since I stayed with mommy kicked out the house found a kick in the couch starin at the world through my rearview thinkin bout what I've been through [Jacka: Talking] yeah you know, just a lot of shit man..lotta clappin nigga (murda niggaz) [Chorus:] When I step through the door hoes blow me kisses even though a nigga cold off the surp and the prup nigga barely holdin on go to war without a army I make it on my own bare face, head bussa even though I'm well known black nigga with a black trigga creepin through your home boy. [Verse 2:] I was a kid the first time my shit was felt people don't feel u nigga so don't kid yourself I'm off top with this shit like a [?] Ay bitch set me up, I'm late as shit on the real only treal niggaz play this shit I'm ill at raps like I made the shit every day I wonder where the fuckin [?] went I'm purped out had enough of the same shit windows up tacked out on the main strip don't trip on the jacka you'll be mad at yourself I call the strap a ham sandwich cause it's bad for your health you iced out but foreal under heat you'll melt [Chorus] [Verse 3:] The world is mine like scarface picture got the 40 stock nigga leave a large space in ya I'm in space off the killa 26 inch whella Amir and Young Jay I was fenced up with 'em locked down for a year spread nothin but millions trade war stories leavin lead stuck in niggaz 30 rounds out he window like fuck you nigga u gettin robbed cause you know you put your trust in bitches[?] I'm a prob fixin to get in the extortion business learn from it I'm a animal that eats with a full stomach doin a 100 can't take it back after I done it that's the gangsta shit all my niggas come with (feel me) rich over night but I'm still me [Chorus]


Pussy nigga whatcha doin! Hook All day I dream about, all day I dream about sex It's the way you move your sexy groove That's got my mind all over you All day I dream about, all day I dream about Your sex feels so savoifare I'm tired of jercking off cause your not there Big Boi 65' Chevrolet Impala peachy cream Oozing down the street like toothpaste Cause the ivory is clean Talkin' bout mean at the inseam on the inside of the ship Not a honey dip to hunch on, testes more blue than a Crip Or the blue man group caught that on the Vegas strip Chillin' with good game, Ju Ju, Pimpin Ken and my nigga Don Magic Pimpin Ken and my nigga Diamond Jit Pimps (pimps), lips (lips), legs (legs), arms (arms), Necks (necks), hips (hips), head (head) monk test It's the camel toe and that's fo' sho' My brain is on one track Like Marion Berry thoughts for crack Or like a rock star does for smack. None of that but the female genitalia's where its at I'm a man and I demand a woman for that act Personal preference plus I use the law of nature as a reference Now I don't ever recall seeing a man turn up pregnant, but that's just me Feminine female fantasies frolic freely in my cockpit Every thirty something seconds I can't stop it Hook Killer Mike Killer Kill from Adamsville and in my Bonneville I chill Heifers call me Black & Decker, I don't screw them hoes I drill I've been cuttin' cute lil' coochies since before the record deal Catch me daydreaming about them, thick, medium or slim Doctors call that thing vagina, in the hood we call it trim White boys call it snatch, Puerto Ricans call it chocha Nathaniel likes his white, I like mines dark as cola It's the first thing on my mind in the morn when I roll over All men young and old in the end its what we're after Even my grandpappy's happy. He got prescribed Viagra. (Granddaddy, granddaddy, what's up? what's up? It's me. Hey, let me get about three of them blue diamonds. I promise I gotcha back tomorrow) Hook Killer Mike When I drill I don't spill even if she's on the pill Keep my weapon covered concealed and in a shield Cause I don't need that A.I.D.S. A 'D' and a 'A' missing out my A.D.I.D.A.S. (plus) We don't need no DNA mixing between us We just need to keep this thing friendly and hush, hush On the down low, like R. Kelly and youngsters But over eighteen only cause baby I'm no perv! From the tour bus to the lobby, elevator to the room We can jump each other's bones but there's no jumping brooms! Big Boi Buffoon you are to consumed in the womb It is too early for you to jump the broom (boom!) Hook 'Monster' Verse One I'm an ungodly figure When in the company of hard liquor Texas niggaz turned me on to water I smoked the river Apocalyptic creature, stay lacing reefer Stay serving geekers, stay holding heaters Murder fanatic, killer fantastic Swerving semi-conscious with a half a blunt and an automatic Bought it to snort it, just in case I meet with static What I deliver to your address is dead tragic Your mother scream in that limousine Followed by some slow traffic Here's the reason for my murder tactics I'm Killer Kill I ain't a fuckin rapper! I'm a crack sacker! I'm a strong-armed robbery and kidnapper! I'm a carjacker! I'm a if you owe dough then yo' ho snatcher! I'm a Slumlord for life not a fuckin actor! I'm the fear that haunts you! I'm the tool that's used to haunt you! Hook I'm the monster! I'm your sick and twisted monster! (Repeat) Verse Two I'm the hate in the dark heart of heartless men! Deprived of love, feed crack, nurtured in sin! I'm unwanted children doped up on Ritalin by age ten At sixteen a fiend! Nurturing a weed habit and a bottle of gin I'm the soul of women that's been betrayed by men That trifling nigga looking to deceive her again Earn her trust again, then I lust again When she turn her back, I'm diggin in her friend again! I motivate your hate and embody your sin I spit it for Bloods, Crips and Mexicans I spit for Disciples and El Rukns This sick soundtrack to robbing and looting Neighbor shootings, murder and boosting Its fear engaged, with a fury and rage For my lost generation in these last days The fear that haunts you! It's the tool that's used to hunt you!


[Introduction] Gorillaz Back the fuck up D12 [Proof] There ain't no trouble in rock (rock) On every block (block) Late for School, Late for Work But ahead of these cops (cops) My credit is shock, in the detinate box (box) Like, people take my life and thats pathetic as Pac's (Pac's) A waste of the talent, Say my boys is just no where Placed on the planet, remain in poisonous warfare Derelict Arabic terrorists in the air Shit arrogant apparent to punish people by their heritage, Nato barriers, Hate embarrassed There is the faith to cherish In your room face to face with race awareness A race to us?? army bombin' your God is with you Calm the war, we gotta start our pistol Cause if you right and, know you right, then where's your ritious ways We sacrafice, snatch your life, many nights and days Follow me into equality we might behave And only christ can say the trife will reunite again [Kuniva] Americas Own, Without a fucking care in my dome Bearin' my bones, so far away staring at home Stay at my zone, falling asleep late with my chrome Feelin' hype from these rockets burning like straightenin' in the cones Stay at the streets, bullshit and plans to beef Spray at your peeps for christmas, give Al Qaida my neice Real nigga's feel us and fear us Gorillaz beat on they chest when Dangerous lyricist, I hope that you hear us The spirit of Bugz is still in me God bless it the trinity Cause my bullets they come in three's like trilogy's Put the knife away, missles away strike and blaze So much smoke you can't tell the difference between night and day Right away blow your life away, so light your haze Hold tight grenede's so when it blows I'm slightly grazed Kuniva might be crazed unleashin' unlikely rage The next time you hear a verse from me I might be caged [Chorus] Aaaahhhiyyyaaaa Ahhhayayayayay Aaaahhhiyyyaaaa Ahhhayayayayay [Bizarre] Everynight I talk to a black hawk, taking herion in bulks Watch my body hit the chalks I'm too lazy, masculines got me crazy Rape this old lady, while the bitch was having a baby And I ain't never going home, Bizarre can for go It's cold I'll be for cyphering, right from wrong As I sit in my seat and remain calm And close my eyes and wait for the bomb (Here it comes!) [Bomb Blows Up] [Swifty] I'm gettin' the fuck on, I'm aggrivated I know I'll make it, Im in a place full of hatred Treatin' my life like its sacred Try to check me, I break your neck Disrespect me you get injected It's hectic with some bullshit that happen You least expected We just don't accept it nigga I go ahead, lift my trigger Get rid of bitches, pay you a visit, then get your shit lit I'm a nitwit with a big dick, and big balls I don't miss shit I hit all, whoever that did this We Gonna Getch'all [Kon Artis] Yo, yo Now whether its Sadam or Bin Laden Thats been startin all this trouble for us Creepin horrors doin show after show, sleepin on the tour bus We lost Aaliyah, lost our families, it takes no genuis You dont need us to say the world is fucked up dawgs, we can see it Now it seems the public needs this shit to calm its kids Cuz they findin out how you lied about your twisted sins They say we bad for you but shit our music is your friend They cant deter you from the truth cause we're the helping hand [Terry Hall] We are one, and one is all We are, We are, we are one And one is all [Chorus]

One Last Time

TWISTA "Kamikaze"
You don't wanna see these murder guys, Princess cuts hurt ya eyes, Got tha chicks that work them thighs, Pull the top back on the prowler, Like tha car aint circumcised Burglarize hoes, Leave ya eyes closed, Bricks in my truck while I ride slow, Smoke yo fire dro, No repercussions, He was disgusting, Turn my volume under ten, To keep my speakers from busting, If them people come rushin, Can't say I froze, Won't open the doors, Bout time they caught up, I done exposed of my outer clothes, Car in tha garage, I say good God, My day was hard, Call two freaks up for tha ménage trios, Parlaying hard, Sade was suave When we was screwing, Sheets was ruin If beef is brewing, I'mma put slugs deep into, Money they be pursuing, The nerve of these jealous bastards fo hatin, Master my patience, Them custom wood grain caskets is waitin, Passion for satin They must have Gave them a blood bath Had to show them who really holdin shit down wit they tuff ass, We alias They wishin they be us, Cant three eighty us, Cause we'll wreck everything within a ten-block radius, When ya see me betta speak with love, Or leak some blood, I got connections with all type of BM, Chiefs, and GOVS Deeply plugged who gotta retire from crime Bout to hit that big lick So we gonna pull it [CHORUS] One last time I got some good news man, Some good news, We gone come up if we just make this quick move Lay it all on the line, Hit'em in the body and da dome, Left tha after party wit tha chrome Come up wit a milly Soon as everybody know that I'm gone Cause I made it mama your son he's a success, Now you aint got no reason to stress Gotta keep it Gangsta, Cause I'ma Hustla Do it like a balla, Cause I'ma a mobsta [VERSE 2] Cause it only takes a second to pop me a snitch, Call up my connection and cop me a brick, And he sent a chezovoceian chick, She was actin cocky and shit, She like watchin blow at the hotel Wit big dreams to never stop being rich, And she wasn't too sloppy wit dick, Said when she get on she was gonna cop me a six, Platinum blue spreewell shoes, Detail smooth, On some Mickey and malery me and my female crews, Type of demo what's tha beno I gave her two six plus ten four, That's twelve five for the brick, And five hundred for the plane and limo, Plain and simple called my guy and told'em thanks and send more, Meditating plot on my lick when I smell them frankensen blow, Do my thugdizle I aint scared of this, Fly ya head like peagus, Bloody up that necklace, Hoe I'ma Aries, Them terrorist fucked up tha lick when sendin chicks on tha plane, Put a major glitch in tha game But I'm get me them thangs As I come wit new ways to travel watch my shorties get on em Comin back wit pound and packages wit tha scorpions on them, Of course we been on them, Niggas know they two for forty and want'em I done seen truck load wit more keys than accordion And you think I'm past up that quick fast dust, let me mask up That aint a fast truck, Get yo ass stuffed, [CHORUS] [VERSE 3] I spit words that be gangsta shit Make hustla tip and ballers rich, Hatters sick mobsta hitz, I'm tha shit, You cant see me visit the optometrist, Cars I flip unorthodox like Dr. Bonovich, Prada lic but nigga got whooped, Should of seen shit was funny, My old connection he got reason to gun me, I know he took tha money, Even if I probably wrong, Turn down tha volume, Shoot him on plastic to lay his body on, Fuckin marcon, Two to tha caveza, Pincha puto, That ring on your pinky was too cold, Got pinch for two O's, And a half brick my staff is sick, Had him confess like a catholic, Always thought things was funny now you don't laugh at shit, Stupid bastard bitch, Never fuck wit Twista, Turtle Banxxs, and Stokes, Coming up dro flowin slangin dope I tried to chill, but when I see a lic to make the world mine, On tha love, I think I got to pull it, [Chorus]

Revenge Of The Prophet

Jeru the Damaja
(Chorus) Scientifical Madness Scientifical Madness My status is the baddest (Repeat Again) (Verse 1) There's a hole in the ozone layer I'm rippin vampires You think I give a fuck Who's the biggest player Or who's got the fattest bank roll What is it if a man gains the world And lose his own soul? Bioengineered, mutated chickens Niggaz lickin' one another Brother killin' brother And you demon muthafuckas Start coastal rivalries The worlds greatest lust is jewelery Mind Jah lick you with disease So I inflict MC's like Ebola Or some other man made cancer Fuck a two-hundred dollar sweater We need to try and reach the niggaz On the corner But all we do is create drug dealers Envy then creates murderers Diamond rings, pretty hoes Fat chains, expensive things Just watch which way Ya burner swings in this world of... (Chorus) (Verse 2) Chemical warfare The telephoner acts like he lives here The goverment is putting madd shit in the air Projects are strategically set-up In the case that shit you up They easily blown up Poisonous gases The so-called righteous help for the masses But it's them that judge their own asses Knowing what thier task is But still receding, ass backwards Do you need to ask me who the devil is Some may call it showbizz I just call 'em hipocrites 'Cause they don't teach the children shit positive Like how a man should live They only focus on the negative So they're stuck in the ghetto While you drive a car and got a condo It's all for the dolo It's killing your own people profits greater than (?Peneco?) Forget about whats equal In this world of... (Chorus) (Verse3) Artifically inseminated White bitches have babies most black youth are incarcerated In the ghetto babies having babies but no loot So most pregnancies are terminated Warlocks keep the covernant And the souls of the ignorant ones empower it It's transparent You see Uncle Sam as your parent When Amerikkka has beef you jump up to defend it But you can still be a defendant Ask my co-defendant And we're both innocent Every black man in Amerikkka faces imprisonment Ridicule, and torment But in this tournament The chosen few shall be triumphant And the devil will be decapitated So you can keep your (?duckets?) And your (?dressing?), I wont be emasculated In this world of... (Chorus)


ACE HOOD "The Statement 2"
H, double O, D, nigga that's me Low key, don't talk to the police Ridin round in the city in a two seat, tucked Nigga osta la vista Never love em, I fuck em and leave em On occasion I'm sippin tekila Got my stripes like dem adiiiiiiiiii- HAH We dem niggas huh Real nigga what Gettin money boy Can't get enough In a two door With two hoes Sittin too high That's pluto Want yo chick Take yo bitch Keep my clip 'Case they trip Ya'll on that We on this You want beef Call my click You feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feeel me? Let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup Okay nigga that's my callin 30 grand in the wrist I'm ballin Big diamonds and all dem flawless Sippin on that whatcha-ma-call-it Goddamn I'm way too loco Blame it on that cocoa loso Four hoes introduced to da four door Low pro, two fours in in my polo On ten getting head in a low-low Don't stop hoe dc go-go Fuck ya'll niggas hatin on me for? Probably cause a nigga rich in a low-low I'm too fly And you not You tell lies I do not Real nigga though Got plenty hoes 20 grand a show That's minimul Can't stop the money on relax Big bank, a swag and a mayback Hop off the glock and I need that Cock back and aim at yo fitted cap Ya'll boys don't want no drama If you do you don't love yo momma My niggas all about dem cooooooooooooommmmmmmmm- We dem niggas huh Real nigga what Gettin money boy Can't get enough In a two door With two hoes Sittin too high That's pluto Want yo chick Take yo bitch Keep my clip 'Case they trip Ya'll on that We on this You want beef Call my click You feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feeel me? Let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup Okay nigga back off in here All black with a strap My war gear Ride with my city and I'm from here Not too many niggas don't wanna go there Vacation, no way don't care Dem boys in da hood they don't care Hit em up to the clip click woah there Big 5, got mine, don't go there But okay I'm off of that bull Keep hatin all of them should Rob me, I wish that they would You can die beside of yo bud Get it right though See the neck hoe? Ten chains on City fat glow That's a 100k For the neck game Need a bad bitch For the net gain Gotta peep the swag I'm in a new thang Flat black, got a ride like bruce wayne And that shit be kickin like liu kang Ridin round I'm gettin it like two chains Fly, guy, that's all in the feed back Thick bitch, you know a nigga need that Ain't trippin in the lane who bad mouth Money talk is all I speak bout We dem niggas huh Real nigga what Gettin money boy Can't get enough In a two door With two hoes Sittin too high That's pluto Want yo chick Take yo bitch Keep my clip 'Case they trip Ya'll on that We on this You want beef Call my click You feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feel me, you feeel me? Let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, let a nigga know, Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup yup

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