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THE JACKA lyrics

No Future

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1:] Ridin' with the top down all the time never snow in the Bay till I move the line. Pushin' kicks Shootin' clips cause we don't care. If you ever need me I'll be right there. the mob only got one Chance five prayers. strapped down killers with me but I'm not scared I ain't worried bout Niggaz I'm so prepared. It seems like I don't want nothin right fo real. not in a dream, no life Is treal. so I confess to alot of sins I concealed. get it off my chest (arbic)[?] Allah I be Blessed, back in the streets hustlin' tryin to ice my wrist, it's kinda hard to stay in school Seeing shitlike this. grew up poor seen the door and I couldn't resist. the smack dealer. The young homeboy is fucked up thinking bout da lifes I destroyed. [Chorus: x2] In da drug Business some boy students. time to go hard mom can't pay da rent. Can't see my future in all of da shit and you wonder why we all resort to violence. [Verse 2:] Da jack boi. 400 kilos dipped in wax, crack em open with a baby axe den bust on the packs, Hustlin in da place with coke, pusher in fact. da boi Fed in a Dodge Mag blue on black. it was 100, 00 last month I blew on black seen muthafuckaz die in they teflon vest. I'm in the Royce Gettin high with the tank on F. Hope I say Allahs great with my last breath. it ain't checkers it's Chess, knock you out with my left take yo life with my right den blend into da night. I know the Whole mob tough but we don't fight I rather see yo brains hang on yo coke white [Chorus: x2] In da drug Business some boy students. time to go hard mom can't pay da rent. Can't see my future in all of da shit and you wonder why we all resort to violence. [Verse 3:] I said In da drug Business some boy students. time to go hard mom can't pay da rent. can't see My future in all of da shit da killers in da hood just resort to violence. wanna be in the light But I hate the sirens niggaz hate I'm tired ain't got da line or whateva you can say whateva but Don't cross me never the game been good to me but won't last foreva. a little in the past Wishin times would get betta. da truth of my religion is all I need to remember. [Chorus: x2] In da drug Business some boy students. time to go hard mom can't pay da rent. Can't see my future in all of da shit and you wonder why we all resort to violence.

Don't Know Nobody

Capone -N- Noreaga "The Reunion"
[Noreaga] Yo, yo, yo, I'ma have to stand up Take game, I got grabbed up Asking me questions, interogating The way the hatin, they just remind me of satan Keep em motivating, police asking questions about this and this I don't know shit, and hell no, I don't know 5 or 6 I'm confined to a small room I celly off to my beeper, thought I had to sues And the headache, was the feelings for me and my crew To take impostas, impalas and black sues Big boys, and LL cues I'm thinking like deep cover I'm in too deep, like Donny Brasco Who could be the asshole I make sure the motherfucker don't last long Roll to the castle where my niggas be, triggas be Blowin they backs out, they felt the misery And the decision be, spill coffee Who's on the beats I can't be locked up They had evidence, make the scenery all dense But it's Ok my lawyer will approach the bench Chorus: I don't know nobody, and I ain't seen shit Thats the way it is, you try to lock me up Put me in cuffs, motherfucker hand in your benz Cause I don't know nobody, and I ain't seen shit Thats the way it is, you try to lock me up Put me in cuffs, motherfucker hand in your benz [Capone] Pop, they caught me off guard I was stuck the beat shit fucked I went down to my knees And put out the trees I sat down on the benches He snuck his dog on my five senses All I could hear was a walky talky saying I got em I'm asking the charge, yeah you know he shot em We biscuit printed plus your first henes borrowin I ain't heard nuff yet, next day daily news read Murder suspect, 19, down in Queens Day of rainment where he had slim chance to win it Two asses from bail so they gave glances It's Friday, had to lay for the weekend stretch First thing, Monday morning, calling for street connects Man I forgot the machine they callin for Fuck a message all they need is it playin back I'm confined a 8 by 12 flat With bums niggas who sell crack Flippin off the the world Chorus [Maze] It's like 4 in the morning and the crib sleeping easily My dogs got me off feet face me slow down I'm like what the fuck the deal He's like the shut the fuck up We got evidence, we know the deal They got tape confessions of your man Whiping out your man Key witness to the stands I should have played yours The moving bar to my moms get the news to bar Same time Jake taking me out Same line gonna try and fake me out Sitting in the van pointing face out Soon as I hit the plan, the course going close the plan Take em out, take em out, before the court day out I won't say, but by tomorrow, I'm out Nothing to say follow snitch Lay low, and hollow him out And pones is wilding too Niggas like Maze got the same time as you [Musaliny] Walking down a half dee, snatch me up Little g's no pad These niggas gonna cuff me up On stayed in the back so he could scuff me up Blows from the walky talky, gonna fuck me up Asking me about shit I knew, but won't tell Just you and Baby D, ain't nobody depending on me Saying if I won't talk, I'll wait in the cell They got evidence to leave me in jail There's no time for this shit Just sign the statement If you snitching, you won't have to say shit Reverse pyschology, he trying to lie to me He try to pin me for murder And a string of robberies Plus you a ex-con send me to the book Cause press on Cash and bonds, they won't last very long I know they frontin, they got nothing on me I ain't saying shit, why these niggas saying something

Stress Factor

Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge I'm trying not to lose my head Sometimes I sit alone And look deep into my soul And I starrin' down at something That's very out a control Tolerence at zero Emotions dead and gone If indo was a pebble Man consider me stoned Patience low I rest to go I got's to get ahead Mothafuck these hoes And them po-pos I gots to get my bread The streets say nothing nice They crooked like the idus And everybody dippin seein Who can get the highest But check this out Man, without a doubt And about who's comin' fresher And about that cab And protect that ass Don't panic under pressure My stabbin' like a whip Or better an alligator Temper going up and down like a Like a fucking elevator Bitch I want it now Don't give me no delay's My hustle got me trippin Liftin' from my turn away's Man this life is real No time to be an actor And I'll play that no man Let me know It's just a stress factor I want to grow old Have a kid and a place to sleep A down ass wife And when I die I'll rest in peace But man that's all a dream This donja got me bleak It got me feelin good But I forgot what I did last week Now look at my face This shit ain't fake The pain done turn to pressure Every nigga that know man feel me tho Don't cop down to a lessa My mother woke me up One day said "boy you gettin grown" Your momma has 3 jobs Your momma is gettin old So I took it as a hint When on my mission spree Mind full of hatred Got me fucka, time is hard you see That monkeys on my back And I can't get him off So whatever I do Mom it's just for you No matter what the cost I put that on my life Everything I see is dark Money is rare But I don't care Man stop that niggaz heart He's comin like a big wheel I'm comin like a tractor Man take this hate Run it's too late Man it's the stress factor Some think that I'm The Man Some think my shit don't stink But yes it do I thought you knew I'm not a coward or a fink One side of my heart got love The other side is hate And boy that hate is stealin love Right in it's fuckin face Women ask me how I'm livin I tell them day by day With a donja joint That lovely voice Of Mr. Marvin gay Man I gots to get away That just might do some good But every time I gets away I miss the fuckin hood My homie lost his job He don't know how to react So I do our thangs to help him out Like took a little crack But that shit's over rated And it gets Complicated But you would never know From that cat flow And the way the pictures painted Motherfuckers whisper And think I don't hear them And wonder why I'm over high And never will go near them Much love to all my niggas From workin' men to jackas Cause no matter what you feel it's Cause it's called the stress factor


G-DEP "Child Of The Ghetto"
A yo, I walk down the block with my stomach in knots Spent time hustling, running from cops Broke as a joke, no ends at all Can't play ball and my Timbs is small Can't buy trees with government cheese I rather be where its breeze, niggas bubbling ki's My moms got two jobs one on her knees and writin letters to the governor 'Please call off the deeds' My baby mother with another brother with cash and drive by roll down the window and laugh I solve all my problems with indo and hash Bought my daughter a Nintendo now she calling it Dad My landlord's a jerk, the water don't work My little sister twelve and she bought her own skirt Rather do Kirk than do her homework Talk blunts and boys and she'll jump for joy Shit's twisted, opportunity not but I missed it Out in the park gettin lifted So now I'm sittin here shit out of luck without a buck and it don't make a difference So do you hear me 'Cause if you don't I'll come up close and say it clearly I got to know I got to go I strive for my pay each and every way but this type of shit it happens everyday It's like I'm trapped in a maze walk around in a daze I won't rest 'til I'm paid or I'm down in my grave I wanna look tough, but my sneakers is scuffed Everyday pants in the week is enough I had a little money but it came and it went Now its either pay the rent or stay in a tent and it don't make sense how the shit is intense and all you got up in your pocket is lint, you get the hint I had a cigarette for breakfast, just for beginners Cried for my lunch and sleep for dinner I tried to go to church, priest called me a sinner He called me everything except for a winner I'm walking in the rain wishing things would change It ain't a game, mad I pawned all the rings and chains Emotionally scarred form losing my job Pass the nod nigga, times is hard [CHORUS] So do you hear me 'Cause if you don't I'll come up close and say it clearly I got to know, I got to go I strive for my pay each and every way but this type of shit it happens everyday Now would you check me If I was you and you was me, would you respect me I got to know I got to go I strive for my pay each and every way but this type of shit it happens everyday I ain't gonna front, all I want is a blunt a pair of blue and yellow dunks and my hundreds in chunks But, people see me, put they purse to the front I'm waking up early on the first of the month Honeys don't respect when you call 'em collect and it's 25 cent you can call 'em direct I put my life on the line I ain't making a dime Nigga call me 'Never mind , man you're wastin' your time' A yo, I'm livin' in the ghetto and I'm tryin' to survive At the same time a nigga rolling by in a five Can find a drive for a 9-5 It's like I only get by when I'm feeling the high And I ain't got no smoke, the elevator broke I'm at the end of my rope tryin to find a way to cope I'm sipping on Gin thinking how I could win I don't know where it begins but this is where it could end [CHORUS]

Hail Mary 2003

(Eminem:) Makaveli rest in peace Irv Gotti...too much Bacardi in his body Mouth like a .12 gauge shot it (2 times) Come get me if you mothafuckas want Shady If Pac was still here now He would never ride with Ja Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na You ain't no killa you a pussy That exstacy done got you all emotional and mushy bitches wearin' rags in photos Ja's words bein' quoted in the Source stealin' Pac's shit like he just wrote it you loud mouth pray to God, hopin', no one's listenin' see fifty comin' for me, Oh my god position no one'll pay attention to me Please Gotti, here I go, give me this pill exstacy done got me feelin' so...invincible now all of a sudden I'm a fuckin' mad man who screams Like I'm Pac, but I'm not and who needs Hennessy Actin' like I'm great but I'm fake, I'm crazy Sweat Drip, get me off this trip, someone stop this train some say my brain is all corrupted, fucked from this shit I'm stuck, I'm addicted to these drugs, I'ma quit... sayin' mothafuckas' names before somebody fucks me up ain't no pussies over here partner, see you in hell fucka Come get me Mothafucka if you want Shady If Pac was still here now he would never ride with Ja Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na Get off that E before you try to come and fuck with me It's aftermath gettin' down, Shady records got it locked La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, (50 cent:) twenty centuries is packed with promise-makers never realized the prescious time that bitch-niggas has wasted institutionalize my bitches bring me product by the bundle hustle hard from a cell G-unit mothafucka...we ballin' catch me countin' cheese, and when I'm callin' Do you accept my call? See, you'll let me sip on Hennessy Can I sip some more? Hell, I done been to jail, I ain't scared momma checkin' in my bedroom, I ain't there I got a head with no screws in it Mothafuckas thinkin' they can stop 50, they losin' it Little nigga named Ja think he live like me Don't nobody left the high school and took 9 like me you livin fantasies nigga, I be checkin' deposit When your little sweet ass gonna come out of the closet? Now they wonderin' why DMX blowed him out Next time grown folks talkin' bitch close your mouth Peep me, I take this war shit deeply I seen to many real niggas ball to let these bitch niggas beat me Back! You's a mothafuckin' punk and you'll see me with gloves Quit scarin' them fuckin' kids with yo ugly-ass mom And you can tell them niggas you role with, whatever you want but you and I know whats goin' on Nigga payback, Ty I know your bitch-ass from way back witness me strapped with macs, know I don't play that All these old rappers tryin' to advance, it's all over now Take it like a man, HA HA Irv lookin' like Larry Holmes flabby and sick Tryin' to playa hate on my shit, made of fat dick lovin' this shit, that's how you made me feelin' like I got you niggas crazy ... UH HUH against all odds, up in my gut mothafuckas know, this be the truet shit I ever wrote Against all odds, up in the studio gettin' blow to the truest shit I ever spoke, 21 gun salute Bitch (Busta Rhymes:) I've been one of the most humble, rep the streets to the core, Hey Jeffrey, what the fuck you come involvin' me for? It's been a long time comin', like a blessing, a check you see 106 and Park fans don't even fuckin respect you it's kinda funny, wannabe Pac wanna fake like he thug runnin' around talkin' shit that he ain't capable of now let me off this cock- sucka, watch me handle you nigga If i recall, Violator used to manage you nigga then took a closer look and realized you was an impostor there's never been a Violatior on the Murder Inc. roster, dumbass now who shoot (shoot), aw, made you look You say Bust singin' the same old hook, you stupid If y'all shoot I'll take a look at your man the bitch shot himself in front of Def Jam cheddar ball bash nigga start adjustin' your plan you let the streets down nigga, apologize to your fans watch you pull a little stunt like we ain't know what it was little faggot desperate tryin' to reestablish a buzz I know this shit is drivin you crazy you wonderin' how the streets ain't never want you Beatrice what you gonna do now? Now if you wanna beef with me, then I'm beefin' with you I think about the game, and what it's like, and... What would it be without you? You finished, I ain't tryin' to repeat this Just cuz I'm cool, you shouldn't take my kindness for weakness. Ha Ha It was fun Next time you got a problem, man address me before you try to make shit a public issue homey Now I'm gonna return back to my regular self, and have fun again One

Straight Outta Now Rule

Brand Nubian "Foundation"
Intro/Chorus: Lord Jamar, Grand Puba Straight outta Now Rule, Brand Nu keepin cool We drop a jewel and never stoppin what we do Always do what we must, everything that we touch is going platinum plus, comin thru in a clutch *repeat* Verse One: Lord Jamar, Grand Puba A lot of y'all niggas is 85th, on some shady shit Bark is much worse than your bite like a baby pit In the pitch dark of the night you's afraid to get exposed like the sunlight which rose in the morning Froze in a gunfight, forcing those who run with you to reevaluate affiliations We salivate from hunger, placed in fucked up situations and wonder when retaliation will occur Build destroy H-he or her It's time to fill the void, niggas kill the noise To the young boys, you fuckin with a grown-ass man Watch your tone or get acquainted with the back of my hand Nubian Brand steadily influencin fans For other rappers we gon' ruin your plans What we doin stands as a motto Like Grace Jones' nipple to the bottle We pioneer and never follow We're out for the lion's share now watch me take it there Yeah, my verbal clarity speaks for my popularity Sell 5 million CDs and give the proceeds to my favorite charity Son, I ain't gonna super splash you with no Fantasy Island shit I mean I work hard for what I got and I be thankful for what I get And if you practice, spit your verbs properly, not sloppily Like monopoly, you can end up with cheese, whips and property Oh damn, silly of me, I forgot to let y'all know it's one thing you should never do in this game and that's sell your soul I make a lot of sense then I go and make the dollars Work hard like blue collars, ghetto scholars is hard to follow Niggas say it's real rough today and I say what you say They promised me 40 acres and a mule and all I got was a project and a subway I stay positive, niggas mistake that for not hard Nigga I'm GOD, walk thru North America like Master Farrad Me and my squad, separating the peas from the pod No bodyguard, fuck around and roll a tank thru your yard Chorus Verse Two: Sadat X Yeah Man, these dick-in-the-butt rappers could get shot in the face Dragged thru the streets and probably left some place I seem shootouts in the park Ball games turned tragic, bitch niggas gettin smacked and smacked again in front of they girl, and she's throwing away that ass And I ain't really asked for it cos a lot of niggas tore it And yes, my man Hav had bought me something from VA I was gonna hit him with doe but he ain't reall want no shorts Cos we had worked together and he knew I was true blue Man, I swore I would never go to VA again until I found out who killed my best friend I can tell by the wind somebody's gettin ready to bend They lifestyle's bout to end I'm in these African cabs on stores run by the Arabs with pictures of yen, seem like they schemin Herculoid cats get flattened and reduced to pitchin That girl gave you crabs but I can't explain those scabs [Grand Puba] Ha ha, where we at Flash one-time Chorus (x2) Ha, '98, too soon Brand Nubian, what

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