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THE JACKA lyrics

Never Blink

Original and similar lyrics
This that new shit nigga Follow my lead bitch [Verse 1: Jacka] I prolly smoked alot of hop in my weed befo And it made a nigga crazy but I'm loungin tho Niggas hope that they gun stay from round me yo Call up cause be like "blood need a pound of that dro" Times is gettin hectic man I'll pay you back later Fightin a case cause ya boy done went to school with a kata I felt nothin man it's really nuthin It's been so long since Jacka felt somethin I keep comin with lines that keep numbin ya face like coke lines She keep hummin the background, what that sound like? Shit, I shoulda stayed in school or somethin Now I'm fresh out the county huntin down my runners You feel me? [Chorus: x2] [Jacka:] I, hit the block high [J. Stalin:] make the song cry [Jacka:] got the eyes of a snake [J. Stalin:] never blink never cry [Jacka:] I, only move weight so I can live one time, I'm a real nigga you can hear it in my rhymes [Verse 2: J. Stalin] Today I opened the paper Seen about 5 of my niggas, 2 got hit with a kata 2 got hit with a nine 1 in critical condition Plus they found my niggas mama on the shore with that fish That's why I smoke alot bo in blunt & I Pull the ski mask down hoppin out the suicides I'm on a suicide, don't really care if I die Cause so many of my niggas done died, & it's like a jungle Sometimes I wonder how I keep from goin under Plus these mothafuckas keep, stealing my bundle But I'm a nutso, from west o you must know Catch me in a Marauder with ya baby mama I'm a baby gorilla got banana clips for the drama Knock a nigga off than feed him to the piranhas Gotta be around for when my son come out my baby mama [Chorus x2] [Verse 3: Dubb 20] Man my life ain't no walk in the park I spent many nights alone, in the cold, lost in the dark Me & my sister, nothin but death can break us apart Inside I'm superman ain't nothin breakin this heart Yeah mama ain't raised no punk, taught me the basics Never graze shit, whenever it's funk Taught me to reign shit, take shit, whenever I want And if a nigga like "whassup? ", then leave him with lumps That's exactly what I do, follow my mamas rules Of e, not d, cause that's what my mama use I'm thuggin dude, I drug abuse, look at me I'm from the gutter why the fuck should I be happy? My hair nappy, plus I grew up broke, And I'm still livin broke, what I grow up for? I wish they never had me shoulda let me go If you feelin how I'm feelin yo let me know Might twist up some rope & just let me blow Rob make the beat hot & just let me flow The dope I chase the hood boys know my face I'm runnin stuck in place, man there's no escape [Chorus x2]

Life Story

Black Rob "Life Story"
Life Story the world aint no diffrent now the world aint no diffrent now... never had a dime my life a crime had be when i was nine mom drunk off of wine ran with all kind her mind stayed wit the stooper till a point she paid no mind to the supper stay mad but stay fronting with smiles stayed on the groung once and a while first day of school never had nutin to style mister colondre stressin i aint comin in a while it was a bummber rocking the shit i rocked all summer on the first day i was feeling some kind of way and she wasnt trying to do nutin you would think for the sake of the kids she would enroll in school or something now i kno then was even harder especially for a single mother raising me with no father shit living up in this tentament eating stale m and m's talking wild shit to spanish imigrants i speak in codes man to sivrence always quiet then ben dichon to my madre even thought she did nutin for me acknowledge me as i run down my life story you dont kno how crazy it is outside i die inside oh ive cried oh ive cried do you forgive me?? do you forgive me?? check the skit no body never gave me shit if anything a nigga frame me and make me get 3 to 6 my first bid no doubt up in sparfard had to be 12 son had to make a profit remembering robbed my moms wit no guilt eating pork and beans or corn flakes wit no milk in school i smacked cats in a hurry moms didnt care she was getting drunk wit misses berray on the first floor i used to thrist for greenary picking pockets wit seth and jay from hundred and sixth street yo fuck home im tired of geting punched in my dome tired of this faggot ass nigga moan thats when i started roaming my hustling game is deep cats ya heard ran from san fran to manhat tan to newburg Notorious tell ya friends spread the word glorious my life story is obsurd chorus repeat 2x home from elmira got a little writer im gonna keep it real still a scheme man coniver recognize the struggle live it like a thug do hatred in my heart but inside i love you see no matter what i will extend my arms to hug you knowing i am just like you, i am like the double all i wanna kno is how u pound me down yo this shit is real and u realy jerked me around but any way i am geting paid wit puff now i can cop u a house i can send you some stuff now so many levels jail take you i appreciate jail because it made me appreciate you ive been through fire and birth stone used to be ???? not i cop the gem stone i remembered when you rushed me the time you said you should of flushed me i forgive you ma trust me chorus repeat till end

Long Live A$ap

ASAP ROCKY "Long.Live.A$ap"
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] I thought I'd probably die in prison, expensive taste in women Ain't had no pot to piss in, now my kitchen full of dishes Nose bloody from that sniffin', your heroin addiction Trigger finger itching fuck parental supervision This be that murder business, little Timmy got that semi I ain't kidding hide yo kittens, hit yo children with that Smith and A bunch of ignant little niglets, hard headed, never listen Purple sippin', finger twistin', teeth glisten like it's Memphis A bunch of hypocritic Christians, the land of no religion My Santa Claus was missing, catch you slippin' then it's Christmas Motherfuck a wishlist, my ghetto was ambition For my benjis and my Bentley, and them bitches now I gets gets On the road to riches, a diamond rings, designer jeans Toking on that biscuit till I'm no longer existing I wonder if they miss me, as long as I make history Now my soul is feeling empty, tell the reaper come and get me [Hook: A$AP Rocky] Who said you can’t live forever lied Of course, I’m living forever I’ll Forever, I’ll live long You can’t ever deny My flaws, I’m living forever I’ll Forever, I’ll LIVE [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] Riding through your city like that motherfucka mine Or toking on that semi, rob a motherfucka blind License plate says wipe me down, car from 1989 But a nigga sits so pretty call that motherfucker fine Lost your motherfucking mind, what's on your mind niggas talking down Never talk to cops, make him talk God when I tote that 9, he ain't talking now Tell 'em watch your spine, I mean watch your back Better guide your track, better not look back Now stay in line, don't step on cracks So you break her back I'm talking 'bout your mom Cause there's killers in my town, making hits, sniffing lines Out committing crimes, wait for shit to simmer down Corrupted little minds, 8 and 9, finna shine On the grind, do you dirty with that shimmy shimmy ya Where they shoot without a purpose, services 'n hearses Kids who ain't deserve it, can't survive a thing, you're worthless Strangers make me nervous, who's that peekin' in my window with a pistol to my curtains? [Hook] [Outro] Pretty nigga rich, Flacko be the shit And that bitch, know we poppin' so she boppin' on this dick Nigga, R.I.P. to PIMP, can't forget Little Flip And I take it out to Memphis so shout out to triple six [Hook]

Tales From The Darkside

ICE CUBE "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
(feat. Chuck D) [Verse One: Ice Cube] Peace - don't make me laugh! All I hear is motherfuckers rappin sucotash Livin large, tellin me to get out the gang I'm a nigga, gotta live by the trigger How the fuck do you figure that I can say peace and the gunshots will cease! Every cop killer goes ignored They just send another nigga to the morgue A point scored- they could give a fuck about us They rather catch us with guns and white powder If I was old, they'd probably be a friend of me Since I'm young, they consider me the enemy They kill ten of me to get the job correct To serve, protect, and break a niggas neck Cuz I'm the one with the trunk of funk And 'Fuck tha Police' in the tape deck You should listen to me cuz there's more to see Call my neighborhood a ghetto cuz it houses minorities The other color don't know you can run but not hide These are tales from the darkside... [Verse Two:] You wanna free Africa, I stare at yuh Cuz we ain't got it too good in America I can't fuck with them overseas My homeboy died over a key of cocaine It was plain and simple The 9mm went to the temple was the sound I put the bitch down And ran to the schoolyard bathroom Looked in the trash can yo it had room So I ducked my ass in it for a minute Covered with trash I had to lay back Mad as fuck, thinkin' about the payback Tonite the crew gonna have a little fun I went home and cut the barrel of my shotgun It's gettin critical - I stole a 5.0 I let it go - drive real slow I yelled out 'Ice Cube sucka' The shot-gun kicked - and it murdered motherfuckers I told you last album when I got a sawed off, bodies are hauled off Its a shame, that niggas die young But to the light side it don't matter none It'll be a drive by homicide But to me its just another tale from the darkside... [Verse Three: Chuck D] Standing in the middle of war In the middle we flex When we die, we won't make +Jet+ +Ebony+ can't see to the lightside The term they apply to us is a nigga Call it what you want, cause I'm comin from the coroner Sayin my rhymes with a Ph.D. Who's black - don't wanna role - sells his soul Watch his head go rollin Who the fuck are they foolin Nobody knows, but I suppose the color of my clothes Matches the color of the one on my face as they wonder whats under my waist (Standin on the verge) of them gettin brown thats a fact got a fear on their bozack Run, run, run, their ass off, they can not hide Yet Cube, they can't fuck with the darkside!


I came into this world high as a bird From second hand cocain powder i know it sounds absurd I never tooted but its in my veins While the rest of the country bungies off bridges Without no snap back and bitches they say they need that To shake they fannies in the ass clubs they go the other route turn each other out burn each other out where a bonified nigga like me can't even get no back rub these days ain't that bleak on they part but let me hold it down cause they shut you down when you speak from your heart now that's hard while we rantin and ravin bout gats nigga they made them gats they got some shit that'll blow out our backs from where they stay at [Chorus:] Ooooh, I fear the battle's just begun Ooooh, though we're here someday we will be gone so i'm hopin, wishin, prayin to keep my faith in you, in you (yo, yo, yo in background) I'm fascinated by the way yo nipples peak at me through yo blouse freaky me, freaky you can't help but be aroused 'scuse me lord less for thinkin but that's the way we was brought up sneakin to watch playboy at night we all must be caught up in worldly ways Chemistry between boys and girls is alot like when we went to the woods and laid with the squirrels durin P.E., we'd be exploring each others privates hunchin with all our clothes on until we felt excited then, aaaah oh now its on from here on out put yo hands in the atmosphere if you know what i'm talkin bout now if two hearts done walk on out and i see you on the next song they call it horny Because its devilish now see we dead wrong [Chorus] People don't know the stress i'm dealing with day to day Speakin about the feeling i'm possessing for Rene Mopin around and wondering where she stay saw her last that she lay give it another day i say but the lord he taketh away now give it back lawd cause that's like backboards without the rims me and my auntie was tight like southwest before the pinks moved in like the niggas that owned the ligour store crack cocaine, pimps and whores livin up on this earth before a nigga like daddy was born but they makin a scene that my music and crime are a team but i'm speakin the truth not dreams so what in the fuck they mean my lyrics ain't clean [Chorus]

Bad Day / Worse Day

[Killer Mike:] CRIP - true blue to it BLOOD - Piru to it Gangsta music, is to drug abusin Don't confuse it with C. Delores Tucker FUCK her, and Bill O'Reilly And Reverend what's-his-name, FUCK his name Kobe the best player ever, with NO game Fell for the trick of that white bitch, so lame How lame? Lame as the new host of Soul Train Sheeit, lame as the old host of Soul Train I do gangsta music, FUCK Soul Train! All blacks got is BET Pardon me, that shit's owned by MTV Blacks ain't got shit, it's still 1-9-6-6 'Cause you can buy a car ain't shit Jordan cain't buy a team, and that nigga got six rings Cot'picker, see what I mean? Q-Tip's singin, Dre 3000 actin God-damn, niggaz too good, for this rappin I'm just askin, what the fuck happened? I'm just askin, nigga what the fuck happened? ! We went from "too black to too skrong" To Sisqo and the God-damn "Thong Song" We went from Farrakhan to Don Juan Don Juan keep it pimpin man But I'm just sayin Farrakhan got business man Plus he speak positive on that knowledge shit No matter how much my auntie holla I'd NEVER give a dollar, to the good doctor - Reverend Creflo Dollar Fuck dat! Befo' I do dat I'd join Mason Betha's church and quit rap I'd hang out with Murder INC. and sing 50 Cent raps 50 Cent raps; I'd rather let Eminem call me 50 niggaz Than break bread with a rich nigga readin scripture By the way, if you're Arian Nation - FUCK Hitler, FUCK Hitler! That's to let ya know I didn't forget ya Let me make ya bad day a worst day Me and Hitler got the same damn birthday That cracker dead, that's my God-damn birthday Go shorty, go shorty FUCK a protest, I got a Glock 40 Unlike these bougie niggaz, I ain't braggin FUCK killin blacks, I'm down for toe taggin Grand Dragon, Grand Dragon

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