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THE JACKA lyrics

Hood In Me

Original and similar lyrics
I-pod in my ride Ain't no headsets Your girl in the front seat givin me head sex My nigs in the backseat yellin out he's next We be in the pjects eatin like trex Smokin kush heavy Never seen no sets Till I left the west the greatest alive But u ain't seen my best I ain't reach my gold yet But you still upset You know my face niga You know my silloutte You know why I'm here The real niga's champ The real world love the j cause I'm born to rap He got a punch line or two but he ain't for jac When I was poor nigas left me hanging like a bat Only got it night time with a jawfull of crack Crack spittage and all Go hard at the trap drug dealer fa sho And how I carry myself is really starting to show So I married the life, keep the shit on the low Know what I'm sayin [Chorus:] It feel good to me Maybe it's the hood in me Maybe I should leave it alone Maybe I should give it away Clearly it's what's making me strong Clearly it's what's makin me stay Livin life in the cadillac drinkin purple sippin yak Caught up in this life got this rap shit on my back If you see my life yeah crown ya boy for living that Brought up in a house full of mice and them insects Seen it all done it all cutty I've been that Niga that you see add jack to your friends list Never get enough of me I was sent here to lead Bukin the hard times Follow allah times I'm ready to die tryin I was in the range steady dreamin the blood flyin They say they better than jac them nigas lyin They wish they was high as I am All the time hatin on me Boy they never shine [Chorus] 100 racks gotta nigga feelin amped as fuck Smackin messy marv smokin like "that's whatsup" Wasn't at the liquor store holdin it up Made em gimme all they scrill then I opened his guts I was thinkin bout my kids they future n growin up I was thinking bout the years for court I'm never showing up I'll never see my nigas again I'm on the grind It ain't never been easy is what they tell me It'll never be either Smokin tree to take a breather With the felons We hella deep but we ain't chillin Everybody sellin d and it's all in front of children Shoot outs everyday chips fallin from my building At the same time it's the place that I live in So I send my grace for everytaste when I'm eatin The streets got me fresh mother fuckers think I'm cheating I'm a king who ain't never been beatin of all time I suggest you fall back close your eyes and relax Before you leave the scrape with your brains in your lap [Chorus]

Top Of The World (Remix)

BIG PUNISHER "Endangered Species"
(feat. Brandy, Fat Joe) [Rodney] Yo I don't think they're ready for this one Another Darkchild remix Brandy, RJ, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Terror Squad Come on [Big Pun] Hear the truth shorty With my fruit punch and my forty Sweeter than candy, Brandy's the only one for me You get it up It's only the middle of the week But when you called Joe and Pun You kept it real with the streets That's the true honor Not the jewels or Garbana Any fool can't accomplish just a few hundred dollars That's paper thin, I got my mamma out the apron I'm loyal to her from eight to ten Make way for the twin [Fat Joe (Brandy)] Who the twins that be making it hot (Say what) Number one on you Billboard charts Showing love to them thugs who be holding the blocks And we be tearing up the club like the Three Six Mob Joey Crack baby, ain't no time to react lazy Brandy gave us a call and our track's gravy Perhaps maybe we can ball with this And all get rich, I ain't only talking ish! [Brandy] Some people say that I am not the same girl They think that I am in my own world What makes them think that I have changed, yeah A little dough can not erase my problems Me, like you, I have to try and solve them Yes everything is quite the same [1 - Brandy] Sitting on top the world Sitting on top, no that's not so Everybody changes, let it go Sitting on top the world I'm just one girl trying to live my life But someone telling me what I like [Brandy] Back in the days...when I was young I'm not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again [Brandy] I wonder why it's often said that my life's A fairy tale and everything is so right I wish that you could know the truth, yeah My life is real so please don't get it twisted Problems the same and got to be dealt with These are the things I wish you knew, ooh yeah [Repeat 1] [Fat Joe] Ever since you wanted to be down I wanted to put you on But you ain't come around Had no time for the don Sixteen on the block The latest phenomenon Number one with a bullett And your own sitcom Brandy hand me one of the platinum hits People talk but they don't know the half of it Well the fact this is, we're in the worst business And anything you have you deserve it miss [Big Pun] Encima del mundo Follow the squad we never segundo Tell el mundo, telling vatos of every remover Word chula we packing men like Lollapalooza From here to Havana, Cuba then Puerto Rico en scooter Getting mula Sitting on top of the world like A Buddha Who the first Latin to go platinum without the basura Big Pun the caputera with cheddar Never settle for second best cause I'm primera, which forever [Repeat 1 till end]

Path With Endless Horizons

Lord Belial
In remembrance of the time when I was free - before the day I was born, I hated my life I had to die so that I could be free again, free again... aeon! In remembrance of the time when I was free - before the day I was born I hated my life I had to die so that I could be free again... aeon Towards the towers black, to reach my kingdom towards the towers black, to reach the realms of eternity I've walked a thousand years in an everlasting night on the path with endless horizons and eternal time. the path with endless horizons, and eternal time! With the towers of black by my side I summoned shadowsand spirits, evil and storms rain and fire, to come forth and take my soul. A blaze from the black skies took my earthly life! ...Now I am one with the eternity! The skies turned to red as the earth started to burn and shiverthe rain that silently poured turned to blood as it reached to the ground the ground that now was crimson by blood and fire, blood and fire I gazed into this creation of grimness and evilas my soul became one with the windsmy eyes turned into stone and my heart became frozen and black -the time had come for me to die. I felt coldness and pain, yet I was rejoiced by death... I now was freed!

First Sermon

Extra Prolific "Like It Should Be"
[Featuring Pep Love] Snupe: Hands upon my ears while my peers laugh at the last song but stop chuckleing this is new and now the past is gone now who can kick a flow better than this veterans try pulling away never will you leave I getum with this and hitum with this me'n'Pep see'n reps be'n kept written in lists of gold call upon your forces I force this to your memory so switcha cause niggaz getting took like a picture developin swell open your mind as I kick another funky one I cum on back more times than a porno flick my style is sweeter than Richard Simmons but still got women lime to a lemon lemon to a lime Pastor Snupe yeah you know I'm slick control your girl cause she's rideing all over my. . . genitals men with those on the shrink get no play I think but I would'nt know and I could'nt go out like a dike mic check is it clear fear nothing bluffing never ever severed to the rear no one can do this like I can (now why is that?) cause me'n' Pep we do it grand. . . [CHORUS:] Go back to school when your summer time's over Go back to school when your summer time is done [REPEAT] Pep love: I'm brilliant chill wit the niggaz that are massive ask Cas if you didnt know your slow like mollasses I'm fast wit the gas hit the grass indica gives a blast it's the last Mister Mean or is he pleasant as a rose to the hoes a future to the present buda bie bie I fly heads like phesant when I bust I must destrength never lack luster black whats the mack up to next I'm vexed I use a bat to flex if I gotta gat I'll buck you dangerous your brain is clutched game is touched now everybody need to explain to us the ways that they been plaigerisen way that I've been stylin get off Snupe's dick or I'll be forced to go buckwhyl- in a minute or two I'm in it but you are about to be finished cause once again its my crew who's a looser snoozer on the Shamen 'n' Snupe groups be on the charlie and ooh, we get the job done slob on my Knob one time phuck the cops you don't stop the crime and I'm out!

I Am Shades Of Life

BILLY GILMAN "Music Through Heartsongs: Songs Based On the Poems of Mattie J.T. Stepanek"
I am black I am white I am all skins inbetween I am young I am old I am a change that has been I am scrawny I am wellfit I am starving for attention I am famous I am criptic I am hardly worth a mention I am short I am height I am any frame or statue I am smart I am challenged I am striving for a future (Chorus) The color of the sky is blues and greys The color of the earth is greens and browns The color of hope is rainbows and purple And the color of peace is people together (Shades of life...) People together (Shades of life...) (I am...) I am able I am weak I am some strength I am none I am deep I am thought I am often said than done I am born I am died I am dust of humble roots I embraced I have pain I am able of real fruits (??) I am slain I am free I am bonded to my life I am rich I am poor I have wealth of real strive (Chorus) I am shallow I am glory I am hiding from my shame I am here while I lose While I'm yearning for a name I am empty I am proud I am seeking my tomorrow I am growing I am fading I will hope I make this sorrow (boy speaking) I am certain I am doubtful I am desperate for solution I am leaving (?) I am student I am fate, and evolution (Billy, singing) I am spirit I am voice I am memory not recalled I am chance I am cause I have never thought and walked I am him I am heard I have reason without right I am past I am hearing I am present at all times I am many I am no one I am season by each being I am me I am you I am all sorts now degreeing... (Chorus) People together... (I am...) (Shades of life...) (Fade)

Can't Give It Up (Rock Remix)

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY "The Collection, Vol. 2"
{Guitar Playing) [Krayzie Bone] There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know know) If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I don't know)(4x) [Krayzie Bone] My life is a jungle I struggle Hustle Monday through to Sunday They told me the world is mine but shit, I don't want it. Who want it? How could it be mine and I'm still hungry still homely, lost and lonely? So I holler at the forces of the wind as a friend! But I predicted this ending back in the day, cuz I had visions of bad decisions, knew niggas would go astray. Although we pray and we pray and we pray, we do, but see when a nigga lose faith, no more united, divided we fall nigga, then haul. We all dealt fucked up cards, but don't complain just play the hand that you was dealt. You play them right you prevail, you play them wrong then you fail. It ain't hard to tell, when you be headed for self-destruction. Cuz I could look at a piece of the puzzle. It ain't no love involved. Everything we was dissolved. We all hard as one but together we raw. And it ain't a nigga that can fuck with that. We spreaded the talent my nigga, what's up with that? Letting the devil get in. Should've pinned. You was pretendin' to be friends. We was slickin by the snake in the grass, slither slicked a nigga fast. Yeah, the mothafuckin snake in the grass. We dropped our guards and it got inside us like a virus. Now our family reunion done turned into a family crisis, crisis [Bizzy Bone] There's always something you got to give up If you want everything you want(4x) I was never on some solo shit. Always down to roll and blow a head off. He jet off and don't know me, don't tell me you love me. When I was lonely and my daddy died, all of my niggas came. Nigga dreamt, and thanks for coming, I'm still stressed out over the death. And I take my breath to puff my cigarrete (wet). I think the world is just collapsing, but I'm still rapping. Get it all of my chest, go wacking back to the action. When the bird was flying low, and laughing, family bashing till it just happened and Wally passed in the ashes. Working it tragic, gloomy, asking if you'll ever come back tomorrow. We tellin the truth clone, you still beating around the bush. Baby I'm sorry. It's all in the game. Throwing up blood (coughing). Fuck it Lay, let's sign our life away! [Wish Bone] You see me I ain't givin up a motherfuckin thang It's hard to come by, and I ain't no bitch nigga. Shit, committ some robberies and walk-by's. But you don't want that. Neither do I, but I will I will cuz I'm a hustler, hustler. High till I die. I'ma get mine even if it means murder, fuck it let me fire. Cuz a nigga thirsty nowadays. But I'm a hustler just like you, don't bring that shit my way. [Layzie Bone] Well if it's something you can't give up [Bizzy: Would you give it up?] To get everything you want [Bizzy: I can't give it up!](4x) Hell naw, I be thugged out nigga, turned out nigga. Running with niggas thats killas, the realest that be shermed out nigga! Fearing my prophecy, ain't no stopping me. Comin through with the Mossberg shotty. I really don't want to hurt nobody. Just kill off Filluminati! Fuck the DEA, the FBI. IRS can kiss my ass too. CPD, FCC, yall niggas better quit trippin' 'fore a nigga come blast you. I'll blast you. Hit 'em up like Pac did, take 'em hostage. Terrorized and tortured your ghetto resource, a big payback (payback)! Little Lay that little nigga with scrilla. And bitch I thought you knew. You got a beam on me, I got a beam on you. You wanna fuck with me, I'm gonna fuck with you. (Beeatch!) Like it's always been. Yall niggas gonna have to kill me. Feel me! You gonna have to pop me. Even if you tryin to stop me from grinding. I'm leaving you blinded by the science of Mo Thug till you find us. All a nigga know, in the hood life, in the streets tryin to get the good life, getting that lle' up under the street lights. It's a life I'm fighting. A nigga want out but just can't get out. So I guess I gots to fix it. All them dreams of having them big thangs, I'm still gonna chase it. You'll see that! [Krayzie Bone] There's always something you got to give up (Yeah, I know know) If you want everything you want (But shit I don't know, I don't know)(4x) {Guitar Playing till end}

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