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THE JACKA lyrics

Da Underworld

Original and similar lyrics
I control the yay but I can't control the day carry ya soul away when u cross the jack Your soul u'll have to pay I control the K (AK-47) u want to control the bay but we not listenin We can't hear u when u whisperin speak louder uz a coward u ain't out here nigga We been out since the winter we'll be here when it returns in the hood all the time that's A place u not concerned mayne we had it with u & ya career when u come back homie We won't be here where did u go seems like forever since u been gone hop in my super coop All I did was shoot the truth all my life real nigga misled youth I was breezing thru believed in u all my life Saprano wata is there a heaven for a mobster prolly natta so nigga stand back And watcha killa knockin chopper straight into the cop car standin by allah with the nation of islam Mix alot with are guns keep a hunid in the drum niggas stranded in the slums It ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy Look wat the world gave me But it will never break me Da underworld outside ya home That's where I came up on my own This wat I'm dealin with all the time This where a nigga fell in love with crime That's place ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy All I'm doin is getting rich ride thru mob figaz cause my momma still smoke & knock cigarettes nigga My niggaz blind as a bat & I'm livin it with cha the crime was bigger than our city I committed it with cha mu-ham-a-dallah man the angels come kiss us glow jus left us Man I swear I miss her derek jus left us man I swear I miss him nigga Angel stuck in prison and swear I miss him used to gettin paid tinted and exported black All he ever gave his niggaz was guns, cornerz & crack the street designed u But assigned a trap so read between the lines erase ya crime & ya gap So scrape the gun off the wall with the strap It ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy Look wat the world gave me But it will never break me Da underworld outside ya home That's where I came up on my own This wat I'm dealin with all the time This where a nigga fell in love with crime That's place ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy For the last two weeks it been crazy my cuddy hus locked up I'm to the neck It kind of mainey me but like jack say I can't let it break me so I'm solo when that SL Y ya girl wanna date me I move dumb ass moves so these suckas wanna hate me At the same time I'm with yo girl she want to rape me but lately I'm seein how light It showin different signs how u handle the road cuty the choice is mines So I'm prayin on the daily puttin in his hands cause all this crime & this war is all part his plans R.I.P MD & free Hus all my real niggaz stand up it's all on us It ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy Look wat the world gave me But it will never break me Da underworld outside ya home That's where I came up on my own This wat I'm dealin with all the time This where a nigga fell in love with crime That's place ain't never been easy For me it jus been crazy

Unseen World Pt. Ii

Danja Mowf "Word of Mowf"
[Lonnie B] See, we still unseen, know what I'm saying? Still unseen, and since you still looking We're gonna bring it [Danja Mowf] Yo, the mistake that is made many times that which aches in my mind Is when fakes try to rhyme and they take petty lines To put stakes against mine but I breaks them like spines Cause I make plenty rhymes that are dimes I'm often misunderstood cause I never soften, would You look as good in a coffin, should You think twice or thrice your lady Was on my knot getting hot in a shady spot Screaming Give me what you got Don't stop get it get it, when I hit it hit it Shit it's hard being me Did it did it occur that you ain't seeing me? Quit it quit it, give up the mic device B Cause you'll never be as nice as me, G, forget it I lit it like GE cause me-ee be-ee The-ee D-ee A-N-J-A M-O-W-F, ee hee You crack me up like Hump-deehee Dump-deehee Just for thinking you can see me [Speedis Toine] How should I attack this? Me the cool cat like Ratcliff For all the MC's who act as if I won't flip them on a cactus Point me towards the mattress I make your career go backwards like a dyslexic actress You shouldn't try to attack this, I use you MC's for practice While I greet you back with Something that your front took straight up that just been ate up While you went to sleep seems you couldn't wait up Kill you again and again, can't stop or won't stop Til I squeeze your body into a dot Very rarely do I break up the work you can't make up Stains so strong Bounty couldn't take up, so wake up Imagine over 100 dinosaurs attacking you That's my crew, straight from the VA zoo Keep your head up or be ready to die Yours truly, SupaFriendz franchise, oops, we caught you by suprise [Mad Skillz] While you niggas get upset, I'm a get to the point It's me, the nigga that slayed E on the vowel joint And a thousand attempts have been made to stop this The niggas who talk shit and got sit, I'm a fill your 40 bottles with hot piss Against the grain the ?Paraquan? is insane Shorty, you the aft, I'm in the cockpit of the plane I'm running through niggas, verbal abuse to do niggas Split one nigga's opinion and have him thinking like two niggas A rhyming nightmare for all you dreamers You want to fall? I'm on top of the game like an arena I got your bitch on me attack this While your wack ass swole at home fucking the hole in your mattress The fact is that you ought to know the half My staff's better, we bag the cheddar like Kraft So fuck yapping, I specialize in MC slapping I give a fuck about these noncircumsized niggas rapping If words had actions, mine would be crazy And yours would make about as much noise as a stillborn baby So put it back in the womb nigga and remix it See the shit is coming straight so you ain't got to get it twisted I'm dead aim, so fuck being a target Son you wouldn't blow up if you was giving head on the Top floor of the fucking Stock Market So flip your jibs and dodge your bids I'm trying to get my ends to meet, fuck, and have some kids [MynBenda] Your preceptual attributes seem odd In my face you'll see the indescribable beauty of God I slay rappers in the euthanasia Beauty of the Next is swift paragraphs is infectious Like the menegitis mind of conceptual inventions That only hold murderous intentions I shine in the Nimbus, touch entities which leaves MC's Stuck in between parenthesis cause my Frequency consumes attitives from 50 year old secrecy rooms I got the Spielberg, the ill-berg, the real words That actually baffles and kills nerds And halts and brain falls new days Cause I walk in the image of the one you praise I'm labeled as the unconcievable Or absolutely, completely, utterly unbelievable [Javon] I write horrific, rotate my journals like Polaris Murder messiah, upon grave death I cherish Guard the barracks like L's, so who you swearing at? Set to lead a nation of terrorists like Everfrag When described my voice travels through liquid interludes Decapitating apostles in cerimonal underground duels Child the greater, ever after war is fatal Air strike tiger force, marine the ocean naval Take a wiff of this contagious, Mt. Olympus Digest the flesh of rappers like I'm poetically carniverous Conquest built on starting crusades and riots Putting yellow journalists under pressure to keep quiet About the crew with this treacherous sound in this orbit We move forward with unauthorized severe orphans Javon the black emperor, let the poison be administered Then watch your body mathematically like integer No way of escaping the deaths and graphs of harm Sign your Biblical will with dead angel arms [Lil' Rock] I'm put on the Earth route to do things, known by two names The voter Lil' Rock, yo let's start a new game I'm a throw docks at the clowns with quarter moon fame Get attached to the minor shit we gonna shoot game Sharpshooter, smooth aim, can flash two flames You play niggas fuck around and get hung by fat shoestrings Bottle with a hat and a cane like Bruce Wayne See it coming to a nigga, and my crew insane Me and Shawnie Poo swing, gin and juice who swings And they thing we all about that weed I got a plan to make some grands in the southern pot lands And it's said for all to see If we was teams you would forfeit Took a long road with Tims and walked it Rap rules I absorbed it and still get high Colnel Strong the main target is to reach the organ with some Flavors that be distorted, if they real inside, so take heed And bring your punk ass to Justice League It ain't going to be no warm welcome me [Lonnie B] I dedicate this to those who ask me Lonnie, when your shit going to drop? In a minute, yeah, it's time for me to get my props And blow the spot up, niggas making loot hold your knot up My friends be super like the cat (Don Dada) I ain't scared of no man, you want it you can get it We can battle on the phone, your girl got my digits What? I'm a player with more game than your Sega Had your girl shaking like a hustler's pager when I ate her Banged her from the back, bust one off on her butt cheeks She went and told her friends now they all want to fuck me From the cute to the ugly, skinny to the chubby These seven inches they like the way I work it, money I'm on top of the world like Da Brat and I'm SoSo Def That I should use a hearing aid for my logo Y'all get the photo, and now you're too slow, yo (Woop woop) That's the sound of the po po I'm 5 foot 10, 200 lb's Known citywide from Holland Park to Belle Mead Been rapping 10 years, ain't shit y'all can tell me Bagged so many dimes I should stop rapping and sell weed


AESOP ROCK "Labor Days"
[Aesop Rock] Yo change the fuckin channel I burn a Coma candle When the flame fades, consider my flatline a soldier's sample We them cats talkin noise behind that New York trash heap Where the stench of commuter briefcase replaces a bad sleep And it's, worker zig-zagers versus piggy batch flashers Training Generation Fallout Waterfall bricklayer pincushion crawl out There's smoke in my iris But I painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids So I'm ready now (What you ready for?) I'm ready for life in this city And my wings have grown almost enough to lift me I'm a dinosaur with Jones Beach in my hourglass Passing the time with serial killer coloringbooks and bags of marbles Don't tell me you ain't the droid that held the match to the charcoals Don't tell me Lucifer and God don't carpool (This is our school) I'm not trying to graduate to life at the curse on the lounge barstool Head in a jar on the desk, feet dangling in a shark pool (Man please) Man please My name stands for my being And my being stands for the woman who stood And braved the storm could raise this evening (Brother, sun, sister, moon, mother beautiful) Yeah middle sibling suitable but far from son of excellence Back in a long time agi, I was to way the wishes wish But Mister Smits, I slept through my appointment Saw the liquid dreams of a thousand babies solidify And picked the rose and wielded The second I introduced myself as Nervous Well it appears the scars of learning have spoken Some are burning, some have rosen Some deserve tall tales, some have wrote them Some are just a brutal reprocussion of devotion Mine are all of the above cuz everything leads to erosion Now where I live there's a homeless man He sits upon a crate He makes a rusty trumpet sound like the music that angels make Now if you ever come and visit me, I suggest you watch the show Tell him Aesop Rock sent ya just to hear his horn blow like this *Horn samples* [Aesop Rock] And I ain't getting any younger My knuckles wear their bruises well I've yet to lose that hunger But only time can tell Prodigal Son with a prodigal wish to sew that prodigal stitch And crucify bigot voodoo doll on two popsicle sticks See your name is Ambiguity My name is something hands can't hold But hearts part ocean scapes just to watch the starlet unfold It's like sketching a circle in the dirt with a pointed stick Knowing the wind'll kill it some day, still it calls my burning wits for now And if I plow the fields that don't guarantee plentiful harvest But starving artists die, I set my alarm for five o'clock Idols block survival crops the cycle stops for nothing The Bible's carp revivalist winos flock by the hundreds To the opening, scarlet carpets greeting their duel Leading the stubborn mule to cruel rugburn But y'all numb from gut fuel I administer eclispe, there ain't no motor like a martyr-made motor Cuz a martyr-made motor don't quit I am an epiphany, I am wet foot mammal Channel surfing my way to the top Tugboat in a bottle With no holes poked in the nozzle I fed em bedlam diluted in limelight Till that rookie boogie graduated hostile And the vehicle is grandeur and it veered over the medium The second my halo ran outta helium Demoted to thorn crown, damn talk about numbskull I was born bound to a stencil called symmetry But my energy's a rental So I take this now to save My cute seniorita beholding a flame to a lost wick Thank you James Anthony for the band-aids on my ego Y'all are family for life I'll take that bullet to preserve you I wanna be something spectacular On the day the sun runs outta batteries Attach my fashion to the casualties of anarchy Save my nickels up to buy that homeless man a brand new horn Then sit up on his crate as I witness the beauty born like this (I ain't gettin any younger) *Horn samples to end*

Thats What I Said

BROTHA LYNCH HUNG "The Best Of Brotha Lynch Hung"
It's a must that i bust any strap you hand to me,it's heredity it runs in the family niggas in the town got pounds of beef, threatin a niggas life make it sound so sweet, i peel em back like corn on the cob,cap pillem,make em sound like a whore on the job, with a mac and a back pack full of that crack sack, gettin it off(bitch better have my mothafuckin money,bitch where my money)siccmade til i die shit nobody saw, so i was able to wipe the blood off the hallway walls aint got nothin to live for can't even trust a bitch might have to leave her alone, might have to dig a ditch, shits so rigoris, dealin wit haters,snitches,and bitches get they brains gone find a new home your whole life is gone cuz i'm on one,check the clock and if these walls could talk mothafuckas would be shocked,i'm bout to go fifty one fifty got nobody wit me stressed out like whitney,bobby brown,weed,and whiskey smokin newports no support but like too short i keep it goin,shootin up forts,who in this sport wanna fuck wit me come on the court,rippin out insides,putin stains on things,thats when i rip-n-ride now slip-n-slide through the gardens wit a bloody t-shirt,it won't hurt,put it this way,six feet deep in the dirt won't hurt,flirtin wit murder i leave em unheard of,and i'm sicker than period past drippin all over your hands get in the back seat or the trunk it's your choice dead or alive smothered or fried the way you better uncover your eyes i'm in diguise wit a nine tryin to take out your spine nobody no crime throw up that sicc sign and strike hard like stric nine,no recovery you other g niggas better duck,leave you in the tuc stuck,psycho,off the wall like micheal,always paranoid cuz i be blowin out that nitro,all day,everyday,murder spray got you in glad bags headed for the pad and you can ask my dad,i was a scavenger,14 years old eatin scabs,graduated with nigga meat but i don't wanna brag,fuck jeffery dahmer he a mothafuckin fag,i got nigga nuts and guts in a bag draggin em to the pad (chorus) Ziplock,body bag,toe tag,white t-shirt,black mag,corpse came to dinner(x8) Nigga fuck under the influence i'm hella fucked up,swirvin down the freeway spillin my cup tryin to tell you bout this rapper on the underbelly,he aint shit,bout to be in the trunk smelly,by me and my relly you never know,whatever though,i got all them magazines and that weak intro,what you got against me,don't you know i rip niggas up turn em to mence meat,well if you got some sense beat it like raw eggs i used to have hella homies now they all hate but imma leave it alone i'm on my own like a vadoo nigga if a nigga wanted to get ate what would you do nigga i was too cool wit a,group of niggas and they tripped on me,gave em a little bit of fame,then they dipped on me,but you know it's all in the game,tell the crip homie to hit em wit a slug in the brain thats what you get from me,crash dummie,your careers diffected and you aint sold a record the last time i checked it,you just keep knockin,i feel disrespected,now your neck i disconnect it by the lynch hung neckelace,hey i leave em red and i dont eat head let the tech spit and chop niggas down to the ground like judge dredd come up into yall lookin just like the feds and you call yourself a rap vet,get out the bed and let me fuck like she should be fucked,all in the butt,wit the nine milli swallowin nut and you can see me in black clothes creepin from the back don't know how to act black blankets full of macs,i use em for nut sacks and full body bags better not let your daughter out,end up in the slaughter house,chokin and spitin,chest open and bleedin,and me fuckin her from the back me hopin you see it (Chorus)

The War Iz On

KRAYZIE BONE "Thug Mentality"
Krayzie, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, and Layzie:Thug Mentality 1999 Intro We so thuggish-ruggish...The muthafuckin' the war is on. You better suit up and do like Krayzie Bone Cuz the muthafuckin' war is on. Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do, gon' do? Krayzie Say nigga we march, stompin' in the big black boots with my niggas in the fatigue suits/ Ready to shoot, runnin' with the AK-47 Niggas tryin' to survive, they ain't tryin' to go to heaven/ Muthafuckers shootin', they ain't even askin' questions It's these young-ass niggas/ They straight up thugged-out/ They killas that lil' soldier, boy, cuz we livin' in the killin' field Tombstone, soldier/ Rest in peace/ A real warrior/ Niggas been ready for war/ We are the muthafuckers on the streets with the heat, knockin' the hoes off they feet/ Say boy, it's a jungle out there/ Get a couple casualties every year/ The goal is to stay alive/ The mission is to make money/ The enemy; the police/ We gotta bust back at 'em, make some muthafuckin' examples out them assholes/ We're not even concerned/ Strike a match, drop it on the gas, and let the muthafucker burn... Baby burn/ Army's strategic, and I pledge allegiance to the 12-gauge Mossberg/ I'm that nigga, Mr. Sawed-off Leather Face Gotta big gun in your face/ Behind that bush/ And when they roll by nigga, we jump out the bush and make a push/ Bustin' Why they runnin'? Buckin' everything, comin', murda/ Y'all ain't said nothing/ Got a couple of niggas for that, stay strapped from the front to the back/ And the extra clip off in my jacket so when I run out I restack it and pap it some more We ready for war -Refrain- So, what? Nigga, pull your gun, that's exactly how we play, screamin' bloody murder mo all day The buckshots spray daily, all day Snoop Dogg Money makes murders, sex, lies, crimes, fo'-fives, nines, heaters, jackers, killas, cap-pealers, and drug dealers/ Snitches, snakes, bitches, fakes, bad brakes and heartaches/ Give and take, shake and bake/ Boy, I got to stack my plate Bad news; it travels fast, and real mashers always mash/ Give a dog a bone, send him on; he bound to come home with some cash/ Get your shit, stack your chips, tuck your heat, and watch that bitch/ She might be cute, but listen here my nigga That don't mean shit/ Duck and dodge, camouflage, my entourage is way in charge/ Krayzie Bone and Dogg Capone Yeah, you know the war is on/ Break a bitch, shoot a snitch, fuck a trick/ Get your grip, smoke some dank, pass some drink And get off into this gangsta shit/ We havin' bread, breakin bread/ Nigga listen to what I said/ Tuck my heat, keep it close Just in case you think I'm playin/ Layin' fools down, Dogg Pound, Bone Thugs, One love And we bangin' from the streets to the clubs -Refrain- Kurupt Check it out: Gangstas, hoes, I suppose, dip and dash, cock and blast/ Kurupt and Snoop, Krayzie, Daz, Layzie blazin' up the hash/ G'd as fuck, gangsta-fy high as the sky, gangsta for life/ Fuck a bitch, hit a switch, gangstas drop that gangsta shit I'm a G, DPG, DPGC, O.G. DP/ Ride on niggas, blast on niggas, dip and put the smash on niggas Layzie It's a war...There's a war goin' on... When the war pop off, where the fuck you gon' be? In the front or the back? City under attack; every nigga from the 99 Front line, marchin' with a Tech 9/ Nigga, where my thugs at? If you scared, go to church/ Muthafucker, matter of fact While you at it, say a prayer for me/ I'm prepared to heat, heat a nigga in the streets with a gotdamn beat/ My heat close to me Khaki suits and fatigues, nigga dressed to kill/ Nigga, yes, I will put a slug in you/ Nigga, what you wanna do Cuz I'm ready to shoot? And my high-tech boots got me feelin' bulletproof/ I'm a Superman/ Nigga, G.I. Joe/ Like the wind blowin' throu a nigga' area/ More dead enemies I count up the merrier/ And you ain't heard no collaboration scarier I'm a walkin' nightmare, and I'm born to die/ If the war goin' on, whats happenin'? If you disrepectin' my family; it'll be hell to tell the captain/ Fuck all you playa haters and you po-pos/ Fuck all you politicians/ This' war/ Dedication to the criminal nation Let the real thugs even the score -Refrain-


ATMOSPHERE "Overcast!"
[Spoken:] Yo this is dedicated, to this girl that I dated Complicated maze, Complicated maze [Verse 1] At first sighting, only a stranger to my eyes, couldn't keep them off me I'm sure your friend recognized, I didn't care, I had to stare, stood there at attention Not many words mentioned still I felt the thought connection, wanted to sex then Got to know you wanted more, Things got complex when You had a man and wasn't sure My thoughts were pure, Is it gonna be him? Or is gonna be me? Cause that's the way I have to have it Grasped the idea, Ms scribble head Talia Wanted you to feature but your man is screwing up the procedure What is it that you say? I'm on your mind all day But still say you're content, how the situation lay Why you play? Why do you stay? There's something better Know you felt it when you received my first poetic letter Why you fronting? Tell me something Is it that you want your cake and stuff it down your face too? Did I have to chase you? Why oh why do you cry? Instead of afraid of losing me I think that you're confusing me a lot No wait a minute stop, bring that back I missed a page Was it that time of the month or were you going through a phase? [Chorus - repeat 2X] Complicated maze. This phrase fits you perfect Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain You're always changing. Never stay the same person Come back in later days. Talk to me when you're certain [Verse 2] Miss Merry weather, the partial, the martial artist of fake imitation love products Now facing you is irritation Know you used to have me placing you on pedestals like a goddess Personality changes, it seemed to me you were the oddest Soon to depart us like red seas by Moses Our friendship's diseased, unfeasible, hopeless No reasonable answers to my question of focus, Caused my tension Nothing made sense when you replied with a tied tongue Said you feared abusiveness, I never swung Why all these excuses miss? What have I done? Figured I had the right kind of lady, yeah maybe it was fun, for you But not for me, I found it quite unamusing You were using me as a bridge just to pass what was left behind Play times for dangerous minds, but why'd it have to be mine? Why'd it have to be mine? [Slug - speaking] Now I'm not really trying to come of abrasive but why you messing with my mans head? I mean I'm spending time trying to keep his mind on rhymes and beats and you're a distraction. I mean you got my man just shook I mean honestly I guess what I'm trying to say is... [Chorus] Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'Why are you doing this? See you're too old to be playing games') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm Virgin torn from sleep, the newborn ([Slug speaking] 'you wanna come back?') And it was easy to get too deep, the water was lukewarm [Verse 3] Do you know what today is? It's the third anniversary, you came back to flirt with me For certain, you must mistake me for a fool See I know how you are, I see those tricks in you Tried to make amends, there's something new Had problems with your friend, so it's me you always run to Come to, and smell the coffee, go drink the pot with extra caffeine Cause next to acting you win awards for cloudy vision Tired of vision for the what, why and when Will this repetition end, step away and give me oxygen Not interested in talking, say nothing keep walking go bout your away See the colors of these areas have started turning gray See you later goodnight, got no more candles to light Yo its time to move along cause baby something isn't right Still I'm glad I met you, its too bad you screwed it up The only thing I regret is that I didn't get to (fuck) [Chorus] [spoken till finish:] 'I was blind and now I see'

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