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THE JACKA lyrics

California Gangsta (Livin' It Up)

Original and similar lyrics
[The Jacka:] 13th and main nestram village. Got beef with a nigga don't speak just kill him. Got G's in my ceiling incase I need a lawyer nigga to get me through the storm I made it through on my own. I'm feelin without trees I be illin is what my nigga say. How could I keep the kush away? It's the best shit on the planet. Cultivate the seeds before I plant it. I'm cultured by the G's who understand it. Most can't understand me; my conversation needs overstanding. I know sometimes I seem too demanding Moms raised a killer up Coulda been a scholar, but college wasn't in my blood so I'm mobbin with the thugs. In and out the fucken joint gotta find another joint. Soon as I touch down the boys Raided the spot. Shit is fucked now. Get a job? I don't know how. I can't take orders. I just know how. To take over blocks with sacks of quarters I guess my connect Is the closest one to the border. [Chorus: Fed X] I tried to help ya with the business so we all blow up. I tried to help you with the money I do it all for us. See I was right there by your side while we was livin' it up Hustlin hard blowin birds buying anything we wanted. [Fed X:] I tried to help him I will shoot him for him he's like my family But helpin niggas across you get you caught up in the wammy. Now the guns is pointed at me I was surprised as fuck, but Them soldiers that he's trustin is under my umbrella I once was a drug dealer, but I moved on up I put the niggas in the game Showed them the walk and the talk and how to make the money rain I was givin em raw I flew birds in the rain just to get that gwap and Now them shootin me is like you shootin your mama your whole house into drama You couldn't believe it. You tried to switch it up, but you couldn't achieve it. Get you buried in the dirt for bitin the hands that feeds you and I was tryin To help, but you wanted my wealth. I even bailed you outta jail and it's so hard To tell, but some niggas be snakes they wanna put you in the grave. Six feet deep tryin to bury your name. [Chorus: Fed X] I tried to help ya with the business so we can all blow up. I tried to help you with the money I do it all for us. See I was right there by your side when we was livin' it up Hustlin hard blowin birds buying anything we wanted.


ASAP ROCKY "Deep Purple"
[Hook - Lil Wayne:] I'm so uptown And motherfucker if you ain't, don't go uptown, yeah I'm so uptown And motherfucker if you ain't, don't go uptown, yeah Don't go uptown [8x] [Verse 1 - A$AP Rocky:] (Uptown, uptown) A$AP where my crew at Swag so sick where the birds caught the flu at All the hoes know me, don't need to ask, "Who dat?" Or where the heat at, my nigga, cause we do that And pistol-popping get it popping, niggas better move that Cause we get a Glock and with the stock and he ain't scared to shoot it like 4 Gs: blew that, G4: flew that I'm the shit, you must admit, true that I'm so uptown Niggas know we get it from the low uptown Gold, got dro, got snow uptown Bitch-shit niggas scared to go uptown We making Manhattan, whip game proper Them might be the product of the locker ASAP, know I'm gonna prosper Don't care, cause I'm only ? as my posture [Hook] [Verse 2 - TY Nast:] Boom, nigga, Nast in the house Flow like a drug, pass it around Fag, you're in doubt, what you rapping about? ASAP nigga, trash on the couch Glass to the mouth, PatrĂ³n in the system Tool on the waist just in case I gotta fix em Bullets like fiends just dying to hit them Nigga did I mention, swag house nigga Get slapped in your shit if you badmouth nigga Left the Range in the garage and brought the Jag out, nigga Nast be the shit that you brag about, nigga I ain't even tryna hear about your hereabouts, nigga Weird-ass nigga, scared-ass nigga I am done with this track, did you hear that, nigga? [?] and I did wrap niggas Try to step on my throne? Bitch, this is my home [Hook] [Verse 3 - Two Twelve Mel:] I'm a uptown blood slime Balling's in my blood line Pants sagging real low, I'm running from the one time Free Church boy, yeah, my nigga caught a gun crime Mobbing on Lenox and I'm grinding 'til the sunrise I'm really getting dope, boy, free my nigga Dough boy Catch me on Broadway, we got it for the low, boy And I got flow, boy, in other words, hoes, boy Body after body, yeah, you already know boy I'm bumping Old Boy, classic Harlem shit True Religion, who you kiddin? Nigga started this Young 12 get it gang, got the hardest shit Polo down to the socks, looking marvelous I'm from the home of the free S I'm Grade on the West like I'm Gucci on the ES Aura like GS, stepping out the GX ASAP up, y'all niggas kill me with the BS PS: [Hook]

Pardon Me

[Intro - Juicy J:] The hustle continues Yeah nigga, yeah nigga Yeah nigga, yeah [Chorus:] Pardon me, pardon me Hardest in your hood, you ain't shit to me Pardon me, pardon me I don't give a fuck who you supposed to be, nigga Pardon me, pardon me Niggas run they mouth, end up 20 feet Pardon me, pardon me You talking about that fuck nigga, put his ass to sleep [Verse 1:] Sold the dope, told the nigga not to hold the dope Get the cash hit the drop, bring it back watch your ass Niggas plotting caught you snitching, left you licking same niggas Watch your bragging same niggas You count your hundreds cause you fucked up now dead & lonely Broke, you fucked up now dead & lonely 7 in the morning, streets is yawning My niggas is back on the corners My niggas is back with them choppas That show where they jam when they clip is reloaded they blam North nigga from the mud up to no good Sold million records but I keep that 38 snub tuck Ready for war, fuck nigga talking shit, let's go to war I ain't into popping shit fuck nigga, this is the north Mafia mothafucking 36 straight hitters out for this door My shottas unload, we even the score It's real as it get, don't get exposed, don't get exposed [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Juicy J:] Against all odds, back to the wall I'm coming in for my cut like a act to the law Gimme what you owe me, don't do me no favours I got now, so fuck you later The gutter done turned us all and the gladiators Try me and get stomped, like an Get money, everything else don't mean nothing Price on yo head, niggas get rich, you see them comin Them goons on the way, if I push a button Act a fool if ya wanna, we pull up right beside ya Semi auto at ya driver, you don't wan't this drama We just want the money, you don't fuck with niggas like us [Chorus] [Verse 3 - G.O.D.:] Pardon me, shit ain't hard to me I done have to beef with niggas thas across the street Pardon me, shit ain't hard to see You won't find another nigga that is as hard as me Pardon me, just might park to see Multiply all my hunnids, I'm a double G Nigga I be on the bullshit, number twenty-three Let me demonstrate a murder to the first degree Catch you posted on the corner, open for the three Think fast, chest press, that assist for me Let sing to em like the symphony Rock a bye lullaby, put his ass to sleep [Chorus]

Remember The Titans

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst"
[Fabolous:] These niggas losing their minds you find that theres no reward they say they already home it's really clear they abroad they sound like they boxed in it's not just where they record there's a cost to be the boss they can't clearly afford swear to the Lord, these guns like the audience you put on a show, my 40 clearly applauds sittin' fifth row, I might appear to be bored plotting on a Kanye, but screaming where's my award ballin out of control, never won an ESPY bout to buy a black ghost and call that shit SP flow outta this World, I'm coming for my Moon man you niggas slide back like that walkin on the moon dance no glitter gleam, handgun with a beam have some boys follow you, street fam, twitter team like you could fuck with me oh did it seem, Dr King and Def Jam aint the only ones with a dream I'm a grown ass man, this kid a teen you're a spoof of me like if hip hop did a scream Audi coupe looking good so I went and copped it got that TT poppin' like a trending topic my ride is matt black my pride is that jack it might get ya dog shot, even a cat smacked anyway though, styles don't apply to me Jeff Goldblum couldn't be more fly than me shorty say right after the suck fuck proof you hit it on the head girl, duck duck goose you shoulda got the message that I chuck up deuce break em off and leave it you seen my fucked up tooth it's fucka bitch, there's more fish in the aquarium I rarely hear no, like when niggas ask you to marry them there's no lights in the place you buy your jewelry from funeral fab, I'm just here to bury them [Joe Budden:] Reporting live from the beacon booth tired from the beatin had foreplay all day prepin' the beatin' the mic for a threesome with my vocal's bi-coastal, speakin til their eyes totaled Mr wi-fi, out a franchise go to magic, standby local's watch the track bust once I show my dick size to the pro-tools I teach you how to have models screaming get behind me e-pills and maybach's aint gon matter if your tip is tiny nevermind me, we could get knee deep in the beef seek me with the heat but you'll need more to keep me on a leash here's a cc for the peeps that wanna see me in the streets invest in Rockports and be easy on your feet give a few hammers, a few semi's and a few snubs to a few crips, couple vampire's and true bloods gambling in casino's, have a hundred handing me my c-notes the modern day gambino I'm careful every step I take you the nigga walk up in a shootout with some pepperspray that'd be the last mistake you ever make me I chop his head off from a rooftop and race it downstairs just to see if I can catch his fade like groceries when I'm shooting at fags make sure the breads separated and put the fruits in a bag withstand the hatred dudes is falling off doing all they can to save it but everybodys run stops ask Brandon Jacobs what y'all call swag to me is all faggotry fours want blatt at me that'd equal more casualties Abort the strategy or get attacked with that Duracell they put in your back now thats assault and battery you can keep the bitching to yourself there's beams on every burner these lasers, a petition wouldn't help! what good is having shooters if they the type that miss? where I'm from, better be careful when you drive that whip Niggas put they life at risk for pies that flip in my town Ben Affleck wouldnt try that shit And if he did he'd get turned around burnt down tell 'em new jacks it'll be a while fore they eligible to earn the crown [Lloyd Banks:] Acid out the baggie this is more than dope flawless flow fucking off a sign every horoscope to wore my robes strappin up the corner cold, critical unquestioned, my opponents know I shoot like capono, watch me own the show chromatose, toasted, getting money while I roam the coast stones and boats, mansions, homes, and hopes I deserve 'em both, overdose time to earn my votes, watch me turn the volts voltage through a hater, this electric chair, danger yeah, I see ya now make way fore it turn to diarrhea hear a microphone will give you 3 of everything I wear yeah models by the pair, swear, bottles, private Lear, steer style thats outta here, rare, thousands by the chair, square sleep with me, you came here, war with me is scary get beat silly tryna lamp here, better bring your theory heat I got a drop damp here, niggas try me barely No one breathes, I need an ants ear, precious necessary got my mind on the cheddar kill my haters together bury em in abundance and starve there family's stomach's paper come in my thumbage, brand new fifties and hundreds On point, just like the drum is I'm warning them baby mothers got the hunger of a broke rapper kill you while I'm rollin up then smoke after catch you at your show, snatch ya, empty out the dough faster Bentley off the scene, magnum Mo splasher, four packer southside nigga spittin coke at ya! [Royce Da 5'9":] This is for the fronters and the naysayers I'm about to scare away the drummers and the bass players they say I'm out of my league on this one so when I get done I want you to cut your fuckin ears off, Twitpic 'em! Lord, I want you to leave this vicinity you gon be around here bout long as Justin Bieber's virginity this is Jesus identity, mixed with weed Hennessey, kennedy, king mixed with a kill or be killed, killer regime ill as you seen, switch Y'all write all that hard shit then you fall right off, it's horrible my oracle is all I offer, so before I borrow you won't be here tomorrow flow sorry, I will probably Adios my body with somebody toast this shit just practice sickest rapping Baptist kill your pastor, steal your chapstick after that make you kiss a cactus then, take your hoe, make the hoe give the whole clique fellatio everyone, that wasn't the whole entourage on HBO Then after that, I tell her, I can't do much with you, shawty! I just found out I could fly to Dubai and hire buffy the body! dont call us if the bitches ain't flawless if they are then we can hang like Aretha Franklin bra-less the drunk me can box like the sober you the sober me be more nervous than Waka Flocka in the voting booth we beef like being deep and dumping K's you beef like Lady Gaga and her stylist y'all get together to look good in front of a bunch of gays my feng shui is a pump in the desert you'll come up shorter than an Asian jumping out of a trunk in the desert while my wolfpack looks for strippers and cocaine niggas snitching, it's a shame we call em male tattlers fiends touching they noses more than URL battlers it's hard to spit saliva when you spit fire so I'll just pour sugar in your gas tank put a banana in your tailpipe ah ha, so the car can fit the driver

Brand New Guy

ASAP ROCKY "Live.Love.A$ap"
[Verse 1: Asap Rocky] I'm camo down to my boxers Gold teeth, a bathing ape It's animals in my projects Like monkeys, orangutans Banana clip on that chopper I hold heat, bangers bang Let the chiquita speak Let it keep the peace That Lil B, bangkadang I don't care if you blue or you red flagging Hair swinging, my pants sagging Hoes all on my band wagon Your bitch gagging, she jet lagging All my cause niggas, what's crackin'? All my blood niggas, what's poppin'? I ain't set tripping, I just happen To know who click clacking, who mismatching Fuck swagger, you been jacking Fuck fly, I am fashion Tryna cop that Benz wagon My bitch drive it and my friends crash it Niggas threat with the chit chattin' See a nigga don't shit happen I'm finna blow on that Bin Laden So talk money, check latin (Suck my fuckin' dick bitch) [Hook: x2] Brand new clip, brand new 9 Brand new bitch, brand new ride Brand new weed, brand new high Brand new me meet the brand new guys [Verse 2: Schoolboy Q] That 45 be the big toy Now which nigga want it with the fat boy? Clipped up like I'm paranoid Hot as hell nigga, Fitzroy Pulled off through the city like {skirrt} Seen that hoe nigga like {skirttt pop} Hopped up on a nigga like {murrppp} Put that pussy nigga in a purse You wouldn't be the first covering the dirt Put him in the ground, he was down to earth Napped up nigga, I been down since birth Backpack full of random work With two bad hoes, I'll teach you how to jerk Teach you how to jerk Swaggin' in my J's Pop me a pill and throw that pussy a rave My prerogative ways Nappy chin hairs with the brand new fade Brand new nigga with the brand new venue Sold that bitch out Should've made that ho bigger Killer charisma these cupcakes remember My objective is to serve your agenda Biggie and Nas put they ass in a blender Sprinkle some 50 and came out this nigga You quick with the gat and the dick in your mouth Balls in my hands and your bitch in my house Twisting up weed I'm digging her out Just filling her out Do all that shit you be talking about While you gone? Shit, NetFlix on your couch What this pop corn about? Microwave oven while you out there cuffin' You over there lovin' That bitch be my stuffing, like Like we really be fucking [Hook: x2] Brand new clip, brand new 9 Brand new bitch, brand new ride Brand new weed, brand new high Brand new me meet the brand new guys [Verse 3:] [Schoolboy Q:] Brand new shirt to the brand new drawls Brand new socks to the brand new Glock This motherfucker hold 15 Smack that ho in, tell the clip get lost Bitch I'm a boss Pulled up clean, don't you hear the exhaust Got my tie on, gripping on my iron Who I'm about to fire on? [ASAP Rocky:] Rap game fucked up, boy Fuck you think I rap for? Crack game fucked up, boy Fuck you think I trap for? Riding round with that mask on Like a Mac attack when that strap on Like a Shaq attack on that backboard Clap on, clap off [Schoolboy Q:] Blue pit in my back yard [ASAP Rocky:] Red nose my bad broad [Schoolboy Q:] Tight and full of that hydro [ASAP Rocky:] Pretty nigga, no catwalk [Schoolboy Q:] Big burner in your big mouth [ASAP Rocky:] Pussy niggas suck lead off [Schoolboy Q:] I pull it up then skirt off Vodka shots, he Smirnoff [ASAP Rocky:] 40 oz of that Cristal Rose, that Rick Ross [Schoolboy Q:] Got it jumping like Kriss Kross [ASAP Rocky:] Mishmashing, no jigsaw [Schoolboy Q:] No horseplay when we quick draw [ASAP Rocky:] Pussy nigga get a tit job [Schoolboy Q:] Hands up, stick your mands up Your time's up, the new brand's up Brrap! Q!

Gas Chamber

C Bo
(Verse1) It's time to drop the gas from the chamber Niggas on AWOL rearrange your Face with the quickness And it's the Garden Block sickness that got a nigga in this shit So you better watch your back 'Cause C Bo got the strap Pulling the ski mask down About to jack 'Cause marks come up short You better back back like an eight legged crawdad from the 44 Your'e scared to walk your alleys now 'Cause now days niggas from my hood Will snatch your ass out the fucking crowd And beat you down to the concrete And then I piss on your ass with some of that Crazy Horse, Of course Niggas die Meet my 44 Then it's over 'cause your'e hit by the hardcore We can't be in the same gang 'Cause the gang I'm in, ain't down with that ying-yang So raise up off the block 'Cause you get no props, nigga, against 32 shots Come to my set, get chin checked Mark, by an original gangster vet And then I put the niggity nuts in your mouth Your ass was in, but now your ass is out Quick, hurry, in a dash Get ready to feel the blast from the chamber punk Come take a whiff of the gas (Verse2) Check, Ace, Deuce, Tre So now it's on Release Slugs from my strap, until they gone And talking shit won't last Get your ass blast As I let the mac-10 tap that ass Bo-Loc is what they call me For the reason I stay strapped and smoke ducks all through the season

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