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THE FIRM lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Nas: You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight. Desperados. Travlin. What the fucks up son. We could do this word up we could this. Chrous: Spendin to many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it To many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it Canibus: At a thousand degree Celsius I make MCs melt Fuckin my record label I appear courtesy of my self Let me explain how I maintain thresh holes to pain I walk across the sun bearfoot lookin for shame I rearrange your rib cage like a 12 gauge at close range And change the poistion of your frame My hard raps penetrates through your hard hats and all that nigga Get ya wig pealed back I scalpe you like the Indians on horse back Running bull will hit you harder than running back Stunning man with brave and cunning rap Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks Like uncut crack you feines keep coming back Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats From wacks to antelope tapes to digital decks It's critacal black that Canibus is ill like that In fact perhaps you should quit rap Instead of always tryin ta dis fact And niggas keep tellin you that ya shits wack I rip rafts Hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat Put you in the figure fourth, breakin taw rats Jump of the top turn buckuler land on your back Til I hear it snaple, crakle, the ref says chill black You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats Ya'll niggas is wack, rappin over microphone feed back My intelligence begins where yours peaks at From Fox Boogie and the see through bras year The nasty Nas year My nigga Nature will explain further if it's not clear Nas Foxy Brown: Millionaire look at the sky Make sure its still there Ice grill stairs that my jewelry is in heavy year Pian Carden backin a dapa den dime Now flex, table rex, Fox rock Inklein Nas(2x): Initiated to the firm shit Real thugs learn quick Sit back and feel the ultimate hit Az: Go lock in Do the knowledge Follow the doctrun, we clockin On your air waves keepin it rockin Blaze up, lift fire, light your purple haz up Fix ya tire, bitch ass niggas they should be caged up So raise up fuck the playin I'm sick of layin I could split your spleen off of SK Sheels rickashean Snatched up in supreme court Eyes half shut Gold defeandant court of life sentance seem to crack up We act what, to real Bag two mil Nigga cool steal Bet I'll be home before the news will Blast fuse and leave purple frank matthews Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules Inkier Another halmo deas involved Known frezze condo C's Seven keys dissolved Daily routine, speakin up fo niggas who sling Hand to hand on them street corners clamin you king It's time to lock this Join with us, let your glock spick up through the toxic Only fake niggas drocsnitch Get your guns out it don't take much for me to dumn out Play one route, lay ya shit down and run south Nature: What's the cause of this shit More statistics, deeper than the laws of physics Malabu sand the gorgeous bitches Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live A true desperado, one that never choose sides And show sympathy Just QB, an annotate Stock exchange Top of the game Watch them mention me Image is nothin just obey your thirst I blaze the puple haze sit in the day then display your birth For those concern or just eager to learn I speak for the firm With a zone to the chubbier ta burn Stashin my richies past traditions Like Olympics pass the torch Flip shit so ya'll could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin It's tight ill wakin up lookin like filth Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill Genetically form grade A petagrey Born on the crime rhymes a swift tounge Helta set it free Theoretically peep how we bless this Young and restless, Guns and westins learnin to connect through lessons From coop fees to camps, niggas shoot wack It's a proven fact, 97 mine ya'll niggas move back Chorus

Coward Of The Year

AESOP ROCK "Music For Earthworms"
[the Controls] Does it feel, you're the coward of the year? [Percee P] I'm so laborious, bright, Its a wreck in dire vocabulary, Adversaries will commence to ignite like magnesium oxide, canned argon peroxide, I'm hazardous, more poisonous than carbon monoxide, Earning stacks gold sterling plaques from burning tracks, Your learning that if your unconcerned with rap no turning back now, Man I'll bomb you please from up in the trees I'll freeze the season with a tighter squeeze than Aaron Cometbus [Aesop] Hey yo, One heart plated with purely golden tiles, Mixed with a little mischief behold style, Load a back alley shiner liquid Tomb raider with a most fertile assortment of spitting logic, 'Til lab rats gone colossus in the spotlight, Now Aesop Rock be the handle while your breath control is tough, to breath along is not enough, I correspond to a kick snare blind, but share the passion with but a small percentage of the masses and their fashion [the Controls] You got a feeling that you got me where you want me I've wait within the palm of your hand And you've got cartoons in the morning while I'm sleeping I've just got dreams that I don't understand [Percee P] Supply the checks, Known from Cali, Chi to Lex My respect and styles some try to get, but die direct from the side affects, You crave Perc cause I'm well equip with predicate your too delicate for this fella flip kid you better get saved first, called freaks give me no floor feet all sweet small peeks cause my stocks exchange they bore street still the slick kicking the illest hits who kill us quick when I build this? Spit more rounds than Bruce Willis flicks Ideas and flow raise eyelids that's why kids make hybrid rhymes supplied with step this God did years ago to grasp a taste have to place them in a glass case and observe 'em from a Nasa space center with a mask on face Coward of the year make others fear the way this brother is empowered I am the bomb, dont try tampering with my brand of style could by stand, the only witness [?] is God's (this guy's) camera taping me [Singing] I'm here, Does it feel, You're the coward of the year? I'm gone too far somebody pull me home, too gone, too far, too gone, too far [Aesop] Sadly I withered a non-believer, When pride covered this must lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth form the frame of your demeanor? I address but a rapidly lessoning portion of majors dissolved in the abortion of creations new laborers, Pilot burner riddle of trades, divinity, composers and tunnel through and out of spite the anti hero dosage, In a cradle I label the dreaded simulation we compile, Tenents embeded within synthetic inclination We have never dined on bait so when corrupt crooks hook simple Samaritans' eyes buried in books, shift on a badda datta sun moon merger to guard the difference, The New York MC population dancing uncontrollable expansion, I, cyclothymic pound dodger, push a wooden nickel towards town squatter bother me not, My wallow across the village drunk and mumbling in the streets, 'bout how an angel gets its wings with every blue note I release, An angel gets its wings with every blue note I release? Could this be lies? Cause I'm gonna spit cobalt 'til every angel flys, I blew the operation set to clinch victor, Walkie talkers turn awkward fixtures to complete the wicked mixture, the fire and ice combination adjourns fresh, I return with the last living specimen caressed, When the earth is vacated and the populous cleared, I'll be the last star fighter sipping a goblet of my tears

Sing Like Bilal

JOELL ORTIZ "Free Agent"
[Intro: Sample Of Lil' Fame] Sing Like Bilal! [Joell Ortiz (Sample Of Lil' Fame):] Uh! Uh! Y-Y, Y-Y-Y-YAOOOWWWWW! J-J-Joell Ortiz, yeah (Sing-Sing like Bilal!) Oh! Aiyyo Flex I got the kite, I was tuned in saturday night Heh heh! You hear these guys?! (Sing-Sing like Bilal!) [Verse 1:] You remove the big label that be backin them (Uh) The moistened nine, ice the fake platinum And bring it back to rap I will flatten them I'm the best across the board like Tat and 'em New York, If you feelin like me then you tired Of listenin to liars, wishin it was fire But none of them is hot not the flicker of a lighter I'm about to blow up in they face Richard Pryor Your industry buzz ain't valid on the streets loser We don't care about them mags and them weak rumors Your secret wack parties with free hookah Ev'rybody walkin 'round tryin to be cooler Nah! See I be where they keep ruegers You ain't got to be in beefs the police shoot ya The ox will give ya a I'll buck fifty New rappers is cool but we still bump Biggie (Baby) I walk and perfects with a I'll one with me Fitted to the side on my Brooklyn shit No V.I.P. I ain't shook for shit I'm at the bar like afrter push ups and dips As for this mic they don't want nothin (Why?) 'Cause I eat 'em for breakfast, oatmeal cornmuffins Lil' insects y'all all buggin Flex I got you, next time I'll call up and record somethin [Chorus: DJ Premier scratchin] W-When you hear-W-W-When you heard me rewind me From the city where niggas known for puttin in work ("Xzibit") I-I-I-I make 'em nervous, I do it on purpose ("LL Cool J") W-When you hear-W-W-When you heard me rewind me From the city where niggas known for puttin in work ("Xzibit") This here serious ("Erick Sermon") Sing-Sing like Bilal! ("Lil Fame") [Verse 2:] Check, I see your mouth movin, but you ain't sayin nothin Ya boy's speakers all heat like my neighbor's oven If I'm ANYWHERE near a mic, then I'm claimin somethin I can't resist "The Temptation", David Ruffin Hah! Who feelin froggy? Hop, kiddo! I see to it Miss Piggy is a chopped widow Before I saw gwap from Joell features I had the corner on lock, Darrelle Revis It's so I treat rap like coke, bet it You want lines, gimme mines, homie no credit Y'all was hyped about homes like, no sweat it He turned out to be a "Bus", Jerome Bettis I'm on my chiro shit now, "back" at it Steady spittin that crack, I'm a crack addict The belt sittin on my wiast, take a crack at it My craft'll put you to sleep - hehe, Craftmatic


AZEALIA BANKS "Broke With Expensive Taste"
[Azealia Banks:] First lady on the floor, move sexy in Dior As we, go on and on and on from the dusk till the dawn Fully vampin' on the song, it’s a ball not a prom Have a pour at the bar, at the promenade- yo shorty lookin' gorge The allure of a star They applaud and in awe... The chips in her palm, what’s a pigeon to a swan? A queen to a pawn? Luxury is on looking to explore, the Bambi on the lawn Red carpet to the car, in a garment from the gods I drips and Bogart - you're a target from the start Assassinate the look - murdering the gown Fashion-Killa, the body dipped in brown Get the picture, nobody fit the crown She’s the winner, (in) the lobby with a smile! Jet black weave bout the length of a mile Jet black feet while I clever craft styles Miss I’ll flip this and dip-dip twaow! Miss, I been this, you must’ve missed out Dope when dressed up, ya boy strung out... His Girl is pressed, now behave, calm down Sip on old grapes and be laid lounge... Baby you look late, come peep my now Giving them good taste, the great’s don’t have Mommy keep blaze, better get that cake Shimmy it on stage, I’m giving them good face... Somebody on her page, somebody is amazed... It’s just another day for the dame, just another day for the dame [Chorus - Azealia Banks:] I am Miss Icon and I swore, I saw... A shade of green on ya and I took (I took) Time to teach ya, taught an allure, allure... A la-dy you wasn't before.. Finer, free, high-modern and more (and more) You favor me, now how I adore ya! Do you, dine or tea, Italian for two? A day to be around here with you.. with you [Theophilus London:] (Hey!) Grand champ, it’s the bougie - the handsome Romance in advance, hit ya boo on her Samsung Beach bunnies, from Aruba to Cancun Ya bitch save money just to move with the anthem So prepare my niggas, gourmet grape taste, we rare my niggas He where? He wear flair, beware my niggas You scared, you see-through, you clear my nigga You boys Scooby and Doo, I’m really groovy and frost You niggas cooped in a hoop, I’m Cooley High in the Porsche I put these niggas on mute, to whom it may not concern... I got the bitch with the juice, you got the bitch with the germ 2Pac in the coup, westside with the herb I got a flock of the hoots, a-list of the birds White model the muse, Arizona the first I took a trip from the Moon, to JFK for that work [Azealia Banks:] I am Miss Icon, I’ve seen you all of green, high-modern miss, I taught - I’ll teach you how to allure! Dine or Tea, Italian miss, I oughta meet ya darling, how finer free now how I adore - ya! [Chorus]

He Used 2 Be A Man

B.G. "Checkmate"
Oh you gonna be trippin' bout this busta ass nigga [Verse 1] When he was on the streets he used to jack niggas Ran around the project toting the mac nigga He had niggas tip had em breaking him off He had niggas clearing the block when it got dark Now everybody thought that this nigga was real But anybody holding a gun can kill If niggas was on the block they ran when he came He used to walk on the set and rob the dice game This nigga was a dog out here in that world Now he got to the pen and turned the girl He walking like a bitch this nigga here twistin' The bitch even sittin' down now when he pissin' He hugged up with a man on the wall tongue kissin' He family fucked up they don't even go visit Now that's the difference between jail and the streets With a gun you a killa Without it you're a thrilla [Chorus] When you was on the streets you was a solja And then you got fucked when you went to Angola You hit the fucking wall with all that mouthin' off And then you showed fear when you got round them big dogs When you was on the streets you was a solja And got turned out when you went to Angola You hit the fucking wall with all that mouthin' off And showed your true colors when you got round them big dogs [Verse 2] This nigga used to catch ballas slippin' and jack em This nigga used to catch bad bitches and mack em He used to serve niggas work out of town and tax em He used to take his walk up on niggas and wack em This nigga here name used to carry weight Nigga passed with they head down couldn't look in his face This nigga used to act a fool with a 4 4 Now he in the pen getting' shot in his go go I had a feeling without that strap he was a hoe Now it came out he done got that lifetime joe Damn that's somethin' niggas is a trip They don't open they lip if they ain't got a full clip Shit never changed doing the same thang On the streets ya bout it In that place you're a jing-a-ling With a gat you a man nowadays your with out it You needed to be bout it Cause you soft than soap powder [Chorus] [Verse 3] When you walking up the street with that heat ya creepin' When you walking down the walk that pink ya sweppin' When ya standin' over a nigga with that k you a dog When you getting' that dick from the back you're a broad you was a man puttin' niggas under white sheets now that g-string up your ass you the beauty of the week nigga told ya that out that here doing that crime take it like a man you get popped then you get that time you sayin' that you cool and you can handle it before you got upstate you barely ate in the parish you ain't got a gun now ain't even got a knife You had two charges whodi fuck a fight You can't take a ass whooping ya weaker than weak Now ya getting your ass rubbed down with grease You're a clown nobody feels sorry on the block Ya got get it how ya live in that cell block [Chorus] When you was on the streets you was a solja And then..


[Krayzie] What's happenin nigga? [Dealer] Hell yeah, what's up my nigga? Ain't notin just out here grindin, my nigga you know what it is What's up nigga what you need? [Krayzie] I need some weed [Dealer] Aw, man I don't even f**k wit da weed no more [Krayzie] What? [Dealer] Aw, hell naw, man I got this new shit Man this shit called ecstasy man [Krayzie] Ecstasy, what? [Dealer] Nigga this tha shit, man Nigga this shit will have you on the level wit ya female and everythang, nigga Look I'ma give you one of these muthaf**ka's let you try this muthaf**ka out, man And I bet you be callin me tomorrow talkin 'bout you wan't some more of this shit Man I'm tellin you; shit have you on the level Man you need to put the weed down f**k wit this shit Boy, I'm tellin you boy [Krayzie] This nigga trippin [Dealer] This shit will have you on the level [Krayzie] Straight f**k it. Gimme one of them muthaf**kas dere man [Dealer] Here, take that one and call me in the morning nigga [Krayzie Bone] I feel so zigidy zigidy zigidy, cause I'm floatin in ecstasy. [4x] [Krayzie Bone] As you can see I took the pill (took the pill), right to the house Grab a shot of liquor and pop pop popped it in my mouth An' I'm thinkin to my self that this might be a waste of my time, cause what if I don't even get high Thirty minutes dun came by, I didn't even seem high, until I stood up and looked at the ceiling for some reason Now I'm tweakin, then I tried to walk but I was SSLLOOWW I guess I'm floatin in ecstasy (Just like the nigga told me) [Krayzie Bone & Flesh Bone] I fell so realish realish realish, cause we floatin in ecstasy. [4x] [Flesh Bone] My name come alive (?). An I'm pokin in sumpin oh damn but it ain't no joke Cut guards and red beans And for them niggaz that follow me around for my mojo Feelin so see... Cause I'm floatin in ecstasy (Alright) Ahh, my nigga just call up the homie To hook us up on that liquid G An if these hoes don't wanna see, they gotta check the spot quickly Im feelin way high, but I'm also feelin way low But damn I'm stuck in between. F**kin wit broad boys and neva get used Just help, just throw in a few more. Diablos, nigga Flesh Bone so chill I'm feelin it hump through my body, feelin hot an exotic Feelin knocked out, feelin too sexy for my muthf**kin self Gotta find my bitch and f**k her ass to death [Krayzie Bone & Flesh Bone] I feel so realish realish realish cause we floatin in ecstasy. [4x] [Layzie Bone] Whose my nigga that told me the level I started to see the devil Nigga was floatin in ecstasy Shit, I took the pill. Couldn't feel nothin so I'm breakin But about thirty more minutes later, nigga was on the couch fainted Arms sweaty, man why in the f**k y'all let me do this? Im lookin at my homegirl like I wanna, nigga this some new shit I realized, nigga took one step an started stumblin An I was tryin to call my nigga but he couldn't hear me, so I guess I'm mumblin Fall off into sumpin. But I guess I'm on a mission Tellin my niggaz that I love 'em now but it ain't nobody listenin Whistlin hangin out tha window, need me some indo. Till I let go like, me silky fine.ine.ine. Flown the expo, knock, knock, knock at tha door. But nigga was paranoid so I grabbed the gun bucked it at the door Ooh-wee, shit happens, my family got me faded But I'm runnin a secret cuz.. cuz a nigga can't take it. Shake it if I can but I'm blendin wit da killas And I wish E was here to feel pillish [Wish Bone] I feel so violen't violen't f**kin wit that ecstasy. Come roll wit me.[4x] [Wish Bone] I've been smokin weed for a very long time, why should I change? An plus they say that ecstasy shit f**ks up ya brain (brain) Ah, ah, why should I (I) just to get high, when weed gets me high? Nigga try this here. They said betta then that there They say, 'Ya like it (ya like it)'. So I tried it. (i tried it) I thought the shit will have a nigga high an horny Im high, but I'm to high. Wanna hurt somebody Nigga you trippin, get a hold of that shit, and ride that high But I'm trippin, body moves, won't nobody get hurt (hurt) [Bizzy Bone] Groanin, groanin, groanin and she ain't even in the car Layzie won't believe me high off the LSD What y'all don't know, we ridin on the highway Get the wheel so I can go down on ya, I sever it on my own way She reachin feelin so zigidy zigidy zigidy Got these bitches, f**kin these bitches Baby be peeled off, peelin on movin slow An Bizzy be rock hard, tongue-well and mean slow We in the club dropped, f**ked up, and still rollin They know my pockets swollen. Hold up show'dem we rollin We rollin, rollin, rollin and rollin, rollin, rollin I feel so zigidy zigidy zigidy cause we rollin ova' ecstasy

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