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THE CURE lyrics - Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Like Cockatoos

Original and similar lyrics
She walked out of her house And looked around At all the gardens that looked Back at her house (Like all the faces That quiz when you smile...) And he was standing At the corner Where the road turned dark A part of shiny wet Like blood the rain fell Black down on the street And kissed his feet she fell Her head an inch away from heaven And her face pressed tight And all around the night sang out Like cockatoos 'There are a thousand things' he said 'I'll never say those things to you again' And turning on his heel He left a trace of bubbles Bleeding in his stead And in her head A picture of a boy who left her Lonely in the rain (And all around the night sang out like cockatoos)

Where Have You Been

Griffith Nanci
Where Have you Been? By Jon Vezner and Don Henry Clare had all but given up When she and Edwin fell in love She touched his face, and shook her head In disbelief, she sighed and said In many dreams, I've held you near. Now at last you're really here. CHORUS: Where have you been? I've looked for you forever and a day. Where have you been? I'm just not myself when you're away. Verse: He asked her for her hand for life And she became a salesman's wife He was home each night by eight But one stormy evening he was late Her frightened tears fell to the floor 'Til his key turned in the door Where have you been? I've looked for you forever and a day. Where have you been? I'm just not myself when you're away. (Bridge) They'd never spent a night apart For sixty years she heard him snore Now they're in a hospital In separate beds, on different floors Clare soon lost her memory Forgot the names of family She never spoke a word again Then one day they wheeled him in He held her hand and stroked her hair And in a fragile voice she said, Where have you been? I've looked for you forever and a day. Where have you been? I'm just not myself when you're away. No, I'm just not myself when you're away.

Never Forget

Unseen "The Anger And The Truth"
its the dead of night and she wakes up screaming but her terror doesn't end when she's done dreaming she recloses her eyes and all she sees is your face bringing her back to that time and that place when you forced your way into her front door you took all her possessions, still you wanted more grabbed her by the arms, forced her to the bed you left her body but you'll never leave her head never forget, never walk away pain, regret, till her dying day he was very young but he knew when to hide he didn't recognize the smell booze but could see it in your eyes he swore when he was older he'd get his revenge but he never got the chance cause you left when he was ten now he walks the street with hatred in his eyes a needle in his veins, a head so full of lies all his wounds have healed, scars still mark the flesh drugs numb the pain but he'll never forget how do you sleep at night? what gave you the right destroying people's lives only their pain will survive never forg

Hide Out Or Ride Out

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
(Lil' Wayne) I strike a load you get served like we toke with fake busta get smoked with aproach it I explode it unload it reload it unload again and pull another left hand fifty shots to win i can't lose its impossible plus i got a chopper fifty shots about to droppin' you i be 'bout strings hittin' the beef gigga head then leave the set, leave a beef gigga wet jet off the scene with the uptown fighter red dot sighters all week night flighters i'm a get ya', when ya' least expect it cock the glock jacket a vest can't protect it boy, is ya' ready i'll leave yo' set wetted slugs flyin' high, got yo' body real heavy you can't move, ya' got buff now your stuck left Wayne on the set, and yo' boys to pick you up out cold head swoll eyes closed i know for sure you ain't gon' test me no more yo' block tore yo' family in black clothes you got blowed and in ya chest is many holes this goes for Lataranza Elmo i show how uptown niggas roll ya' big boy, me and my niggas did it to ya automatic, black chopper trigger pullin' that's how we be loadin' clips then release eight deep in the three-hundred E leather seats and in the trunk artillery up the streets where i started sure ain't for me the B.G. that's the name I go by test me you die S Kangol Y hide out at the club, slide out ride out yo' block 'bout to die out move ya' people i'm burnin' down the whole streets the night creepers 'bout to heat our enemies lights off masks on, creep silense lights gone we done left yo' block wired retaliate wait no your not boy 'cuz i'm a Hot Boy nine milli cock boy chopper gunnin' hoes scared of slugs, runnin' start movin', me and Juve (Juvenile) e be comin' (Juvenile) we left yo' brain sick up with a chopper (A.K. 47) splittin' the bricks a young black crucifix up in the dirt i be knockin' dicks smooth and beretically, my pockets rocket to six figures and polverizin' niggas pullin' A.K.'s and two triggers my potn's stand on the side of me they only come out at night them deamons got me on a flight duck tapin' and takin' life or even worse it could be three O'clock, on a Sunday by church yo' brains might have to burst you shouldn't have fucked with me first since them bullets was cappin' adam's apples i'm scoutin' got richer penintentiary ward for the national guard to come get 'em very seldom do you see me, when you do what do you do bust back, better be a head shot if not it's you i'm comin' around the corner 'bout to pulla meatball on ya' purses like a coat and them houses in calico me and Lil Turk heard of a merger on a murder fifty G's (grand) on his head what ht fuck did you said fifty G's (grands) for sure that nigga live next door call the man let the sucker plan look, i fuck with this rap shit, but i ask 'em don't say no more a Hot Boy representin' this bitch like black and Moe (Turk) I start to poppin' niggas start to droppin' i'm havin' fatal thoughts,i think i'm fuckin' shell shockin' niggas bangin' four-five ringin' in my ear, i'm not scared 'cuz i'm a solja and solja's have no fuckin' fear in my sleep at night i'm seeing war fights wakin' up thinkin' that a nigga took my fuckin' life unnecessary shit mind clickin' like a light switch to pick you up on any nigga or any bitch don't give a fuck steady bangin' and dodgin' camoulflagin' with the mack alive and don't have time for these dog hoes goin' through a stage with that chop (Chopper) and that four-four (Juvenile) What's this shit i hear 'bout you boys potna's in crime if that's true i'll punish you bitches for the last time now you gon' shine? let me put somethin' on ya' mind lil' cowards takin' hits and protecting shit it's a for sure thang i'm a brang or i'm a wet ya best to be 'bout yo' business, if not, God bless ya look, what makes you think that two-two-six wasn't strong that's when we do ya wrong they both come and they gone off-toppers i'm a get with you and ya' potna's (patners) T.C., L.D., and Williard street with choppers drama hittin' a niggas cash we play it right though i'm comin' to get a niggas ass like i'm them white folks look, better be 'bout it if not better be rowdy it's all in yo' mind, ha? you gon' shine, ha? i doubt it

Puttin' Memories Away

GARY ALLAN "Tough All Over"
I threw our rings into a box Filled with broken memories and fool's gold And I woke up again last night in this lonely bed without you to hold And I walked around this house pullin' pictures off the walls Just like I've done a hundred times before Makin' sure I've got 'em all [Chorus:] Makin' sure I've got the hard to find Little things that make me think about you 'Cause I'm tired of this house always breakin' me down, feelin' blue No, there's nothin' left to say I'm puttin' memories away Well, yesterday I found your dress I guess there's some things I missed in our room But it didn't break me down the second that I found it like it used to With red wine and tears I've been gatherin' all the years we spent together I need to move on 'Cause I know that you're gone forever [Chorus] No, there's nothing left to say I'm puttin' memories away

Then She Bit Me

DJ Jazzy Jeff The Fresh Prince "And in This Corner..."
I was in a club, one Friday. A lovely Lady comes walking my way. She walked up and she said hello. I said hi, my names Joe. I was lyin', so was she. She said her name was Donna, But her shirt said Marie. Once you get to know me, you'll never forget me. I said why, then she bit me. Ouch! That didn't hurt. Kinda nicked me, but she ripped my shirt. At that point I fell asleep. Woke up at her house, In the back of a jeep. A Blazer, '89 Tinted windows, I wish it was mine. Oh, it is, But where are my keys? There they the ignition. I'm at her house. It's a Tepee. No, a skyscrapper. No, an igloo. No, it's a shack. Forget it, I'll go around back. It's a castle, with a moat How I get Across...Boat. (Twilight Zone noise) Shooo...I hate that sound. I went inside, Looked right, looked left. There she is. Oh, no Thats Jeff. He's invisible. I went downstairs. It's a loft. No, it's a dungeon! There she is, doing areobics. No, yoga. No, karate. *You killed my teacher!!!* But what a body! No, she wasn't there. I'm tellin you I saw her. No, really I saw her. She was playing checkers. No, Nintendo. Ok, I'm lying. There she is, Watching T.V. All My Children. No, thats Cosby. No, Speed Racer. No, thats Shaft. No, thats Kimble. My fault...the T.V.'s off. There she is, what a doll. No, that's Chucky from Child's play! I kissed her, And she told me this is home... I entered a dimension Called The Twilight Zone.... Where anything can happen. I'm rough like sandpaper, Hard like algebra. You should be glad that I was nice, And I allowed ya to Step on stage. To kick your ryhmes off. I tried to be nice, But you mistook that for softness. Now it's goin' to hell with your opinion! What I say goes fom now on, This is my dominion! Are there any rappers to step on stage Cause if you do You'll feel the force of my rage, I'm on a rampage!!!!!!! Syche just hit me. Jeff wanted to do that, But I didn't. I thought that it would make the reccord dumb. I guess I wasn't wrong. Jack and Jill went up a hill, To fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down, And broke his crown.... Hickory, dickory, dock. Got to use the bathroom now, Sike, I was drafted.

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