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THE CURE lyrics - Join The Dots: B-Sides And Rarities, 1978-2001

Cut Here

Original and similar lyrics
'so we meet again!' and I offer my hand All dry and english slow And you look at me and I understand Yeah it's a look I used to know 'three long years... and your favourite man... Is that any way to say hello?' And you hold me... Like you'll never let me go 'oh c'mon and have a drink with me Sit down and talk awhile... ' 'oh I wish I could... and I will! But now I just don't have the time... ' And over my shoulder as I walk away I see you give that look goodbye... I still see that look in your eye... So dizzy mr busy - too much rush to talk to billy All the silly frilly things have to first get done In a minute - sometime soon - maybe next time - make it june Until later... doesn't always come It's so hard to think 'it ends sometime And this could be the last I should really hear you sing again And I should really watch you dance' Because it's hard to think 'I'll never get another chance to hold you... To hold you... ' But chilly mr dilly - too much rush to talk to billy All the tizzy fizzy idiot things must get done In a second - just hang on - all in good time - won't be long Until later... I should've stopped to think - I should've made the time I could've had that drink - I could've talked awhile I would've done it right - I would've moved us on But I didn''t - now it''s all too late it's over... over... And you're gone... I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you so much But how many times can I walk away And wish 'if only... ' How many times can I talk this way And wish 'if only... ' Keep on making the same mistake Keep on aching the same heartbreak I wish 'if only... ' But 'if only... ' Is a wish too late...

I Don't Want To Go

I don't want to see you go There's too much to say. But it's gone on for too long I know how much it hurts to hear You show it and I know it So there's no reason for the tears. I don't want to see you go Don't want to see you cry. 'Cos I've been there and I know it How much it hurts being left behind If you hold on, just be strong There'll come a time. All things will come to pass, you know All things will come around I see your bags are packed I guess that means you won't be back There's nothing left could keep me chained To get you, bring you back again. If you hold on, won't be long We'll find our time and place once more Just hold tight, it's alright We've been here before. All things will come to pass, you know All things will come around. But if you don't want to stay, say goodbye My number's on your wall 'Cos I've been there and I've seen it It's there beside those other guys So keep it, you may need it There's no more reason for the lies.

A Prayer For Micheal Vick & T.I.

I never got shook up by talks of Illuminati I'm from where niggas talk that talk Then walk around the streets all day Carrying heat like the human body Stress – we mastered that Death – we laugh at that You niggas sweeter than the cog-ni-ac I never sleep and when my eyes is closed I'm in a deep battle for sheep. I'm an insomniac But when it comes to the rhymes, a hypochondriac The flow so sickly, splash a hot round on me Peel off quickly, luckily Not one of you niggas could fuck with me I hit you with a plus degree Mind detect mind, plus mind detect matter With that I say peace to the G.O.'s And all my niggas locked away in cages, giving shit to the C.O.'s Doing long stretches on the track Cause they fell into the trap of the Neo's The Farrakhan of rap, giving dap to the people Busting shots at the eagle With the arrows in it's talon, sneaking shots when you peep through your peephole Spit the abracadabra, manipulate matter with a black magic created to eradicate evil So if they call me a rapper, okay yeah I can dig it But if they bring me before the congress, then I can kick it I send the devil to hell every time that I get wicked Ayah to ayah sura by sura yeah, yeah, I get lifted [Sample:] "People do say I'm cocky, some say I need a good whoopin', some say... I talk too much, but anything that I say I'm willing to back up... I have fulfilled all of my prophecies, I'm up to date on all of my predictions, my train is running on schedule." One for money, two for the pussy and fame Three hundred'll go to the court to change my name Like Cassius, the past just show me lessons Stay on my grind and pray that time will show me blessings Was my own model, I'm from the Magnolia Projects Where dice rollers and heroin addicts is role models So I had no choice but to kick it to full throttle My nigga's in Philly'll probably tell you – the boy's thorough Now, either you with me or you with me Cause even if you against me, running with my enemies They ain't nothing but mini-me's That I created long, long ago And they only want to cut off My lineage like the Kennedy's That being the case You should be aware I blast many a face And left niggas displaced like Katrina did And gave them very little with nothing like FEMA did And I ain't never seen a bid Well, there was one time when me and Ali tussled with one-time For claiming our sovereignty as a nation and bloodline You niggas should give a standing ovation To the MC who stands in the face of Satan Hitting them with Creation

I'm Serious (Long Way To Go)

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 3: For Better Or For Worse"
[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] Ya mean? (my niggaz, uh) Uh, talk to 'em [DJ On Point - talking over Intro/Chorus] (This shit right here is called Long Way To Go) Featuring Mr. Probz Shout out to Soulsearchin' on the beat [Chorus - Mr. Probz - w/ ad libs] Feet are tired and the pain shows It's such a long way to go now, such a long way to go Gotta be strong by myself now, such a long road My soul's so cold, weak in all my bones But I gotta work hard just to reach my goals Such a long way to go, so many miles left but I'm here now, yeah (DJ On Point) [Verse 1 - Joe Budden] Yo, yo, please Lord somethin gotta give (dog) They say for every negative, there's a positive (dog) But I ain't positive, for every buck deposited (dog) We still in the hood, livin like hostages and never mind colleges School of Hard Knocks scholarship, dealin with politics I would just sell success in the store, if I could bottle it But, I ain't a millionaire, won't see me in Forbes son Life is like a (Beach Chair), when you can afford one (oh!) Ruger loaded, just in case the war come Might as well, everything is comin to the forefront Need a clear head just to think And fuck a (Drink N My 2 Step) nigga, I'm two steps from a drink The pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds No matter how high up the mountain, I stay climbin Freedom I keep chancin (oh) So if I fall like Beyonce, I just get back up and keep dancin [Chorus - w/ ad libs] (Yo Mouse, talk to 'em) [Break - Joe Budden] Never been a goal that I couldn't reach (uh) Never been a lesson I couldn't teach I done been through the World and back Fuck school, I got all the facts All I do is stand tall (stand tall) When they got my back against the wall When it's game time, all we do is ball My niggaz'll be here in one call (one call), one call (one call) When shit get heavy, all I do is pick up the phone Ain't gotta go through nothin alone When shit get heavy, all I do is pick up the phone Ain't gotta walk through this World alone, if I'm on my own [Break 2 - Mr. Probz] Keep on standin on my own two feet Everytime that I cry, when I sweat, when I bleeeeed See nothin can stop me, no nothin except meeeee [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Verse 2 - Joe Budden] Uh, let me talk to 'em real quick, la-look, look I'm chasin after pies With bags under my eyes You lookin at my representative mask, it's a disguise And I don't do things like I used to The past is the past (but I'm), I'm presently thinkin about the future Certain niggaz bettin I fall I'm speed joggin through the quicksand, I'm jugglin three medicine balls See I'm comin up, used20to share a room with two cellmates Now I tower over the Devil but this ain't "Hell Date" Long way to go, I see my feet gettin blisters I dare 'em talk to me like Mike Richards Or play Don Imus and think it's cool to disrespect our sisters I guess we got a while 'fore they actually get the picture I think about Virginia Tech, think about Katrina Niggaz that caught Sean Bell slippin with the nina A day before the wedding, safety off the weapon Though all these things play in my head, I keep steppin (oh!) [Chorus - w/ Joe Budden ad libs] [Outro - Joe Budden - talking] That On Top Music! Naw mean? Uh, a uh, uh, Joey Team Jump Off Oh, uh, you in that? Yes! [DJ On Point - talking over Outro] Shout out to My nigga Burr, Roundtable Management Can't forget my nigga LRM, follow the future

On The Run

Jungle Brothers "Straight Out The Jungle"
Jungle Brothers on the run y'all, Jungle Brothers on the run, (x2) JBeez on the Run, JBeez on the run.(x2) Come on Oh, I run so much, you would think I'm a bandit. [Why?] You know why because I keep standing at it. Move so much, I often lose my shadow. Don't know where, but I know I got to go. Meet somebody at a quarter to eight. I'm a Scooby Do so I don't be late. If I take my vine, I'll make it on time, and if not, they'll be on my behind. I get there late, but better later than never. And when I get there, whatever is clever. I won't be stopped by a chick or a cop You know what I'm saying? I know what you're saying. {chorus} [I can't stop] Cause I'm [On the Run] [I can't stop] Cause I'm, cause I'm, cause I'm, cause I'm [On the run] {end of chorus} Some people say that I'm living inside the fast lane. Some people say that I'm going insane. Yesterday, I called my mother up on the phone. [hello?] She said, Son when are you coming home? How many places do you have to go? Tell me please 'cause I'd like to know. I haven't seen my brothers in a year or two. They're anxious to know what I'm going through. My father wants 'em to know how I'm taking care of myself. He hasn't seen me since December 12th. My grandmother hasn't seen me since the eighth, and she wants to know if I'm keeping the faith. Nanny, Nanny, Granny, Granny, Please don't hit me on my fanny. Tell Grandpa that I said Hi, I gotta go, see ya later, good bye. {chorus} Stop! Hold it! Freeze! Now! Uh-huh, oh yeah. . . I'm gonna get cha. . . No time to waste, no time to spare Just enough time to comb my hair. Get myself dressed and on the run. You're anti us and into sun. Ride the vine and drink to tree In and out of every part of New York City Kangaroos on my tail, but that's ok. I'm doing 90 and a great ok Working at a job that never gets done. Can't stop now cause I'm [On the run] Now I know why my girl be bugging [Why?] Because I'm not there to give her that loving. Say I'll be there, but I'm always late. Before I wind up in another state. For Summer two weeks, I was got to move While I'm getting paid, she's singing the blues. In a way I'm wrong and in a way I'm right. It's a part of making money for my dinner at night. I tried to tell her she's ~Hold it! Hold it! Hold up, Cops coming buddy. Come on man! Tried to tell her it's a jungle thing, I'm a jungle man, I got to swing. ~Come on, yo Sam start the car. ~We out of here. [On the run] [Watch me now, on the run, watch me now](x5)

Treat Her Like A Lady

JOE "My Name Is Joe"
Something ain't right, something just ain't right. Lord have mercy, babe, Tell me when was the last time, you brought her roses home from work. Tell me when was the last time, you rubbed her feet when she said they hurt. Tell me when was the last time, you bought a card to tell her how you feel. Don't even know when was the last time, you lit a candle for a late night meal. Tell me, How long will it be before you treat her like your queen. And how long will it take, before she starts coming home too late. And how long will it be, before she starts running in the streets. You better the time to treat her like your lady. You probably don't know when was teh last time, You stopped to open her car door. And tell me when was the last time, you heard say baby do it once more. Tell me when was the last time, you didn't have an argument. Don't even know when was the last time, you told the truth about where you been. Now if this don't apply to you (if this don't apply to you), Keep doing what you do (keep doing what you do). But if this shoe fits you well, take a minute just to ask yourself (just 60 seconds now). [Chorus] Now see what's old to you, is just like new to the next man. What you don't do for her, she'll find somebody else who can. If you don't wanna lose, out on the best thing you ever had, You better take it from me, you'll only end up just a lonely man, See I know what I'm talking about. [Chorus] (You better run to her) [Repeat Chorus til end.]

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