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THE CURE lyrics - Join The Dots: B-Sides And Rarities, 1978-2001


Original and similar lyrics
Nothing ever changes Nothing ever moves I swim around in circles In the same old lifeless room And talk about the mirror man The whispers in my ear again The hot and sticky pillow man Is smothering my face again Nothing ever changes Nothing ever moves And I run around hysterical In dead persistent gloom And babble out in simile Like dog-head-monkey-music me Shut up shut up shut up shut up Shut up!!! And let me breathe...

96 Bars Of JME

JME "Boy Better Know - Derkhead Edition.3"
Big up my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister, skepta Hold tight wiley Boy better know See I got bare labels phoning me but Cash point ain't showing me no love Everyone's got my tunes on their phone And the cd in the pc at home Is packed with all of the tunes I've done But my wallet ain't saying one You think I'm making mad p All right! My money is angry with me It took me five years to get 10 A to C's But in five days I get 10 AC's Somebody out there please tell me What I'm'a do with my uni degree? I don't want a job Blud I swear down I just wanna be a big mc Or something along them lines Swear on my life Music means so much to me Getting a degree to me is like a plan B It will mean so much to my family But understand me JavaScript makes me wanna swear like Plan B I know it'll come in handy I stick with it even when I get angry And I'm not on my own I got a brother in this music game like Brandy He knows how much music means to me We're just trying to make money legally I know guys that'll creep in your house Go upstairs Open your safe and steal a g That sounds like quick p to me But still I travel on c-c And WAGN And Silverlink Everything's not what it seems to be You think I'm stupid Move on Stereotype me I'll prove you wrong Ask anybody that knew me ages ago They'll say I had my head screwed on Yeah JME that guy he's cool Trust me blud, he went to my school He made me a ring tone once It was like Eskimo mixed into Oldschool To this day, I still ain't changed JME, music in his veins Same face, same deranged Thoughts coming through the speaker each day Mum still shouting turn down the bass Bredrins lounging around the place I don't smoke but my room's smoked out Can't see my hand in front of my face As if I'm in a time capsule My pockets are still filled with shrapnel Only difference, some of it's Euros I've been travelling, capital to capital I've been nuff countries I swear One day I'm a write them all down If you turn the clock the back 2 years I don't think I'd have even left town But still I used to make hits I was blessed with a lyrical art The other mc's, they weren't shit But they come like lyrical farts And they stunk, I used to hate them See nowadays I rate them Not cause I think that they're down But for simply sticking around The bars are right, they're like red bull Trust blud, I got a whole shedfull Yeah sometimes I can be a hot head But more time my head's cool When I'm a hot head I don't get lyrical I get serious, lyrically physical I start shouting stuff like derkhead And people think it's really cool In the mc rank I'm a piss take Yeah blud I'm way before fifth place JME, everyone saw his face See now I've got about four mixtapes Trust me I know you're playin em And all of my lyrics you're sayin em Even your girl says Shuhut your mouth There's no escaping it's blatant Yo blud man better know No one test with the dibby dibby flow Flow round here on the mic I'm a pro Professional in the game and you know All this war and clash is trash I'll make a tune or bore some gash Don't get rude I said don't get rude Or I will singe your tache Yo blud stand over there Dare you attempt to swear Swear down I'll burn your ear Ere what blud you know I don't even care All this push out your chest is late I did that in 1998 Don't get rude I said don't get rude Or I will phlegm in your face

Usually Just A T-Shirt: Untitled #12

JOHN FRUSCIANTE "Niandra Lades & Usually Just A T-Shirt"
Blind your head in catastrophe icicles No-one's fed in cycles led by cycles dead Ask to shine the flag Love is distance and blue sits like apples bite And flows through our hands I said 'Hi' to a man who shot his sister Panned through the station And jumped in front of a train Said I'm a bit confused to meet you Life's what scissors do to a day So their smiles pave the way Sand drips with waves And clouds my head cuz I'm a fortune fellah's bed And I'm the tunes played by the goons Who ride in fairy's wombs And stole the road the other way And sold tomorrow to yesterday and I know the feeling of pushing you out of a building Tiny people pulsating hit the sky Still the ground got up and wiped your face You expected to fly, wind up your misfortune Sling 'em to a Maitre-Dee Who wears dead butterflies on his face And is hoping to grow wings He really wants to tell you 'hey give your tears to today' Grind yourself souvenirs under your stolen years Hands in your pockets Your hands getting numb been hurt in grinds jive Do the avenues that seem to meet defeat you Did you ever try to hug the sky behind your head I walked forever sightseeing a screen Shuffled a mean green ping Dives head first into a hole in the water Drives side to side like a floating machine Dove dancing to a fable told to a sea of disintegration Crawl to a celebration of dirt that leaves that taste of wine Sucked from a hair that digs into the darkness Full of the fair that my head rides. I slide your kind through a ladder Hanging on a star Stray close so far Away from the climb A tape like section of introspection To rewind would be to recline. Hit the pounds underlying gently Ride on the side Tell your problems to zero He's got nothing to hide.


Del The Funky Homosapien
KURIOUS: (Talking) Oh man. Bitches man bitches! Sick tired a this shit. You know what I'm sayin'? Want my money talkin' shit don't know how to act phuckin' tired man. FPhuck'm I gonna do man? Have to put a foot up your ass? Phuckin' tired of it man. Phuckin' buy you this buy you that Phuck that shit! Kurious aint havin' it. Know what I'm sayin'? DEL: Boo boo head boo boo head, boo boo head I want you dead I want you bled bleeding needing medical assistance, resistance ya kiss meant nuthin' you was bluffin' stuffin' my brain with insane thoughts notions most intelligent people freak you because they'll know you'll give ya all give up your drawls flap ya jaws lyin' have me cryin' I'll admit it someone before musta shitted down your neck boo boo head but can you be dead? with fled instead of the murda I'll just tell everybody what I heard of word up. [CHORUS:] D: All a this over boo boo heads, K: All a this, all a this... Back in elementary school you made me drool I was cool rules were never broken a token, of our friendship all my friends flippin' somersaults the fault was not yours of course, they didn't know, yo grils was yucky clear 'round get slapped like a puck-y but you never said 'Phuck me' that wasn't in the pictua I couldn't hit ya with ya hair braids and the games we played were fun till one day a friend said, 'Boo boo heads turn red, in the face when you place ya hands on her ass in class, and give a spank a banka full of fun at recess, and be fresh.' OK, I'll try it and die if she does but she did and turned around and socked me like Rocky I feel like a heel for real but now I'm older and told ya to keel over cause now it's different no innocence and women sprints the way you sway to the forces of evil and we will bust that ass fast and quickly I dig G's disrespectin' rep now it's when they shit's come bobbin' brothers try and rob another and I'll rub ya the wrong way let the song play, [CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Ooh, I wanna smack you mack you attack you even if you black you get no slack sue, call a lawyer boy, ya never knew ya crew is on a mission every weekend freakin' kissin' with other van ya man lets turn the sands in the hourglass and your power lasts less guess take a gander I slander ya name spread propaganda and I demand ya ta stop hop on a train before pain'll be ya middle name in the game of love happiness yes, I caressed ya flesh but if you test ya caught out there without a vest mess around and you can rest I found a new boo boo baby, maybe I can crave the one that saves thee reputation, ya'll lets face it ya basin' smokin', leavin' niggas broken open but I scope in to ya brain gain remain clues ya use for protection now who's next in... [CHORUS]

1stp Klosr

LINKIN PARK "Reanimation"
(feat. The Humble Brothers, Jonathan Davis) I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break I'm about to break This room to breathe This room to breathe This room to breathe I cannot take this anymore Saying everything I've said before All these words, they make no sence I found bliss in ignorance Less I hear, the less you say You'll find that out anyway I find the answers aren't so clear Wish I could find a way to disappear All these thoughts, they make no sence I found bliss in ignorance Nothing seems to go away Over and over again Just like before Everything you say to me And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe And I'm about to break Everything you say to me And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe And I'm about to break These are the places where I can feel torn from my body My flesh, it peels during this ride, we can cut up what we like I'm about to break Waiting alone, I cannot resist Feeling this hate, I have never missed Please, someone, give me a reason to rip off my face Blood is a pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring And pouring Shut up when I'm talking to you Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up when I'm talking to you Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up Blood is pouring Shut up I'm about to break Everything you say to me And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe And I'm about to break Everything you say to me And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe And I'm about to Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break Everything you say to me Takes me one step closer to the edge And I'm about to break I need a little room to breathe 'Cause I'm one step closer to the edge And I'm about to

The Girl Who Was... Death

Devil Doll
Don't trust him When he turns his back He looks at you Don't trust him When his eyes are closed: He still looks at you I fled, I fled Devouring the space But the shapeless bulk Was chasing me -enraged- Breathing my footsteps Unsated with killing me Slowly Nailing my incandescent thoughts Along the border Of insanity In a place where A procession of fleshly numbers Slides incessantly Into the ironic waters Of the cosmos Seeking to remember The sense Of the impossible word: Escape Who are you looking for? What are you looking at? A light? a star A boat? an insect A plane? a flying fish I'm looking at somebody Who belongs to my world This is your world I am your only world I can't remember When the fog - unravelling The real and inexplicable Contradictions That crowd together The human brain lobes - Imprisoned me In the spider's web Of the one who touches The minds of the mad Curbing and churning The confetti of their thoughts Without corpses There's no war And without war There's no victory My dear! I will not be pushed Filed, stamped Inedxed Briefed, debriefed Or numbered! - Nightmare - Welcome, my freind! Here whole generations Of ghosts Have raised Their eyes and wings Each morning To unbounded space With the innocent joy Of crysalids Greeting Their final metamorphosis And in the evening They're dead and dropping Like lifeless flowers Swayed by the plaintive Whistling of the wind You must learn, we are all pawns On this hopeless chessboard; Your move! Maybe you don't know my face But well you know my name - My name is death Dressed in white, smiling The girl who was death And loved me so much Desiring to bring me back to her The only way out To no purpose Why are they trying To kill me? Because they don't know You are already Dead! Face to face Shut up In the cage of time The man and I Joined by fate In the degree absolute The challange Without return match Where the price to one is: Living And pain to the other is: Not dying! The mask! The mask! I must take off His mask! Now! Now! But just as victory Seems finally To favour me Aand the unknown Persecutor appears - Frame after frame - In a slow instantaneous Electric shock Here is my contorted face To reveal, sneering The final dramatic Deceit When victim and hangman Exchange roles The triumphant freedom Of a thousand dreams Evaporates In the reality Of a new incubus - Once again - Made of Smiles, masks, lifeless confetti Be seeing you! Wandering through the catacombs of life Desperately I plunge into the whirl Wandering through the catacombs of life Slowly I fall into the whirl of - Hell -

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