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THE CURE lyrics - Join The Dots: B-Sides And Rarities, 1978-2001

A Japanese Dream

Original and similar lyrics
I'm going back to the land of the blind Back to the land where the sun never shines I'm going back there and I'm hoping to find Everything just as it was before I left it all behind I slept at nights there hysterically Twisted and turned But I just couldn't get free Opened my eyes But I still couldn't see But I could feel her... China white girl So I get down on the floor Like I am worshipping God Burning like a monkey I get down on the floor Like I am praying to the Lord Burning like a monkey Mmmmmm... That was a Japanese dream alright The sound of the storm And the flickering light And the way that her scent used to fill up the night like... Like her scent used to fill up the night So I get down on the floor Like I am worshipping God Burning like a monkey I get down on the floor Like I am praying to the Lord Burning like a monkey Just look at me now Just look at me this way It looks like I am quite insane It looks like I am trying to eat off my face It looks like I'm going to the land of the blind anyway... Back where the sun never shines Back to the land of the blind Back in a Japanese dream

Promised Land

QUEENSRYCHE "Promised Land"
Watching the sand fall, listening for the knock upon my door, and waiting...for Promised Land. Standing neck deep in life, my ring of brass lay rusting on the floor.Is this all? Because it's not what I expected. Somewhere along the way friends I once held close fled the fast lane. I didn't notice, I just had to make it. Head down, nose in the grindstone; the kiss of life placed on my brow kept sliddin' to the ground and now it's buried six feet under. Preaching from the floor again the same old sad song, 'Bartender... bring another drink for their favorite son.' Where did it all go wrong? What's the use in even holding on? Here's to love, hate... and promises. Almost called it today. Turned to face 'The Void' numb with the suffering and the question, 'Why am I...?' So many times I've tried and failed to gather my courage, reach again for that nail. Life's been like dragging feet through sand, and never finding... Promised Land. Preaching from the floor again the same old sad song, 'Bartender... bring another drink for their favorite song.' Where did it all go wrong? I feel like I'm dying. Here's to love, to hate, to promises and Promised Land lies.

The Winds Of War

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[the movie "Se7en"] "I'm setting the example, and what I've done in gonna be puzzled over And studied, and followed, forever." [Ikon"] Prepare for the verbal war The hologram advance, psychical form Manifesting universal mind into the lore Travelling lands, I stand on sands of chemical vibration The math, kings of light departed in wrath So where you gonna stand when the Elohi returns Seven great sages throughout the ages say you burn It's my turn to shine I redefine the crystalline-biological structures, implanted in your mind So I find the deaf, dumb and blind And bless 'em with science, and leave the blind ones behind Descending into big balls of mass, in the form of rain The Verbal Hologram brings pain So rearrange, disagreeable ways that brought you the darkness Take hold, and rip out your soul from your carcass And rise away like a sham The Verbal Hologram is the verbal avalanche One last chance to re-plan, and over-stand Before the Hologram sends your camp to Holy Land So ask your man, when he returns to where I sent him The plan was to kill God and reinvent Him Practicing Black Magical tactics like voodoo Attacking like the seven deadly warships of Nibiru [Chorus x3: sample of Masta Killa from "Triumph"] Give insight to the blind The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum (intrigued by the drum) [Ikon:] I bring forth the mighty [? ], the powerful zapatra The darkening behind you, the biblical omega The Ashtar Command; I come to bring mortals the barathory gland So here I stand on the Four Corners of Stonehendge Travelling through portals, the [? ] of battles, the lord of the immortals The zeal of the seven, the rising of the demon The lost books of the Bible and forgotten books of Eden The heathens, who burn like [? ] Handed the Holy tablets, like Moses The blackening of roses, will send you to the edges of the land The emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean The hands of the mighty Lion of Judah Will throw you through the triangular portals of Bermuda Exploring the Hologramic aspects of consciousness For aliens truth devour, orthodox vs. running through fistic equations for power The shower of acid rain brings pain to the land You cannot kill what you cannot see The Verbal Hologram [Chorus x5]

Land Of No Body

we just leave the earths ground on the way to see the new star we forget the past time released from our imperfection molecular illusion going on to confuse our minds born in a world of conflicts we don't recognize ourselves then in the dying sun here we saw the sight we saw the birth of a planet we saw a world without sorrows without the eager far as of mind of money we walking throught the land unrecognized we're back to the earth again creatures come from nowhere and find somewhere our place we want freedom we want freedom for the world power to the people and the righteous in the land that's why we now in turn fight for them we saw our world where life is around we saw the people there living in the past but they are happy and then laughing they feel like they're mice now when they build the sky above there's a lot of happiness walls of conflict going smash I found the end of the dream listen here crashing down my mind there reality is gray with no hope and fame I start a journey to inside waking my first term I just returned to my dream where I'm coming from

The Windfall (Everything For Nothing)

JONI MITCHELL "Night Ride Home"
So you want me to buy you a car Why? Because Elvis did? Darlin' come on Because Elvis gave 'em cars You think I'm cheap And you're hard done by Look-you live here like a star Rent free suite Big blue pool that you sun by Trips to tropic shores Clothes from fancy stores You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing Going to the church You chant For my downfall Chanting for my house My friends You want it all The pillows on my bed The visions in my head You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing In the land of litigation The courts are like game shows Take what's behind the curtain The jury cries I'm not going to be the jackpot At the end of your perjured rainbow Not if local justice has even one good eye Oh it's not like I was blind I saw But I took no action As you began to climb Green clawed Dissatisfaction It wasn't hard to guess That the end would be a mess You want too much You want too badly You want everything for nothing In the land of mass frustration The judges are sleeping Counting wooly little lawyers And grinding their teeth Outside my sleepless window The Hollywood sirens are shrieking While down some searchlit alley runs Some lost belief Oh I'm tangled in your lies Your scam Your spider web Spit spun between the trees Doors slam You want my head You'd eat your young alive For a jaguar in the drive You lie too much You lie too badly You want everything for nothing

Don't Sweat The Technique

Eric B. Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique"
Casualties of War! Casualties of war; as I approach the barricade Where's the enemy? Who do I invade? Bullets of Teflon bulletproof vest rip Tear ya outta ya frame with a bag full of clips Cause I got a family that waits for my return To get back home is my main concern I'ma get back to New York in one piece but I'm bent in the sand that is hot as the city streets Sky lights up like fireworks blind me Bullets, whistlin over my head remind me... President Bush said attack Flashback to Nam, I might not make it back Missile hits the area, screams wake me up from a war of dreams, heat up the M-16 Basic training, trained for torture Take no prisoners, and I just caught ya Addicted to murder, send more bodybags They can't identify em, leave the nametags I get a rush when I see blood, dead bodies on the floor CASUALTIES OF WAR! (4X) Day divides the night and night divides the day It's all hard work and no play More than combat, it's far beyond that Cause I got a kill or be killed kind of attack Area's mapped out, there'll be no, Stratego Me and my platoon make a boom wherever we go But what are we here for? Who's on the other side of the wall? Somebody give the President a call But I hear warfare scream through the air Back to the battlegrounds, it's war they declare A Desert Storm: let's see who reigns supreme Something like Monopoly: a government scheme Go to the Army, be all you can be Another dead soldier? Hell no, not me So I start letting off ammunition in every direction Allah is my only protection But wait a minute, Saddam Hussein prays the same and this is Asia, from where I came I'm on the wrong side, so change the target Shooting at the general; and where's the sergeant? Blame it on John Hardy Hawkins for bringing me to America Now it's mass hysteria I get a rush when I see blood, dead bodies on the floor CASUALTIES OF WAR! (4X) The war is over, for now at least Just because they lost it don't mean it's peace It's a long way home, it's a lot to think about Whole generation, left in doubt Innocent families killed in the midst It'll be more dead people after this So I'm glad to be alive and walkin Half of my platoon came home in coffins Except the general, buried in the Storm in bits and pieces no need to look for em I played it slick and got away with it Rigged it up so they would think they did it Now I'm home on reserves and you can bet when THEY call, I'm going AWOL Cause it ain't no way I'm going back to war when I don't know who or what I'm fighting for So I wait for terrorists to attack Every time a truck backfires I fire back I look for shelter when a plane is over me Remember Pearl Harbor? New York could be over, G Kamikaze, strapped with bombs No peace in the East, they want revenge for Saddam Did I hear gunshots, or thunder? No time to wonder, somebody's going under Put on my fatigues and my camoflouge Take control, cause I'm in charge When I snapped out of it, it was blood, dead bodies on the floor CASUALTIES OF WAR! (4X)

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