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THE CURE lyrics - Japanese Whispers

Speak My Language

Original and similar lyrics
It was only yesterday Waving arms across the street Your white face left me blue How can I say all the things I have to say to you Oh all the people here All look the same The little time I spend with you We drink each other dry Mammnnarghaassstmmetc Speak my language It was only yesterday My eyes touched yours across the street We cut the words And waved goodbye And dropped off the edge of the world Mammnnarghaassstmmetc Speak my language

My Washington Woman

KENNY ROGERS "Best Of Kenny Rogers"
The wages of an unskilled working man never paid enough From time to time a nickel on a race keeps him from giving up A blue collared man in Seattle never lives on white collared street But there was food on the table for my Washington woman and me The work slowed down and the one day The foreman laid me off That night in a tavern down on my last dime I met a girl from Arkensal Her daddy was a banker in Little Rock She had a mansion on white collared street The next morning my Washington woman woke up without me From city to city, and state to state, I get her in shame My Washington woman had six months left Before out child would bring her pain That Arkensal woman hurt me As we crossed the Arkensal line But the arms of Seattle Are the arms that kept huggin' mine For year I have basked in expensive wines Taste champagne every day I gave up all the things I loved For all these things I hate I locked up all of her forgiveness, the day I set myself free And the heart of my Washington woman stopped beating for me My Washington woman sends me a letter every once in a while Inside a folded wordless page is a picture of my child All but words, the room grows cold with a feeling of jealousy And there's a silence between My Arkensal woman and me

Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

With my winter time My idols and stage fright In another night Where the lights are loud and bright One dream from waking up saved Too shy to hold in the rage I know no luxury Of knowing what your eyes read I know one million ways To always pick the wrong thing to say A love that you never gave Always a time zone away It's not out of spite I know what's right Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye Sometimes a memory Only sees what it wants to believe And what's filled in between Are days and nights that don't mean a thing Such a simple suicide A second chance never tried And you don't understand I need a helping hand So you think that you've seen it all Is that a fact? So out your mouth a dictionary Spouts about this and that You got your do's, your don'ts Because and why I don't trust no one who don't Take their own advice Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye


I believe in I deceive in Bottom weaving I can breathe in Make a wish in Flower fishing Moving vibration Mild relation I'm jamaican on your radio station Got a curse in Could be worse in You first In a hearse in Good as dead in Nothing left in Nothing left in Some be heading I need a head rest in And a feed from a warm breast A man making hits With my child-bearing hips Underground like Who's it sound like You all sound the same But you don't know my name I believe in people lying I believe in people dying I believe in people trying I believe in people crying I believe in people balking I believe in people talking I believe in people breathing I believe in people being We all sound the same You don't know my name Rearrange and Things don't change Things remain Feel the strain Stress Catch my breath (There'll be a new tale of) Get some rest (He and I) From the mess (In fact any time) I couldn't care less (Every day) Sugar cane (Write fictional stories) Is like smack to my vein Shook fame (If you want to) But I don't complain (On the street) I believe in different reasons I believe in breath through seasons I believe when snow flakes fall I believe in buildings tall I believe in people bombing I believe in people warring I believe diseases coming I believe that's why I'm running Keep living Keep living You gotta ask (There'll be a new tale of) Before he attacks (He and I) You got the flats (In fact any time) Dub my sacks (Every day) You've got the city (Writing fictional stories) Move out of the country I'm scrunching (If you want to) Friends that are punchy (On the street) I believe in people falling I believe in people warring I believe diseases coming I believe that's why I'm running I believe in people balking I believe in people talking I believe in people breathing I believe in people being Keep living(X6)


(George Michael) It's like a conversation, where no-one stops to breathe Is it my imagination, or did God already leave the table? Such destruction, and pure white castles in the sand No time for introduction With all that money changing hands And the satellite says, 'Take a look at all we have' But the old man says, 'You want my family, for your liberty...I can't do that.' Look into the eyes of any patient man Whether they be amber, green or blue, There's a piece of God staring back at you But they see our children, and the old folk fend for themselves They see our broken women On imaginary shelves But the satellite says, 'Won't you people look at all we have? Don't you want it? Can't you see the things that you lack?' Children in his arms, he turns his back.

Could It Be Any Harder

THE CALLING "Camino Palmero"
You left me with goodbye and open arms A cut so deep I don't deserve You were always invincible in my eyes the only thing against us now is time [Chorus:] Could it be any harder to say goodbye and without you, Could it be any harder to watch you go, to face what's true If I only had one more day I lie down and blind myself with laughter A quick fix of hope is what I needed And now i wish that i could turn back the years But i know i just don't have the power [Chorus] I'd jump at the chance We'd drink and we'd dance And I'd listen close to your every word, As if its your last, I know its your last, Cause today, oh, you're gone Could it be any harder... Could it be any harder... [Chorus] Like sand on my feet The smell of sweet perfume You stick to me forever,baby and I wish you didn't go, I wish you didn't go I wish you didn't go away To touch you again, With life in your hands Could it be any harder...

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