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THE CURE lyrics - Disintegration


Original and similar lyrics
oh i miss the kiss of treachery the shameless kiss of vanity the soft and the black and the velvety up tight against the side of me and mouth and eyes and heart all bleed and run in thickening streams of greed as bit by bit it starts the need to just let go my party piece oh i miss the kiss of treachery the aching kiss before i feed the stench of a love for a younger meat and the sound that it makes when it cuts in deep the holding up on bended knees the addiction of duplicities as bit by bit it starts the need to just let go my party piece but i never said i would stay to the end so i leave you with babies and hoping for frequency screaming like this in the hope of the secrecy screaming me over and over and over i leave you with photographs pictures of trickery stains on the carpet and stains on the scenery songs about happiness murmured in dreams when we both us knew how the ending would be... so it's all come back round to breaking apart again breking apart like i'm made up of glass again making it up behind my back again holding my breath for the fear of sleep again holding it up behind my head again cut in deep to the heart of the bone again round and round and round and it's coming apart again over and over and over now that i know that i'm breaking to pieces i'll pull out my heart and i'll feed it to anyone crying for sympathy crocodile cry for the love of the crowd and the three cheers from everyone dropping through sky through the glass of the roof through the roof of your mouth through the mouth of your eye through the eye of the needle it's easier for me to get closer to heaven than ever feel whole again i never said i would stay to the end i knew i would leave you with babies and everything screaming like this in the hole of sincerity screaming me over and over and over i leave you with photographs pictues of trickery stains on the carpet and stains on the memory songs about happiness murmured in dreams when we both of us knew how the end always is... how the end always is...

Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her

XTC "The Big Express"
It's raining on the beach She inches close but out of reach The waves look painted on Seagulls screaming The sea is warship grey It whispers ''Fool!'' then slides away Black coastline slumbers on Seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her And all the flags that flap on the pier Spell why on earth do you want The fog hides much but one thing is clear She's nearer Dead deck chairs under shrouds And life belts gape like minstrel mouths Her hair still smells of salt Seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her He who hesitates is lost If you want her, you should tell her Take her by the hand If you hesitate If you wait, November wins her November will win her She returns to sand So get ahold of the girl I say I like your coat Her thank-you tugs my heart afloat I nearly didn't hear for Seagulls screaming kiss her, kiss her He who hesitates is lost

Read My Lips

Tha Alkaholiks "Coast II Coast"
Intro: Back once again to wet up the whole area Check my style out Verse One: Tash Read my lips, my dick be makin bitches leave tips Castin shadows over battles like a lunar eclipse Cause the man that makes you jump like you the grand prize winner of a Lexus I'm back again to test your reflexes If you don't think I can flow then you can ask E-Swift If you don't believe Swift then you can call Steve Griff If you don't believe Griff then step up to fuck with I Call you up and send you as a gift to hieroglyph Cause the Liks got lyric tricks datin back to eighty-six While my thousand dollar system still busts the pause mix So my style be comin at you more deadlin than a cobra With these niggaz on my mind like is he drunk or is he sober Mind your biz while I rhymes like Biz to the tent I slam like a fifth that stays hidden Not to be fucked with, under any circumstances And I don't have to sing to send these bitches into trances Chorus: E-Swift (repeat 4X) I give the party people what they like Somethin hype, to keep em rockin all night Verse Two: J-Ro Next it's, the man freakin funky flow flexes Bustin in my All Day I Dream About Sexes Walk into your living room there I am Stroll to your kitchen there I am Run to your backyard hmm there I am Everywhere you look there goes the Ro-gram That's why you hate me, you can't escape me You can't even erase me off your tape We the A-L-K, H-O-L-I-K-S Comin like new pimps humps and stress to your chest J, to the R-O, just rockin on I keep the party poppin til a new day is born The Alkaholik name won't change not a bit I told you on the last skit dick you can't tell me shit We kick it wicked, so you can get addicted To the hip-hop that we drop, get with the liquid Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro, Tash Punk MC's get bent, I'll leave a dent in what you sent I got your city covered like a motherfuckin tent Some say I rap funny, give my money to the needy The way Ibust will get you dizzy like a VD I hang with thugs I'm like drugs so why try me I'm swift like Ozzie Smith, your flow ain't goin by me He's a sufferin succcootash, throw him in the trash Show him you the man that'll boom bash I hold MC's up like money it ain't funny When I leave em in the corner broke up like crash dummies Get a doctor, sock the, volts to the chest For the cardiac arrest, fuckin with the freshest Cause even on your best, I leave you like Ness Cause I'm colder than a forty straight out the ice chest So it's easy to distinguish who drunk the Olde English Cause it stays in my system till I drain it out my... (arguement with girl) How many alcoholics we got here in the house *cheer* How many pot-heads we got *cheer* Same fuckin assholes

The Butcher

LEONARD COHEN "Songs From A Room"
I came upon a butcher, he was slaughtering a lamb, I accused him there with his tortured lamb. He said, 'Listen to me, child, I am what I am and you, you are my only son.' Well, I found a silver needle, I put it into my arm. It did some good, did some harm. But the nights were cold and it almost kept me warm, how come the night is long I saw some flowers growing up where that lamb fell down; was I supposed to praise my Lord, make some kind of joyful sound He said, 'Listen, listen to me now, I go round and round and you, you are my only child.' Do not leave me now, do not leave me now, I'm broken down from a recent fall. Blood upon my body and ice upon my soul, lead on, my son, it is your world.


JOELL ORTIZ "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles"
[Intro: Joell Ortiz] Uhh, look around in my neighborhood (aquí en el barrio, tú sabes) See how we live, see right there on that corner That's where they sell the drugs (la manteca broder) Run the numbers and, play dominoes, whistle at the fly ladies You know, I'm Latino, hahahahaha (pa que sepa) [Joell Ortiz:] The dope gets sold by the bodega While y'all call it dope, we call it the manteca We don't look for lotto numbers in the newspaper We play it right over the counter by the Now & Laters Sit down on milk crates and play dominoes ¡Capicu! Slam it down, tell 'em adios Another round of beers before we go upstairs And watch a fuzzy TV on some of the oldest chairs Relax, take a bath and get nice and clean Come out just in time for dinner, you know rice and beans A little chicken, maybe tostones, it's up to Ma She might be tired keepin this house all up to par Sometimes I look out the window and see some nice wheels I got a thing for rims, they give me slight chills Round here you get killed over a ice-grill Guns pop but the O.G.'s carry knives still (word) [Chorus: Joell Ortiz (La Bruja)] (Latinooooo) I'm that and I'm proud If you don't know us let me tell you about (Latinooooos) We got beautiful women (la-la-la la-la-la la-la) And they all seem to know their way around the kitchen I'm (Latinooooo) yeah we stick together We had hard lives so our skin is thick forever We (Latinoooooos) I'm that and I'm proud (la la la la la la laaaa) If you don't know us let me tell you about [Joell Ortiz:] See e'ry block got a different crew This kid I knew got paralyzed cause of his tattoo And he wasn't in a gang Just some young punk tryin to come up and get a name Put a bullet in his brain, it's a shame But yo, on a better note Latina women look so good from head to toe, get 'em and never let 'em go Baseball is big in my town So is boxing, a hundred he don't see the ninth round These young girls is fresh, they like to get piped down Babies havin babies, guess who on the WIC line now? Guess who got welfare? Guess who on Medicaid? Guess who left they kid with their girl for eleven days? Without callin, cause he's ballin One year from now he'll have a child support warrant It happen all the time in my community That's the difference between someone like you and me - I'm [Chorus] [Joell Ortiz:] Big Chino got a truck, and a bike, and a boat But Chino got a gun cause his life full of coke And Chino havin fun, he don't like bein broke But Chino gon' be done, FBI is no joke And I don't want Chi' to get knocked When the truck around he buy ice cream for the block See where I'm from the kids look up to the hustlers Even if they're family with some of the customers My abuela used to tell me to stay off the corner You heard what happened to Mrs. Rivera's daughter? See she had got caught in the crossfire right there in broad day Shot her in the back tryin run in the hallway By my buildin all you hear is, "Oye Ten cuidado la policia esta en la esquina de Broadway" There's action all the time in my neighborhood But see we all mind our business like a neighbor should See this one right here is for all my Latinos around the world Around the world man, there's so many of us man Be proud of who you are man, I love y'all niggaz Joell Ortiz [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Joell Ortiz & La Bruja:] Latinooooos

Lyrical Lullaby

[Savage-C:] A whole defensive line couldn't stop my rhymes, I leave tricks flatlined with columbine lines And crack spines, I leave mics numb with morphine, Your team could step and get blazed like nicotine, Burned like gasoline in the tank of my beam, Sunk like submarines while I fuck a marine, I'm A Team, about to blow up like caroseen, My flows is hittin like a pipe with no smokescreen More lines than magazines, droppin verses like fumbles ... I turnbuckles in lyrical royal rumbles While you bitches stumble, we shake em like runnin backs Kickin up more dust than Carl Lewis runnin track My flash then Kodak, kickin lip when I'm pimpin, Bustas could'ntsee me with mothafuckin restrictions I pop the clip in for suckas who start friction To keep you bustas movin like this was an eviction [Andre Nickatina:] I'm from "don't five a fuck dot com" I spit these raps like two gats plus the holy Qur'an It's essential I bust like a block monsta, Duck low from the blaze of this helicopta Like Agatha Christie, you're dyin a mystery, Because these streets are real, seriously Buggs Bunny mothafuck you know who I am, Rap gun slanger yo Simity Sam Yo, spicy like Cajun rice, cold as ice You rev like the Dodge Daytona with the pipes My empires strikes back for tigas and Jedis Lyrics that kill rhymes, 2 to the 4 5 My soul is the soul of a replicon, Decepticon, and you ain't even met Shere Khan Cause I'll bounce you like a Polo stick off a brick, Then lose you in the smoke of the cannabis Yo, the popeye crooked eye, strapped with a alibi The only MC to shoot you a lullaby Darth Vader force, of course, round the neck MC slugs, of course, round the chest This is how we blaze for Jah, rock your Kah And tell those freaks to, yeah, drop your brah The pisces killa whale is like a diary And I'm a boss at what I do, you can't fire me [Savage-C:] I grab the mic and spit flows til I decompose, I been screamin "fuck the hos" since I was an embryo And fuck the radio, I'm stayn strictly underground And, Fuck a trick, I wouldn't save a bitch if she was drownin 2 10s poundin in my 325 Rippin 10 times 65, combined with 4 and 5 Comin straight from the west like a south paw crackin jaws, A player with a bigger sack than Santa Claus My shits raw, that's why I'm bout ta blow like land mines Equipped with more lines than the New York Times My rhymes is dope like a syringe of heroin Cause I got my shit together like Siamese twins You fake like a mannequin, your flows ain't tight Bitch ass MC's could'ntsee me in daylight And this collaboration, is for a classic compilation, 5-0s hatin, I'm hittin fences like immigration

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