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THE CURE lyrics - Bloodflowers

Watching Me Fall

Original and similar lyrics
I've been watching me fall for it seems like years Watching me grow small, I watch me disappear Slipping out my ordinary world, out my ordinary eyes Yeah slipping out the ordinary me into someone else's life Into someone else's life... There's a thin white cold new moon and the snow is coming down And the neon bright tokyo lights flicker through the crowd I've been drifting around for hours and I'm lost and I'm tired When a whisper in my ear insatiable breathes 'why don't you follow me inside?... ' Yeah the room is small, the room is bright Her hair is black, the bed is white And the night is always young Is always young... always young The night is always young... Yeah I've been seeing them strip to the bone in the mirror on the wall Seeing her swallow him whole like it's not me at all She holds out her hands and I follow her down to my knees And the sucking inside insatiable smiles 'you will forget yourself in me... ' Yeah the room is small, the room is bright Her eyes are black, the bed is white And the night is always young And the night goes on and on And the night is always young And the night is never over and over and over and over and over... And then it's gone And then it's gone Yeah then it's gone... Yeah it's a cruel mean cold new day and outside the snow is still coming down And in the blood red tokyo bed I watch me coming round She pulled him down for hours Deeper than I've ever been And as I fall in the mirror on the wall I'm watching me scream I'm watching me scream I'm watching me scream I'm watching me scream Yeah I've been watching me go for it must be years Watching me get slow, I watch me disappear And one day, yeah I know, I won't come back at all... And always over and over in his ordinary eyes I'm watching me fall I'm watching me fall I'm watching me fall I'm watching me fall

A Million Lives

JAKE MILLER "The Road Less Traveled"
[Verse 1:] The other day I got an email, I almost didn't read it But something caught my eye right before I could delete it It was bold and underlined, "Please Read" was the title Followed by "Jake you are my idol" It said and I quote, my name is Nikki and I used to be dancer Til the day the doctor diagnosed me with cancer So I said goodbye to all the hair on head And said hello to my hospital bed Yeah see I was just a normal girl, it happened so fast There were so many days that I thought would be my last However the fight was tough, and the battle was long But I felt strong when I listened to your songs You were, always there for me, you helped my heart beat You were my only friend, kept you on repeat I thank God for you every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life [Hook:] I've met a million people, been a million places Shook a million hands, seen a million faces I've had a million lows, and a million more highs No I havent made a million, but I've touched a million lives I've met a million people, been a million places Shook a million hands, seen a million faces I've had a million lows, and a million more highs No I havent made a million, but I, but I [Verse 2:] Yeah the mailman knocked said it was for me Handed me a box, sent from tennessee Written on the top "for jakes eyes only" Inside was a journal and letter that he wrote me It said my name is dillon I'm in 7th grade I'm ridiculed and picked on almost everyday Yeah they push me in the halls in between my classes Yesterday they took my books then broke my glasses I got no one to talk to, it's like I don't exsist Sometimes I wonder if I was gone, would I be missed? But lemme tell the real reason for this letter You've helped me through it all, you've help me feel better You're words gimme confidence, your messages inspire me You help me find my inner strength deep inside me Through all the bad times, you helped me find the light Believe or not, you saved my life [Hook] [Verse 3:] I was sittin at my table at dinner the other night When I noticed a little girl sittin to my right She was lookin at me like she knew me, I guess she did Cause then she walked right up to, and then she said My name is sami and I swear that I'm your biggest fan I think she even had my name written on her hand She said me my brother used to listen to you every day Until last year, when he passed away I'll never forget seein my parents cry When they got a call sayin that your son had died Man I wish that he was here now, you were his favorite He had your mixtape and never stopped playin it Your music gives me a feelin that I just can't desrcribe It's like I got my brother back, and hes still alive I pray for both of you, every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life [Hook] Now lemme turn the table, and talk to you I had a dream but your the reason that it's comin true Yeah I've had some dark days, when the sun don't shine But you always reminded me that I would be fine Cause when no else cared, you believed in my vision And now I got an army comin with me on my mission I thank God for all you, every single night Cause believe or not, you saved my life

Nothing But Sunshine

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[Slug] (Mixed vocals) Whatta you mean what was my childhood like? What difference does that make? Yo, my childhood was messed up, so what? Everybody's childhood was messed up. This is the 90's, find me one person who had it right. What's that got to do with me rhyming? What's left? [Slug] Now when my mother died I had to take it in stride There ain't no room for pride in watching your father cry And dad made it until maybe a year later When they found his suicide inside of a grain elevator Got over it, I had no other offers or options Thought about whether or not mom and pop was watching Never bothered with caution, no time for fear Saw my folks carry fear for most my early years And I learned from it, turned numb and ignored the storm A burning sun waiting for the world to plummet Finished growing up under my uncle's roof He taught me how to count all the way up to 100 proof From watching him I learned how to gather nourishment Living off the different women that he had to nurture him And on the surface I became a normal pre-teen More afraid of nuclear war than snake bites and bee stings My best friend was my TV Game shows and cartoons substituted for puppies, rainbows, and balloons Now here I am, the shy type, and I think I'm doing alright Considering what it was like living my life Chorus (repeated) It's nothing but sunshine It's all sunshine It's nothing but sunshine [Slug] Now it's been 17 summers since I've seen my mother But every night I see her smile inside my dreams When I was younger I didn't actually see the accident happen But every night I see her smile as it shatters against the screams I can only imagine Dad's internal reaction Strain, inferno burning, bound in his brain What's it take to make a man who owns acres of land Abandon the family plan and drown himself in his grains I'm glad I left that farm in Northern Minnesota Where the time moves slower and the winters are colder Became a city boy, where everybody acts like they older Where they stick to themselves and keep a chip on they shoulder 26 years of age, no longer full of rage I think it's safe to say I've turned a page on my childhood days Ay yo look Ma, I'm a productive member of society When I'm drunk I make noise, but otherwise I live quietly And on the weekend I go back up north to reminisce Remember what it was like pretending to be a kid Late at night I walked the fields and lurk in the shadows Getting even with life by murdering cattle Cow Skit Chorus (repeated) It's all sunshine It's nothing but sunshine It's all sunshine (And I'm gonna be alright, and you gonna be alright, You ain't gotta hold my hand, just walk with me tonight) Fade out (What it is, it ain't, and what it ain't it is, is a theme of a Virgo)

Machinegun Kelly

Half Hearted Handgun
These daughters lend the tongue its sword sliced through unmeasured suits giving more barrels to heat speaches mean nothing to a cord oh oh oh yeah these streets lay dead and bloodied let us use the tongue as a handsaw buildings broken on top of heroes faint teaching of neoclasical let us use the tongue as a handsaw with as much modesty the scenes we've read from this bench before the moth has signed his throat lies/where/it/falls the cyclopse hammers fall on the top of flaming beds destroying the author of affection in a definate affectionate slaughter yeah she's seen in lovely dresses much like a whore......... unpack my heart with words as deep as the lungs... ....''''///// quarentine X communication is bleak dance in circles saturate metaphorical force tread upon the heels that fall ten timeserk if this shoud fail if this should fail new world destruction HAS MADE US BLACK


Inkubus Sukkubus
In the hush of the gloaming As the young sleep without a care Dark lovers greet the cool night sky And drink of the liquid air The time has come for the eternal young To leave the still of the earth And rush through the night In their nocturnal flight Wild beneath the midnight sun Those who have tasted it satiates It's an experience you won't want to miss So cast out your fears, they're ever near So much can change with a single kiss They come on wings of black kid leather Anaemia adds haste to the flight The sky is alive with anticipation Another soul will join them tonight With one fatal kiss of exquisite bliss Your body is left pale in the wake But the vampyre catalepsy is brief And pretty soon you'll join the feast of blood

All Night

Tha Alkaholiks "Likwidation"
[J-Ro] Welcome to Tha Alkaholik function, yeah [Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party [Tash] Yes to party down [J-Ro] We came to party, we came to party, we came to party Verse One: Tash Aiyyo, step in my area, and I'ma bury ya Tha Likwit crew is blowin so the more the girl the merrier So bring your sexy body to the front and make some noise while these beats wind the Likwit homies up like Freakazoids Plus my style as hot as sex on a platta That's why your dame was open once I threw these lyrics at her Say what The rhyme data Smokin wack MC's so bad I'm at the ground evacuatin So hit the exits, while I'm rhyme flexin on some next ish That come across in different shapes and forms like playin Tetris So from the West it's (who) I thought you knew Cool ass CaTashTrophe, from the crew with all the moves so pop the tops off, while I pop beats that knock your blocks off TASH, got the style that house any beanie bopper So check the time of clock while I rock the land Hey ladies! tell em whose in this jam Chorus: repeat 2X (It's Tha Liks baby) [J-Ro] Here to wet your top [Tash] So all the ladies gather round, it's time to party down [J-Ro] That's right (That's right) that's right #1 repeat [J-Ro] We got the Henn Rock flowin all night #2 repeat [J-Ro] We gotta keep the party blowin all night #3 repeat [J-Ro] Tha Likwit up in ya all night #4 repeat [J-Ro] DJ spin the record all night #5 repeat [J-Ro] We'll have sex on the beach all night #6 repeat [J-Ro] It's Tha Liks baby baby all night Verse Two: J-Ro Yo, it goes down like one two three It's Tha Alkaholiks in the place to be Whether you from France, Japan or Italy An R amp;B fan, or a dope MC Some ol' jazz cat that won a Grammy A wide receiver, from Miami A soccer goalie or a maitre'd A Playboy Bunny, even if you can't see I don't give a damn if you security or you got a degree, at USC My uncle, my cousin, or my auntie You could be one-time it don't matter to me Cause when you bring your ass to a Likwit show You gonna get wet if you in the front row *E-Swift scratches* Row... row... Ro... Ro.. ... now on with the show Chorus Verse Three: J-Ro, Tash One two, one two I got a tape in my ride, made by Homicide Ralph M and DJ Pen make the wheels spin Let's make some noise for the Baka Boyz DJ Dee and Hen Gee in the place to be Joe Cooley and Mark and Evil E Master C, Sam Jam, and Assada got bam slam with DJ Jam Let loose the 4th Alkaholik puts the wheels to use uhh D-Pimp, Mad Lib, my nigga Juice And DJ Pooh, I like the beats you produce You know how we do, with DJ Kiilu Makin girls shake they asses, Inf's got all the passes I'm playin John Madden, with DJ Alladin Had my girl under the cover, went with Egyptian Lover I'm on the radio, microphone mic-a-don All my yapes I would pay for a mix tape I'd trade DJ Mark Love makes the party push and shove I float over a beat made by Chris the Glove The Beat Junkies, Nu-Mark and Cut Chemist My homey leave ya mouth open like a dentist Bobcat, DJ Smooth and Battlecat The Sway and King Tech Wake Up Show is fat General Lee gets busy but remember this Scotty D, Keith Coolie, and Cold Krush Chris Chorus Outro: J-Ro Yo this goes out to all the DJ's, in the L to the A E-Swift on the track, yeah Rob One in the house, check it out Rob Love in the house, uhh Tairrie T in the house, yeah Fat Box in the house, uhh My homey Tank in the house, yeah DJ Muggs in the house, yo DJ Bones in the house Old School Romeo in the house, yeah Ali Wide in the house, uhh in the house, yeah Coolio G, Total G, can't forget DJ Yella Mixmaster Spade, DJ Lethal, DJ , hah Rest in peace to DJ Trane and Magic Mike All night, all night, all night, yeah

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