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The Brand New Heavies lyrics

Spend Some Time

Original and similar lyrics
I had a picture of you in my head It kept me warm when you were not there You made me laugh made me feel like A child to see your smile made everything worthwhile I feel a glow when you are near All of my doubt just disappear But baby nothing stays the same It's such a shame Chorus: Spend some time trying to figure out What to do with this love what to do with this love Now it seems like the best thing baby Is just give it up Let's just give it up So now you play trick with my mind I am gonna leave your loving all behind You were my joy You were my pain Something is lost when something is gained Don't worry baby I'll be fine I'll grow tired of you wasting my time Don't bother pleading or trying to stop me It's too late now I've just Got to be free Chorus Baby just give it up I've just had enough Give it up Give it up I've just had enough Chorus


A Spaceman came traveling on a ship from a far 'Twas light-years of time since his mission did start And over a village he halted his craft And he hung in the sky like a star, Just like a star And he followed a light and came down to a shed Where a mother and child where lying there on a bed A bright light of sliver shone round his head And he had the face on an Angel, And they where afraid Then the stranger spoke and he said do not fear I come from a planet a long way from here And I bring a message for mankind to hear and suddenly the sweetest music filled the air Chorus: and it went Lalalalalalalala, lalalalalalala, lalalalalala peace goodwill to all men and love for a child This Lovely music, went trembling through the ground , and many were wakened, on hearng that sound , and travellers on the road, the village they found , by the light of that ship in the sky, it shone all around , and just before dawn at the paling of the sky the stranger returned and said now i must fly when two thousand years of your time has gone by this song will begin once again, to a baby's cry Repeat chorus This is goodwill to all men, and love for a child OH the whole world is waiting Repeat chorus to end They never hear the song again Their a thousand standing on the edge of the world And a star has woken somewhere, and time is nearly here

You Told Me Baby

1. ' told me baby, You were just too tired to try, There was nothing left for you to give and no more tears to cry. I know she hurt you, but you know I've been hurt too. You just come to me, we'll see what a love can do. 2. ' told me baby, I was still too young to know, all the ways that love was going to drag you down, and just how low I'd go. In love and time between us, makes no difference at all. You know, You're as desperate to get back up, as I am not to fall. bridge: Oh, baby, I've been looking for a man like you. . . Oh, darling, After all we've been through There's no one left to fool; Nothing left for us to do, except me and you. instrumental break 3. ' told me baby, to find somebody new. Do you really think that I'd come this far, just to lose a man like you? You know you've got to take a chance, if only you will stay. And if you've got the time baby, I've got the love, We might just find a way (4x).

Down On You

Ooooo... Gonna make you feel so good. Whoa I'm a make you feel sooo good. [Chorus: x2] I'll go down on you, down on you, girl I'll be kissing your lips. I'll go down on you, baby down on you promise you'll be feeling my licks [Verse 1:] Baby just relax and lay back. Ease your mind cause we got that time. Looking so Good that I could eat you up and sex you up. Girl I wanna lay my head between your Thighs and taste you with my toungue till yo kitty cry. Slide your panties, show me that Silluette. Spread your legs far away. Baby now I'll go... [Chorus x2] [Verse 2:] So pink and pretty, pretty baby. Wanna try some of that sweet pie. Gonna make you feel That tongue fo'real. Satisfy for the ride. Girl I wanna lay my head between your thighs and taste You with my tongue till your kitty cry. Slide your panties, show me that silluette. Spread your legs Far away. Baby now I'll go... [Chorus: till fades]

Crazy Feelin'

I love you so you'll never know don't ever stop believing out of out minds time after time it's such a crazy feelin' Feelin' good feelin' high feel so free I wanna fly feel the sun feel the ground feel it just go round and round I wanna stay day after day and just a little longer you close to me I gotta be you know the love gets stronger Ooo turnin' like a wheel changin' it to real whenever we are one it's true it's always me and you thru any kinda weather...

Until The End Of Time

Electronic "Raise The Pressure"
Not a trace of emotion remains inside Two hearts broken lay down by the riverside Single handed they tried to escape from me With a turn of the wheel It was wrong with me *Drivin' me crazy, oh baby You're driving me crazy, oh baby You're driving me crazy, oh baby You're driving me crazy, oh baby **This love was born instead of hate Celebrate our love (celebrate) Let me feel the right vibration Celebrate our love (celebrate) And until the end of time Celebrate what's mine Make it good and let it shine Celebrate our love Revelation A fate that you can't decide They lay drown in the flow of the rising tide There's a side of your life that you never see It is real this I feel And drivin' me- (*Repeat) ***Gotta find, gotta find, some peace within our time Until the end of time, until the end of time (celebrate) Gotta find, gotta find, some peace within our time Until the end of time, until the end of time (celebrate) (**Repeat with***) (**Repeat)

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