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The Brand New Heavies lyrics

Mind Trips

Original and similar lyrics
Ego trippin' got you step Steppin' on someone else's toes I'm not your sister not your mother It's not fun being left alone Staying out all night long Wondering when you'll be back home Tired of being on my own Mind trips got me trippin' out Mind trips I can do without Mind trips pushing me around Mind trips turn me upside down Always talkin' about how good About how good you can make me feel How can you tell me it's true love When you're out there playin' the field I don't need the pain no more Break my heart I'll close the door Ain't livin' life just like before Time to stop the crazy games that you're Playin' with my heart Mind trips got me trippin' out Mind trips I can do without (Boy you've got me trippin') Mind trips pushing me around (You've got me trippin' out) Mind trips turn me upside down Lying cheating so misleading Hurtin' scheming so deceiving Ruinin' all the plans I'm makin' Time to stop the crazy games that You're playin with my heart

Mind Playin Tricks On Me '94

SCARFACE "The Diary"
I sit alone in my four cornered room starin' at candles Are we on the radio dukes Awww yeah, give it to me Yeah, at night I can't sleep I'm tossin' and turnin' I still got the candlesticks burnin' It ain't changed but it's a different time And I'm still playin' tricks with my mind My mothers always stressin' that I'm livin' wrong But I got my Smith and Wesson so I'm gettin' grown And their lookin' at your little boys success And I been thinkin', I'm dealin' with too much stress So I stay up on my p's and q's And watch out for the G's and fools Cause the homies that I thought I had See me stackin' up a grip And they just started talkin' bad So I stay away from outsiders And when I roll through, it makes 'em open they mouth wider I used to think that you was my one and only homie My mind was playin' tricks on me My mind was playin' tricks on me Yeah Dear diary I'm havin' a little trouble with my mind state How many bullets would it take to change my mind wait Sometimes I want to end it but I don't though They tell me see my pastor but I don't go Cause they all be on this one street So I take it on myself to thank him one deep And give my money to the most needy And never put it in the hands of the most greedy Cause their puttin' a price tag on a man's word And it's a fashion show, so the men flirt The world is endin' so they try to make us switch fast And they openin' up these churches for some quick cash And usin' the money fo' they new cribs While brother Johnson just got kicked out where he lived I follow no man, cause man be phoney My mind was playin' tricks on me My mind was playin' tricks on me Day by day it's more impossible to cope I feel like I'm the one that's doin' dope Can't seem to keep my mind on a steady track I'm all about gettin' mine so I study that But it seems they want to get me So I try to keep my nine millimeter wit me Just in case they want to see a homies head blown But I got to stay around to see my kids grown I finally found a woman who could deal wit me Back then I had a woman who wouldn't real wit me And now she's back with her old lady And now I got it goin' on and they sure hate me Now I'm a gone and she's alone hahahaha, her mind was playin' tricks on her One time for your motherfuckin' mind Bringin' it back like this here 1-9-9-1 all the way to the 1-9-9-4 and they me Face My mind was playin' tricks on me

Evil Freestyle

life flashes before you and then its taken away and then there so much that u never got to say but its okay you just gotta hold on to faith never look up and say gods name in vein just say grace and know that your loved one is safe buried away floating up into a better place it's like a race you just gotta learn how to pace and save face because you dont wanna be the disgrace a bitter taste like your mind is starting to decay accept the case know that the persons there to stay from my heart up to my spine all the way to my mind i need a sanctuary where my thoughts can unwind a wound like this can only be binded by time but i see something gods giving me a sign he says stand tall be tough stop all the cryin i look through you and i can see your inner lining i can see that your heart is about to break but why god why for heavens sake why did you take that person away couldnt you wait now it's too late but he has a bigger plan all my views and beliefs this is where i stand im so down im strayin from the topic at hand

Steal Your Heart Away

BONNIE RAITT "Longing In Their Hearts"
I know you got a different picture in mind Some dream world of a different kind I know this rhythm we've been moving to is way too slow Each time our bodies aresupposed to meet I'm here still missing a beat And when I look at you I see in your eyes We're still dancing to a different tune Take me to your dreaming place Open up my eyes Let me see what it takes to be Your lover in disguise show me how I do those things That make you want to stay 'Cause I'll Go crazy if I don't find The words I gotta say To steal your heart away I'll buy you diamonds, buy you golden rings All kinds of Beautiful things But that don't matter to a lover with a Restless heart Cause you still want to wake up to a Different scene Some screen gem like the one in your dream And leave me standing like a foolin' the wings Still waiting for a part to Play Take me to your dreaming place Open up my eyes Let me see what it takes to be Your lover in disguise Show me? How I can do those things That make you want to stay Cause I'll go crazy if I don't find The words I gotta say To steal your heart away I know you think she's right for you That she's in tune with what you do That she can touch you deep inside Where all your deepest feelings lie But I got something you should know Before she starts to hurt you so You can bet your life she's gonna hurt you And maybe you think that it's alright To leave me waiting every night To put me down in company In front of everyone we see To take my loving when it's free And then to throw it back at me Well baby, I just can't stand it Cause I can be the one for you And I can make your dreams come true And I can love you like she can Cause fancy clothes don't make no woman Believe me baby I got what it takes to make you feel good And maybe you think a girl should be As perfect as a girl can be To love you when your feeling down And miss you when you're not around Well I can't be that one for you I can only be the one that loves you Hey, what's this on your mind Hey, what's this change of mind Hey, what's this on your mind

You're No One 'Til Someone Lets You Down

JOHN MAYER "Paradise Valley"
No, I've not seen you this way before Standin' a mess at my door Well, it took you so long But you finally found You're no one 'til someone lets you down You believed that all people were kind And that you'd never mess with your mind You gave her your trust And she busted your crown You're no one 'til someone lets you down Yes, I've been told That some people grow old Without losing a part of their soul But if that is true I don't wish it on you There's so much to adore in a heart that is blue There's a light in your eyes that is pure That you won't give away anymore But just think of the things We can talk about now You're no one 'til someone lets you down Yes, I have heard There are some who avoid All the pain that will come with the fall But if that's the case It would surely erase All the joy that you feel When the hurt fades away There's a heart ticket train on the way Waitin' to take you away Will you please keep in mind When it pulls into town You're no one 'til someone lets you down You're no one 'til someone lets you down You're no one 'til someone lets you down

Never Gonna Let You Go

Batman: Would you think about how we used to be? You know that I loved you ever since But why would you do this to my heart? Leave me for some other guy Hook: Would you change your mind Can you kick it with me again? I can't just let you go now Baby... Let me know what you want! Chorus: ¡┬«Cause I'm never gonna let you go Never gonna get you out of my mind You ll always be with me No matter where you are you ll still be with me...... in spirit LDB: If you just open up your heart You know that things will go just fine Baby let me know, what's on your mind And let me please you, when ever you like Chorus Romeo: Gimmie the R and the O and the M and the E Oh, don't you know Romeo's gonna flow I gave you my love and life Holding it inside But when you walked away, you left me behind And I was broken hearted And why did you leave? Didn't I give you everything you needed All the love you want? And now you're gone Left me with a shattered heart And all I could do Is rap all about it Ain't that right Fox? Foxxy Brown: Yeah, that's right All up in the club with the Immature crew Lovin every minute of it Just think about it Never gonna let you go I ain't no hoe Trying to run after you Like you was my true blue boo I never wanted you for your stash But now you repay me by askin for my ass Now wait a minute Ill Na Na ain't takin' it Ain't takin anything, ain't taking your shit So once you get your mind made up Just go on out the door And get the fuck out outta my life So what? Chorus ¡¡

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