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THE BAND lyrics

Acadian Driftwood

Original and similar lyrics
The war was over and the spirit was broken The hills were smokin' as the men withdrew We stood on the cliffs Oh, and watched the ships Slowly sinking to their rendezvous They signed a treaty and our homes were taken Loved ones forsaken They didn't give a damn Try'n' to raise a family End up the enemy Over what went down on the plains of Abraham Acadian driftwood Gypsy tail wind They call my home the land of snow Canadian cold front movin' in What a way to ride Oh, what a way to go Then some returned to the motherland The high command had them cast away And some stayed on to finish what they started They never parted They're just built that way We had kin livin' south of the border They're a little older and they've been around They wrote a letter life is a whole lot better So pull up your stakes, children and come on down Fifteen under zero when the day became a threat My clothes were wet and I was drenched to the bone Been out ice fishing, too much repetition Make a man wanna leave the only home he's known Sailing out of the gulf headin' for Saint Pierre Nothin' to declare All we had was gone Broke down along the coast But what hurt the most When the people there said You better keep movin' on Everlasting summer filled with ill-content This government had us walkin' in chains This isn't my turf This ain't my season Can't think of one good reason to remain I've worked in the sugar fields up from New Orleans It was ever green up until the floods You could call it an omen Points ya where you're goin' Set my compass north I got winter in my blood Acadian driftwood Gypsy tail wind They call my home the land of snow Canadian cold front movin' in What a way to ride Ah, what a way to go

The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord

Rhapsody "Dawn of Victory"
Cruel Akron bloody bastard I now spit on you You can turn my bones to black ash but I'll move the moon I will light your evil kingdom and your heart will burn in flames Mutilated or dismembered we'll soon rise to eat your brain You will pay for your victims and for Airin's bloody rape For Arwald my dear friend and all my crying wasted land I call the rage of my dead I call the black angels' tears Also Dargor can't endure all... goes out from the cave while the demons take the hero for their tragic game Gods of earth save me from madness from these rites of total shame while descending in the red flame Arwald dies but not in vain They will pay for this nightmare, for the symphony of pain For Airin, my dead friend and all my crying wasted land I call the Tharos' fire I call the thunder roar Raise your voice and ride all ride all brave, raise your sword to the sky and sing the epic symphony for the mighty and proud firelord Arwald's acid broke the silver chains before his very last breath Akron laughing really doesn't know what now waits for him... Gods are raging leading my red steel heads and limbs are falling down It's in me the mystic messenger bringer of revenge Black angel, I call you! King Chaos is raging in the torment of my heart... I call the holy earthquake to end this bloody Hell! Gods are raging leading my red steel heads and limbs are falling down It's in me the mystic messenger bringer of revenge while she comes, beloved sunlight On the river known as Aigor our hero found his way All the demons desperately search for him now but in vain They will pay for this nightmare, for the symphony of pain For Airin, my dead friend and all my crying wasted land I call the Tharos' fire I call the thunder roar Raise your voice and ride all ride all brave, raise your sword to the sky and sing the epic symphony for the mighty and proud firelord

That's How It Is

COOLIO "Gangsta's Paradise"
Brainiac, with a zany act, cleptomaniac Before I go to work I smoke me a fat sack Of indo, then climb through the window And eye the VCR, and load it in the Pinto, huh! Yes I'm on my way to the bait or should I say the pawn shop, but I don't smoke rocks Some people say I'm crazy and they think I'm on crack Cause I hock all the shit and I never get it back Coolio loco, you better call Bronco Stole a link from my auntie, and sold it to my uncle Took the flowers from a hearse, romanced a nurse Put the girl to sleep then I went through her purse Bandit, underhanded, yes I'm skanless Snake in the grass fool, I'm taking chances If the price is right, you can call me a killer Before I was a rap singer, they called me Sticky Finger ( But he's stickin you, and takin all of you money -- Guru) ( I ain't never got gaffled like that - JD) ( Don't, you blink, or I'ma rob your ass blind - Sticky Fingers) ( What you doin stickin in that people's window? - Richard Pryor) ( Gimme that... ) big fat dope sack ( Gimme that... ) ca-di-llac ( Gimme that... ) big gold chain ( That's the life, a-that I lead -- Run-D.M.C.) Coolio call me shady, janky, slick right You and your crew better duck from my gunshots I takes no shit, carryin no drama If I can't get you I bust a cap on your momma I never had a grip, so I learn how to shoplift My trenchcoat is long and now I got some fresh shit Yeah, buddy, sht's lookin good Gets much props and respect from the hood Caps from my raps and a trunk full of hubcaps Step to the crew, and you're bound to catch a pimp slap But I don't pimp no bitch for my dough They got somethin I want, I just rob the hoe Early birds catch the worm so I crow like a rooster They follow me round the store because they know that I'm a booster Tell me what you want and I'll be the stealer Call me Coolio, or call me Sticky Fingers ( Coolio... ) ( First they do' ring, now they mob ring ) ( Told you before, you shouldn'ta never fell asleep - Big Daddy Kane) ( Give it up, give it up, give it up ) I don't wanna go to jail cause I don't like the lockup Turn out the lights and get ready for the sock up One plus three equals four for the knockout Got circles on that ass like a Mike Tyson PunchOut You better hide your shit if you wanna keep it I'm driving down the street in your 'llac while you're sleepin I was born with a sickness, that they call brokeness Never said I was the best, but I'm damn sure the loc'est Up, up, and away, like a rocket Some fool got shot, now I'm goin through his pockets He won't be needin no dollars where he's goin And when I get to hell I'ma act like I don't know him I'm takin everything that ain't bolted to the floor And before I go I steal the knocker of your front door Let me be free for I'm a thief and a gangster Before I was a rap singer, they called me Sticky Fingers ( Yeah we want


ATMOSPHERE "Happy Clown Bad Dub 8 / Fun EP"
[Intro] If fact I remember you You rap too? Oh that's right Yeah you used to come to my shows Whenever I was in your city I guess I should apologize for giving you the credit Of being more intelligent than you looked I guess it's a good thing that God loves ugly Yo, remember when you asked me for some advice? [Verse] Come one, it's easy, all you gotta do Is nod to the beat, talk about what's wrong with you I did it, a couple others did too And you can follow in these footprints if shoes fit you From all regions now, they're trying to steal the style Look they bit me, and I'm tryin to hide my smile Cause I tell you, ain't much as flattering As a grasshopper tryin to smash a teacher with a battle ram I ain't made, always been a fan of flashbacks Go ahead, wear your heart on your backpack But don't forget my name when you start to talk shit Up in the atmosphere with God in the cockpit Self-deprecate my way to a better fate Meditate through the hate, let 'em speculate Elevate the heat, burn 'em up like hot cakes Cops came late, tried to fix it all with scotch tape Pain, the brand new escape, from the brain And strange days that came with the mistakes Mis-tastes a little bit to dangerous I see where they hittin makes me wonder what they aimin with That's gotta hurt man, put it in the chorus See if I can get your girlfriend to sing it for us She like it, it helps her understand you And you like it, it helps you understand too And I should walk away, it's getting hard to keep control When I'm checking all these stalkers, and my records aren't even gold Breathe in slow, conserve the temper Show these mother fuckers what this microphone is meant for Try not to curse, it hurts the verse It proves that you have a strong lack of better words But sometimes nothing can replace a cut Just turn up the bass and come face the front They ain't trying to listen if you've got a lot to say And some nothing, still catch a lot of pay Man, I wanna play, but I'm not gonna walk my way Back to Coney Island just to catch a couple props today I nominate myself as the governor Faced in front of the judge, like I wasn't fuckin her Yes ma'am, no ma'am, get with the program Already had you bent over the desk singin slow jams Peace to the Molemen, Murs, Sage Francis Anyone else done the work, can take chances First and the last months rent takes precedent Other than that, god bless the Fifth Element Don't give a fuck what ya'll think of Slug Take your fangs out if you ain't drinkin blood And blame it on that life you don't live But shit talking says more about you than we kid [Outro] And now we gotta a little secret (don't we) [repeated in background as well] And every time I see you man, I'm gonna remember You are not who you wish you were You are not what you wish you were right? Do me a favor man, you hate me? Just walk past me man, don't even acknowledge me Just pretend I don't exist man, don't even look at me man Ba-bam ba-bam-BAM [repeated] [altered lyrics from song "BAM"] We land on your plate like a housefly Just another face from the southside The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry While I try not to make your doll cry What you call "fly"? What you call "fresh" Multi-bulls-eye-sex-and-checks-and-death I guess I'm best left for dead in a breath That was never impressed by what's possessed Girlfriend I need your help Cause the head on my shoulders won't fuck itself And when you're ready come around uptown Up Up girl let your strap down, put your strap down

Butcher Knife Bloodbath

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Hook:] I give it to you real raw You try to tackle me you couldn't make me fall Forget the microphone you need the iron we squeeze Play around and you'll fall off the deep end [Verse 1: Jus Allah] I am entertained by the pain, moth to a flame Jarring over your charred remains Hard to explain to the sane Tarzan's and Jane's Smaller brains The disdained Harder to obtain, refrain Unguard your gains All things obtained are in vein I am overjoyed to destroy Boys will be boys Uncoy deploy noisy toys Everyday, array of dismay Dead pray on display Let the slain lay where they may Tell 'em how to ban their fellow man Settle, tell your land Quell your well in advanced plans Grace your acquaintances with your complaints Stated on the page letter Awaiting the greatest ever Better late then never Better you in a crate One state lesser One day deader in red shaded decor Savvyt [Hook] [Verse 2: Vinnie Paz] The bullet quicker than lightspeed, gates of midian, nightbreed Any one fucking around with Vinnie he might bleed Hell is hot and that's where the homing device lead The body or the head only thing my knife need I don't need to speak Vinnie's philosophy known Y'all are weak and talk sloppy like Bobby Chacon Blood shed and war anti-christ the prophecy shown I tried to tell you that the Bush's were possibly cloned You should know about distortions of lessons in college About the water-fuel cell, the suppression of knowledge I don't call that mother fucking professor a scholar I call him a profiteering liar obsessed with the dollar Why we in Iran if all that we want is Osama? Why we in a jam when all that we want is Obama? Bushes had you thinkin we at war because he asked God Then blew up two fucking buildings in our backyard Blat blat blat [Hook]

First Snow On Brooklyn

JETHRO TULL "The Jethro Tull Christmas Album"
I flew in on the evening plane. Is it such a good idea that I am here again? And I could cut my cold breath with a knife. And taste the winter of another life. A yellow cab from JFK, the long way round. I didn't mind... gave me thinking time before I ran aground on rocky memories and choking tears. I believe it only rained round here in thirty years. Now, it's the first snow on Brooklyn and my cold feet are drumming. You don't see me in the shadows from your cozy window frame. And last night, who was in your parlour wrapping presents in the late hour to place upon your pillow as the morning came? Thin wind stings my face... pull collar up. I could murder coffee in a grande cup. No welcome deli; there's no Starbucks here. A dime for a quick phone call could cost me dear. And the first snow on Brooklyn paints a Christmas card upon the pavement. The cab leaves a disappearing trace and then it's gone. And the snow covers my footprints, deep regrets and heavy heartbeats. When you wake you'll never see the spot that I was standing on. Some things are best forgotten... some are better half-remembered. I just thought that I might be there on your, on your Christmas night. And the first snow on Brooklyn makes a lonely road to travel - cold crunch steps that echo as the blizzard bites.

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