THE ANTLERS lyrics - Uprooted

Flash Floods Don't Retreat

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The atom's broken and the strings are comin' loose Foundation isn't holdin' up the house So whats the use? The dogs are barking And cats don't land on their feet Flash Floods don't Retreat Ohh-Oh-Oh Traffic Lights take to much longer to change Well then Speed up Switch quick And stop again Construction stops the sidewalks don't wad up today The birds fall into the nest and then soon soon soon Ohh-Oh-Oh

Lights Of Cheyenne

Look off down the highway At the glittering lights Like windshield glass On the shoulder tonight As the diesels come Grinding on up from the plains All bunched up like pearls on a string And I guess time don't mean nothin' Not nothin' at all And out on the horizon The broken stars fall Old broken stars they Fall down on the land And get mixed together With the lights of Cheyenne Well I've been up all night And I'm down on my back Workin' the counter To take up the slack 'Cause the money tree's light And the whiskey stream's low You ain't worked a week Since July You say the gravel pit's hiring After the first But you don't have the Nature for that kind of work You might get hired on But you won't make a hand And I'll still be here lookin' At the lights of Cheyenne You stand in the sky With your feet on the ground Never suspectin' a thing But if the sky were to Move you might never be found Never be heard from again We go on good behavior when Our youngest comes home She comes up from Boulder But she never stays long And that oldest still fights Me like she was 18 Stopped in for a 6-pack awhile ago And she's got a cowboy problem And this last one's a sight All dressed up like Gunsmoke For Saturday night And they were off to the bars For lack of a plan Racing the stars to the lights of Cheyenne And you've kept all that Meanness inside you so long You'd fight with a fence post If it looked at your wrong Well the post won't hit back, And it won't call the law I look at your right, Or I don't look at all Now take a crumpled up Soft pack and give it a shake Out by the dumpster on a cigarette break With one eye swelled up from The back of your hand And the other eye fixed On the lights of Cheyenne You stand in the sky with Your feet on the ground Never suspectin' a thing But if the sky were to Move you might never be found Never be heard from again Now there's antelope grazing In range of my gun Come opening weekend You won't see a one They'll vanish like ghosts 'cause somehow they know But now they're up to the Fence in the early dawn And it's warming up nicely For this time of year The creeks are still frozen but The roads are all clear And I don't have it in me To make one more stand Though I never much cared For the lights of Cheyenne


One night we lay beside each other, so close to a sweat with two fans circling overhead, we sleep on borrowed time and the traffic lights direct empty roads, the stars can't break the city sky but they still try despite what they know is already true and tomorrow we'll take aim, just like a storm waiting for a calm i can feel everything coming in my chest, my heart's already pounding my head's on far-off highways, sixteen years old, on a road that never ends might drive into something that looks like a sunset, and it lasts forever, and i never look back from hoboken to l.a. from portland to gainesville from the great plains to niagara route 66 straight to california electric lights carry the night we move in 4/4 time our feet on wheels and in the sky yes we're going cause we'd die if we stayed here and those dying dreams will carry what's good, and real, and pure and the rest can burn in hell and for the four-year-old girl found dead in a dumpster shot by her mother, her eulogy, the sound of construction through head-to-head traffic today is just another day. and me and my friends are just growing into the drunks and the liars that we've always hated every shortcoming has trapped us, every mistake is now our own infinite failure so we steal every chance we get every advantage is taken when no one's looking we hide behind closed doors, and we don't stop till we are the people we've decided we should be i wanna be a shot heard round the world, fucking unstoppable this distance is not something we'll regret between here, and now, and today, and forever, and days after that till the very end

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