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THE ANTLERS lyrics - In The Attic Of The Universe

Stairs To The Attic

Original and similar lyrics
I decided on that evening That I was through with sitting still I stood up and started moving With a childlike fascination For those doors that don't have locks And the stairways that were blocked So I dug through the obstruction Put my fist around the railing And each step was far apart And far away from steps before it And the air was getting thinner Until I couldn't breathe at all And if I happened to look behind me There were miles and miles of stairs Enough so I couldn't see the doorway But I knew that it was there And on the last step I was dizzy Because there were stairs in all directions But I found another door And through the door there was the attic Without old clothes Without a ceiling Everything had opened wide Into the jaws of something bigger And suddenly I saw that I was Upstairs and outside and freezing on the roof Finally it had found me The answer, the feeling, and the truth: That I'm small That I'm small That I'm small I'm smaller than the smallest fireball

The End

We sleep by the ever-bright hole in the door / eat in the corner / talk to the floor -- cheating the spiders who come to say ''Please'', (politely). They bend at the knees. Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Old gentlemen talk / of when they were young / of ladies lost and erring sons. Lace-covered dandies revel (with friends) pure as the truth -- tied at both ends. Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Scented cathedral -- spire pointed down. We pray for souls in Kentish Town. A delicate hush -- the gods / floating by / wishing us well -- pie in the sky. God of ages / Lord of Time -- mine is the right to be wrong. Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs. Jack rabbit mister spawn a new breed of love-hungry pilgrims (no bodies to feed). Show me a good man. I'll show you the door. The last hymn is sung and the devil cries ''More.'' Well, I'm all for leaving and that being done, I've put in a request to take up my turn in that forsaken paradise that calls itself ''Hell'' -- Where no-one has nothing and nothing is well meaning fool, pick up thy bed and rise up from your gloom smiling. Give me your hate and do as the loving heathen do. Colors I've none -- dark or light, red, white or blue. Cold is my touch (freezing). Summoned by name -- I am the overseer over you. Given this command to watch o'er our miserable sphere. Fallen from grace / called on to bring sun or rain. Occasional corn from my oversight grew. Fell with mine angels from a far better place, offering services for the saving of face. Now you're here, you may as well admire all whom living has retired from the benign reconciliation. Legends were born surrounding mysterious lights seen in the sky (flashing). I just / lit a fag then / took my leave in the blink of an eye. Passionate play -- join round the maypole in dance (primitive rite) (wrongly). Summoned by name / I am the overseer / over you. Flee the icy Lucifer. Oh he's an awful fellow! What a mistake! I didn't take a feather from his pillow. Here's the everlasting rub: neither am I good or bad. I'd give up my halo for a horn and the horn for the hat I once had. I'm only breathing. There's life on my ceiling. The flies there are sleeping quietly. Twist my right arm in the dark. I would give two or three for one of those days that never made impressions on the old score. I would gladly be a dog barking up the wrong tree. Everyone's saved -- we're in the grave. See you there for afternoon tea. Time for awaking -- the tea lady's / making a brew-up and / baking new bread. Pick me up at half past none -- there's / not a moment to lose. There is / the train on which I came. On the platform are my old shoes. Station master rings his bell. Whistles blow and flags wave. A little of what you fancy does you good (Or so it should). I thank everybody for making me welcome. I'd stay but my wings have just dropped off. Hail! Son of kings / make the ever-dying sign / cross your fingers in the sky for those about to BE. There am I waiting along the sand. Cast your sweet spell upon the land and sea. Magus Perde, take your hand from off the chain. Loose a wish to still / the rain / the storm about to BE. Here am I (voyager into life). Tough are the soles that tread the knife's edge. Break the circle / stretch the line / call upon the devil. Bring / the gods / the gods' own fire. In the conflict revel. The passengers / upon the ferry crossing / waiting to be born / renew the pledge of life's long song / rise to the reveille horn. Animals / queueing at the gate that stands upon the shore / breathe the ever-burning fire that guards the ever-door. Man / son of man / buy the flame of ever-life (yours to breathe and breath the pain of living): living BE! Here am I! Roll the stone away from the dark into ever-day. There was a rush / along the Fulham Road / into the Ever-passion Play.

It's All Up To You

Daniel Rene
you felt the distant thunder, knocking at your door and you couldnt find the reason for living anymore the power lies within you to keep your life from slipping away deep inside you know your faith and who you are now grow stronger everyday chorus: you take what you get and you give so much more try to hold on to heaven when its hell at your door you gotta fight your way through those dreams so black oh, and take another step now On the long road back... now its all up to you.... doo doo doo doo doo yeahhhhh! (band) Now its all up to you to be who you are cause no-one else out there is gonna reach for your star you gotta stand up and fight before you ready to leave oh. and take another step now On what you believe (band)

Eden Before The Fall

Lari White "Green Eyed Soul"
Spanish moss drippin' from a live oak tree Mockin bird sittin' on a cypress knee Sweet 'ole sycamore blowin' in the breeze The slammin' of the screen door Ice cold creek and sugar white sand Pink azalea bloomin' like to beat the band Grandaddy reachin' down to take my hand Gonna go to the candy store Me Jesus we was as thick as thieves He washed me in the blood and lordy I believed And I gave him my heart At the altar call Back in Eden before the fall Eden before the fall Coal black curls and a dimple in his chin A swagger in his walk and a sideways grin Even Elvis himself had nothin' on him The boy couldn't be denied His daddy's in the pulpit shoutin' fury and fire We're sneakin' out the back door behind the choir And it couldn't be wrong 'cause it was pure desire We were saved and sanctified Lyin' on a bed of magnolia leaves He said I was an angel lord and I believed And I gave him my heart Lord I gave it all Back in Eden before the fall Eden before the fall The apple tasted sweeter and the world was clean I could make sense out of everything Now it's just a beautiful dream I can't quite recall Just like Eden before the fall Eden before the fall

Sam The Dancing Bear

Venerea "Out In The Red"
have you seen the tame old black bear dancing among the cows i keep my claws drawn in but i could never be their friend i couldn't dance! when i tell you Step! they all came here for you and when the day is done into the yard she'd run for a shower under golden stars with the fire horse then back to her booth a little unclean, a little uncouth dance! and don't forget to pose Step! here's a poker for your nose this is the way this is the motion come with me let's fake devotion she used to do it every night to hold on a dancing bear among the cows i didn't mean to strike her it was just instinct but when he unleashed her, she just couldn't dance she couldn't dance! i'm dancing like a crane Step! shuffle, ball and chain this is the way this is the motion come with me let's fake devotion she used to do it every night so hold on hold on the final penalizer: a three-way mouthwash Tizer hold on, hold on

One Small Step

Ayreon "Dream Sequencer"
4. One Small Step 'It is the 20th century. I am a little boy peacefully asleep. My father comes to wake me so that I can witness an historic event in the finite story of mankind.' [Edward Reekers, Lana Lane] On an early summer morning, July '69 As I dream of the planets I hear a voice softly whisper: 'son, it is time It's happening soon' It's a quarter to four now and he carries me down To our place by the telly I see lights on in houses all over town For the man on the Moon One small step for man But a giant leap for mankind The mighty Apollo prevailed The Eagle has landed I go back to my warm bed, back to my dreams But not the one of the planets I decided this morning I don't want to be The man on the Moon As I lie here in this cold tank, living a dream I'm the last on the planets I decided this morning I don't want to be The man on Mars  

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