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You Can Run

Original and similar lyrics
I Know You're Out There Cuz I Can Feel Ya Yeah I Can Feel Ya Trying To Pull Me Down I Know Your Kind You Kinda Like It When People Tell Ya Not To Come Around Here's Looking At Ya Been Nice To Know Ya I See The Lines Written On Your Face I Wish You Well But I Gotta Tell Ya Ain't Nothing Human 'Bout The Human Race You Can Run But You Can't Look Behind You You Can Hide But The Truth's Gonna Find You Some People Fight It Like Some Disease They Carry Secrets To An Early Grave They Try To Fake It While On Their Knees Never Knowing What They Really Crave They Got No Values They Got No Soul No Sense Of Purpose Nothing To Believe Call Me Your Friend Then Steal Me Blind To Me You're Nothing But A Common Thief You Can Run But You Can't Look Behind You You Can Hide But The Truth's Gonna Find You Holding us within this maze

Don't Look Down

HOODIE ALLEN "Making Waves"
Yeah You're crashing in right now It's Making Waves By your new favorite crew Hoodie Allen We gonna start it off right now With out further ado We're coming live to you People start to listen and they wonder if the beat break I'll be rolling rich even if I rock the cheap skates Life's a yearbook, never get a retake And all the good times going faster than a speed date You wonder why we late? Good question Never thought we'd make it here now who'd guess it? New lesson: Treat these moments like a blessin I'm trynna find direction and you trynna GPS it And no BSing on this roller coaster we thrilled We just cut the line trynna get the seat filled And now you're strapped in acting like we chilled I know you love it when we go and let the beat build We feel better then we ever been I need to clear my head excedrin I'm taking off to somewhere big and I be hoping that you getting in But if you don't I know I'll see you when I get home They say the road is just your favourite place to get grown So for the people that I dissed and I led on You can be the people that I miss when I head on I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down, don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down Ain't no better time than the present Maybe if we never count the future And I promise if I said it then I meant it And I never meant to be the one to shoot your Dreams down, see clouds and the sounds just opened up And if they looking for a change then I hope it's us I know it's tough, so is anything that's worth it I'm making it my business to deserve it I feel so high tonight I don't wanna see the ground Don't look down Don't look down Life can be so simple When living in the clouds Don't look down Don't look down


The name of this motherfucker is called Questions Rough Draft (ha ha, tell em) QDIII did the beat (all day all night) Whassup to everybody out there in L.A. What you really doin hoe? Why do I do the things I do? Why so many questions? What am I doing? I talk to myself... when there's no-one to talk to I wanna ask me a question: When am I gonna make it up out of a hellish and devilish way? When are you gonna make mill-ions with the dividends; when are you gonna make ends generate bread? Who in the hell, left the gate open? Do you wanna sell? Is everybody on wavelength like us? Why do I rip it in half, doobie kick ass with backwards attach isssh like ?hap ut eallavik? Can you wait a minute? Can you slow it up a little bit Nina so I can get up in it? But did you really wanna dabble in fanatical supernatural lyrically radical milli minutes, I'm about to begin it Can I get some, can I spit some, which one? When am I gonna get off this trip? Can I take another peel, why do I feel like I'm a sick individual in the room, poppin off at the lip? Do you, feel me? Do you do voodoo really? Did you get it? Did you want a real epidemic? Will you let me run up in it? What's the word; is it absurd? What is that isssh you heard? Was it real, is it real, was it really real? Tech9ne in it to win it besides QDThird occurred Who's the worst, who's rastafari? You never livin never sure it's Selassie I the First brother on the planet Earth, who? Do you wanna flow; what you wanna do? How can I be in the zone like this, gone like this? How can I break the obsession? In the middle of it all, when I snap back, step back and ask myself; what, why do you ask so many questions? Chorus: repeat 2X (chorus is best guess) Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Do I wanna stick em with another hit up after this? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I'm at the pinnacle when I'm up in em I'ma kill em in this Do you understand.. whatcha gonna do when Nina hit you with the critical homidical lyrical killer flippin leavin you with boo-boo underpants? How does it feel? Do you wanna come up and chill - with an assassin? Can you feel it inside, what? The feeling of a commotion of two titans clashing Why me, who are you, what I am supposed to do - what a nigga here fo'? Who do you fear mo'? Is it the Nine, with a brand new joint? Like to hear it, here go What are you lookin at, when am I gonna get a dose of thorazine? Can you give me a little something to ease the pain? Ease the mayn, who's the mayn? Tech-a-Nina with the Road Dawgs and the Midwest Side Crew's to blame Can I get a little back with attack issh? What do you accomplish, ever can't you diss, diss pitless bottom of a, in you toss thou nigga ass, Babe mish Hate a playa percenter a-hundred that is Side West, Mid, down ever who off, what? Hack it, did you know Tech9ne hot like a dragon? Did you feel it baby? Can you give me a double dose of whatever the feeling I'm gettin is really pain Kobain, for anybody want a piece of this, sickness Is it a cinch to get with hot? Who, when, where what why? I'm at the pinnacle with a killer eye, do I wanna die no I just wanna dose of the most inner syringe up in my thigh, bonzai!! Chorus 2X Now do you know what the real is? Does everybody think I'm twisted? Non-realistic or do you think that I'm gifted, I'ma live freer Can you help me? Am I lookin at you can I be peepin you from afar, please, remain calm Could you be the reason I'm a bomb straight out of Vietnam, ready to explode on Sa-tan? Tell me what the problem is, I'ma write what the bottom is Do you know what a empty column is? Am I your worst nightmare? I feel sick right there Should I blow it out, can I do without, do I need help? Am I living within a pen of demons? I'm stressing, can I get a blessing (from who?) The one who cursed me with all these Questions Some say I'm psychotic but if I have to label it, it would be -- confusion It's like I gotta write shit like this to keep my head from exploding, yaknowhatI'msayin? So many questions Chorus 2X

Moment Of Truth

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
[some Jamaican gwal] No matta wat we fyace We mus face de moment of trut baybe Chorus: Guru They say it's lonely at the top, in whatever you do You always gotta watch motherfuckers around you Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof We all must meet our moment of truth Verse One: Guru The same sheisty cats that you hang with, and do your thang with could set you up and wet you up, nigga peep the language It's universal, you play with fire it may hurt you or burn you, lessons are blessings you should learn through Let's face facts, although MC's lace tracks it doesn't mean behind the scenes there ain't no dirt to trace back That goes for all of us, there ain't nobody to trust It's like sabotage, it's got me ready to bust But I can't jeapordize, what I have done up to this point So I'ma get more guys, to help me run the whole joint Cultivate, multiply, motivate, or else we'll die You know I be the masterof the who what where and why See when you're shinin, some chumps'll wanna dull ya Always selfish jealous punks, will wanna pull ya down, just like some shellfish in a bucket cause they love it, to see your ass squirm like a worm But just as you'll receive what is comin to you Everybody else is gonna get theirs too I ain't no saint, therefore I cannot dispute That everyone must meet their moment of truth Chorus: Guru Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge You may not know the harships people don't speak of It's best to step back, and observe with couth For we all must meet our moment of truth Verse Two: Guru Sometimes you gotta dig deep, when problems come near Don't fear things get severe for everybody everywhere Why do bad things happen, to good people Seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil The situation that I'm facin, is mad amazin to think such problems can arise from minor confrontations Now I'm contemplatin in my bedroom pacin Dark clouds over my head, my heart's racin Suicide Nah, I'm not a foolish guy Don't even feel like drinking, or even gettin high Cause all that's gonna do really, is accelerate the anxieties that I wish I could alleviate But wait, I've been through a whole lot of other shit, before So I oughta be able, to withstand some more But I'm sweatin though, my eyes are turnin red and yo I'm ready to lose my mind but instead I use my mind I put down the knife, and take the bullets out my nine My only crime, was that I'm too damn kind And now some skanless motherfuckers wanna take what's mine But they can't take the respect, that I've earned in my lifetime And you know they'll never stop the furious force of my rhymes So like they say, every dog has it's day And like they say, God works in a mysterious way So I pray, remembering the days of my youth As I prepare to meet my moment of truth ( You should know the truth And the truth shall set you free -- gt; from _Who's Gonna Take the Weight_) Verse Three: Guru Yo I got one lyric pointed at your head for start Another one, is pointed at your weak ass heart Now if I pull the trigger, on these fully loaded lines You're gonna wish I woulda pulled a black nine, I mack dimes Crack the spines of the fake gangsters Yeah the bitin triflin niggaz, and the studio pranksters Yo lookin at the situation plainly: will you remain G Or will you be looked upon strangely I reign as the articulator, with the greater data Revolvin on the TASCAM much doper than my last jam While others struggle to juggle, tricky metaphots I explore more, to expose the core A lot of MC's, act stupid to me And we have yet to see, if they can match our longevity But anyway it's just another day Another fake jack I slay with my spectac' rap display Styles, smooth but rugged -- you can't push or shove it You dig it and you dug it cause like money you love it The king of monotone, with my own throne Righteously violent prone my words bring winds like cyclones Stormin your hideout, blockin out your sunlight Your image and your business, were truly not done right Throw up your he-Allah-I now, divine saviors You got no hand skills there's no security to save ya No pager, no celly, no drop top Benz-y I came to bring your phone hip-hop, to an ending My art of war will leave you sore from the abuse Cause you must meet your moment of truth First Chorus


(Spoken by the Gangsta) Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away Dirty boys dedicate this rhyme to you that let you know how much love we got for you. So from here on out let your soul have a peceful journey One love! (Pimp) Now I got love for my homies who done shed blood for my homies In the night sometimes I wish I coulda took slugs for my homies But they gone now and you better believe I cried my tears Maybe the way y'all died it'll make me change the life I live Like my homie Juwan Tobin raised in the village of guilt It's like the whole world stopped spinning my boy when you got killed and Rico Maye...maaan why you had to depart I remember riding our bikes around Cedar Park until it got dark and found lil' shot up Jordan they found your body parked in the car I know you watching over your son from up above in the stars an ole shocking Scott I know you where the angels stay cause with fluid on your lungs you died in the strangest way You was my second cousin so I miss you every day The beautifullest thing in this world to see your smiiling face and Fred and Isaac damn I hate y'all died like that taking slugs in your back cause your truck got jacked but lil' Isaac boy I wish you woulda had on a vest and until this day I know your soul holdin' down the crest and Peanut and Beesy both of y'all died for some girls Yo' mama brought you here but haters took you out of this world and Damon Frank from here on out we gonna hold your name down The love you had for Hundred Station, Smiling Coat and Gumptown and lil' Poony your soldier name was Eddie Hell and all my thugs in Riverside gave you the truest fairwell and that's for real! [Chorus(both)] Now some people come and some people go But how you leave this world young playa don't nobody know I see your chest up out the casket not on the floor I'm asking my Lord the same ole questions why you had to go Now everytime I hit that wood I blow smoke in the sky I know you closer to cloud 9 my boy so go on and get high I see your mama shaking her head and wiping her tears from her eyes I'm asking my Lord the same ole questions why you had to die (Gangsta) It's been a struggle everyday just trying to fight to survive It's like the Gump ain't been the same since my homies done died Now Torio that was my boy since elementary days I blow smoke for you in the air every time I get blazed When Meatball took that fall I just couldn't even cope The last time I seen my boy was down in juvenile court I tell my players hold your head and keep your glock by your side Don't be scared to up and bust when they testin' your pride Juwan Turner got killed man I can't take it no more I might be wrong but I don't think it was my homie time to go When lil' Junior died the Westside got out of control We miss that brother soul how much he'll never know Oh and reminiscing on my boy lil' Khatto I know you in that paradise cause that's where all the g's go Pour out some liquor for my homies no I'm spitting these rhymes Cause pouring out some alcohol can't tell you how I feel inside The days that we spent without your presence around For all them players who didn't make it we gonna hold this thing down Until we meet again homies cause it ain't gonna be here I guess I'll see y'all in the heavens where all the real g's live and that's for real (Chorus) Now some people come and some people go But how you leave this world young playa don't nobody know I see your chest up out the casket not on the floor I'm asking my Lord the same ole questions why you had to go Now every time I hit that wood I blow smoke in the sky I know you closer to cloud 9 my boy so go on and get high I see your mama shaking her head and wiping her tears from her eyes I'm asking the Lord the same ole questions why you had to die (Pimp) Now as I walk through the valley with the shadows of death My homies gone so I'm walkin this valley all by myself We miss our boy lil' Willie so much he was like a brother to us I know you watching the world telling God how tight we was You might be gone but you ain't dead I feel your soul by my side Asking me to check on your grandma to make sure she's alright I know it ain't nothing I can say right now that can bring your life back I don't even hate the boy who killed you I'm gonna let God handle that Cause who am I..... to judge a man for his sin and his faith the only thing I can do for Willie right now is change my ways It's gonna be hard cause I'm a young playa that loves to get paid Until that day I'm gonna pimp whores until I go to my grave (Gangsta) Now as I sit and reminisce upon my boy and all the things we been through Who knew this early in our lifetime that the Lord would choose you How can I make this pain I can't take itit's breaking me down inside I'm asking the Lord to bless your soul as I wipe the tears from my eyes I find it hard continuing life without you walking this earth I guess we all gonna have to face death as an answer for birth But where you're resting now you're free from all these criminal minds I can't lie I'm kinda glad you're free from these struggling times But yet and still I don't understand why you had to go so soon My deepest sympathy goes to your family for your loss was a harsh wound So Rest In Peace lil Willie Dickerson another homie to mourn But I can't wait until Judgement Day when all our souls can rejoin (Chorus) Now some people come and some people go But how you leave this world young playa don't nobody know I see your chest up out the casket not on the floor I'm asking my Lord the same ole questions why you had to go Now every time I hit that wood I blow smoke in the sky I know you closer to cloud 9 my boy so go on and get high I see your mama shaking her head and wiping her tears from her eyes I'm asking the Lord the same ole questions why you had to die (Spoken by the Pimp) ...and that's that Dirty Love we got for all them lost souls that done passed away in the Gump and we also dedicate this album to our close homeboy Willie Dickerson Rest in Peace my boy

(I Can't Play) Basketball

JIMMY FALLON "The Bathroom Wall"
Yo! Are you ready for some air ball throwin, free throw blowin, no look where I'm goin, free style flowin? You are in my house baby! Well it's Tip off time and I'm off the tip. Walkin to the bench and I sit. Bite my lip, bustin out rhymes Standin in line cause it's garbage time. Cause I'm calm, I'm cool and I collected Eighteen shots that got rejected. I'm not Corey Feldman, I'm not Corey Haim. I got a license to drive but I ain't got game. (CHORUS 2x) Jimmy, What you say? You can't play Basketball Jimmy, what you say? (I double-dribble, traveled through the middle) You can't play Basketball (Oh, my bad - you're not on my team?) Wear my socks high cause it makes me feel cool. I don't know how to dribble, but I know how to drool. People always say that I'm a basketball fool. I got a little tiny hoop cold floatin in my pool. Played my friend's dog on a twenty dollar bet. I took him to the hole. I took him to the vet. Shoot from the three every chance I get. I call it in the air, nothin but nothin. (REPEAT CHORUS 2x) (SPOKEN) Okay, here's my chance. The open lane. Don't get nervous. Don't sweat. Everyone's watching. You can do it, man. I mean, just dribble up. Don't double dribble. Just dribble normal. Don't show everyone that you can dribble super-fast between your legs like you do in your driveway. No, this is in front of people on the court. I'm gonna go up in the air, I'm gonna dunk it as hard as I can. Cause usually I'm on the other end. People dunking on ME. I'm used to some 7 foot dude's thingy getting smacked in my face. I still got the bruise to prove it. But I ain't gonna take that nickname Dick Bruiseface lyin down! My name ain't Dick Bruiseface!! Well listen up ya'll! You know I'm not tall! My name was never written on the bathroom wall. I'm gonna say What's up?! I'm gonna take the pump. Cause I'm a moving pick, I'm gonna shoot some bricks. So I huff and puff, I say enuff Z'nuff. I'd rather watch Ahmad Rashad on the inside stuff.Say! (CHORUS 4x)

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