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THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT lyrics - Dope Machines


Original and similar lyrics
Midnight I stare out the window from my room I hear the dogs it’s going to be dawn soon I wonder where you are In my mind’s eye I’m floating alone in the night sky The treetops, the buildings beneath me I feel my heart beating So I try to find anything To kill the time To quiet my mind There’s got to be something There’s got to be someone Else still awake in this city I can’t take another night I can’t stay I’ve got to break and break and break These chains away, away Bars close We stumble around through the echoes Hiding our past in some old clothes Like its some dirty secret And I see a face In the passing light It’s so good tonight I’m tired of putting up this fight There’s got to be somewhere There’s got to be someone Else still alive in this city I can’t hide another night I can’t stay I’ve got to break and break and break These chains away, away These chains away, away We lean into the wind Riding our nerves and choking engines Built for a time not 50 years old I can hear the whispering at the door When I’m alone in this cell With 10,000 words and nowhere to go And I wish you could know How much I still need you The spell of this town, the graves on the hill Lit up like a crown The names on the signs I can’t even say Have to break and break and break These chains away, away These chains away, away Sometimes I feel the pain At the heart of this ember All these ashes I choke on Does anyone remember Where we came from, where we came to A place with no center and no edge And no end

Bastardised Ink

ARCHIVE "Controlling Crowds"
All hailstorms in to die for my sins, why am I accursed and not believing, death to damnation both forced arrest, enforced interrogation duress fire question, pressure point temple brainwashed disciple, shooting at me with a holy water pistol, I am not a heathen I'll give you the reason, ten commandments and ten counts of treason, they can pass judgements while I plead, ignorance self defense dollars pounds and pence, because we live inside the age feelings hard to gauge, I just open up the book and keep turning the page, while the all powerful throwback to miracle, whips up the storms and pestilent swarms, sacrifice to appease the deity, whilst heavens open up just to seize the enemy, wiped out civilisations, desolate barren landscapes genocides, creation, but mad scientists wildly experiment, drawing the conclusion down into the sediment, to the dark hour seed is sown, now on there will be light via fire and brimstone, walls fall down but emerge from the ground as if to start over, rebuild the structure, true to life adventure, even while your breathing lung puncture, nothing out there to protect you, so they look into the skies the cries can be heard, the word is obscene unwashed and unclean, wreaking havoc for the hell of it, whilst digging deep and developing a taste for it, bloodthirsty craves screams for mercy, highly unlikely, feel the almighty crash, alas hope all evaporates incinerate burns out and obliterates, keep the faith in more ways than one, or believe me and mark my words thy will be done. Praying not for the cynical quick stepping left right, pick up as they march upon the pinnacle, clocking up the watch stop digital, trying to make peace while they'd rather make base and erase the place they found, lies written all over the face wonder why, feeling immortality fearing they’re afraid to die, sly snakes sidewind and enter your mind, finding temptation insecurity and frustration, hating anger lusts after fear as half the man dies whilst shedding the tear, a clear sign that it's way past the time, to rebuild the bleeding heart that lies broken, well I must be mistaken but I more than feel that a chance is not taking consideration for the non believer plagued by diseased why? Nothing but an open mind is what I try and maintain, hand on heart keep alive in dying art, pick it up dust it down make a start and bring it round. Pray to God blaspheme one can only dream, crucify and ask why either do or die.

As Astral Images Darken Reality

Wolves are howling to honour the moon My heart belongs to the past I feel attraction for the night My mind to the ancient times I wander through the fields where blood was split Awaiting the reign of the dark and the cold I can feel the creatures of the night My dreams are no illusions So I travel between these worlds My soul is frozen - evil rules my mind Able to face the eternal night Why am I born into this world ..Soon I will leave Into the sleep of death - never to return My life is just a darkened silent barricade Between all I ever wanted to be I will enter the other side To fly on the wings of death To ride with the wind to the ancient times To fade away to a blackened spiral - to see eternity To be a wintershadow out of time


JOEY BADA$$ "Rejex"
Vigorous, the illest realest lyricist I'm sick like syphilis Got a certificate for killing shit And any innocent who witnesses the fucking incident Got a team of militants Punch lines, crunch ligaments This is Mr. Bada$$, the young villain Hide the children and hide the women There's no slides when you're caught slippin' so be cautious A homie keeps a gorgeous twelve gauge So if you run your mouth, get jaw-goned The double entendre monster Niggas thank me, Say I'm number one in the ranking I tell 'em it's an honor Cause these niggas faking and they nada Fuckin' stupid Mallagas, Pardon the Espana I sip on Coladas and feel your chitatas 'til I bust like pinatas Only true Shotta, come kill 'em with the Patois Same time, met the gal at [?] and thats word to Spragga I'm a young Wayne, I'm going insane, Liu Kang Super Sayan whenever the [?] complain Only be a kid, but yo, See if the youth's playin' When the doobs flamed, I get enlightened 'til I be in Zeus lane Find that quite amusing, I bone her like museum Sit back, relax, and watch her bring it back, Boomerang Now bring that back like poo stains in your new jeans No need to be too ashamed If you didn't get that the first time like new names In my city, I be Bruce Wayne Yup, cause when I get put on I got them like new J's He say, She say, Who say that I'm not the next Lupe The one-handed shit you got to say, To you, touche I'm the type to pull a dyke and only hit it on Tuesday You the cunt though, When I come you feel like it be Doomsday Cause the flow is Apocalypse You say them niggas ill But they still ain't even shocking us Yo, who the fuck is stopping us? A bunch of nice niggas with aim like who blocking us? BK where we stay, but you can still see the Pac in us Oh, no disrespect to Diddy Don't mean to be sadity But I plan to conquer my city like yo, it's no Biggie No really, it's no biggy and 50 can't bother In a few years I plan to outshine Mr. Sean Carter Look at what I done started Notice the cartharsis revealed by the appeal of this young artist

Tear Down The Walls

Brainstorm (Metal) "Ambiguity"
The truth hurts. By destroying the world we destroy ourselves. We have been silent far too long, hiding in anonymity. In a world, polluted inside, corruption and chaos around, the meaning of life, the principle right, nothing in the depth of the light You hear the screamings of the one who soars upon the wind He'll take you in his arms into a place of sin Tear down the walls forever, come down to break your chains, it's time to break the silence never run, you'll never run away Watch out for, a torturing lust, in mirrors you're facing the truth, the hunter is back, the soul of a life, wings of sadness blazing for you a speeding slab of concrete hits me in the eye no time to rest, no time to loose, it's time to die Tear down the walls forever, come down to break your chains, it's time to break the silence never run, you'll never run away Broken memories, salvation denied Burning ashed they choke, rip off the skin, from deep down inside, molten fire flies through the sky

A Most Excellent Charm In Solemn Endurance

Through dark dungeons I wander hearing this beautiful voice calling me athward Green mosses lead my pathways eery shrieks fulfill my joy calming fear enveils my body suddenly standing before the gate innaya... lost city Of the twelve sleepers in Sadness breaking open the doorway I feel the tears in my heart A grief hold for ages now set free Broken houses death decay rotting stenches of things unknown to us Gods that were once here now left left in the Mausoleum of Pain strolling through streets, cracks Gaping at me with soothing darkness I feel the wind caressing my body the first sense of resignation... I will never leave this city of Broken dreams, never Spirits of unbearable calmness lie fall... falling... down Caress me... tear my black soul apart With the grief and sorrow of Eras The weeping of millions impaling my heart falling... so sweet... falling down...

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