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All I Ever Wanted

Original and similar lyrics
I can only say these things to you while you're sleeping. I hear the hum from the wires, the sounds of the morning creeping. I lie awake and pretend, you can hear me. You tell me that you're scared that you're turning into your mother. I feel myself turning into my father. We could lie to each other like they do and say we're so happy. It's easy when you're young and you still want it so badly. And I feel my heart pounding And I think I might scream. I can tell you that you're all I've ever wanted, dear I can utter every word you'd ever hope to hear. I shudder when I think that I might not be here forever, forever, forever. All the nights you whisper like a ghost and you look so shaken You're so quiet and small and you tell me you want to be taken. I just never think of you as the kind of girl who would say that You suddenly seem like some faceless thing in my grasp. Your eyes so wide, your face aglow, It's the face of someone I don't know. I can tell you that you're all I've ever wanted, dear I can utter every word you'd ever hope to hear. I shudder when I think that I might not be here forever, forever, forever. All I can think is that it must be a kind of rebellion, To arm your fears like soldiers and slay them. I can tell you that you're all I've ever wanted, dear Through the din of your breathing while you're sleeping here, You wake and you ask me if I'm gonna be here forever, forever, forever. Your face so twisted and your eyes alight, I want to tell you I can change it when you cry at night, But I'd be lying. Love is defying.

The Brunt

Ambrosia "Somewhere I've Never Travelled"
(Pack - Puerta - North - Drummond) Leaping quick on leopard's back I face the brunt of his attack In the land of nod I'm king Until the alarm clock rings Stepping out from safety's door I hear the rushing traffic roar Smiling to myself I say, ...Hooray its a brand new day Slashing my way through vine I'll kill if I have to I'll be there on time Clawed through the freeway jam I curse at the guy who passed me Last time 'round In my office settled back Drink a cup of coffee (black) Stretch my mind and try'n erase The thought of the day to face Life is like the leopard's den And once you find you've fallen in A safari of the heart Surely comes to an end Madness is our damnation Strange is the situation we're all in To one man it matters nothing Others it shatters something; no one wins I could not see it myself (Though I'd read about it) I could not hear it myself (Though I'd heard about it) I could not feel it myself (Though I knew that it was real) I could not hear it myself (Don't you lie about it) I could not feel it myself (But don't you cry about it) For there's an animal in us all The brunt of which you'll see

Little Man

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
[Verse 1] Dear Jacob I won't take up too much of you time I know you're trying to get your video game-grind on And that's fine Just gimme a second to empty my face Before I hit the road again to go and win this paper chase I've been watching you man I'm proud of you man You're growing up to be the best man that you possibly can I know you understand Why I go out of town I also know my days are colder when you're not around Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be adapted to the fact That daddy never lived inside the same shack And sometimes I get this pain in my stomach's pit It's what I get I'm convinced it's my punishment For those nights I got drunk and let go at some bar In some city with some people I don't know For all the times that the lines on your face Reminded me of the days before the dagonflies escaped It trips me out how you pick up all my traits From the way that you spit to the fists that you make I watch the way you try to keep your mom happy Daddy learned that from you You're supposed to learn that from daddy I can't teach much when it comes to women I drive safe and slow but don't know nothing 'bout the engine You're doing good little man thats all I really meant I love you You're my best friend, thanks for listening [Verse 2] Dear Craig What up bones? How it goes? Yeah, me? Well, you know, you know, same old, same old Sorry that the phone calls ain't too routine Just been runnin' around the globe tryin' to do my thing Sometimes the weeks fly a little too fast And sometimes I go to sleep a little too trashed Other times I'm not sittin' on enough cash And other times today feels too much like the past Sometimes at night I would watch y'all fight A child wonderin' Why your life just ain't alright? What's the violence about? Why's it in my house? And even the memories are turned up too loud Yeah, I got some issues in my head Knew we should've started fixing 'em back when she left you I'm not trying to get you down, I know you're different now But your little man justs wants you to listen now I'm over thirty, can't maintain relations All these women wanna hurt me and I just don't have the patience I can't trust 'em And they're not much help When they start to push and pull the buttons I don't trust myself What pride, fists, and words just might do? I'm afraid of my fate, don't wanna turn out like you I've never hit a woman I won't do coke And for that alone I love you and I wanna thank you old man [Verse 3] Dear Sean What's goin' on? Not much to say Just checkin' in wit'cha trying to see what's wrong today I know there's gotta be something kickin' your bruises How's the love? How's the music? How's the self-abusiveness? Got a lot to lose, it's breakin' your shoulders So you let your paranoia place your bets for you Too many cigarettes, messin' up your voice Too many arguments, tryin' to test your poise The only women that love you are fans and family Mom has no choice, but fans leave you randomly No heavy rotation In any location You're not ready to face that you have no steady vocation Plus you're gettin' old, your raps are exhausted Stop it, everybody knows that you've lost it Singin' for these kids you don't know When you should be at home with your own instead you're on your telephone Fightin' with your girl like it's you against the world Another drunk hotel bedroom corner, curled up like a naked fetus Come and save him Jesus Place him back in time before the Reaganomics and Adidas Sometimes you're not impressed with the work you've done And love isn't love if you didn't hurt someone Your son says, "Hi dad." Your dad says, "Whats up?" And me, I wanna thank you, but I won't, I'll just say, "Good luck."

Lucky As Mars

Junction 18
Awake again...hopeless as tomorrow I found a way to gaze at her just dreaming of the way it would be if we knew eachother brain to brain then there's those days I pass up chances face to face So here I stand with my chances close to none I know there's no way you'll be the one I think too much of consequences Empty again Nothing is so trivial I count the days upon my wrists with empathy It's just every day we bleed to let them know we're here We fall to the floor and their slight glances do us in We choose the nights but we never make a sound There's got to be some way you won't turn me down Just one chance to turn you around One more day it's said and done It's been a while since I've had just one Do you ever hear them say, You do it to yourself And we must hide but keep our past How can I go on here With my face to the floor It's windy again Felt the sickness cover me I just had to leave The party here just weakens me I walked alone on the boardwalk filled with drunken teens I cannot compete With all these boys who get what they need Don't ever give up It's the life that you've won But sometimes I think you won't be the one Be the one who resides in my arms Who am I kidding? To dream...never winning It's 5:00 and there's no super or a star They're the mirrors who tell us who we are It's all so stupid This game with cupid We can never decide which route to fly The streets are burning with our hearts inside One more day it's said and done It's been a while since I've had just one Do you ever hear them say you do it to yourself And we can't sleep without your voice Why don't you just take us right into your soul Then all this stuff would erase

Two Winters Only

My Dying Bride "The Angel and the Dark River"
What is it you hope for, even though you are dying And even though life is closing your tiny eyes Why did I leave them all I should be with them to die in the same place The pain I think, should go on forever. For always But no. Not mine. Not now. My life now begins Call me what you will, but I'll die for no man, at all My limbs and the life that spreads from them Cross my path and you'll suffer like no man before, at all What I hunger for, is the trial of God For just two winters only did we live for My God. What have you become Dear, dear lord We could have changed the world, had you been here with me. Right now Held you in my arms. In my arms, my love Jesus wept so man could live forever on earth. In peace But my tears. They fall for you. Only you

Dead Man's Hill

INDIGO GIRLS "1200 Curfews"
We were down at Dead Man's Hill Smoking vines like cigarettes Looking through the trashy mags Trying to feel what's coming next You told me of crashing cars, Older brothers and late night bars I told you what I feel most And you kept it like a ghost Forever Don't you write it down Remember this in your head Don't take a picture Remember this in your heart Don't leave a message Talk to me face to face Talk to me face to face Lying on the bright blue jumping mats Dinner bell is ringing Barking dogs and model planes And the sound of passing trains We watch for bonfires in the sky On the beach in July Spin the bottle steal the kiss Postcards to the one I miss Forever The one I miss forever Don't you write it down Remember this in your head Don't take a picture Remember this in your heart I'll leave a message When everything comes apart (talk to me face to face) (talk to me face to face) I'll leave a message When everything comes apart I remember cats of fire Gasoline and burning spirals Standing underneath the night Fighting back with all my might Empty cans and charred remains Find them in the heat of day On the top of Dead Man's Hill This is what I know of shame Forever

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